Israel’s chief rabbi calls black Americans ‘monkeys’

In a sermon aired by the Israeli news site Ynet, one of Israel’s most senior religious leaders, Sephardic Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, called black Americans “strange creatures” and “monkeys”.

See “Pope Francis is ashamed of the Cross, knows better than the Gospels”.

Ynet reports that Rabbi Yosef made the remark on Sabbath night, March 17, 2018, which marked the beginning of the month of Nissan, the first month in the Hebrew calendar.

A customary ritual during the month of Nissan is the blessing of trees. Addressing the halachic (Halakha is the collective body of Jewish religious laws) question whether to bless one or two trees, Rabbi Yosef offers examples of other blessings, such as the blessing of “strange creatures” that evoke attention or repulsion, rather than aesthetic pleasure. He says:

“Someone who sees strange creatures blesses them. You see a negro, bless him as an exceptional creature. Which negro? When his father and mother are white and he comes out black.”

In other words, “not every negro needs to be blessed”; only a black person who was born to white parents should be blessed. Yosef continues:

You go around in the streets of America, every five minutes you will see a negro. Do you bless him as an ‘exceptional creature?’ However, he should be a negro whose father and mother are white. We don’t say a blessing for every negro … He needs to be a negro whose father and mother are white … if you know, they had a monkey for a son, they had a son like that.”

A statement issued on Rabbi Yosef’s behalf reads:

“The words of the rabbi are quoted from the Babylonian Talmud in Berakhot. R. Joshua b. Levi said: ‘On seeing pockmarked persons one says: Blessed be He who makes strange creatures. An objection was raised: If one sees a negro … he says: Blessed be He who makes strange creatures…. Our Rabbis taught: On seeing an elephant, an ape, or a long-tailed ape, one says: Blessed is He who makes strange creatures.’”

According to Callum Paton of Newsweek, Yosef is the most senior representative of the Sephardic Jews, who trace their origins to the Iberian Peninsula, North Africa and the Middle East. Ashkenazi Jews, originally from Europe, are led by Chief Rabbi David Lau.

It is not the first time Yosef has caused controversy with his sermons:

  • In May 2017, Yosef compared secular women to animals because they dressed immodestly.
  • In March 2016, Yosef was forced to retract a comment that non-Jews should not live in Israel. He said he was speaking theoretically and in practice non-Jews could live in Israel if they kept religious laws such as not committing idolatry and not eating the limbs from a live animal. He also said non-Jews in Israel should serve Jews.

Actually, it’s not just blacks who are monkeys. According to the Talmud, aka Babylonian Talmud, which supercedes the Torah (or the Old Testament) in authority for Jews:

“All children of the ‘goyim’ (Gentiles or non-Jews) are animals.” -Yebamoth 98a

The Talmud is a collection of books written in Hebrew between the 3rd and 6th centuries as a codification of the oral law that Jewish rabbis claim had been handed down from Moses. The Talmud is blasphemous (Jesus is called a fool, bastard, trickster, who is boiling in excrement in Hell; his mother Mary is called a whore and bestialist), Jewish supremacist, racist (all Christians and non-Jews are sub-human animals), hateful, and many times worse than the Koran. See:

See also:


44 responses to “Israel’s chief rabbi calls black Americans ‘monkeys’

  1. If a conservative Christian had uttered those words , he would have been lambasted to the max . Let a Rabbi say that , nothing but silence …….Gee , I wonder why ?

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    • Your words couldn’t be truer.

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    • That said, the rabbi is off a little. Monkeys have long tails. “Apes” would have been more accurate.

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      • Jurist, you are correct in pointing out the difference between monkeys and apes. The rabbi, saying black Americans are monkeys and strange creatures is very contemptuous and ignorant thus he should be reminded of the lost tribes of Israel and the black Jews of Africa. The rabbi forgot that men were created in the image of God and he, the rabbi, is just as equal as any black regardless of his country of origin, at least blacks know where they originated, does the rabbi know where he came from?

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      • The statement issued on behalf of the rabbi quoted a passage from the Talmud referring to “apes” and “long-tailed apes”. Whether with or without tails, they/we are all subhuman animals to the rabbi and the Talmud.

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        • Though they are God’s chosen people “they” are the wandering Jews.


          • You’re right! They are NOT God’s Chosen people. They are NOT even the REAL descendants from the original 12 tribes of Israel/Judah. They are from Kahzaria and are Ashkenazim NOT Hebrew. Let me clarify!

            The Bible is very precise in its wording.
            The Bible tells us that Jesus is a Galilean, a Nazarene from Nazareth and of the tribe of Judah, a Judahite/Israelite. His lineage goes back to Judah. He is a Hebrew.

            The term Jew, invented in 1775, is not equivalent to the word Israelite. In the Old Testament it was applied only to the two Southern tribes of the house of Judah. Mostly in the NT it should have been translated Judean (as in country, not race or people). It is the same as you would use Texan to mean anyone living in Texas. Jesus could be called a Judean because he was born there. As an adult He never lived in Judea. Very few Israelites actually lived in Judea at the time of Christ. Most Israelites lived to the North in the old territory of the ten Northern tribes. The woman in Samaria called Christ a Jew, but that does not mean she was correct.

            Today, the term Jew is applied to an unrelated people as they admit in historical and official writings.

            “Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a “Jew” or to call a contemporary Jew an “Israelite” or a “Hebrew.” The first Hebrews may not have been Jews at all,“ The Jewish Almanac (1980).

            Who Are these Gentiles.
            Romans 9:24-25: “not from the Judahites only, but also from the Gentiles”? As he says also in Hosea, “I will call them ‘my people,’ which were not my people; and her ‘beloved,’ who was not beloved.”

            Who are these Gentiles? Verse 25 gives the context sending us to Hosea. The Gentiles in verse 25 are those of ten tribed Israel who were divorced by God, Jeremiah 3:8. They were put away and punished, Matthew 15:24. They lost the right to be called Israel. If that had been the end of the house of Israel, Yahweh God would have been a promise breaker. That was not the end though. They were promised to be “sons of the living God” or Christians.

            Hosea 1:10 “Yet the number of the children of Israel will be as the sand of the sea, which can’t be measured or counted; and it will come to pass that, in the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not my people,’ they will be called ‘sons of the living God.”

            Matthew 15:24 But he answered, “I wasn’t sent to anyone but the put away and punished sheep of the house of Israel.”

            These people are identified today as the Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Germanic, Scandinavian and kindred peoples. I am aware of the claims of other groups, but they lack the evidence of history and archaeology. They also lack the marks given by Scripture. The majority of these Israelites have been Christians through the centuries.

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            • I note the presence of the occult doctrine of british-israelism here, to which I will say, while the ashkenazim are not hebrew, neither are the “white” races either, (Real hebrews are tan skinned, with black hair, as I’ve read.) and as I understand it israel was divorced, by it’s own choosing and being a harlot, they broke the covenant with God, and suffered the consequences.

              But a bit more on british-israelism, its a very old occultic deception going back some time, and was central to the formation of such items as modern white supremacist groups and the “klan”, as well as neo-gnostic cults such as “christian identity” (which is by no means Christian, I might add), and it is one of the doctrines pushed by false prophets going back from william branham in more recent times (he also endorsed somrthing coloquially known as “serpent seed” doctrine, itself an old gnostic & talmudic/kabala doctrine.) back through charles fox parham, herbet w. armstrong, josep[h augustus seiss, and a false prophet & freemason named charles piazzi smyth, (both of whose false doctrines also helped shape the false teachings of the jehovah witness cult) charles adiell lewis totten (another freemason, astrologer, theosophist and general jack-of-all-trades occultist of the time) back to england with john wroe, (a false prophet and a small-time polygmist to boot.) john wilson, and john sadler (the town clerk of london, in his book “Rights of the Kingdom” although false prophet richard brothers popularized this false doctrine far more later) to one “M. le loyer” in 1590. Most of these false doctrines flocked together, along with “sabbath-keeping”, “serpent seed”, and “nephilim as human hybrids” doctrines, many going back to the ruckus started way back in germany, with anabaptists and rosicrucians, and other “free thinkers” of that time. The doctrine of british-israelism itself has ties to the theosophical society, the new age movement (via totten and blavatsky), the new apostolic reformation and pentecostalism via john graham lake, and in more modern times even the aryan nations cult.

              There seems to be some indication that it might’ve been a psy-op of the era used in part to bolster and legitimatize british imperialism at the time, but its obviously had other purposes, like inducting believers into gnosticism via increments. While there does seem to be some mystery to the “origins” of “white” folk, the answer isn’t the disinformation of british israelism, I would posit, since so many occultists had a vested interest in pushing it.

              I hope this proves informative for you, and know I don’t mean any ill-will, check all the information provided as you like.

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      • Heh, I see my comment was augmented. I really did mean it the way I originally wrote it, tongue only partly in cheek. Not my blog, however.


        • Jurist, I had meant the sentence “With or w/out tails, they’re all subhuman animals to the rabbi, as well as the Talmud” for my response to you. Inexplicably and inexcusably, I somehow added that sentence to your comment. Sorry!
          It’s now deleted from your original comment.


  2. As a child I was told that the Jews were blinded so the gentiles could come to God since he said they would not share him and were selfish, I think this guy’s had his eyes gouged out. Racism is racism no matter if by word or action.

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  3. Anyone who believes these people worship the True and Living God are greatly deceived! The Talmud is from the pit of hell.

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  4. Maybe it’s just me but most of what he said sounded like the ravings of a senile person. It made no sense.


  5. was he forced to apologize?…probably not..
    you know what’s interesting? what this rabbi said was racist and not one person in the media or politician batted an eye to correct him (heck, they blaspheme Jesus all the time while evangelicals graze at their feet and give them billions of dollars…idolatry), but there is a black politician (D), Trayon White Sr., from DC who said the rothschilds (didn’t say “jew” only “rothschilds”) control the weather, made it snow in DC, and “create natural disasters so they can pay for it and own the cities” and the media and politicians pounced on him and said his comments were “antisemitic” and he was forced to publicly apologize….apparently, just including the rothschilds name with something bad is antisemitic.
    So, I guess it’s ok to be racist, just don’t be “antisemitic”.

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  6. Coming from his POV, after listening to the words of Farrakhan, supported by half the Democrat leadership, the entire Black Caucus and obama….it’s surprising that that is all he said.
    Fundamentalists of any religion often say ridiculous things.

    I really resent anyone saying that ” the Talmud is from the pit of hell”
    That sounds like something islamists say.

    Makes me sad to read derogatory comments regarding Judaism here.


    • Talmud bad-Kairait good, not the same thing at all, do your own research


    • Please point to anything in my post which is inaccurate, especially about the Talmud.

      “That sounds like something islamists say.” So you don’t hesitate to trash Islamists, but Jews and Judaism can never be criticized?

      Sure makes me sad that you defend Talmudic Judaism.

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  7. And in that meme all that has been left unsaid of the Zionist State was spoken.

    But I fear we protestant branch on the vine are utterly and willfully enslaved. Even if it isn’t direct financial servitude, countless will happily support or go to WAR to ensure these people get to live in their “promised” land. Well then, where then shall Christ’s Bride, those washed by his blood, live when he returns? Y’shua sure isn’t going to share it with the people already living there…


  8. The outspoken rantings of the Pope and rabbis are why so many people are turning away from organized religion.

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  9. Some things never change:

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    • That’s why the queen reigned for 40 years, the truth never lies.


    • Do you suppose this might’ve been a part of why world war 1 was ignited in Austria among other places, Lophatt? (I recall the triggering factor was the actions taken by the order of the black hand which later turned into the “white hand” rulers of Yugoslavia (which arguably became the “red hand” and helped in spreading bolshevism, I note, when yugoslavia became “red”.)


  10. He said a negro (black) coming from two white parents is a “strange creature”, which is genetically absolutely correct. As would be a white (or albino) child coming from two black parents. I dunno about calling them monkeys, but nobody on the left seems offended by evolutionists saying we’re all evolved from moneys and apes… or fish, or amoeba.

    BTW, why are 80%+ of all professional athletes (NFL, NBA, MLB) “persons of color” now? Maybe they got slightly more athletic genes? Strange creatures.

    That, my friend, is racism. I wish I could have collected $30Million a year as a science and IT professor and researcher like a typical athlete. Even if I were like a “1 and out” player who quit after my first year, often without playing at all… I’d still be set for life. And most athletes play professionally 5, 10, 15 years or longer. Many get big salaries afterwards as coaches and analysts. Try to listen to these bozos “analyze” games on CBS during the March Madness games. Thank God for the mute button… And don’t forget, some athletes continue to get $Millions simply for endorsements and ads long after they retire.

    Hell, I’d settle for the salary of a typical collegiate basketball coach, who now gets $3Million a year. I wouldn’t get that much in a lifetime of teaching and research. But I don’t have exorbitant cable subscriptions and advertising budgets paying my salary, nor fans in my seats getting scalped for tickets to pay for it all (although tuition has gone up exponentially at most schools to foot the bills for new stadiums, practice fields, athletic buildings, etc. — add to that the way kids in school today live like kings and then you see how they wind up with $150,000+ in student debt they then want forgiven… degree or not).

    OK, rant off. Time for my Valium and Geritol… ;~)

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  11. Do you mean to tell me that there are some rabbis out there who are actually racially bigoted and prejudiced??? WHY I AM SHOCKED, I TELL YOU! SHOCKED!! SHOCKED!!!

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  12. And these are the people Christians are told to bless. This rabbi is an established follower of the Talmud which is actually more satanic than the Satanic Bible by the late Anton LaVey. The Nazis never invented the term ‘The Master Race’. The Jewish rabbis invented the term, indicating all non-Jews as lower than dogs. And these are the people Christians are supposed to pray for? They are like the Muslims having such a mindset. I guess anyone from the Middle East has their brains fried from the extremely hot weather.

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  13. I gotta believe if many of these Protestants really knew that their Schofield Bible was a fraud and what the Jews really think of them and Jesus they would stop supporting them. Lotta uninformed people out there, who listen to their pastors and no one else.

    What does Sinai mean? Sinai is the mountain on which Moses received the Jewish laws from the God Jahwe. From this mountain, the hatred of the Jews against all other peoples of the world has spread. (Schabbath, 89a)

    Every Jew has the obligation to see that Christian churches are burned down and wiped out. The faithful must be insulted and the clergy killed. (Schulchan Aruch, Jore dea, 146, 14)

    The Gentile is human shit. He is just as unclean. (Orach Chajim, 55, 20

    I believe the Talmud says that souls of Gentiles are satanic too. Can you beat that? The tribe known for the worst depravities from usury to pornography, and Gentiles souls are satanic. These people as a whole are so mentally deranged it beggars belief.

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  14. Well done.

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  15. Mayor Calls Barack Obama ‘Monkey Man,’ & Michelle Obama ‘Gorilla Face,’ But Says He’s Not Racist

    North Korea slams U.S. over Internet shutdown, calls Obama a ‘monkey’

    A DOCTOR who called Michelle Obama “monkey face” and said she spoke “ebonic English” has resigned from her job but says she wasn’t being racist.

    ‘Ape In Heels’: 5 Times Michelle Obama Was Called A Primate

    GOP Arizona Radio Host: ‘Obama Is The First Monkey President’

    Just a stroll down memory lane.

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    • Ha, ha, the truth hurts. Good for him. If I ever get over there I’ll make a point to look him up and shake his hand.


    • Those are priceless. Don’t lose them. “Ape in Heels”, ha, ha, ha. She speaks “ebolic English”, who could argue with that. She CLAIMS to be a lawyer too. It’s all too much.


  16. The next time I see any of the spawns of (((Hollywood))) such as Rosie O’Donnell, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Meryl Streep, etc., I will have to remember to say, “Blessed be He who creates STRANGE CREATURES.”

    (That sounds nicer than what we’d really like to call them.)

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  17. I just happened across this today and had to post it. A gift from Evo Morales, president of Bolivia. I don’t see how he can deny what everyone says about him. Doesn’t he know that Communism and Christianity don’t mix?

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