Gun owner says he hopes owning AR rifles becomes toxic like wearing fur or owning ivory

steve hemmert turn in ar 15

Steve posing for a photo op to turn in his gun. You do your thing, I’ll keep mine, TYVM…

Since the FBI can’t keep up with all those “unhinged” people, maybe some folks just want the right to defend themselves as they choose? Just a thought.

Also: How insulting is it that you label responsible firearm owners as people with “dangerous” weapons? I’m not as dangerous as the “Lion of the Senate.”

From ABC News: Steve Hemmert lives a mile away from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  He said Feb. 14 — the day when a former student gunned down 17 people at the school — was “surreal.”

Hemmert, who was a member of the Army Reserves (his LinkedIn account makes no mention of his Reserve history), is familiar with guns. He said he used to enjoy going to the shooting range, sometimes with his teenage daughter, firing two of his AR-style rifles.

But now, after the Parkland shooting, the fun is gone.

And soon, too, will his guns: Hemmert sold the guns back to the Miami Police Department this weekend as part of its gun buyback program.

“It was like a transformation between thinking of guns as kind of a fun hobby, to my God, these exact types of rifles just killed kids in my community,” he told ABC News.

He continued, “I can’t imagine ever having any fun shooting those guns. I was almost embarrassed to own them because how insulting to the victims that I would even want to keep those things in my house.

Hemmert, who left the Reserves in 2005 and now works as a lawyer, published a picture of himself turning over two AR-style rifles to a Miami police officer on Saturday. He later shared an emotional post on his Facebook page.

“My daughter recently told me that her plan is to only wear sneakers to school from now on, in case she needs to run. And I realize that, unlike some of my neighbors, I am lucky to still HAVE a 14-year-old daughter,” he wrote.

Hemmert, 45, told ABC News that the shooting impacted his entire family, including his daughter, who attends a different high school.

“In the week after that [shooting], she said she went through each classroom and figured out where the best hiding spot was in each classroom,” he said. “It’s disgusting that our kids should even think about that stuff.”

Hemmert said he was always incredibly careful with his guns, breaking them down and storing them under lock and key. He realized there was no way he could guarantee that another person would take the same precautions.

That’s why he decided to participate in the Miami Police Department’s gun buyback program. Each gun the department received would be examined and possibly destroyed if found to be stolen or involved in a crime, officer Michael Vega told ABC News.

The Miami Police Department shared a picture on Facebook of the 128 firearms it received during the buyback.

Hemmert, who got a $250 Visa gift card for each of his guns, said he hopes that “owning ARs becomes toxic, almost like wearing fur or owning ivory. It just becomes socially unacceptable to own AR rifles.”

His emotional Facebook post has received more than 100,000 comments. While most have been overwhelmingly positive, he guessed 10 to 15 percent were “really ugly.”

“There are a lot of people that have a lot of guns that are really unhinged out there,” he said, referring to some of the people who have made threats against him and his family.

Hemmert said that one of the worst messages he received was a text by someone who threatened to rape Hemmert’s teenage daughter. “There are so many people saying so many crazy and scary things on the internet,” he said, adding, “I don’t know how the FBI could even keep up with all those people.”

Survivors from other school shootings have also reached out to him. Hemmert called their messages “humbling.”

“I think people want to believe that there’s a reasonable middle ground in the gun control debate,” Hemmert said.

He added, “Listen, these may be legal to own and they’re fun to own but they’re just too dangerous for the general public to have.”

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77 responses to “Gun owner says he hopes owning AR rifles becomes toxic like wearing fur or owning ivory

  1. How does this man chop his vegetables when preparing his food? Does he use a DANGEROUS knife, I wonder? Does he drive a dangerous car? Consume any dangerous trans fats? Put him in a permanent safe space if he’s so worried about danger.

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  2. You protect your family the way you want but don’t shame me for protecting my family the way I know best. When you stand between the bullet the knife or what ever weapon they want to use on my family you might get my attention, but I’ll bet you got paid to do this on a social media platform to reach as many homes as they could. More of the fear mongering to give up your guns for the good of the children. Seems it’s becoming non stop attack on the 2nd Amendment. does anyone else notice the frequency is getting stronger and stronger?

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    • Sure, their owners have given them the ultimatum. They’re GOING to do this. The only question is how. They would prefer to do it with tacit approval. If they don’t get that they’ll do it anyway.

      It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Anyone who votes for any of these creatures that support this should leave the country. This is the biggest push to date. Lots of hype and money. No one could think this spontaneous.

      Literally, there is no one on our side. You cannot equivocate with this.

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  3. How any organization that never owned my weapon can “buy it BACK” is beyond me…. I am thinking though that I must get rid of my assault hammers as I don’t want to insult anyone who has been killed or maimed by one. Fookin’ dumbass!

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

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  4. I suggest a slight modification to the first line of your article: “Since the FBI and other law enforcement organizations refuse to keep up with all these unhinged people…”

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  5. Good thing he gave them up. He’s not smart enough to own them and they could become a liability in his hands. Idiots should not own guns. We all know that. Someone who thinks like Mr. Hemmert definitely must own no guns at all. I’ll sleep better tonight knowing that another nutcase has been disarmed. I just hope that anyone tries to hurt his wife and daughter they are close to a responsible gun owner who will be able to protect them, because he won’t!

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  6. It amazes me when I read about what these goodie two-shoes can do to call attention -sheeps, bahhh, bahhh, bahhh

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  7. These IGNORANT people don’t realize that it’s the Satanic Socialist Dumbocraps that want your guns also want to kill 3/4 of us to depopulate the world and YOU are playing right into their hands when you give up your guns. Have NONE of you morons ever read the HISTORY books as to what has happened to all countries that gave up their weapons to their EVIL TYRANICAL GOVERNMENTS? We are surely going to repeat History once again and this time the WHOLE WORLD will be lost if you morons don’t wake up. We are the ONLY LIGHT LEFT in this world of the NWO Elitist. Semper Fi.

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  8. cell phones and cars have killed more people than guns, will he give up those as well?
    I wonder how much the govt paid him for that photo op?
    he is another example of a male who is socially and politically cucked…I think he gave up his balls along with his guns (if those were his guns).

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    • I thought the same MomOfIV, another phsyop..if he was honestly humbled and sincere there wouldn’t have been a camera, with an Article attached, and a Media push….I call BS.

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      • Wonder what “false flag events” we’ll be seeing HIM in…..

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        • HA! Good one! Yes, the next “Star is Born” has just received his first “starring role” movie contract! Keep an eye on the marquee for false flag updates! 😀

          AND GET THIS!! You can’t make this stuff up. Surely “they” do it on purpose… >>> HEMMERT is a German surname & check its “total giveaway” meaning:

          “Hemmert: SWAMP DWELLER, wet spot in woods or meadow, home and bright, dweller of Hemme”:

          What are the chances? I’m dying laughing. Mr. Self-righteous must be a fraud for sure!

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    • My first thought also, a staged event with a liberal attorney. How many guns does he still have at home? His time would be better spent encouraging kids to stop the texting while driving those dangerous cars where thousands die every year.

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  9. More proof you can’t fix stupid.

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  10. Send him a GUN FREE HOME sticker

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  11. It’s cheap advertising for his law practice.

    For a cost of ~$1000 ($750-$250 gift cards x 2) he gets narional exposure worth tens if not hundreds of times that.

    Evertlytime people do something very publicly, look for a profit motive.

    These kids making the TV circuit from their school shooting are angling for scholarships, book deals and speaking fees.

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  12. As if this grinning creep took his daughter to the range to shoot AR’s “for fun” or had them in the first place for any reason beyond his participation in a shomrim paramilitary squad. That bit about his being in the US Army Reserve ages ago is such an obvious red herring, intended to deflect questions about why a nice Jewish lawyer (most likely) living in a crime-free neighborhood would even think of owning an assortment of AR’s. And how about his claiming his daughter now wears sneakers to school in case she has to run for her life, as if a high schooler wore anything else, and how she also “ran” through all the classrooms in her school to find places to hide? Talk about being too clever by half, to the point it all stinks like a total lie, starting with threats that today are nearly 100% traceable. As if gun owners who’re worried about confiscation go around making threats guaranteeing the police and FBI will land on them like a ton of bricks. If anything, this creepy character was in on it.

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    • Someone should ask him if and when he ever deployed. I’m guessing a JAG who never left the states, or if he did, a REMF like Miss Lindsay.

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    • Dan . . . . Congratulations! Very well stated. You pointed out several things that seem inconsistent.

      Frankly, after looking at his picture . . . he look like he’s down a quart or two on testosterone.

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    • Dan, You are wide awake and definitely a critical thinker, your Comment is spot on.

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    • I worked with a woman years ago who was married to a “shomrim” jerk. He was the nastiest piece of work I’ve seen in years. He couldn’t talk without a hateful scowl.

      Once you see this you can’t “unsee” it.

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  13. totally totally agree! I’m putting my car up for sale today.
    Too many people are killed every year by crazy drivers.
    Whew! Now I can sleep at night.

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  14. How blind could one be? Assuming, for the sake of discussion only, that the reported killings took place, responsibility for it falls on the local authorities who had much more information needed with which to take away any firearms owned by Cruz under laws already passed. Hope he doesn’t serve as Cruz’s public defender.

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    • marblenecltr . . . . You are right on the money! I think we can throw in some blame on the FBI, since they did not respond when complaints were filed about Cruz. There is waaaaay enough blame to go around.

      Look at the dillweed police officers from Parkland, FL . . . . then compare with a France officer who just within the last 24 hours exchanged places with a hostage in a “hostage situation,” and unfortunately gave the ultimate sacrifice.

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  15. Thought a little more about this. Do we have any proof at all that he did this? For all we know, this was staged, and he still has his rifles.

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  16. I was always taught…don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.
    Considering the latest news from Florida school?? Make that a rock to a gun fight…puh–leeze. School Admin, grow up.

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  17. Another tactic turning in those guns for money–the gun is a POS and has a flaw or doesn’t even work!!

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  18. perhaps if they price drops and the AR 15 is legal. Once they become illegal they will be in more demand

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    • ARs are already in high demand…been to a gun shop lately? Manufacturers are currently raising prices, too.

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      • They’re still not bad, especially mags, which went nuts after the ’94 Clinton AWB. When the ban sunsetted in 2004 (one of the few things GWB did right) sales started climbing. When tye kenyan moved in, sales took off like a rocket. Don’t have the actual numbers, but I’d guess he sold more firearms in 8 years than all sales for the past 50 years. Transferable full-auto (pre-86) AR’s fetch $15K and up. Any ban on semi-AR’s would quickly drive prices north of $3K, then $5K and up. No way are people gonna turn over that kind of coin for a crappy $125 gift certificate.

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  19. I’ll be glad to take any AR these pussies snowflakes want to donate.

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  20. Yeah get rid of you AR-15 and get an AK-47. It is much more reliable and they make larger mags.

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  21. There’s another thing about that pic: it’s not a casual press photo.

    The photographer was standing on something, usually a stepladder, to get that down-on perspective.

    100% staged.

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  22. Virtue signaling…

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  23. “…he hopes that … It just becomes socially unacceptable to own AR rifles.”

    Translation & Red Alert: Hemmert is recommending SELF-Induced-SHAMING via PEER-PRESSURE! It won’t work on people of sound mind!

    Peer-Pressure used to only work on young TEENAGERS back in the “good old days” when everyone naturally grew a backbone in the years shortly thereafter.

    Today, even too many adults are stuck in weasle “fear of peer pressure” mode. If it were not so, they would not keep using the same worn-out “socially unacceptable” script.

    (“Socially Unacceptable” is a cousin of “Politically Incorrect.”)

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  24. Captain America

    That looks more like two “fellas” exchanging money in the mens’ locker room.

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