5 months after LV shooting, we finally get to see surveillance footage of ‘lone gunman’ Stephen Paddock

On October 1, 2017, beginning at 10:08 p.m., someone from a high balcony of the 43-story tall Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort in Las Vegas, NV, opened fire with an automatic weapon at an outdoor country music festival of 22,000 attendees, killing 58 and injuring 515. It was the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

Police identified Stephen Craig Paddock, 64, of Mesquite, NV, as the shooter. We are told he had shot himself to death before police broke into his hotel room on the 32nd floor of Mandalay Bay.

One of the troubling questions surrounding the shooting is the absence of hotel surveillance video footage of Paddock checking in and bringing his arsenal of weapons into Mandalay Bay.

Now, nearly five months after the shooting, we FINALLY have the surveillance video, obtained and assembled by the New York Times, showing how Paddock, over the course of his 7-day stay at Mandalay Bay, brought 21 suitcases to his room.

I downloaded the NYT video in MP4 format, to preserve the video in case YouTube and the media delete it — as they are wont to do.

H/t Vivian Lee and Brian H. (omnipresentelanvitalhuman)

Questions to ask:

  1. Why did it take five months for the surveillance footage to be released to the American people?
  2. Why was the video released by the New York Times, instead of Mandalay Bay, or the Las Vegas police, or the FBI?
  3. Why is there no date/time stamps on some of the footage? The absence of time stamps mean we have no reason to believe the footage actually was taken on the day the NYT claims.
  4. Given the NYT‘s demonstrated bias and political partisanship, why should we believe this purported surveillance video? See:

See also:


27 responses to “5 months after LV shooting, we finally get to see surveillance footage of ‘lone gunman’ Stephen Paddock

  1. There is a whole lot more to this than is being told.

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  2. 21 bags. I hope that he gave the bellman a large tip. The fact that there were so many bags should have raised questions.

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  3. AR-style rifles can be split into two sections, both of which will fit into a suitcase no more than 20 or so inches long. Very concealable. No wonder his luggage looked normal instead of looking like gun cases.

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  4. Also, I’m relieved to see actual footage of the man, much more than just those two crappy photos.

    Mind you, forgive me my lack of trust in the official version, nothing prevents this footage from having been filmed after the event….

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  5. All that luggage could have very well carried guns, but without seeing the actual contents this footage proves nothing.

    In fact, the rumour at the time of the shooting was that this was an illicit gun deal gone wrong that pivoted to a mass shooting event on the fly in order to deflect from the intelligence agencies involved in the gun deal. This version would also explain tons of luggage filled with weapons.

    We do know that eyewitnesses and victims reported multiple shooters with some claiming shots fired from the air. We also know that several surviving eyewitnesses died under suspicious circumstances in the days and weeks following the event http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/las-vegas-massacre-survivors-killed-mysterious/.

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  6. This footage proves nothing, as expected. As Paddock was a regular, these images of him bringing suitcases in could have been harvested from the past 2 or 3 years. Time stamps could have been added post facto. In any case, all we see are some suitcases. Give me a break. The NYT is being used for damage control of the worst staged event in history.

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  7. honestly, this video shows nothing…we all know paddock was a regular in vegas and the footage could’ve come from any point in time…maybe he’s even wearing his “lucky” shirt and pants…
    how’s about the nyt (why not fbi?) put together “surveillance” footage from the actual shooting?

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  8. I can’t listen to that narrator. It insults my intelligence.

    And this video is not even from the police? Excuse me? That was not loud enough.


    Just no. This video says nothing and might as well have either been edited and copy-pasted, or just re-shot by actors in 5 MONTHS!

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  9. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    You would have thought the hotel would have been suspicious – who comes to a hotel with 22 pieces of luggage.

    Is the Hotel in cohoots with the shooter – were they part of setting up the killings since it has taken so long just to get this video. Who owns the hotel – heard it was the Saudi government? Was this another 9/11?

    Something is amiss or more info would have been given to the public.


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  10. An attorney representing some of the victims was on Tucker last night. She’s calling BS on this, too. She said there are hundreds of hours of video of the killer and they release just under 10 minutes of video that is a big nothing burger?

    It stinks…

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  11. I’m confident the Feds have already ZAPRUDERIZED the video tape, and for that, I actually give these criminals a lot of credit: It took over 40 years of examining the Zapruder film to find how cleverly and expertly the 8mm film was edited, crucial frame by crucial frame, to deceive the public.
    Although this is video and not 8mm film, I am willing to wager the same action and techniques were done to this tape. It’s no stretch to say this, because we are up against a criminal gangster government that has not told us the truth about anything.

    Moving higher up the chain, I read somewhere on the internet that at least two different witness survivors of this massacre insisted they saw at least two different gunmen, FROM AT LEAST TWO DIFFERENT HELICOPTERS, firing on the crowd. LET’S SEE THE BALLISTICS OF THE ENTIRE BLOODBATH! (I’m not holding my breath).
    I have also read on the internet that the Mossad was in on this massacre, and this is another factor that has to be investigated. (I have also read that the Mossad was in on the London Bombings of 7/7 and the Paris Charlie Hebdo debacle). AGAIN, LET’S SEE THE BALLISTICS.

    This video is important, of course. But I DO NOT, FOR ONE MOMENT, believe that Paddock was the only gunman of this event.
    Again: We have not been told the truth about ANYTHING.

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    • Steven . . . . I’m with you 100% . . . there were the reports of second shooters, and it seems pretty darn fishy that some of the people who voiced the fact that they saw an additional shooter(s) succumbed to tragic accidents that took their lives! Just that fact makes me think the whole thing was a put up job.

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  12. If they think this pathetic video of trying to sway our opinion and putting our minds at ease worked, they failed. There are way too many videos of flashes and the video of the guy in the ground with a safety vest on and shooting is a big clue. Too many witnesses saw so much more and they are still hiding evidence from us by ignoring the facts. There is some excellent evidence out there and this isn’t it.
    I found nothing eerie and strange about a man going to his room. I listened to people trying to assess his body movements. What bs.

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  13. You should read the police report. It’s a joke. No names, dates, places, just,
    “a male was taken to a local hospital…”, etc.. They are tying this one to the Parkland one without accounting for any discrepancies with either.

    I used to think that Americans had enough sophistication to avoid being baffled by bullshit like this. Anyone who conducted their normal day-to-day business like this would become a ward of the state.

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  14. There are WAY too many red flags about the entire Vegas shooting for me to think that it was a lone gunman affair. Like how could an ordinary accountant like Paddock amass a fortune worth several million dollars plus 2 jet airplanes, which the upkeep alone is hundreds of thousands of dollars per year? Or why would he have gotten full auto guns, without going through a background check and paying all the associated fees, when he obviously had the financial ability and the legal ability to do so? Why would he mess with the bump stock nonsense, when he had full auto weapons, which were heard, not only by people listening to the video right after the event, like me and others, but also by survivors who were ex military and knew the sound of full auto fire.

    The entire timeline at the doorway of the room and the shooting of the security guard, and the shooting of Paddock in the head, then the wait of some 72 minutes is a huge mess, and no explanation has ever cleared it up. If it IS Paddock in the picture.

    It has taken 5 months to release this nonsense of a video. Hollywood can churn out a better CGI film in less time than that, that not only looks better, but with a more handsome actor playing the lead role. In other words, I think this video is all a setup, and pulled together with bits and pieces spliced together via computers.

    Paddock seems to have some dealings with the government, in that one of his jet planes is now owned by someone who got it from them, who is working for a company that has government contracts, and the other one is sitting at a military base. This was something I picked up, and cannot remember where I got the information from, so I can’t verify it, but that is what I believe. The whole thing added up to making me believe that Paddock was a pilot for the CIA running captured terrorists to the CIA black sites. And that on the way back, he would just happen to have an empty jet airplane, and so was running elicit cargo, either drugs or guns/human cargo. That is how he made his millions. And the CIA not only looked the other way, but he was also running drugs and guns back into the states for them as well. And now the new owner of at least one of his planes is doing the same thing.

    At one time, I would have thought this stuff was ridiculous, and out of a John Clancy novel. Now, after seeing some of the stuff that I have seen our government do right out in public, and knowing some of the things that I know about 90% for certain, and probably higher, I would not want to get involved with any of the people who are covering any of this up. Mall shootings that appear random, when they actually are set up to kill one certain person, are not beyond believing.

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  15. “Why did it take five months for the surveillance footage to be released to the American people?”
    In order to alter it, of course.

    “Why was the video released by the New York Times, instead of Mandalay Bay, or the Las Vegas police, or the FBI?”
    Because the NY Times and the FBI likely have desks in one another’s offices.

    “Why is there no date/time stamps on some of the footage? The absence of time stamps mean we have no reason to believe the footage actually was taken on the day the NYT claims.’
    That’s right. And they don’t care if people notice.

    “Given the NYT‘s demonstrated bias and political partisanship, why should we believe this purported surveillance video?”
    We shouldn’t; and they don’t care, because what are we going to do about it?

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  16. I happened upon this today, and thought I would pass it on. It is well worth reading, as it addresses much of this post, and promises more to come. https://truepundit.com/vegas-mole-hunted-by-rogue-fbi-brass-death-threats-made-to-true-pundit-over-mandalay-bay-investigative-series/

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  17. How do we know they’re not hiding footage showing Paddock removing suitcases from his rooms?

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  18. Would anyone care to hazard a guess as to how many cameras they have there? They cover every square inch of the inside and the outside. I don’t know what this is supposed to “prove”. Nobody disputed that he was there.

    I’ve been saving pieces on this since it happened. When I say there are a LOT of stories within stories, there are! One thing that this has established is a precedent of not supplying information.

    Outside of the “Gladio Effect” I’m not sure what this was about.

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  19. omnipresentelanvitalhuman

    Slow the video down and look at the date stamp on each of the surveillance clips they are using and match them to what the narrator is saying. Some clips are used more than once and some don’t match up to the time and dates he is claiming. The whole video is a joke and an insult. All it does is prove they are full of s&#t Although each clip is authentic, This video tells us nothing. How is it that the guy that made this video is the only one that has access to the surveillance clips? Need to research this guy that made the video.
    Respectfully Brian h

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