Michigan kindergartener sodomized by 4 classmates

America is breeding monsters.

Grandville is a suburb of about 15,378 people in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 92% of the city’s 15,378 residents (2010 census) are white, 2.2% black.

John Hogan reports for ABC13, March 22, 2018, that a Grandville kindergarten student was sodomized for months by four fellow classmates, according to a 23-page federal lawsuit filed this week in Grand Rapids by the boy’s parents.

The kindergarten is the Century Park Learning Center, Grandville, Michigan — a public K-6 school with 519 students, 80% of whom are white, 8% Hispanic, 6% Asian, and 3% black. (Source)

The boy is identified in court documents by the alias, Jimmy Doe.

According to the lawsuit:

  • The sexual assaults began in fall of 2014 when Jimmy Doe was five years old, and continued until April 2015.
  • During kindergarten teacher Hillary Huberts‘ classroom “free time” (whatever that means), four boys took Jimmy to the mudroom area of the classroom where they touched and sodomized him and took photos of his genitals using classroom iPads. Images were continuously deleted to create space for additional photographs “each time they attacked Jimmy’’.
  • The photos were disseminated to other students, which led to Jimmy being continually harassed, forcing him to dig hiding places beneath playground equipment where he would “cover himself with mulch’’.
  • “The assailants told Jimmy that if he did not cooperate with them, or if he told about the touching and pictures, they would not be his friends and they would say the sexual activity was Jimmy’s idea.’’

Jimmy Doe’s parents noticed both a physical and emotional deterioration in their son, who was born in 2009. They raised concerns during a parent-teacher conference, but school officials did not protect the boy and turned a blind eye to the abuse once it was brought to light:

(1) When the boy’s mother asked for a police investigation, she was told by Principal Tonia Shoup that an investigation had already been completed and found “no indication of coercion or assault.’’ Shoup told the boy’s mother that she had interviewed the four boys involved in taking the photos, and that the four boys denied assaulting Jimmy and that it had been Jimmy’s idea to display his genitals in the classroom and to having his pictures taken.

(2) In a subsequent meeting with then-Grandville Superintendent Ron Caniff and Assistant Superintendent Scott Merkel, the parents were told the pictures had been deleted “and they could move Jimmy to another school district if they wanted.’’ Caniff and Merkel “stressed that the pictures needed to be viewed in the context of kindergarteners’ normal curiosity and suggested that if the parents insisted on pressing the matter, Jimmy would be the one to be disciplined as he was the only child whose genitals were photographed.’’

Caniff, who is now superintendent of Kent Independent School District, issued a statement refuting the allegations:

“At the time I was at Grandville Public Schools, there was never any suspicion, suggestion or complaint expressed about inappropriate physical contact between the students involved in this matter, nor did the investigation indicate any concerns in that regard. As I read through the complaint, there are several allegations that will be refuted, but since attorneys are involved, that will occur in due course through the legal process. Beyond this, I do not have more to add at this time since this is a pending legal matter.’’

For his part, the current Grandville Public Schools Superintendent Roger Bearup released a statement, saying the district cannot respond in detail to the allegations:

’’However, we assure you that our focus is and always will be on the safety and care of every student who walks through our doors. Litigation is meant to be an avenue to the truth. We patiently wait for that truth to be revealed. Until then, we will have no further comment.’’


60 responses to “Michigan kindergartener sodomized by 4 classmates

  1. homeschool…with Christ at the forefront…
    I pray for the Lord’s protection for that poor boy and all children being tortured and abused. Amen.

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  2. Thank God our child is not in this school, or I would be in jail for getting one of the idiot administrators around the throat.

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    • The excusifying by these butt-covering educrats is appalling. Like it’s normal for kid who doesn’t know anything about reproduction to have consensual homosexual group sex and make porn of it during free time at Kindergarten we’re supposed to believe. Sure. Really, the “educators” just want to get through their day and get paid– anything else gets ignored.

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  3. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN! What’s going on with the kids who did this??
    I think I’m going to vomit. That poor boy.

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    • The boy’s assailants must have learned about sodomy somewhere. 5-year-olds don’t come up with such evil on their own.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you for pointing out that very fact. Somehow, some way at least one of these children has been sexually abused themselves. How unfortunate, that this is how sexual abuse is passed from one individual to another.

        We are left to wonder . . . what was the teacher, and/or teacher’s aide doing all the while this was going on. I am very glad that the parents of this little guy did not settle for the stock story given them by these perverted educational authorities . . . and they decided to rip this wide open by going to court. Hopefully, this will shine the light of day on the entire sordid mess.

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      • That’s absolutely true. How could they even be left unobserved that long? Somebody needs to rip this guy, and the rest of his supporters limb from limb. Every day it gets worse. From the government to TV, to this.

        The whole place is starting to look like the Zionist Entity.

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        • “Zionist Entity”? Really? {Wiki: A phrase used by some Arabs and Muslims as a pejorative to deny the statehood of Israel.} How does that relate?

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          • It was jewry which created and staffed the NAACP, and who were behind the legislation establishing “affirmative action”, passed under the crypto-jew, LBJ, which actually is affirmative discrimination against White people. The jewish and the leftists have turned our schools into being little more than prison indoctrination centers for the White kids, and the parents no longer protect them, or are jailed if they attempt to.

            I have no idea about the races which may be involved in the story [because jewish controlled media won’t report that, except when there are stories against White people], but I doubt that either of us would be very surprised if it turns out to be that which we would suspect. Regardless, this is what schools have been turned into.


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            • Can’t really disagree that there are and have been bad elements looking to make themselves rich by taking advantage of others and directing public opinion…

              But I think there’s a danger of lumping everyone of a particular race or group into one tent… it’s like saying all Germans were Nazis, all Chinese were Maoists, all Italians were Fascists, all White Southern Baptists were KKK, all Evangelicals are in the NRA, all Russians were Stalinists, all Catholics were Crusaders, all Muslims are terrorists, all Blacks are thugs, all immigrants are illegal, etc.

              Although you can probably find websites proposing such ideas for each group and more, that doesn’t make it so.

              I think what happens is that the bad element in each class ends up getting the headlines, and that’s what/who we remember, unfortunately. The media paints a broad brush picture to sensationalize so as to increase interest, viewership, and thus advertising income, and the masses buy it largely without investigating the facts presented…

              At least I fear that’s the case.

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      • That is an EXCELLENT POINT which suggests this school faculty is involved in CHILD TRAFFICKING

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      • Most children that age learn that in their home from a relative like cousin or uncle in some cases the parents. Sad to say but have seen it. The same great lie and the attack on Gods basic union.

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    • Lord of the Flies meets Deliverance…

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  4. Yes, monsters in America are breeding and mentoring monsters. It takes such a village to destroy a child.

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    • marblenecltr . . . . Bravo! You have just named a very true fact . . . all it takes is a village of “people without conscience” to render a child ruined for life.

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  5. This is no isolated incident. The poor teacher who may be scapegoated and her career ruined almost certainly had no inkling anything like this was going on, probably because such behavior could not have occurred to her in the first place. The blame rests mainly with the TV/music/entertainment tribe. Pointing this out is pointless. Congress will do nothing but hide their complicity behind crocodile tears and a Supreme Court that since FDR has never missed an opportunity to destroy the American family, our young, and even the unborn. This was and is the communist agenda, enacted by the Supreme Court so both parties in Congress need not.

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    • I’d say Eowyn hit the nail on the head, what type of parents raise such monsters? Next, why was “free time” unsupervised? I blame the idiot principal who obviously had a laissez faire attitude

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    • Ah, yes, they’re “just kids” and couldn’t possibly do anything like that so It must be something else. (Denial ain’t just a river in Africa.) Progressives teach children “about” such things (“love is love”) without realizing little kids are functionally psychopathic (pulling wings off flies, anyone?) when it comes to entertaining themselves.

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  6. The school officials, harassers and their parents are shameful. Hope the family sues all involved.

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  7. So,they are saying the idea was the boys, but it was his personality that changed like an abused child’s? Goodness, what negligence went on in at room. How can you not know what was going on?

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  8. This whole story confuses me. I can absolutely believe some of the craziness I hear in this world, but this? I have kids and grandkids and though now a days these kids can work a phone or iPad, they all had access to one to take pictures? and four of them joined together to abuse this other child? My grandkids at 5,6,7 can’t agree on peanut butter and jelly or Mac and cheese for lunch. They fight over spongebob and tattle on each other in a heart beat. If this is true, Jehovah help us all, I’m just having a hard time wrapping my head around this one.

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  10. Sounds like they were just playing Doctor…

    …Obamacare Doctor!

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  11. I read about this on PPSimmons this morning and was in disbelief. Thank you, Dr. Eowyn, for this article.

    I looked up the name of the school, and found a couple more reports. The parents have brought a federal lawsuit against the school. It says that the teacher discovered the pictures on one of the iPads when she noticed another student trying to hide them when she walked by, and then another child started deleting pictures from the iPad he had. She called Jimmy’s mom, who arrived at the school 10 minutes later. By the time she had arrived, the teacher deleted all the pictures at the direction of the police.

    Here’s where I found the story, and there is a PDF of the federal lawsuit.


    There is something mighty wrong going on with this. I don’t see kindergarten aged children coming up with this stuff.😎

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  12. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    So sad that a child had to experience such humiliation and have the adults who seem to believe others and not him.


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  13. My heart aches for this child and his parents. I am guessing that the chicken sheet principal, superintendent and all the other “professionals” would much rather deal with the parents of the victim than contend with the parents of the perps. You know how fearful these Snowflake Libs are when they get called racists and threatened with way worse exposure. There is only one solution to protect your children these days, and that is to homeschool as was already mentioned in these comments.

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  14. No wonder NAMBLA supports Democrats…

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  15. I am crying…look how they destroy the young boy, psychologically…

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  16. I live near this city, and my daughter used to live in that city. Thank God, she now lives in a different suburb of Grand Rapids, as she has a 4 year old son. This is not what one would think of when thinking of a bad area, or poor or rundown. They just built a huge new mall a couple years ago, they opened a Cabelas store, it is a seemingly prosperous city. The thing that is going on there is what is going on everywhere. Sin. As it was in the beginning, so it is simply part of the ongoing battle that God and Satan have been waging, that will culminate in the final battle. What we are seeing is simply the preliminary bouts of what Armageddon will be.

    That we can all see it, I have no doubt. How we see it or perceive it, that is the 64 thousand dollar question, isn’t it? I am not talking about pre trib, mid trib, or post trib, although I know that there are probably those that subscribe to every one of those trains of thought, and more. And I can probably find proof verses to support each of them. What concerns me much more than the topic of when the Rapture will occur, or as some might argue, if it will occur, is something of much greater concern.

    Of course, we must consider our own souls condition. I was listening to a talk radio show the other night, and I heard a caller arguing with the host, who believes that everyone is going to heaven, it seems. The caller said that ” I know I am going to heaven because I have a personal relationship with Jesus.” Or words pretty close to that. I wanted to reach right through that phone line and smack him aside the head, because he was just as guilty of not being true to the Bible as the host who though that everyone is going to heaven because Christ died for all of us, and so that means that we all are forgiven and saved.

    You see, there is no place that I have ever found it in the Bible where it says that you are supposed to have a personal relationship with Jesus. I have seen it said that we are to obey Him, receive Him, follow, be born again, believeth in Him, and many other things, but nothing about a personal relationship. That is something that came about with the modern thing that I call the Social Gospel. With it, people are able to satisfy their longing to belong to something, and yet not have to turn away from their sinful ways. You might think that I am talking about things like the Purpose Driven Life and Rick Warren, but he is only one in a long line of similar preachers pushing this drivel. And there is certainly plenty of warning about it. 1 Timothy 4:1 King James Version (KJV)
    4 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
    2 Timothy 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

    You see, here in two of the three pastoral epistles, Paul tells Timothy, someone that he felt a very closeness to, that in these end times, people were going to turn away from the true faith of Christianity, and sound doctrine, meaning teaching directly from the Bible, and instead seek out things that make them feel good about themselves. And that those things are actually from Satan and his demons.

    So when I see such horrors as this poor young boy being assaulted by these 4 other boys, I am of course filled with revulsion, but not with surprise. And for those of you who would say, homeschool, my wife and I homeschooled our youngest. In Michigan, it is very easy to do. You only have to say that you are doing it for religious purposes, and they cannot ask you anything else. In our case, they actually offered us any help we needed with our daughter, as she is especially intelligent, but has emotional problems. I have 3 biological children from my first marriage, and my wife of 25 years and I adopted 2 girls, sisters. They were both abused as children, the youngest suffering from what we found out when she was 19 years old was shaken baby syndrome, and lost the sight in one eye due to a detached retina.

    As to homeschool for the other kids, where do you think that these 4 psycopaths learned their abusive behavior? I doubt that they had club every Wednesday, like AWANA, only for abusers. They most likely had to learn it from home, and probably there was a ring leader who was the strong personality, who actually was the most abused at home, and tried to make some sense of his pain by inflicting it on someone else. I see so many of you saying that you are shocked, and surprised that such behavior could take place in someone so young. I say that you need to get out more. Have you seen what not high school kids are wearing, not Jr.High kids are wearing, but what elementary kids are wearing now days? Some of the young girls are dressing like their parents are trying to get them a job modeling on the catwalk in Paris next fall. It is disgusting, how society has let the so called fashion industry, dictate the degradation of our youth. And not only allowed it, but let the idiot box in their living rooms pipe it in with shows like Moms trying to get their young daughters raped, at least that is what I would call some of the shows that they put on, with mothers dressing them and parading them in pagents and such.

    Sorry, I took over your blog again. I am just getting so tired of the societal breakdown, and I see it in everything from the media parading school shooting victims on tv before their classmates are even cold, to now this case of child abuse by, well, children, but it comes from our sick society. And while I know why and I know who is behind it, I still get angry, and I still am saddened, sometimes by Christians that don’t seem to understand that we have a role to play, and most of us are failing in our jobs, myself the worst, and I guess that is why I am bothered so much by the suffering that I see, that I know could be stopped if Christians simply stepped up and said no more of this sick behavior. No more abortions, no more putting criminals back on the street, no more letting parents have their kids back who abuse them, but taking kids from parents who try to discipline them. Pray like you have never prayed before, my fellow Christians, because I believe that things are about to get much worse, and very, very quickly.

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  17. And I am wondering what kind of kids these abusers and rapists will be when they hit seventeen yrs of age. If they can do this without conscience now, with no sense of right or wrong, what else will they be capable of down the road ???? By that time, they may be on meds and seeing shrinks and shooting up schools?

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  18. This strikes me as the faculty being complicit in HUMAN TRAFFICKING, e.g. McMartin preschool, Omaha, etc. There is NO way this could have happened w/o faculty’s knowledge, and their behaviour afterward shows they are covering this up and complicit in MAJOR FELONIES-THEY SHOULD BE IN PRISON OR WAITING EXECUTION

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    • Suna, that’s exactly what I thought too. There’s no way this happened like the adults in the story are claiming. The teacher deleted the pictures from the iPads, so she destroyed evidence of a crime. She claims the police told her to. The other adults at the school claimed they completed an investigation and found no wrong-doing. Aren’t the police supposed to conduct investigations of this sort, not school staff? As you said, this sounds like something akin to the McMartin case and the Franklin scandal. If I was the parent of a child in that school, there’s not a single chance in hell that they would spend another second there. I did notice, however, in one of the articles I read about this case, that the parents of the little boy who is the victim removed him from the school for about a year, but then returned him to the same school. That makes me suspicious of even the parents. We all know that nothing is ever really deleted from a computer, so I am sure that those pictures can be retrieved if investigators really want them.

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  19. Compulsory ‘public’ ‘education’ is simply warehousing and propagandizing of impressionable human beings in accord with the goals of the Frankfurt School, John Dewey, and all the other pseudo-intellectuals.

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  20. This incident needs to be completely investigated and the guilty brought to justice. I have no confidence in academics or any bureaucracy but I will not burn anyone without clear evidence of guilt.

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  21. Gee, could the perps been colored folk? The (agenda) seems to give them a free pass for all types of crime etc…

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      I was wondering my self why the white to black population ratio was the first thing pointed out.

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    • What if “Jimmy” were actually a black boy, and his assailants were white? That thought hadn’t entered my mind before… but I went back and scanned the article and couldn’t find anywhere where it indicated his color. Would the teachers/principal/police have been less likely to protect him? Sheesh… sad, sad world.

      “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves…”
      (2 Chronicles 7:14) We need that right about now.

      As for not mentioning the assailants’ colors, the local media here won’t say a suspect was black, or show a photo/sketch, especially if they’re under-aged… if they are black. Some sort of unwritten policy to prevent stereotyping, I think. Doesn’t yet hold true for Hispanics, as they’re not quite so prevalent. Or protected.

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  22. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    If this is true then it will be a very sad day for administrators and teachers, who are supposed to be the guardians of our children, of the Grandville school system. They will not be able to hide.

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  23. Were school police called? District police and administrators have strong
    motivation to cover up such activity. The mere verification of such crimes
    could ruin careers. Many school administrators are PR men for
    ongoing disasters known as schools.
    In LAUSD the molesters were often ADMINISTRATORS, who were
    transferred to other schools after their crimes were covered up.
    Thus certain administrators were able to continue their careers
    successfully while fornicating with underage female students.
    Parents were often enabling as they came from cultures
    where rape of girls is effectively legal, especially if
    the adult male marries the girl. At the high school
    where I taught for decades one administrator was finally
    arrested because he threatened to kill the parents
    with a gun if they alerted the police.
    Many teachers including some homosexuals pursued
    students once they turned 18.

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  24. Bunch of thoughts:

    Why are kindergartners given iPads? How do they know how to take photos? How do they know how to delete them? We’re talking 5 & 6 year olds here. No wonder my local school district tax levies have caused my property taxes to increase 50% in the past 5y; they want iPads for each student. And a new building to house ALL grades, after tearing down the independent school buildings now in existence. Easier to control the curriculum & policy…

    Why would they even think of taking photos of a boy’s genitals?

    Why would the teachers allow this to continue, having seen the photos? Because it’s considered a normal activity among their own depraved generation?

    Why would the police tell the teacher to delete the photos?

    Why would the police NOT immediately investigate? Why would the school not immediately take disciplinary measures?

    Is there not statutory law against such action, such that it doesn’t matter per se if the boy objected (as claimed) or even initiated (as I doubt) the activity?

    This all seems very evil and contrived to me, as if orchestrated by adults. I pray for the boy, his parents, and their attorneys’ success.

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    • P.S.
      This activity is exactly what I’d expect to lead to the young boy being outcast now the rest of his young life (at least), continually thinking about this horror, until at some point he decides he’s had enough, goes to school with his weapon of choice, and decides to exact revenge on those who made his life a living hell… including those in authority who turned their backs on him.

      And what would people then blame? Him & the weapon he chose, whether it be a gun, knife, home-made device/material, electronic/software hack, an atomic/biological/chemical WMD (yes, kids can buy ALL those materials on the web), or other. They would IGNORE the activities that led him to this point of desperation, and just label him a right-wing psycho. And they’d denigrate any and all who disagreed with them.

      Nobody ever wants to examine WHY somebody “explodes”, they just want to prosecute & punish. And thus we lose any chance to stop the same thing from repeating. And those who were guilty of setting him on such a path go scot-free. I’d offer the same advice for sex abusers et al.; we need to examine why a person would exhibit abnormal behavior before hanging them. If a law proscribes abnormal behavior and someone commits such an offense, there must be a reason for their abnormality… hopefully one we can prevent a re-occurrence of in the future, to protect other lives.

      This has to STOP. Nip problems in the bud. Put blame where it belongs.

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  25. Yet another reason why we should NOT arm teachers or administrators. Also, this proves the Washington DC os not the only swamp we need to drain.

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  26. Let us not delude ourselves. Yes, children actually CAN be this wicked.
    That being said, HOW did they learn about sodomy, of whatever variety? I used to be a teacher, and even 25 and more years ago, I heard a number of horror stories.
    We Americans need to WAKE UP: As a corporate whole, we are not as moral a society as we like to imagine we are. And education is not the ideal tool the leftists like to think it is. Here we are, living in a Culture of Death, where the sexualization of children is OUT IN THE OPEN. We live in the Age of Satanism Rising, and we have to fight this in whatever way God Calls us to.
    Our parents bought into pornography (mine sure didn’t!), many adults who are now in their 80’s were very promiscuous and didn’t raise their children properly regarding this real danger. People allowed themselves to be polluted by the culture at-large. And we wonder why it’s become this bad?
    And not only this, but the churches have their fare share of the blame, also. How many Evangelicals are Zionists? is but one example! Excuse me, Pastor: Your job is not to hawk Israel (of whatever variety) but to lead the flock away from sin!
    And so it goes on and on. The entire House has been eaten by termites, and we wonder why it’s about to collapse?!?!

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  27. I ran across this, and was struck by it’s message. For I myself have wept for not just this city, but this nation, and our future without God to protect us. https://www.crosswalk.com/devotionals/marketplace/

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  28. There was a Satanic Panic, and sexualized primary schoolers, at least since the 80’s, with full media saturation — radio, tv, papers, notes sent home, church sermons, urban legends, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

    You blasé people, from my generation, have put your kids in this same environment, some 25-30 yrs later, with no credible excuse to be acting so naive. It was the ‘new normal,’ when you were still this age.


  29. 4 kindergarten boys sodomize another kindergarten boy and take photos of his genitals with their ipads?
    kindergartners are 5 years old. they don’t have erections. they don’t sodomize. they don’t even have ipads.
    look at all these commentards taking this nonsense seriously.


    • Tsk, tsk, you do know that sodomy can be committed with objects, instead of penis?
      Since you think this is nonsense, you really should communicate that to the news source, WZZM ABC 13 in Grand Rapids, Michigan:

      By Surface Mail:
      WZZM 13
      645 Three Mile
      Grand Rapids, MI 49544

      By Phone: (616) 785-1313 – WZZM 13 Main Line; (616) 559-1300 – WZZM 13 News Tip Line
      By Fax: (616) 785-1301
      By email: http://www.wzzm13.com/contact-us

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    • Just for the “commentards” (as I’m pretty sure you won’t be back):
      1) Sodomy legally includes either rectal or oral contact with genitalia. Wiki also includes bestiality, although I’ve not seen that included previously…
      2) iPads can be provided by any school to any student. More schools are considering them mandatory for prepping student for the “real” world.
      3) As for the age at which boys can achieve erections, I’m not going to swear to it, and can’t remember back that long ago personally (and I’m not going to Google it and risk having somebody come knocking on my door), but I’m pretty sure male babies have been seen on sonagrams in utero with erections. Hence, yes, boys at 5 or 6 could have them ex utero as well. Not that it matters per se, if you consider what sodomy actually, legally means. It’s not a de facto requirement for sodomy.

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  30. WOW! When these assholes get fired and I hope that they do, they can all go work for USA Gymnastics. So a common theme here is look the other way, and if you can no longer do that, then blame the victim. This is disgusting and I bet it happens all the time unfortunately.

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