Friday Animals

keeping warm by piling on
fox on car
kitten high 5


And an animal funny!

cat funny


20 responses to “Friday Animals

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    Friday’s funnies.

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  2. Those are priceless thanks Doc nice to see a gleaming light in a dark world.

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  3. I love the cat on the Audi.


  4. The cat joke is hilarious!

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  5. Love them all !!!! Watching that little parakeet brought back memories. My first parakeet I had at nine years old had exactly the same coloring, and I used to hold him under the faucet just like that. They love their baths!!!

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  6. The Father knew what he was doing, as he is wont to always do, when he made animals. Not a day passes that I’m not thankful, but these pictures add a major boost. 🙂

    That cat meme is hilarious. THANK YOU, Dr, for posting that one!

    I think they’re all precious. The kitten though… I got a weak spot for those things, even if looking at them hurts. My family has lost too many of the darn things not to get teary eyed… so precious.

    I do believe that fox transcends cuteness though. Such photogenic beauty. There are few things more charming to view than a fox in Autumn.

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  7. if my Barney could talk……he makes my life a barrel full of fun!

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    • Alma…I had a Cat named Barney, he got ambushed by a Fox last year, I still miss him bad. He was born out in my Barn (Hence the name Barney), a Fox got his Mother and 2 siblings, I brought him in, held him next to the wood stove, his eyes were still closed…anyway, my Dog’s Maternal instincts kicked in, she thought the newborn was her puppy, and Barney always thought Lady was her mom. I started feeding her with an eye dropper with artificial mothers milk…he had 5 good years with a Dog and a Human that really loved him, he was a Gray Tiger. Dr. Eowyn, a great Pet Relief Page!!! We really needed it this week!!!

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  8. I like the fox on the top of the car.

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  9. Cats and Flat Earth! Too funny!

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  10. What a wonderful offering today. I loved the bird bath, I have never seen anything like that. Truly, Our Heavenly Father loves and dotes on us . . . He gave us these wonderful animals that give us unbounded joy!

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  11. No matter how big, cats claw the couch…

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