Baltimore suffers steep population decline according to new Census data

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh

Heckuva job mayor!

Gee, I wonder why…

From Baltimore Sun: Baltimore saw another year of steep population losses with nearly 5,300 people leaving the city, according to new estimates from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The official estimate of Baltimore’s population now stands at 611,648, down more than 9,000 since the last full Census in 2010.

The Census Bureau estimates that Baltimore’s population had started growing again this decade following years of declines, but the growth stalled in 2015 and appears to have been more than entirely wiped out.

The Census Bureau estimates population on an annual cycle that runs between July 1 and June 30. The most recent estimated decline in Baltimore is offset somewhat by the bureau revising up slightly its estimate of the city’s population in 2016.

The 2015-2016 decline was especially sharp and came after a year in which the city was shaken by rioting and a spike in crime. Mayor Catherine Pugh largely shrugged those figures off at the time, but the new numbers indicate it was not a single-year blip.

Pugh could not immediately be reached for comment.

Annie Milli, the director of Live Baltimore, an agency that works to get people to come to the city, said she’s not overly concerned by the figures. She said other numbers suggest the housing market in the city is still healthy, with home sales up, new apartments coming online and the number of vacant homes stable.

“It’s an unexpected result from our perspective,” she said.

Milli said the numbers don’t necessarily suggest that entire families are picking up and moving out of Baltimore but could show that a few members of families might be leaving while others remain.

Milli said she’s optimistic for the future because other data indicates young people are moving into the city. “Those are people who have the opportunity to fall in love with city life and be converted into city dwellers,” she said.

Baltimore’s decline last year represents the second biggest decrease of any county-level jurisdiction in the nation. Only Cook County, home to Chicago, saw more people leave — and with an estimated 5,231,356 residents, it is much more populous than Baltimore.

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30 responses to “Baltimore suffers steep population decline according to new Census data

  1. They just don’t tell us 5,300 took a hike to the cemetery!

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  2. “Gee, I wonder why” was exactly my sarcastic thought when I saw the title of this post! 😀

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  3. heard Baltimore is a f**ked place to live too much crime by criminals, cops and politicians

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  4. 611,649…count me in ,giving a hand ,everything for MAGA!

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    • MAGA! MAGA! An America of Baltimores! Since 911 Washington will only have spent $5.6 trillion thru 2018 on wars for Israel, so now with a psychotic madman with a Napoleon complex as national security advisor, we can expect new wars with Iran, Syria, and Russia that’ll double that number in no time. Nothing breeds success quite like spending even more trillions for Israel and its fifth column, and that unpayable debt doesn’t matter since the plan all along has been to eliminate it with inflation and substitution of all private pension plans with—who knows?—MAGA bonds based on defending the value of the dollar at all costs forever and using all gov resources to fulfill promises made to the the people. Every military job eliminates three in the productive economy, but that’s no problem when Washington creates money out of thin air.

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  5. Gee, live with this kind of behavior/attitude every day?

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  6. Great story DCG this is what is going to start to happen when progressives put the envelope to far and to hard. Mexiforina is having the same problem they are leaving in droves because of the tax burden the gov. put on them to help fund the illegals they so boastfully put in everyone’s face that they rate more than the Americans who live in that state.
    Seems the country is choosing side slowly but surly so we are going to have states who are hostile to its neighbors who are Conservative and do not lean the same way. This is the beginning just watch what happens in the near future.

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  7. Democrats AND Republicans, as parties, are both guilty of CRONY CAPITALISM. The difference is that Democrats lost their ability to govern, to the public betterment, a long time ago. The entire pathology needs to be studied and written about in a single volume. (It is long overdue, and it would become a seminal tome, if done correctly).
    But the ENEMY # 1 of people that the Democrats do not know how to recognize, let alone deal with, is the two-sided dynamic of contraception and abortion. Contraception and abortion have changed the demographics of the entire world, and America, and, to look at the microcosm, the American City itself. Democratic Party captains of consciousness DO NOT KNOW how to address this problem, other than to follow the GOP lead of immigration. Allowing more immigrants into America is a short-term solution that gets the numbers up, but does not address the cultural or economic problems we’ve been immersed in for decades.

    Both parties are irredeemably corrupt. But the Democratic Party has become obsessed with identity politics, following the strategies of Lenin and Trotsky DIRECTLY, and this leads not to nationalism but race-based grievance and paranoia. They’ve painted themselves and their constituency into a small corner.
    But the real change is coming: The demographics shall reach a critical mass within the next 20 years or so, and the overall calculus of the public zeitgeist shall change. We’ve already seen this with the populist movement that elected Donald Trump President.
    But for now, we can—to make it simplistic—compare Baltimore with California: Baltimore is the microcosm of dysfunction while California is the macrocosm. In both we see political corruption, an evaporating gravy train, dwindling demographics and the institutionalization of mental illness. In other words, they have defined deviancy down (indicating the problem is, at the root, MORAL), and they have lost the will to serve (representative government is dead—all that’s left is a flea market of competing gangs.)

    In short, we’re about 20 or so years away from becoming a North American Somalia. (But that’s all right: George W. Bush invited hundreds of thousands of them over here more than 13 years ago!)

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  8. According to Anni Milli, who tries to get people to move to Baltimore . . . thee are those young people “who fall in love with city life.” Pray tell, who are these morons? Who in their right mind would risk life and limb to move to an area where you know for 100% sure that there are an abnormal amount of murders, risks of rioting, and a downward spiraling economic prospect. I would not move to Baltimore, anymore than I would move to Cook County, Illinois (Chicago.) There must be some might adventurous young people who are the ones moving there.

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  9. I can’t imagine anyone, in their right mind or otherwise, that would actually want to move to Baltimore.

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  10. creating a vacuum for illegals and muslims to fill

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  11. I just read an Article on Baltimore yesterday, they are considering having the State of Maryland take over every aspect of the City, like they did in DC, and it pretty much worked. Typical Democratic run City, full of Corruption.

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  12. If they followed my advice the population decline would steepen and soon the problem would go away. For years it was in competition with D.C. for “Murder Capital” of the country. It’s a pit.

    All they have to do is keep the replacements from arriving. The rest will take care of itself. Oh, and don’t let anybody out either.

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  13. After witnessing the lack of leadership and what they allowed during the riots is enough motivation for anyone to want to leave, or never enter or even visit.

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  14. Gee… exodus on the east coast and on the west coast, specifically, people leaving Baltimore and San Francisco in droves. S F has been likened to some third world hell hole of filth and degradation and good luck getting out alive if you ‘live’ in Baltimore. This country has lost it’s moral compass. We have sown the wind and are reaping the whirlwind.

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  15. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Thank you! Captain Obvious! We in Detroit have gladly handed over our Murder Capital badge to Baltimore! Have a nice day!

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    See how they capitulate? If whitey were throwing rocks they’d shoot. We have our very own Moorish invasion thanks to the last regime and its owner.

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