Woman adopts old shelter dog that turns out to be her childhood pet

When she was a young girl, Nicole Grimes loved her Pomeranian-Poodle puppy, Chloe.

But her parents objected to Chloe’s barking, and took the pup to the Humane Society.

Eight years later, now a married adult with a baby daughter, Nicole wanted her daughter to experience growing up with a family dog.

One day, Nicole was perusing Facebook for shelter dogs when an elderly Pomeranian caught her eye.

This is the extraordinary story of how Nicole found her beloved Chloe again.

H/t maziel


21 responses to “Woman adopts old shelter dog that turns out to be her childhood pet

  1. Thank you Doc for a smile and a beautiful story.

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  2. Great story! Thanks!

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  3. sounds like her dad was weak minded…

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    • True George . . . . I’m with you in that sentiment. I cannot imagine that they did not have “bark collars” back eight years ago. Or as a last resort, there is a surgery that can be done to render a dog unable to bark. I would go for the first option. I think this Father was indeed “weak minded,” not only did he emotionally injure his daughter, but the poor dog, even though it went to good people, was not with her beloved Mistress.

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  4. Sounds to me like God gave this family a wonderful blessing.

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  5. There is a real world out there. This also happened to a young gal in Bradenton Florida, who got her dog back five years after having to put it up for adoption. The dog was in bad shape but chipped and she got the call from some distance away that her dog was recovering from major wounds, probably gotten from being used to hunt wild pigs. I ran into her a few times and heard this sweet dog’s amazing story about two years ago.

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  6. Dogs are guardian angels sent to look out for us.

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  7. That is wonderful. Sheds tear

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  8. We greatly need news like that in times like this.

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    • marblenecltr . . . . I agree, in this day and age, we do need to have stories that touch our hearts, and show us that the Heaven really does grant us blessings.

      Now, I guess I will go back to worrying about the dumb-ass Chinese outer space station that is out of control and going to reenter Earth’s atmosphere, and possibly hit somewhere in the US, or any number of other highly populated places. This space station is loaded with some chemical that is absolutely poisonous to humans. I sure hope that the Heavens are aware of this situation, and will come up with an ocean landing; but then, you worry about how this caustic chemical will effect sea life.

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  9. DCG . . . . Amen to that!

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  10. 🙂

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  11. Liked by 3 people

  12. Short of the dog attacking a family member, I can’t comprehend how you get a dog and then, because it barks, you take it to the pound and tell your daughter to bite the bullet. Now, I understand that the grandmother gave the dog to her granddaughter, and perhaps she didn’t ask the parents’ permission beforehand. Perhaps that’s the reason the father felt justified in putting the dog up for adoption. But, it’s still a pretty slim reason. So many people have very little forethought.

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  13. Thank goodness for RFID.

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