Washington state representative: “Facts will never drive anybody to make a decision”

pramila jayapal

Dan Rather would approve this message.

Pramila Jayapal is a progressive US representative from Washington’s 7th congressional district. She was born in India and is a “civil rights activist,” a big fan of the $15 minimum wage and supports free community college.

According to Seattle Capital Hill Seattle Blog, the congresswoman was at a town hall at a local high school to discuss “gun-access policy reform.”

From their blog:

“Our prime responsibility is to take care of each other. It’s not to money or greed so let’s make sure we incorporate love and generosity through non-violence,” Jayapal told the young march leaders Saturday.

In a closed-door session before the meeting, Jayapal discussed communication in activism with the student leaders. “Facts will never drive anybody to make a decision, but you need to have them. Never lead with the facts. They’ll believe your heart but not the facts,” said Jayapal.”

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21 responses to “Washington state representative: “Facts will never drive anybody to make a decision”

  1. Maybe if we put emotions aside and started with the facts we could actually make a difference.
    What a Maroon.

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  2. “Facts we don’t need no stinking facts” we got gut emotion that’s worth a lot more in motivating the masses against the gun lobby’s and people who want guns. Did any of these people go to school or was it just a progressive school and that is why they act this way. What happened to “Shall not Infringe” did that law just go way in the night or what?

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  3. What an utterly idiotic thing to say. If decisions are not based on facts, that leaves only prejudices, ignorance, and feelings. I’m reminded of these immortal words uttered by a fake-socialist friend many years ago:

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  4. We only have to ‘NOT’ do one thing…Disarm ourselves. I’m a Law abiding citizen, but in these times I recommend no personal registration, no carry permit, just stay under the radar if possible, if you’re legit, they’ll know right where to come to get them. Get ’em while you still can, any way you can, without a paper trail of any kind, have a legit friend buy your ammo. It might sound like bad advice, but that’s where we are at folks. If you know a Realtor or Broker tell them to keep their eye’s on Estate Sales, a good place to pick up a relic with no trail to you.

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  5. Her backup plan involves the use of “muscle” to enforce the love and care.

    After that comes the nice hot “showers.”

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  6. Go back to India, you ugly liberal hag. See how far it will get you there. Here in America, we live by the law of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which shall not be infringed.

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    • Maryaha . . . . Thank you for expressing exactly what I was thinking. Washington State has any number of foreign born persons in various government positions. When these people were not born to believe in the Sacredness of Our Constitution . . . they will inevitably come up with ideas that undermine the peace and safety of our nation.

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      • And I think a lot of the current crop of foreign-born politicians (many on the west coast) came here for a free education at the best universities in the world… then stayed here. And decided they wanted to implement their own home country’s ideologies, politics, and religion, rather than assimilate into American culture or respect our ways.

        To make things worse, I see a new wave coming of folks whose parents (well, mothers) came here solely to give birth and thus gain citizenship for their babies… who then grew up with our blessing, at our cost, and yet STILL refuse to become Americans in terms of responsibilities, choosing only to accept (and demand) rights they couldn’t possibly expect (let alone demand) in their home countries. And they will also go into government, and similarly demand change to our American way of life. To defeat us from within.

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      • Seattle being a case in point. You don’t get more “foreign” than Uranus.

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      • ” they will inevitably come up with ideas that undermine the peace and safety of our nation.”
        I believe they’d be taking second chair to the DNC for that. I think it was THEY who started “inferring” Government “oversight” into our RIGHTS affirmed in our Bill of Rights,ultimately doing everything they can to water them down and revise their meanings to benefit their Socialist Agenda.
        This is just MY opinion,but what do I know….

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  7. Tell a big lie, often enough and it becomes fact.
    Joseph Gobels Nazi propaganda minister

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  8. Jayapal’s statement, although it contains some moral truth, indicates her mind resembles the remains of a dissected fetal pig!

    Yes, we DO need love. And, Yes, by saying “no one makes a decision based on facts” contains some moral truth when applied to an emotional context.

    This is where Jayapal goes off the rails. People DO need to be taken care of. But government, which is its own sui generis monster out to maintain its own monopoly on power and brute force, IS NOT the agency to give us that love and moral support. Only the churches can give their members the support she is referring to.
    Here is the principle she does not see: It is the principle of subsidiarity (if that is the correct version of the word). In other words, HOW PROXIMATE is the agency to the problem? Government is too large and too remote to take care of the problems of a small town or community hundreds of miles away.
    For example, the five boroughs of New York City are held together, politically, by a treaty (signed in 1898 which created New York City as a legal entity). Each borough and each neighborhood has its own problems. The legal political entity known as New York City is a municipal corporation. All right, I’ll leave the jargon there. New Yorkers agree to share certain maintenance functions, e.g., sanitation, water, fire and police, etc., etc. On these things, we can agree and run a city.
    But beyond that, Long Island City has problems that the people of Flushing cannot solve—at least directly. And Bensonhurst has problems that Wakefield (in the Bronx) cannot solve—at least directly. In other words, HOW CLOSE IS GOVERNMENT TO THE PROBLEM OR THE PEOPLE AFFECTED BY THE PROBLEM???

    THIS is the problem with Communism and why IT CAN NEVER be made to work. You cannot impose a standard one-size-fits-all solution upon people you have no proximity to. THIS is why the Philippines wanted us to leave them alone, and THIS is why Gen. Douglas MacArthur had the U.S. engineered their departure from us.

    Yes, people usually make their decisions made under emotional weight or influence. But we must make decisions based upon the facts in front of us. And Government, hydra-headed monster of competing interests that it is, IS NOT CAPABLE of doing this. A corporation can do this—TO A LIMITED EXTENT.

    “There is but one quality worse than hardness of heart, and that is softness of head.” —Theodore Roosevelt.

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  9. Left/liberals basis for their “narrative” BS…

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  11. The same geniuses who think facts don’t matter, or that emotions and beliefs trump reality, must be the ones preaching that life doesn’t begin at conception… or at 15 or 20 weeks, or even until birth. If the mother allows it.

    We now know that includes some federal judges and lots of legislators. How did they ever get labeled as “the educated elite”? I learned stuff they now deny before I ever hit high school! Learned it in public schools, no less.

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    • I couldn’t agree more,and I too was a public school educated youth,still open-minded enough to continue learning-though considerably more selective of WHAT I value enough to learn.

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