Seattle mayor seeks law that requires owners to lock up guns

jenny durkan

The article below has been updated since I scheduled my post. It’s now touted as “safe-storage” legislation.

From Seattle Times: Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan and Councilmember M. Lorena González plan to propose legislation to require gun owners to lock up firearms left in their homes and vehicles, Durkan and González said Wednesday.

The legislation also could increase penalties for people who fail to report lost and stolen guns, they said, describing the move as a response to a nationwide gun-violence crisis and to shootings in Seattle. Many shootings happen with guns that were available because they weren’t properly secured, the officials said.

The legislation has yet to be written. Details are to be worked out over the coming months.

State law prohibits Washington cities from regulating guns, and Durkan said she expects the legislation would be challenged in court. The mayor said she’s confident the city would prevail because the legislation wouldn’t stop anyone from buying, carrying or transporting a gun.

“This is not an anti-gun measure. This is a gun-safety measure,” Durkan said.

Durkan and González made the announcement alongside City Attorney Pete Holmes at Harborview Medical Center, where the city has been helping to fund a gun-violence research program.

The program provides some gunshot survivors with services ranging from substance-abuse and mental-health treatment to employment assistance. Revenue from Seattle’s tax on the sale of guns and ammunition, adopted in 2015, is supposed to support the research program.

Durkan took part in a town-hall meeting at Chief Sealth High School earlier this month to talk about curbing gun violence.

Read the rest of the story here.


23 responses to “Seattle mayor seeks law that requires owners to lock up guns

  1. Pray tell just how do they plan to monitor what goes on in people’s private homes? Knock and search? Seattle has lost it, with a bunch of hooligans running the show.

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  2. Wasnt this tried in DC and went to the supremes and deemed it unconstitutional?

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  3. Left/liberals feel “gun safety” means no one else has any.

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    • How true, and an example of the very real, asymmetrical warfare being waged against us by the left. They know American patriots won’t come at them with guns because they already don’t, while the left, once they’re confident they control almost all the guns, will do what they always do, which is commit democide on a biblical scale. They always have because chief among the traits defining the leftist personality are humorlessness, grandiose paranoia, and individual cowardice, the latter so viscerally intense they’ll rip others, including babies and pregnant women, literally into shreds once they’ve achieved superior fire power. Today’s SJWs, like that creature in this week’s contest, are tomorrow’s mass executioners. Bet on it, and if you don’t think it can happen here, try opposing the antifas or leftist thugs in the street and watch who our cops beat the crap out of in places like Seattle and Berkeley.

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      • Yes, and here’s another Dem-wit, good old Dannel Malloy, voicing his concern about the NRA.

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        • Maryaha . . . . Your submission of “Liberal Logic 101 spot on. The fact that an African-American, NRA member is shown next to the text which calls the Democratic party out on their sh*t really hits this out of the ball park. I just wish that more people of color were as educated as this man is on this particular fact. Your addition to this discussion is absolutely great!

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      • Dan . . . . Bravo! Your comments are right on target, and extremely astute.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    And here I thought having your ‘own’ gun in your ‘own’ hand was “properly secured”.

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  5. Forget the guns, it’s the politicians that should be locked up.

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    • Silhouette . . . . Amen to that! These so called politicians who wish so very much to ensure the safety of you and I . . . actually put us in harm’s way with their stupidity!

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  6. So lock up my gun for safety till the bad guy breaks in and has a gun in his hand loaded and no safety on. Then you tell them because of the new safety law he has to wait 1 min for you to be able to unlock the safe and get your gun. Just the lunacy of this idea brings into question the mental state of this persons mind. Can we have her checked for mental illness and removed from office for just that reason. Did the people go to school or are they just hatched this way. What ever happened to common sense.☻

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    • Brian . . . . There is no doubt about it . . . these politicians who come up with these kinds of stupid laws are lacking in any degree of “common sense.”

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  7. Regarding photos of this mayor’s occasionally tumescent nose and any bearing it may have on predicting psychotic behavior—any thoughts out there on whether Freud’s fav friend and scientific colleague, Wilhelm Fliess, was correct in assuming a connection between female sexual dysfunction and the nose? It’s logically possible, after all, that sexual dysfunction may spill over into the workplace and in a lesbian politician’s case negatively affect millions.

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    • Dan . . . . Wow! That was a stellar comment. I wonder if it is true. Here in Oregon we have several LBGQXYZ state legislators who bring us one lame piece of legislation after another. Perhaps there is a disconnect between an alternative lifestyle, and being able to think critically.

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  8. Liberalism is a mental illness. It is incurable and cancerous.

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    • Comrade Obama . . . . Bravo! That was a bold, and oh so true statement. Thank you for reminding us. When we read, these kinds of goofy stories, it does leave most of us mystified by the mind set of those who come up with this kind of legislation. You have just put the entire question into prospection.

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  9. Will law-abiding citizens with gun permits, be the only ones required to obey this law? Will criminals with illegal guns be arrested if caught robbing me without having their gun in a locked box? Can I make a run for it, as they fumble in their pockets for the boxes key? Should I practice, quickly opening my box, so I can beat the criminal in my living room to our guns? This is getting confusing. Maybe, I’ll give up my gun, and buy a bullet proof vest. Or better yet; I’ll become a politician, and be protected by police with guns in holsters, not boxes!

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    • Patrick Dykie . . . . You just hit it out of the park with that observation! It is very easy for those who have armed protection to demand that law abiding citizen’s efforts to utilize a gun for safety issues by hobbled. After all, they are not affected by these same laws.

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  10. More meaningless pandering to the “do something” idiots. What about baseball bats, table knives, rocks? All of these Maoists believe that permission must be sought from the giver of permissions, The State, to do anything.

    Any elected official that demonstrates any measure of this tendency should be shown the door, immediately.

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  11. I’m seeking law that requires owners to lock up the MAYOR-She’s more dangerous than any lawful gun owner’s GUN.

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