SAS sniper kills senior ISIS fighter with night-time shot from a mile away

SAS sniper

That’s some mighty, mighty fine shooting!

From Daily Mail: A British sniper has killed a senior ISIS fighter with a ‘one in a million’ night-time shot from nearly a mile away, it has been claimed.

The unnamed SAS marksman is said to have killed the terrorist with a ‘head shot’ close to the Syrian border having been given a window of just 15 seconds.

He is understood to be a sergeant with the SAS G-Squadron and a veteran of operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan, where he is said to have recorded as many as 100 kills.

According to the Daily Star Sunday, he is believed to have used a US-made McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle as he targeted the fanatic from more than 1,500m away as he arrived at a safe house in a village.

The trooper is reportedly part of a counterterrorism drive in Iraq and Syria, which has been operating since the beginning of the year.

A source told the newspaper that the village in question was under ISIS control making a more preferable ‘capture mission’ impossible. The exact location has not been revealed.

‘The SAS team had hoped that the ISIS commander would arrive during the day because a night shot was regarded as too dangerous,’ the source said.

‘But as evening approached the team realised that they were going to have to either abort or go for a night shot. The sniper said he wanted to take the shot and was given a “go order”.

The sniper had 15 seconds to take his shot as the extremist pulled up in a car. The source said the extremist was killed instantly after being shot in the back of the head.

The Ministry of Defence declined to comment when contacted by MailOnline.


13 responses to “SAS sniper kills senior ISIS fighter with night-time shot from a mile away

  1. A mile away, in the dark! Wow!!!

    While searching online for more information on this elite sniper, I found this, from a USAToday news report last June:

    “A Canadian soldier in Iraq has killed an ISIS militant from more than two miles away, shattering the world record for a confirmed sniper kill in military history…. The 3,450-meter shot, which took about 10 seconds to reach its target, was independently verified by a video camera and other data.”

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . That is a feat that truly is one in a million. Frankly, thank Heavens we have within the ranks of our allies those who have remarkable talents in this area of expertise.

      I once saw a bumper sticker which said . . . . “God Bless Our Troops . . . Especially Our Snipers!” Although war is a sickening business, this kind of refined talent, no doubt saves the lives of many Americans, Brits, Canadians, Australians, and those of other nations who aligned in the battle against rabid Jihadists. Truly, God Bless them all!

      God Bless the United States of America!

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    • Wow! TWO miles away? I heard he was riding naked, bare-back on a porcupine through a cactus patch while he did it. I call that “Lanza trained”.

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    • Where can I buy one?

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  2. Being a Canuck myself, I am somewhat in awe of the skills of that almost 3.5 km shot – but the SAS man made an excellent one too – I find it hard to comprehend how these feats are achieved at such distances.

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  3. They train the Marines the same way . My father ran the rifle range on Paris Island back in the 50’s and early 60’s during the Vietnam war. He told me you have to be able to shoot at least a mile and hit the target to get into the sniper division. White Cloud was one of the best at that time he had a bounty on his head and had to be pulled his spotter lives not far from me. He has a lot of stories of what happened back then very interesting guy. Some of the stories he’s told will make your hair stand up.

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  5. I dont want to call BS, but i want proof. They “claim” over a mile, at night, and a 15 sec window. Propaganda imho.


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