A Florida Hogg Story

FOTM reader and regular commenter, Lophatt, has closely followed the narrative and players of the Parkland school shooting.

In this guest post, with his usual wry humor, he takes a broader view of the shooting by placing it in its proper context.

Emma Gonzalez (l) and David Hogg (r)

A Florida Hogg Story

By Lophatt

On February 14, 2018 we are told that the latest in an ever-growing line of “Lone Nut School Shooters”, Nikolas Cruz, entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and began shooting, ultimately killing 17 and wounding 16.

At 2:23 P.M., the school’s Resource Officer, Scot[sic] Peterson, is said to have radioed what he first described as “maybe firecrackers” and later determined to be gunfire.  The shooter, Cruz, is said to have arrived at Building 12 (1200) at the school via Uber at 2:19 P.M. and began firing 15 seconds later.  At 2:22 P.M., a fire alarm was reportedly tripped. Cruz is said to have stopped shooting at 2:27 P.M., a full six minutes after he began.

All of the shooting appears to have occurred at Bldg. 12, judging from the official statements.  At 2:23 P.M. Officer Peterson radioed that shots were fired.   By 2:27 P.M. we are told that Cruz ditched his AR-15 somewhere in the building and exited, blending in with the crowd of students.  We were further informed that he proceeded to a local sandwich shop where he ate a sandwich and drank a soda.

At some point in the melee Officer Peterson, having not entered the building, radioed for other officers to remain 500 feet distant from the structure.  Eventually entry was attempted at Building 1300 by Coral Springs’ Officers but the building was found to be locked.  From the official narrative it appears that the shooting was complete by the time any officers entered the structure.

As we’ve come to expect with these operations a cast of characters began to take form, along with the official storyline.  As usual the “first-hand witnesses” and “victims” soon congealed into a small pool of would be anti-gun spokespeople.  This core cadre of Enemies of the Second Amendment soon found their voice in the persons of two particularly notable specimens, one David Hogg and his female Sancho Panza, Emma Gonzales.

Hogg quickly morphed into a ham with his closet rendition of Shakespeare’s Henry V, Act IV, St. Crispin’s Day speech that was alleged to be his spontaneous narration to his fellow captives, while under fire in the one of the school’s classrooms.  This ‘spontaneous’ extemporaneous outpouring of outrage over the fact that civil disarmament could have prevented this tragedy, even then unfolding, was a clarion call to the strong of stomach and weak of mind.

Besides the usual visual composition of the characters, Emma being a buzz-cut Hispanic, “butch” girl, and David being a particularly angry looking skinny male with no jaw, the message was the same as we’ve seen many times now.  The obviously fully-funded operation resulted in trips to Dubai (!), Washington D.C., and even meetings with the President and members of Congress.  The purpose, naturally, was disarmament of the civilian population.

As has been the case in all of these events, inconsistencies soon began to surface.  Suspicious affiliations were identified among the key players and other witnesses had differing tales.  Soon the “media” began to take down videos that contradicted the official story.  Other students who were not in agreement with the prime directive were not allowed to have their say.

As it turns out, David Hogg’s father, Kevin, is a retired FBI agent who currently works for a defense contractor that makes specialized targeting systems.  His mother works for a CNN affiliate.  While some of the characters are more difficult to trace, it soon becomes clear that they are steeped in Democrat politics and leftist myths.

Kevin Hogg

There have by now been several articles written on various aspects of this production.  Rather than belabor the work of others, I think a focus on the meme itself is in order.  While these deviate from each other slightly in their particulars, the overall pattern remains remarkably consistent.

We have the lone male shooter.  Always with what is loosely referred to as an “assault rifle”, usually an AR-15.  Normally the shooter (patsy?), is killed or takes his own life.  Always there is high loss of life and miraculous recoveries among the wounded.  The victims and their families are recruited to join the movement to “reform” gun laws.  It is touted that, somehow, these measures will ensure that these events are a thing of the past.

In watching this one develop I couldn’t help but be struck by how we’ve now been culled into roughly two camps.  Those who think “news” is a “faith-based” undertaking and that the default position should always be mandated belief, and those who see these for what they are, frauds perpetrated on the public.

It is easy to get derailed into endless debates about whether any were killed, or how many, etc., but, at the end of the day, these are frauds.  They are created to soften up the population for the results of planned legislation.  The certain hope is that the victims of this frauds, namely us, will actually demand the actions sought.

It is difficult for me to understand someone who would be willing to participate in lies of this magnitude.  Obviously they exist.  Sandy Hook had its cast, Parkland has one as well.  I have to admit to feeling some glee when I read that others are as repulsed by Parkland’s Hogg as I am.  One can only hope that, due to his age, he finds honest work at some point in his life.  Perhaps folding towels in a bordello.

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60 responses to “A Florida Hogg Story

  1. “Perhaps folding towels in a bordello.”

    Seems appropriate since he keeps getting rejected by colleges: https://ijr.com/2018/03/1076756-david-hogg-announces-will-not-go-college-right-away-sets-eyes-midterm-elections-instead/


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    • Yeah, like they say “go West young man”. Maybe Nevada, where prostitution’s legal. He already has some OJT with prostitution.

      Or, with all the connections he’s made with the more dollars than sense crowd, he could enter politics. That’s also a prostitution-related field.

      Either way, it looks like his future’s so bright he’s gotta where shades.

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      • lophatt . . . . That is hilarious! Thank you for laying out, all in one article, the entire story about this farce being playing out in Parkland, Florida.

        I for one cannot stand this little punk . . Hogg. I would not feel bad if he never got admitted to any college, except perhaps Community College, which would be a stellar insult to a young man who must feel he is a “world player,” on such a small stage as the USA.

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  2. Very well written and with links to prove it. Thank you Lophatt. keep up the good work.

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  3. very nice guest blog lophatt 🙂

    hogg sure was calm during the “shooting” of the video….imagine that…a teenager thinking he’s about to die and has the wherewithal to calmly record himself during the “incident” and at 3:13pm state who the shooter is while including a picture of the shooter with “blood” on his face (where did he get the pic?)..no one’s crying or screaming in fear….it’s more like an active shooter drill than an active shooter.
    according to CNN timeline, cruz wasn’t arrested until 3:41pm

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  4. Nicely said sir.

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  5. Hogg makes my skin crawl, but it’s Emma that drives my son crazy…he is still occasionally mocking her “B.S.!” speech.

    Great job, my friend. 👍

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    • Thanks for the compliment. Coming from you that means a lot.

      Your son sounds like someone with common sense and a familiarity with reality. They apparently spent a great amount of time keeping the other students away from cameras. That’s how they control these things. Not all the students are gullible.

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  6. Good Article!

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  7. There’s something odd about wealthy David Hogg’s looking like a famine victim with zero muscle tone while his tubby mother’s the very picture of smug self indulgence. David seems fearful all the time, and I’ll bet it’s not over forgetting his lines, but the dread of not pleasing his psychotic, controlling mother, who probably never turned down a leftist cause that offered her a sense of power over others, including her only son.

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    • Yes, those are good points. The father’s bio sounds like either someone who is an “over-achiever” or a con man. The “sister” (if we are to believe what’s been uncovered), apparently married someone with a criminal past and at least started out in rather poor conditions. It isn’t common for people to do that.

      I’m impressed with all of the research that some have done here. I’m not sure I have completely reached the “aha moment” though. Emma’s early years appear poverty stricken. Why would the sister differ so much from the brother in terms of social class, etc.?

      On the other hand, Emma’s lack of a jaw compares favorably to David’s condition. To me he looks older than a high school student. In other words, he looks like a youngish mid to late twenties than high schooler. But, that’s just the impression I get.

      I get the feeling that more research would be helpful to understanding just how all of these puzzle pieces fit together.

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  8. I’ve watched Hogg’s video several times and it isn’t realistic. When one is in the midst of a possible life threatening situation and you don’t know what the outcome may be, you aren’t going to be discussing changing legislation and laws. It’s so fabricated.
    If Cruz arrived by Uber, he wouldn’t have had time to get in the building, open up his duffle and put on his gear before starting the shooting……..15 seconds later? Some witnesses said they saw a man dressed in military style armored gear and helmet doing the shooting. There was a video of a female classmate who said she was walking out of the school and saw and engaged Cruz in conversation, telling him she thought of him when the shooting started, meaning she thought he might be doing it. She said Cruz had an odd expression on his face when she said that. She also said while she was talking to Cruz, they were hearing shots fired. And, Cruz was wearing normal casual clothing. My point is, if Cruz actually was a shooter, he wasn’t the only one. I believe the deep state sent a shooter in to sacrifice innocents in order to hope ignorant citizens will push to end the 2nd Amendment. The police and school resource officers were ordered to stand down lest they get in the way and get shot themselves. The deep state doesn’t care that many of us out here were going to find out about Hogg’s father and mother because they’ve, so far, gotten away with these “in your face” inconsistencies and connections over and over. Thanks Lophatt for your research.

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    • I wouldn’t argue with any of that. I just repeated the “official” narrative. I can’t make it work either. Besides, six minutes is not very long for all of these events, including the speech, to have transpired. It would be remarkable if very many would even know they were under attack within six minutes.

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      • Lo-watt, you truly are the dimmest of bulbs. What makes you think the video was made while the shooter was attacking? The most plausible explanation is that the kid made the video while the school was on lockdown. Since the gunfire had stopped, they would naturally assume that law enforcement had control of the situation, which would explain why they weren’t in full-on panic mode at that time. Of course, “plausible” and you don’t even reside in the same universe. But keep up the disgusting ad-hominem attacks on kids; it must make you feel like a big, tough man.


  9. Stupid me, I guess I missed out on seeing the article on Kyle Laman. When looking at the picture of his injury . . . it appears to me to be an injury to the bottom part of the leg, a little above when the actual ankle joint is. If this injury actually involved the bones of the ankle, would we not see shattered bone in this picture? Yet, I cannot detect any. I could see where he might be able to run with this kind of injury, since it does not appear to involve the actual breakage of any bones. How could this injury be described as “torn clear through?” I certainly would not make that analogy. It appears to be a wound of the upper foot, right where the leg attaches, rather than the ankle. I hate it when people describe things that aren’t what they really are.

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  10. Does it seem strange to anyone else that Piglet had a flash light at the ready while hiding in that closet, so that the special lighting effects would punctuate his edge of the seat thrilling, blow by blow telling of the happenings at the high school? Although it was gripping, he is so dopey, it is painful to watch.

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    • Maybe he needs some pointers from his cousin.

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    • This is the only Video I’ve seen to Date, in a closet, where is all of the Surveillance footage from the School’s Security System? We still haven’t seen any footage from Sandy Hook either. Just show us the footage so we can all go focus on protecting our 2A, right Auntie?

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      • Good question. There would only be six minutes containing actual shooting. So, we’re supposed to believe that our orator Hogg, jumped into action at some point in this six minutes and delivered this call to action.

        I deliberately did not go into all the other details that are circulating out there that supposedly happened within this limited span of time. Simply put, it is not possible for any of that to have happened.

        If you listen to the police radio recordings it sounds very much like the Aurora production. In that one, they were on a new and separate frequency used for the drill. There was some confusion as other agencies accidentally found some of their transmissions and thought it was the real deal.

        It is clear that people were being directed. Some were sent to areas where no shooter could have been. Others were told to run across areas that would have been dangerous under the circumstances claimed.

        This could not possibly have had a worse response. Yet that is water under the bridge and now they’re raising on a busted flush. Shameless is the best I can do at the moment.

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    • Piglet! HA HA HA HA!

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  11. “One can only hope that, due to his age, he finds honest work at some point in his life. Perhaps folding towels in a bordello.” hahahaha

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  12. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Very nicely done, Lophatt. My grade: A-List & E-Ticket. (The E-Ticket part will be lost on the young and those who never visited “The Happiest Place On Earth” back in the Golden State’s golden era.)

    Without saying too much — leaving some space to be read between the lines — there’s a small handful of people who, if their guardian angels are on the job, will never accidentally stumble into the same space at the same time that I coincidentally happen to be there. And you’ve mentioned one of those folks here.

    I wish we could take all these fake, bad performers and make them drive over and over through Reno’s “Spaghetti Bowl” until “nature” takes its course. Ha! ;^D

    Again, good work, Lophatt, ol’ boy. You ought to be maintaining a blog of your own, buddy! I’d follow it.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  13. Hogg has a foul mouth: “David Hogg said “fck” so many times during our interview that he jokingly said he hoped it wouldn’t be televised, “because you guys are fcked if the FCC is regulating this.”


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    • I made it through 55 seconds of his profanity-laced rant and couldn’t listen to any more. No concrete evidence or facts, just anti-NRA talking points, courtesy of Everytown.

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      • I’m pretty sure he was selected more for his relatives than his relative ability (wink, wink!). Did you see the coach working on his lines with him. He kept losing his temper.

        I have the feeling he’s a nasty little snot. My guess is that there’s more to the “boogey-board” story too. He probably cussed out the lifeguard and he called the cops. “Dad” probably called the “news” and put his own spin on it.

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  14. From Liberal Logic 101 –

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  15. Terrific write-up!

    One thing I wonder about Hogg & Gonzalez, is when are they going to get off the appearance train press junket, and actually finish school?

    Gonzalez was just in Chicago the other day. I doubt it was spring break, and nobody goes to Chicago for Spring Break…

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    • I’m thinking that both David and Emma are a bit “long in the tooth” to worry about primary school. Emma is probably finished unless she’s doing a post-grad program on Women’s Studies in a Genderless Age or something. Hogg will be luck to stay out of jail.

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    • There was a snapchat or something going around, that another student made. They were in debate class maybe, and the kid says something along the lines of, “I’m about to debate this 20 year old kid from CA, a crisis actor, or actor,” etc., while recording Hogg. Anyone know of this vid I’m speaking of?

      Anyway, he clearly did not go to hs in fla. Nevermind, WOTS is, he graduated in ’15. It’s all an LOL.

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  16. Love Emma’s “The Beatles” tee-shirt for the added touch, LOL.

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    • Yeah, you can just “see” them brainstorming these around a table. It probably resembles something between a Black Mass and a NAMBLA meeting. It probably looks like the Alien Bar scene from “Star Wars”.

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      • I can’t comment in re: to the star wars scene, but concur, absolutely on the assumption of it being a combo blackmass & nambla meeting.


  17. Great article, Lophatt! The video pretty much gives away the whole charade, IMO. No one in the entire video is acting like they’ve actually been through what is claimed to have happened. No one. Also, notice Hogg claims that his sister lost two friends whereas in other interviews, he claims different numbers. YAFF — Yet Another False Flag.

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  18. Late to the party here Lophatt ,but yes good job! Not really a surprise though given what we’ve seen on your comments. I would second that you would do well with a blog of your own. I wonder… do you happen to be Irish? I have noticed the Irish have a way that seems unparalleled to me when it comes to wit and word. My favorite reading for current events with a main course of intelligence and a side of understated wit is the Irish Savant. If anyone hasn’t checked him out I recommend highly. It takes a special talent to make one laugh at the most miserable affairs.

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    • Mostly English. An occasional Irish woman and a Welsh woman or two. I just had my “privilege” checked. I’m so White Northern European you gotta wear shades.


  19. Well done summarizing the situation Lophatt, but this does raise some curious points, why do they always pick out an AR-15? What about pipe bombs, home made grenades, and all that which is arguably easier to procure or produce, why are these almost never the culprits since columbine etc.? It may be a false lead planted to attract attention though.

    Another one I wonder is if this Hogg is related to the hoggs of ages (amelia, a “friend” of arthur lewellyn jones, and member of the hermetic order of the golden dawn, and associate of arthur edward waite, and thomas hogg, pierce bryyshe shelly’s pal that pushed for promiscuoity and “free love” while mary shelly wrote frankenstein) past associated with nastiness and secret societies, but hen I’m no geneaologist either.

    Also a bit of speculation, it seems to me that they may not be “aiming” for adults with this garbage, per say, but are intending to make the garbage stick in the minds of the kids moreso, and may be relying on that to make them be further push-overs than they are now (and they’re already pretty bad as we’ve seen.) Although if they really were aiming to be rid of firearms, I don’t see why they don’t just lock down the contitutents for power and the lead & bismuth marketing, that’d shut down all firearm use, heck even axing bras production would do that, and yet these industries don’t seem to be touched, so I suspect they aren’t after the guns, but aim to use this as a vector for something else, my suspicion being exploiting the citizenry’s knee-jerk reaction every time one of these happens and gun-toters swarm the gun shops to stockpile what they feel they might lose…resulting in a boom in income for whoever controls the firearms productions, and also generating civilian weapons caches, which might be exploited in a new civil war scenario by invading forces, who may well have access to “registered” gun owner’s data, telling them exactly where such “caches” would be located. dealing with the occupants would, if they are just a brute owner and not versed in tactics, be relatively simple after that.

    That is only a guess, of course….

    One other thing that crosses my mind though, these events sure have taken the heat off of Planned Parenthood and the exposure of their trade in baby parts in the news, and also seems to have taken the attention off the social corrupting movements like the transgender garbage, I wonder if that was also part of the point of all this? Y’know make a distraction away from where the real push is being made. Or it copuld be serving as a distraction, as well as a legitimate push for more agendas. Lots of angles to this malarkey.

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  20. Good job, Lopphat! It already sounds like a made for TV movie with all the usual cast of one deminsional characters. All that was missing was a Rob Lowe hero and a Dolly Parton theme song. I’d give it 3 thumbs down because the 2 main players turned out to be dipsticks with the personalities of saltine crackers.

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  21. Parkland students are really going places (other than Dubai)! They are now guest editors of the UK Guardian!



  22. I have no clue how to share a link on my iPad, but I’m sure we already called this one, the ex girlfriend has apparently been taken off life support and died, according to dailymail.com


  23. I think this fraudulent goober’s fifteen minutes are about up.

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  24. Lophatt, congrats! Your post is so welcome! Oh, the left, making good use of the “vulnerable” children. The left rejoices on these assaults, and so the message driven by the media is not the attacks with deadly weapons but using the children to drive the message of gun control, so I ask how many are willing to learn the truth of all these assaults? The benefit from paid trips abroad, participant diplomas, marches, speeches, crowds, is powerful and I say yes to guns because is my right to own one,I obey the law and I protect myself from the attacks of the derange and of the “wise left”.

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  25. I was sitting here thinking that if everything liberal was suddenly silenced, taken off the air and never printed again,what a beautiful world it would be. We all know from where the hate comes.

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  26. You may want to check this out regarding George Clooney and his promotion of terrorists: Tapestry of Terror (Highly Graphic) – White Helmets Exposed As FSA Terrorists Linked With ISIS https://www.liveleak.com/view?i=b5a_1490533325

    And regarding the Clooney and media promoted Parkland teens:

    The US media rolled out Parkland teens made a movie in June 2017.

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  27. Look up actor Fionn Whitehead on bing or google then go to images. He kind of looks like David Hogg: https://www.facebook.com/adam.michael.friedl.52/posts/866251160214447, & in other pics he looks like shooter Cruz.

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