Parents not advised: Connecticut school takes kindergarteners out to march for gun violence

melissa harris perry

From  NBC Connecticut: Students across the nation walked out of school Wednesday in honor of the victims of the Parkland shooting last month, including a group of New London kindergarteners.

“We love school! We love school,” children in New London are chanting in a video posted on Facebook.

While people involved in the walkout involving a group of 5-year-olds at Harbor Elementary School said the demonstration was about school safety, student safety and parent permission have been called into question. 

“It was discussed, it was a safety march and we took them out and they chanted ‘we love school’ and ‘honk your horn.’ And we told them that the 17 angels are above in heaven, they’re watching down and they’re proud,” one parent, Olga Vokolou, said.

Vokolou, whose child participated, chaperoned what she called the “safety march” on school grounds. She said her child’s teacher let parents know on Facebook.

“My opinion as a parent, they do shooting drills so we also want to make sure they know we’re going to keep their school safe,” Vokolou said.

New London Interim Superintendent Dr. Stephen Tracy said he didn’t have a problem with the safety message, but he and the principal didn’t know about the march ahead of time and there was no written permission from parents.

“When you’re going to do something like that, in connection with something that, let’s face it, is controversial, you need to seek the approval of the principal and the parents before you involve 5-year-olds in something like that,” Tracy said.

Another parent, Marlinda Robinson, said she didn’t know her kindergartner was participating in a march but said she didn’t have any issues with the message. “I would have liked to know, but not for the reason of what it stood for,” Robinson said. “More because I just didn’t know.”

One student’s grandmother, Helene Thomas, said she found out about the march through word-of-mouth.

The video drummed up some negative opinions from parents at the school.

“It’s kind of a safety issue, too, to have the kids file out of the class in an organized manner,” Sebastian Larrea, whose child is in pre-K and did not participate in the march, said.

Harbor Elementary’s crossing guard Joyce Powers said she saw the children escorted in two lines by teachers who were carrying signs that read “enough.”

“I thought it was pushing it with that age group,” Powers said. “I don’t think they understood what was actually happening.”

Tracy said he’s talked to the two teachers involved but would not say if any disciplinary measures were taken. “Suffice it to say, lessons were learned and I consider the matter closed,” Tracy said.

Board of Education member Jason Catala, the chair of the board’s Policy Committee, said a number of policies were ignored and called for the school’s principal to resign.

Catala also plans to take up the policies regarding field trips and leaving the building at the next Board of Education meeting.

Tracy called it inappropriate for a member of the board to evaluate the performance of a school employee and hopes for an apology.

Catala said there will be more to come out about this incident that he’s not at liberty to discuss at this time.

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22 responses to “Parents not advised: Connecticut school takes kindergarteners out to march for gun violence

  1. This reminds me of a woman who brought her infant to an anti-Trump protest that turned violent. Liberalism really is a mental disorder.

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  2. AND this is why public education has gone awry — “Tracy called it inappropriate for a member of the board to evaluate the performance of a school employee and hopes for an apology.” — Every School board member should be held accountable for what is happening in that school. That is EXACTLY what the School Board was established to do, to provide direction and oversight for that school system. School Boards should not be ‘yes men’ or ‘yes women’ to the principle, staff or teachers. As is true with almost every aspect of our society we have — the cart before the horse and/or the tail wagging the dog — however you wish to look at it. This school incident was nothing but indoctrination and propaganda. Hitler would be so proud of how our public educational system is turning our youth into good little Nazi’s.

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  3. I guess you’re never too young to be indoctrinated . Or , to be used as a tool for a political point of view .

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  4. Cold, snow, ice and on a street corner. Yup they “care” about children safety

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  5. I was a Claims Adjuster for 25yrs Appraising losses in the field, New London was part of my geographical territory, I watched this City deteriorate right before my eyes. It was a beautiful Port City, called ‘The Whaling City’, a Tourist magnet, the Submarine Base is the next Town over in Groton, a lot of pride in the area that disappeared when Dem’s took over, built Housing projects, recruited Affirmative Action participants from NYC, now the whole City is a ghetto, drugs and crime are rampant…Pride is gone. The City also became infamous for it’s period of Eminent Domain, huge projects that destroyed large areas that never were completed, they even made a movie about The Little Pink House in New London. Democrats destroyed this once beautiful City, the poor kids in DCG’s Article are unfortunate collateral damage.

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  6. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    This has to be stopped. Something has to be done about the politicization of our schools. This is outside the bounds of common sense.

    What else are these teachers doing to our children since they are not doing any teaching when a person has reached college and doesn’t know how to read or write.

    Where are the tests for progression? That should never happen.

    What gives this school and those teachers the permission to use these children as puppets for their agenda? This needs to be followed up with a reprimand for those who took the liberty to place these children in the hands of a political system at school.

    The public needs some answers. Safety practice measures are fine; but I find this offensive.


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    • As long as the sheeple give their kids over to the gov’t indoctrination centers , the gov’t will use them as they see fit . ” All in all , they’re just another brick in the wall “…

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      • Seems to me that the reason parents are allowing the schools to do this stuff is that they aren’t being asked for permission for anything they decide to do or teach,and that they just aren’t paying attention to WHAT their kids are being taught. Too bad someone can’t pull together a meeting with all parents of each grade of kids and just see what the parents THINK their kids are being taught,then SHOW them what really IS being taught. I’d LIKE to think that would bring about more awareness and much tighter control by the parents,but I fear their priorities are already pretty much carved in stone,and their kids’ education is quite a ways from the top of their lists.

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  7. As unambiguously communist as MSNBC’s children’s manifesto in the box above is, it reminds me of comments Lana made awhile back about Scalia, whose ideas you’d think would be poles apart. Yet, according to Catholic legal scholar Christopher Ferrara (citing important cases), Scalia often based his opinions on the Lockean argument that the will of the people is sovereign, trumping therefore and in all cases the objective truths of the Christian faith, such that (non-arbitrary) laws that effectively transfer traditional parental rights to the state as NBC demands would likely be upheld as constitutionally valid, following Scalia’s reasoning regarding laws on “gay rights” and sodomy. But ironically, if we’re still a Christian nation, then the Lockean argument for the absolute sovereignty of the majority is obviously belied at every turn, and by Locke’s further reasoning, this government in DC is no longer legitimate. Moreover, if Scalia/Locke are correct—that the Christian majority is sovereign over all—then the Republican Party, in doing nothing but pay lip service to the Christian majority, serves only to bring about the communist agenda by neutralizing opposition and compromising every chance it gets with concrete evil such as NBC proposes.

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  8. When indoctrination is the goal, you can’t get them young enough.

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  9. Had it been one of mine I would have been livid and they would have plenty of scathing emails and in person. To use kindergarten children for a political tool to drive an agenda on gun control its wrong on all levels. Progressives are the human demons satan is using to push his great lie, and they fall in line to do his bidding. God save us.

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  10. That is terrible! And it underscores why I don’t like the idea of arming teachers. Many teachers are radical leftists. I don’t want to hand them any guns.

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    • Well,you wouldn’t be handing out authorization to ANY teacher who wants to carry in class-there would have to be some VERY scrupulous vetting done just to insure that those approved are of VERY GOOD moral character,as well as proper skills.

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  11. It’s so nice that these brainwashing teachers are using their evil powers to turn these innocent little ones into chairman mao babies.
    Why don’t these FOOLS and USELESS IDIOT “teachers” instead actually TEACH something about the evils of communism?? There are PLENTY OF examples (Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot). and then they can draw lines from what these tyrannical murderers did to their own people and show the similarities to what is happening RIGHT NOW in the USA.
    All they are doing is forcing those kids into groupthink.

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  12. I hate it when progressives kidnap children and use them as human shields. All involved should be fired.

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  13. In all likelihood, Vokolou broke the law, given that she did not obtain the parents’ permission first. Be that as it may, although a teacher should be able to state her opinion, in class, of any matter, this in no way gives her permission to have her students vicariously express the same: She had no right to take the students on this march, and for that, she should be fired.
    And in so doing what she did, she left the school district open to lawsuit, for she remained legally responsible for the students’ safety.
    Public education has become a menace, and advocacy has no place in it.

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