Problems solved? Kroger will stop selling magazines about “assault rifles”

asalt rifle

Stores just keep making it easier for us to determine where to spend our hard-earned dollars.

From CNN: Kroger (KR) made the announcement just weeks after it said it would stop selling guns and ammunition to anyone under the age of 21. Kroger sells guns through its 45 Fred Meyer stores, located in four Western states.

Kroger didn’t specify how the company will screen gun magazines for “assault rifles.” Some magazines, like Field & Stream, focus on hunting rifles and shotguns. Other magazines focus on handguns. But military-style assault rifles often appear on the cover of magazines like Guns & Ammo, Recoil and Tactical Life.

People often use the term “assault rifles” to refer to semiautomatic military-style rifles that are widely available to civilians in the US.

After a mass shooting last month at a high school in Parkland, Florida, Dick’s Sporting Goods (DKS)said it would stop selling assault-style rifles and would no longer sell guns to anyone under the age of 21.

Walmart (WMT), which stopped selling military-style semiautomatic rifles back in 2015, also recently said it wouldn’t sell gun to customers younger than 21.


15 responses to “Problems solved? Kroger will stop selling magazines about “assault rifles”

  1. Yeah, banning magazines on so-called “assault rifles” is really gonna stop gun crimes or the deep state operatives who stage false flags.

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    • It’s just their way of asking Satan to remember them when he “comes into his kingdom”. We should ensure that they get nothing but trouble from us.

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  2. Stupidity truly is infectious and impossible to stop. I’m speechless. On a second thought, I guess they are onto something here, so I’ll contribute a few suggestions:
    Since shooters – I’m pretty sure – all wear boots and shoes and socks, I’m sure banning those comes next. It will stop them crazy shooters from running, even just disrupting their walking patterns will stop killings, heck. And close all restaurants and dinners and supermarkets, food stores – including Kroger’s stores – them crazy shooters will be starved to death and that will stop’em.

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  3. One way or another people are going to buy guns, ammo, assault rifles and the like, while Walmart, Dick’s , Kroger’s sales will go down, the hometown shops will increase their earnings……hahaha. I applaud their initiative but that is not going to change the MENTAL CASEs from committing assaults with a deadly weapon.

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  4. So, do what the SJWs do: write to the CEOs, post in all the social media swamps, and stop shopping there… Power of the pocketbook and social media. Tell them your friends & family will be boycotting them, as well as any neighborhoods, churches, community groups, etc. you belong to will be organizing against them until they want your business back.

    The problem with conservatives (and whites in particular) is that we don’t typically raise a stink the way the left does, because we assume that good will win out in the end anyway, and that the voice of reason will prevail.

    Unfortunately, in today’s world where reason and morality have been rejected — especially by our young, that’s no longer a given (if even possible).

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  5. Another School Shooting in Maryland today, bad timing at the least. Some reports say Armed Resource Officer stopped the shooting, others just say 2-3 young children shot.
    FBI Baltimore


    Agents from the FBI in southern MD are on scene assisting @firstsheriff at Great Mills High School in Saint Mary’s County. Evidence Response Team is on standby.

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  6. In local news yesterday, it was announced that (Kroger) Fred Meyer Stores were going to discontinue selling ANY guns or ammunition in any of the 45 Fred Meyer Stores. It really is a shame when business are driven by what they think the “mainstream of people” want in society.

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  7. Well, whether animal or human, I bet they consider all weapons ‘assault’ if used on them!!

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  8. I’m going to start a BOYCOTT against ANY store that refuses to sell guns or restricts sales to 21 years old- YUK FOO! Your COMMUNISM is going to cost you your BUSINESS before we are through!!!!

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  9. One of several reasons I shun Kroger and do 99% of my grocery shopping at Publix.

    The stores are cleaner, the people are friendly, the meats are always good quality, and unlike Kroger, it’s a non-goonion operation.

    LOL – And the girls that work there are much better looking, too. 😉

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  10. Stop sending so much email!!!!!


  11. During the Obama Administration, 7000 select-fire, full auto rifles were purchased for the Dept of Homeland Security. They were called–Personal Self Defense Rifles. But semi-auto rifles in our hands, they call “assault weapons”. It’s the opposite. And our government employees should be restricted to and subject to the same gun laws they impose on us! Only the People have rights, whereas government officials and agents work UNDER delegated powers.

    ” Congress can make no law which will not have its full operation on themselves and their friends, as well as on the great mass of the society.”
    — James Madison, The Federalist Papers, No. 57.

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  12. Due to my current employment status , I really can’t comment on this , as much as I’d liked to . I can say this much , I’m not surprised one bit .

    As to Dave’s last sentence , you nailed that one ………As far as the goon-ion thing , I am NOT a union member , got out in 2k or so when I found out where my dues were going . Of course , the goon-ion sent a couple of there goons to the store to try to change my mind . That was a lost cause . By the time go I was done with my diatribe about goon-ions , I thought they were going to go bat shit crazy on me . It was hilarious . I never asked so many questions to a person or two and not get a logical answer , not once !

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