Monday funnies!


11 responses to “Monday funnies!

  1. So nice to start the week with a laugh thanks DCG

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    Monday funnies.


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  3. That first image requires not just eye and mind bleach, but an exorcism!

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    • There are just somethings in life you can not UN-see and that is one of them.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . Frankly, the men in white jackets and a butterfly net should remove her from the general population. No one who is sane would go out in public in that state of undress. I am sure that she feels she is “trendy,” but that look is far more “TRASHY” than anything else. Actually, it is beyond trashy, it is just down right insane. If I hadn’t seen it I would not believe it.

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  4. First pic, how can so disgusting a pic be so funny. I’d never do that to ME! I forwarded the second to my son, my vet.

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