NJ high school students suspended for sharing pictures of weapons at shooting range on social media

not how it works

These suspensions would never be upheld in a court of law. Sue the heck out of the school district if they don’t rescind these suspensions.

From NJ.com: A New Jersey school district that allegedly suspended two high school students this week over a gun photo taken during a family visit to a private shooting range is facing community backlash and the threat of a lawsuit over district policies.

The photo of four rifles, ammunition clips and a gun duffel bag was shared by one of the students on the social media app Snapchat with the caption “fun day at the range,” according to Lacey Township resident Amanda Buron, a family friend of one of the students.

A screen capture of the image made the rounds among other students and later brought to the attention of Lacey Township High School officials. Buron said the students received a five-day in-school suspension for violating the school’s policy on weapons possession.

News of the suspension soon circulated on social media groups for Lacey and quickly drew hundreds of responses harshly criticizing the district’s action and its policy on weapons, which many called overly broad.

Lacey schools Superintendent Craig Wigley said in an email to NJ Advance Media on Thursday that “information posted on social media is incorrect” and that private matters involving students cannot be discussed. He declined to say what aspect of the accounts posted on social media is inaccurate.

“We are not at will to contradict public opinion on the internet,” Wigley wrote. He declined to be interviewed by phone.

Many have called for a huge turnout at the school board’s next scheduled meeting on Monday at the high school to protest the decision. A few people noted that the image was ill-timed after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that killed 17.

Thousands of students around New Jersey staged walkouts and held in-school programs on Wednesday in response to the shooting in Parkland.

The controversy at Lacey’s high school has drawn the attention of a New Jersey gun advocacy group, which sent a cease and desist letter to the district threatening a lawsuit if its policy remained unchanged and the suspension of the students was not overturned.

The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs letter cited the rule stating students could be suspended for up to a year if they are reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type for any reason or purpose on or off school grounds.”

Multiple attempts by NJ Advance Media to reach the students and their families were unsuccessful. Buron said both families are upset at how the incident was handled. Both teens fell behind in Advance Placement courses due to the in-school suspensions, she said.

ANJRPC, the gun group, said the bigger issue is with the policy itself.

“The policy is clearly wrong and violates the Second Amendment,” ANJRPC executive director Scott Bach said. “We hope that they’re reasonable people and they will fix it. If they don’t, we’re prepared to take legal action.”

The ANJRPC also demanded Lacey school officials apologize to the two boys and clear their records.

Read the rest of the story here.

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26 responses to “NJ high school students suspended for sharing pictures of weapons at shooting range on social media

  1. By actions such as this, it is clear the Left had declared war on America.

    When will parents of oppressed students, such as these two New Jersey high school students, stand up for their children and fight back?

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    • If these two families are not willing to stand up today to fight this egregious situation, deciding to wait until some time down the time, maybe far too late. The time to strike is NOW. If a student went to the gun range with his parents, then he was under “parental supervision,” and the school should have nothing to say about that. Who would really think that this kind of draconian behavior on the part of the school district would be allowed to go on unchallenged??? I hope they are served within the next few days, unless they remedy the situation.

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  2. If I was one of the parents , those pricks would have a lawsuit slapped on them in a New Jersey minute . This is totally ridiculous !
    After actions like these , anybody who sends their children to gov’t indoctrination centers for brainwashing ought to be arrested for child abuse .
    Where in the hell do they get off telling their students what they can do on their free time ?………As long as it is legal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like Doc said above , this is war ……..time to take the kid gloves off and start suing every action these imbeciles take . I think even Alan Dershowitz would like to be a litigant on this one .

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    • I bet ya , if there was an AR-15 in the pic , they would be out for a year , or even more

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    • You know progressives…

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      • I hate Melissa Harris-Perry’s guts. I remember this clip—IT MADE MY FLESH CRAWL. Still does.
        Here’s the secret: Notice her phony maternal instinct in her voice. This is a mind-control technique designed to control as if in a “nice” way: It is called MALIGNANT ENCOURAGEMENT or MALEVOLENT ENCOURAGEMENT. Note the contradiction between the message (the content) and the way it is delivered (parent to child, according to transactional analysis): It is designed to extract compliance via enforced cognitive dissonance.
        You know, the feeling you get when you want to DECK someone.

        They never give up.

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    • Japoa . . . . Bravo! Well said. Thank you for being a true American patriot.

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  3. “students could be suspended for up to a year if they are “reported to be in possession of a weapon of any type for any reason or purpose on or off school grounds.”
    I nearly had to take my shoes off to count how many amendments this violates. the superintendent should not only apologize but everybody should demand his resignation and return him to college for remedial constitutional education.

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  4. I am totally shocked! New Jersey has a rifle and pistol club?😸

    Why is it that the states who made up the original 13 colonies of our great country have become some of the worst offenders of the Constitution? How’s that? They are all run by Democrats? Oh, nevermind then.😎

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  5. I got news for the left, I, me, myself, according to the Constitution of the United States of America and backed by it, am a free woman and NO ONE is going to prohibit me from excercising my rights. Let’s.not give the LEFT the power to,rule over us and our Constitution, let’s clean the public school systems and rid of the leftist teachers and denounce them before they hurt our children furthermore.

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  6. Again this is the slippery slope that emotions rule instead of facts, and they act like it should be law. They have to make them stand up to this once you let something like this slide it becomes a talking point to push, that passes as law in the minds of the left leaning progressives. God help us.

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  7. Nothing should supersede Parental Consent, if a Dad wants to take his Son shooting at a Range or private property he should be able to. I can not believe that the School thinks it can reach that far into private Family lives.

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  8. How does the school get away with setting up an “extra-judicial” system separate and apart from civil law? They have no jurisdiction off of campus. They have no business spying on what the students do on their own time. These things, as well as many others, are their parents responsibility.

    This is the trouble with dictators, they don’t ask permission. If they get away with it, they do.

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  9. That goobermint skrewel district should be sued until there is nothing left of it but a smoking hole in the ground.

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  10. ManCavePatriot

    But its OK for John Brennan and Samantha Power to directly threaten the President.

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  11. What a fight I would fight if this was my kid.

    God help these idiots once the threshold is crossed and liberals are dragged out into the street and stomped?

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  12. Whoa, overstepping much? What the family does and where when it is off campus is none of the school’s business. They better hope they have plenty of insurance.

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    • Glenn47 . . . . It truly goes beyond what a normal person can envision as being within the bounds of possibility . . . that an official from a school district really thinks they have the right to censure the conduct of a student who is under the control of his own parents. I wish that the suit could go forth, not only bringing the school district into fray, but suing the school official personally for this behavior also. Why should the taxpayers have to pay to defend a moron such as this?

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  13. Education is the BEDROCK FOUNDATION for the institutionalization of mental illness.
    I went to an old-fashioned Catholic grade school, where the nuns beat the daylights out of us. (I admit that sometimes I had it coming!) These teachers were not content to control us while in class and on school grounds, No Sir: They insisted we live the way they wanted us to live on the weekends, too! And they made sure we took ALL EIGHT of our books home on Friday afternoons, too!
    I hated every minute of it. But I can say this: We got an education SUPERIOR in quality to the public schools of the time.

    But here’s the problem with the Left: The Left is IDENTICAL in zeal and doggedness to the old-school nuns. But there is this critical difference: The old nuns wanted us to get to Heaven when we died. They tormented us for a MORAL GOOD. The Left wants to torment us because they are SADISTS. And they have a MARXIST AND SATANIC IDEOLOGY behind them!
    Can’t keep your nose out of everyone’s business? Can’t stay in your own backyard? You will do well to become a teacher! You’ll fit right in.

    Public education on the primary and secondary levels should be ELIMINATED. Let parents homeschool their kids!

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    • “The old nuns wanted us to get to Heaven when we died. They tormented us for a MORAL GOOD.”

      I don’t buy it. There is no excuse for teachers to physically beat students, for whatever reason. It’s sadistic child abuse.
      FYI, I was educated by nuns in grade and secondary schools. They never beat me, nor any student to my knowledge.

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  14. Parents ripped the school board members at a meeting: “It’s none of your damn business what our children do outside of school,” Horvath told the seven board members toward the end of a four-hour meeting, most of it occupied by speaker after speaker venting anger and frustration at school officials largely unable to respond due to confidentiality rules.”


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