Parkland students call for greater gun safety measures while in Dubai

florida shooting meme

Here’s a thought kids: If you want to improve school safety you can start by ensuring your school district hires an officer who will actually hunt down a rampant gunman. And you can ask the FBI and other agencies why they failed to limit the accessibility of guns to a KNOWN potential criminal.

But hope you had fun in Dubai!

From Yahoo (originally from Boston Globe): Student survivors of the worst high school shooting in U.S. history took their message abroad for the first time on Saturday, calling for greater gun safety measures and sharing with educational professionals from around the world their frightening experience.

The Feb. 14 attack in Florida killed 17 people, 14 of them students, becoming one of the deadliest school shootings in U.S. history. The attack was carried out by a former student wielding an assault-style rifle who strode into one of the school buildings and opened fire.

‘‘It’s so important to be educated, and to be educated in a productive sense is to feel safe at school,’’ Suzanna Barna, 17, said. ‘‘No child should ever have to go through what we did.’’

Barna and her classmates Kevin Trejos and Lewis Mizen, all seniors at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., each wore a red ribbon representing the color of their school in honor of the victims as they talked about their experience and their push for stricter gun safety measures. They spoke in Dubai at the Global Education and Skills Forum that coincides with the $1 million Global Teacher Prize, awarded to one outstanding teacher from around the world each year.

Trejos, 18, described the ordeal as ‘‘scary’’ and said students were crying and trying to comfort one another as they hid inside a closet in a classroom for nearly two hours. ‘‘We didn’t know where the shooter was. We didn’t know if he was coming to our classroom next,’’ Trejos said.

‘‘We need to improve school safety,’’ he added, saying that the students are not trying to ban guns ‘‘because we understand it’s practically impossible to do,’’ but are working to limit the accessibility of guns to criminals or potential criminals.

Like other school shootings before it, the attack has renewed the national debate on gun control. On Wednesday, tens of thousands of students across the U.S. walked out of their classrooms to demand action from lawmakers on gun violence and school safety.

President Donald Trump and some gun supporters say the solution is to put more guns in the hands of trained school staff — including teachers. The student survivors speaking in Dubai strongly disagree, saying more guns is not the answer.

Mizen, 17, said protocols shouldn’t be preparing schools for when shootings happen, but should be stopping them before they happen. ‘‘Teachers are there to educate their students. They shouldn’t have to serve as the first line of defense between them and a rampant gunman on campus,’’ Mizen said, eliciting applause from the audience packed with educators.

Mizen said that addressing the global forum in Dubai was as a chance to talk to world education leaders and stress the importance of safety in schools.

‘‘If we can get the international body on our side then that will make it so much easier to make change back at home,’’ he told The Associated Press.

Read the rest of the story here.


60 responses to “Parkland students call for greater gun safety measures while in Dubai

  1. pulse nightclub shooting….las vegas shooting….parkland shooting….”the worst shooting in history” on repeat…..gun cotrollers keep upping the ante.
    now, they are sending their teenage public spokesmen out into the world to push their agenda….I have never heard of teenagers who can survive a school shooting and within a few weeks they can not only protest, but speak with the POTUS, give speeches during protests, give news interviews, travel internationally to give speeches (who paid for that? probably the soros foundation)…these sound more like paid actors not traumatized high schoolers

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    • Mom, you wrote everything my mind was thinking. These are not innocent students, they are paid political hacks. With over 320 hidden groups. Soros is controlling this country, down to the millions he gives colleges to have a say in the curriculum. I would love to see him stopped.

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  2. We have yet to see a SINGLE genuine photo or CCTV frame of the accused gunman in action or any of the real GORE that would have resulted from such a rampage – no rivers of blood, no bullet-ridden corpses…Nothing.

    Nonetheless, there may well have been some deaths, but that is not inconsistent with a STAGED event. If there were real shooters, it was likely the Sherriff’s men as various eyewitness reports have emerged that the REAL shooter was dressed in full metal protective military-like garb. Still. No vid or pics.

    But Lots and lots of photos and vids of these obnxious child-actor SHILLS pushing their well rehearsed anti-2A messaging…

    Anyone who believes these events are real and genuine is too naive to be allowed to vote.

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  3. Wait a minute……what is a student doing in Dubai? You don’t go outside the country to talk about gun control, advocate gun control here, march, speak, fight, we mean nothing to Dubai other than the dollars we leave them while on vacation, I understand now, the students earned the paid vacation from the left and the dead students, oh well they are DEAD! Their names will make the Gold plate at the entrance of the new school and the adjacent park. It is soooo good to capitalize on the dead while the new graduating class will ho to college, and a new life and in a few months it’ll be a thing of the past.

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    • You’re right, of course, Alma. This is a global thing. The Owner’s are “takin’ it to the streets” to make sure they dehorn their cattle.

      These little propaganda exercises show how bad critical thinking has become in the world. The easiest way to make schools safer is to get rid of the politicians who don’t work for us and replace them with those who do. They have an agenda that is contrary to good morals and order.

      Anyone who believes these frauds believe Worldwide Wrestling is “real” too.

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    • Alma, that was exactly what I was wondering. And, it’s not just them who went to Dubai, didn’t Hilary go there or some others, I forget who.

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  4. DCG . . . . Bravo! You are one smart cookie! This post brings up some points that just cannot be brushed aside: Why has no one shamed the FBI and the Parkland Police Dept for failing to take ANY ACTION about Cruz, when he was turned numerous times for his rants, and boosting about being armed, and boosting about want to be a “school shooter.” It would seem that the FBI higher ups are far too busy trying to wound, or get rid of our current POTUS.

    As MomOfIV as so graciously indicated . . . where do school students get the monies to fly to Dubai to address ANYONE. Why is it necessary to involve ANYOTHER COUNTRY IN OUR BUSINESS!!!!! The little lamo who went to Dubai said, If we can talk to other countries “If we can get the international body on our side, then it will be easier to make the changes at home.” How many of these international countries are in a position that they suck up aid from the US treasury? The only response to this line of thought . . . . . is Screw these foreign counties . . . . . . and Screw these young Socialist traitors. What goes on in the United States of America is our business alone! This kind of crap is the very reason why the “United Nations” is such a poisonous organization.

    So we for certain know that Cruz was the ONLY SHOOTER? What about the teacher who looked out of her classroom and saw a man dressed in law enforcement garb who she assumed was the shooter because he was aiming his rifle/or gun at various doors–then she closed and locked her classroom door. We have it on good authority that there were no law enforcement officers who were on location and in the building “EARLY ON” during the shootings.

    I am sorry, but unless you are a Moron, there is no amount of “gun safety” available if our Policing agencies cannot, or will not follow up on those who become “people of interest.” To think otherwise is so nonsensical, it’s pathetic. People who truly think that the collective “We” will be safer when guns are taken away from private citizens, are beyond contempt. The only people who will be safe . . . are those who wish to take over this country and rule you and I, as serfs!

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    • There’s also breaking news from the AP that it was recommended Cruz be institutionalized a year before he committed the shooting. See Twitchy for details.

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      • If you go to the Hogg’s Twitter timeline there’s NOT ONE mention of this news nor of any other failure by the public agencies designed to protect the citizens.

        His timeline is all about the next “march,” white privilege, “shifting blame,” something about the youth being compared to the right side of history and a “modern day” Breakfast Club, #USAoverNRA, muffins, and his being rejected from another college.

        Facts mean nothing when you’ve got an agenda (and Bloomberg money behind you) to promote on Twitter.

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  5. If I wasn’t already convinced this was a fake event, I am now. This is Shady Hoax all over again. It is un-American to travel to foreign countries and protest or speak against our country. These little scam artists are, most likely, what were once referred to as “pink diaper babies” . Their parents are Communists pretending to be Americans, and use their kids to bring about revolution. Send every one of these smart alecks to Venezuela for a year or two, and see how quickly their minds are changed. They turn my stomach.

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    • Apparently that would apply to Hogg and his mother in spades. In general, claiming such teenage activists have any special knowledge or insight regarding school safety because of something they passively witnessed is as preposterous as claiming teenagers witnessing car accidents involving other teenagers are competent to determine auto safety regulations. For the educators attending that meeting to applaud such scripted nonsense shows how far education has sunk into Marxist groupthink.

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  6. Walk into a courthouse, guards with guns. Walk into a bank, a guard with a gun. I took a neighbor to the SS office, security guard, with a gun.
    Now explain to me why judges, lawyers, federal employees and fiat money is better protected than students?

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  7. Whining about gun laws in a country with sharia law?
    Yep, those American students sure have it tough.

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  8. Supported by…

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    Just wonder what kind of ‘promises’ were made to them there in dubai for their continued sleaze act.

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    • Don’t worry, the college thing will work out…

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      • I can certainly see why colleges would want to of necessity steer clear of this incendiary young man! Bravo to them! Myself, I would be rather embarrassed to post that I had been “REJECTED.” This little dirt bag seems to think it is a badge of honor to disseminate to the entire world. How many parents would want their college age child to go to school with David Hogg? He has a taste for fomenting discontent, and this will probably stay with him for a good long time.

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  10. I agree with Dr. Eowyn on the other thread concerning our “actors” in Parkland needing more vetting before being categorically labeled. Having said that, I am still VERY SUSPICIOUS. Certainly nothing claimed in that article strikes me as unlikely.

    Some have noticed that the movement with these has been to gradually slide them into the realm of “faith”. Instead of insisting on “believability” based on common experience, and logic based on known reactions and common behaviors, we are now supposed to “join” a particular “camp” on these matters. We are to “totally and unquestionably believe” or we are to be beaten down by Antifa thugs and other retaliatory measures applied.

    I see this as a prelude to “the Great Culling”. They wish to identify those who may present problems for their final push. I think we should be thinking strategically about this. Very soon we will be looking at serious attempts to curtail any opposition. We need to be ready for it. It’s coming.

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    • Excellent comment.

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    • lophatt . . . . I agree with everything you have indicated. We can already see with Facebook, and Google, who are cancelling the subscriptions of those who do not “talk the correct talk.” When these entities are allowed to limit conservative speech, other more harsh means are not far behind.

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  11. Listen to this lead story on CBS News today…..

    [audio src="" /]

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  12. As MomOfIV asked in the first comment on this thread, who’s paying for these students’ trip to Dubai? — their airfare, hotel rooms and food?

    Three students are named. Are there more than 3?

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  13. Millenials: The very first generation in history to BEG government to take their rights away!

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  14. If the Link I Posted above is dead (it changes every hour), this is what the Lead Story is on CBS Radio right now…”2 Councillors and one Sheriff Deputy suggested that the shooter be Mandated into an institution 1 year ago”.

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  15. Dubai ? It costs at least 2,000 a ticket to fly there. Who paid for their tickets ?

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  16. It’s blatantly obvious that this whole thing was created and rolled out with all of the facets in place prior, the Posters and Literature, the Interviews, the Press Conferences,etc. Just the players alone, they all banded together instantly with all repeated scripted lines? The Media were all repeating the same exact sentences too! Like someone in an above Comment stated, why no video footage? I think all involved, especially the players abroad right now, should be charged with Treason, at least for Un-American Activity’s. That Sheriff is a real character too, you can read his face and his mannerisms real easy. Sorry to Post so much on this Thread, but these events really concern me….That’s why I RSS this Site, FOTM is the only Site out there that stays on these Phyops, true front line courage.

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  17. So,suddenly we have a number of people with passports, that normally take no less than 45 days obtained, ready to go? At the cost of over $100 per, not to mention all the other expenses involved.
    Give me a break. Since when to we go to a Muslim country and beg for support? That is sickening.
    I would say the players here are being paid some serious dollars. And is this about gun control or something else entirely?

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  18. Parkland students were failed; the Deputies that were on school ground should have taken on the gunman. Since they are trained they could have came out on top, or they could have saved lives. So none of the proposed solutions matter when it comes to the nitty gritty

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  19. Now why would they want to go to dubai? Oh right dubai, a globalist compound city for the NWO operation, that’s why… perhaps it is where they got their suitcases of traitor cash handed over along with swiss bank account numbers, or signed on for movie deals in the future, etc. perhaps?

    But it sure would be interestign to determine who paid for all that, although I would imagine a frontman was probably used. Also shouldn’t the caption for the FBI there read instead: “we did it, and these chumps didn’t see or say anything.”?

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  20. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Dubai!? Really!? How in the world did they end up there?

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  21. WTF are theseshills doing in dubai? who paid for this trip? How the hell does spreading their message in a mooslime country help them here. They arecutting their own throats at the behest of NWO psyhcopaths.

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  22. Now HOGG is moving on to another talking point: White Privilege. This racist kid is reaaaallllly getting on my nerves.

    “David Hogg says white privilege is one of the biggest obstacles he’s faced in his anti-gun agenda, says media wouldn’t cover the incident the same way in a black community “no matter how well those people spoke.”

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    • He’s almost a parody of every left-wing cliche and talking point.
      Is Hogg another Jew who considers himself non-white?

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      • Kosher Hogg? He IS the embodiment of every air-headed conformist the Maoists push. Maybe they’re setting him up to be a martyr? He is TRULY unlikable. His look alone makes me want to smack him.

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    • Well, that settles it then. What we need is an “idiocracy”, like that movie about everybody being stupid. See, the problem is that white, educated people run things. If they wouldn’t allow that then poor, inarticulate, uneducated people would run things and…….well……..uh…….I don’t know.

      Soon they’ll just be barking and grunting at each other. I think the little Hogg is just a rat for hire.

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  23. Globalist tools.

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  26. The 2Nd Ammendment Stands

    Your all mk ultra, trauma based, mind control victims, and are all probably abduction victims as well. Your minds have been distorted by the trauma inflicted on you, and now, being full blown Stockholm syndrome sufferers, you are helping your abusers, further move to be able to disarm the public, and take MORE CHILDREN. Disgusting!!


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