One more reason to like Photoshop

When you need a change…

Photoshop helps the imagination.

11 responses to “One more reason to like Photoshop

  1. Aaaaaaahdorable, orange is the color of sweet dreams and it favors these two a lot!

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  2. Going from “The Bar for Legals” = into “The Bars for Illegals.” A fitting End for the Criminals they are, & the Criminal they may have always been..

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  3. Orange is the new black! #OrangeLivesMatter!

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  4. TD . . . . That was very good! I for one would like to see both those two in orange, plus a large gang of many others!

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  5. One can only hope!

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  6. On top of:

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  7. I hope against hope for it every day. We’ll see.

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  8. Let us pray.

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  9. Orange striped or just drab grey as long as there are bars between us and her.

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