Whistleblowers silenced for trying to expose UK’s worst child abuse sex scandal perpetrated by Muslims

operation chalice

Scumbags arrested/jailed during Operation Chalice

From Daily Mirror: Two whistleblowers were punished for trying to expose Britain’s worst child abuse scandal which affected up to 1,000 girls for 40 years, the Mirror can reveal today (this was published March 12).

A Labour MP last night joined calls for a public inquiry after girls as young as 11 were lured from families to be drugged, beaten and raped in an epidemic that, say victims, continues today. Three were murdered and two others died in tragedies linked to the scandal.

As our case histories show, many were ignored after reporting rapes to police.

But, despite similar high-profile cases in Rochdale and Rotherham, authorities in Telford ­did nothing for years to stop the horrific abuse network exposed yesterday by The Sunday Mirror.

Hundreds of victims have been failed. Police even told one victim they had destroyed evidence of her rape claim after they tried to contact her.

A council-commissioned report told how social workers knew of the child sex crimes in the late 90s. And in 2016, whistle blowing police chaplain Keith Osmund-Smith was suspended after passing papers to the Mirror.

We asked police what was done about allegations of abuse in the 150-page report and they said they had not been ­properly logged.

A second whistleblower employed by Axis Counselling – a charity helping sex abuse victims – was forced to leave her post after speaking out.

Notes of her disciplinary meeting show officials admitted she had done nothing wrong but feared funding from authorities would be cut if she kept expressing views about the lack of action over the scandal by the council and police.

The majority of Axis Counselling’s funding comes from West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner, John Campion – who has opposed calls from an MP and the Sunday Mirror for a Rotherham-style inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Telford.

In September 2016, Tory MP for Telford, Lucy Allan, called for an inquiry after an abuse victim told her that many of the worst offenders had not been ­prosecuted and still lived in the area. The same month, Tory Campion and nine others on the Labour-run council wrote to Home Secretary Amber Rudd, saying the inquiry was not necessary.

The whistleblowers’ concerns came on top of complaints from victims who were ignored or treated like criminals.

Becky Watson, 13, died in a car crash described as a “prank”. But she had suffered two years of abuse by an Asian grooming gang. Her mum Torron Watson said she repeatedly told police Becky was being abused and named suspects. But, she said: “Girls like Becky were treated like criminals.”

In another case, Lucy Lowe, 16, was killed with her mum Eileen and 17-year-old sister Sarah in a house fire set by her abuser Azhar Ali Mehmood, 44.

Cabbie Mehmood targeted Lucy in 1997 and she was just 14 when she gave birth to his daughter. He was jailed in 2001 for murdering Lucy, her mum Eileen and 17-year-old sister Sarah.

But he was never arrested or charged over child sex crimes concerning his illegal relationship with the schoolgirl.

Vicky Round, a friend of Becky, was abused by the same gang who got her hooked on crack at 12 and heroin by 14. She died at 20 of a drugs ­incident. Sister Emma said: “Those who made her life hell still walk the streets.”

Police probe Operation Chalice, identified at least 100 potential victims between 2007 and 2009 – but just nine were jailed and the case was closed.

Among them were: Mubarek Ali, 34, jailed for 14 years, and brother Ahdel, 27, for 18. They were both convicted of a string of horrific child sex crimes at Worcester crown court in 2012.

Police said there could have been as many as 200 abusers. But Professor Liz Kelly, of London Metropolitan University’s Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, estimated the number of victims, based on our investigation, as up to 1,000.

Freedom of Information Act papers revealed two predatory paedophiles had begun targeting girls from a local children’s home in 1981.

Today we can also reveal officers were allegedly told as early as 1996 about one of the key players who is said to have made thousands grooming girls and selling them for sex. One victim gave so much evidence to police in 2010 that officers launched a probe, called Operation Thesis, around her evidence. But this led to no prosecutions.

When the victim last year asked for her police files to understand why nobody had faced justice, the officer handling her request admitted she had “expressed concerns” to a senior detective.

He also played a leading role in Operation Chalice. He sent an officer to the victim’s home who allegedly tried to discourage her. When files were provided months later, the first disk was unreadable.

Whistleblower Chaplain Osmund-Smith has returned to work. Police said: “An internal ­investigation was carried out and made a number of recommendations which we have worked with him to address.”

The second whistleblower won an out-of-court settlement on a no fault basis. Axis Counselling declined to comment.

Read the whole disgusting story here.


41 responses to “Whistleblowers silenced for trying to expose UK’s worst child abuse sex scandal perpetrated by Muslims

  1. The UK is a cesspool of pedophiles, some of them are high officials in government, e.g., now dead Prime Minister Edward Heath.

    Heath also concealed the truth of what Britain’s membership in the European Community actually entails.


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    • “The UK is a cesspool of pedophiles, some of them are high officials in government,”

      Those were my first thoughts too. I think the majority of them are Satanists and pedos. God forbid CNN would run a story like this. No, last night I read an article on CNN about two loony women who went into a mosque in Tempe Arizona and insulted the Muslims. While the ladies actions were totally repugnant, how can it even compare with what has been done to all the girls in the UK? But oh the poor Muslims, and oh those racist Whites!
      The thing about this story that really frightens me is that the police are basically there to protect the ruling class and their criminal activities. In the UK and Canada, you will find the Masonic Black and White checkerboard on the uniforms of the Police. What happens to a people when their very government turns against them, and the law enforcement take the side of their paymasters? The whole thing makes me shudder. They might as well come out and say, “We can take your children, rape them, and torture them, and maybe even kill them if we feel like it, and there is nothing you can do about it!”

      And speaking of Masonic police forces, here’s a weird one for you all.


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      • I agree but, frankly, I don’t think the U.S. is doing any better. As a matter of fact, many of these characters definitely travel in the same circles. Indeed, some of these proclivities may be responsible for The Owner’s having selected them for office in the first place.

        Think about this. I don’t recall any “groundswell” of need from the Great Unwashed demanding that Muslims replace Christian civilization. Likewise, I don’t recall similar mass requests being made to political parasites to stamp out Christianity and any other vestige of Western Civilization.

        From there, they have moved into the “Zionist” method of outlawing any criticism, no matter how warranted, of these savages. All the while they are DEMANDING that the original inhabitants remain more than civil and refrain from any remedial action of any kind.

        It doesn’t take a Mensa candidate to see what this is about or who is at the root of it. It is formed from a massive hatred and the desire to destroy. The fact that people are not rushing through their streets rounding up this filth is an amazing testament to the civility of the former inhabitants.

        Rather than be “uncivil” they are tolerating massive rape and abuse of their women and children. A “healthy” response would be to eliminate these threats regardless of consequences. There should be no “No Go Zones”. There should only be “No Muslim Zones”.

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        • I love what you said about no Muslim zones. And you are right- we are owned by the same monsters. They just have not moved things as far here in the US – yet. I wish I could say That I am not afraid, but it wouldn’t be the truth. There has never been anything that frightened me more than the idea of a communist gov. I could seriously say I would rather die by attack from a wild beast than from a tyrannical communist gov. at least there is no malice or evil in the heart of an animal.

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          • Fear will not do much to help us survive, should it come to that. Any organized resistance will quickly be eliminated. We can learn a lot from the Italians. They’ve had many terrible governments and life pretty much went on as usual.

            They practice a sort of passive resistance. Instead of outwardly challenging them, and getting killed or incarcerated in the process, they smile, nod agreement, then go about their business as they planned before the encounter.

            Ancillary to this, one must be constantly alert for opportunities that guarantee failure. It is surprising how much fun one can have by appearing to work at failure. It is almost impossible to herd cats.

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  2. American Family Radio has been sponsoring a safe house in India to help take these type of children off the street and give them a chance to have a normal life. I hope they get the funds to do this all over the world sex trafficking of children is the largest vice that is out there bar none not guns nor drugs can come close to what is going on in human trafficking. A sickness that needs to be stamped out with vengeance. Wheres Charles Bronson and his death wish we could sure use him now!☻

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    • Brian . . . . I agree with you, since so many of these cretins are getting away with everything up to and including murder involving these children who are sex trafficked . . . . we do need a bold avenger, such as Charles Bronson! It just doesn’t seem like the everyday police can get anything done about this plague going on in England, America, and across the entire world.

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  3. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    The abuse of loyal, honorable subjects by a few in rulership authority makes Assad, for all his faults, appear as not so bad. I don’t believe he poisons his people with chemicals, nor do I believe he promotes their being drugged, rape, and murdered. Cruelly ironic, the head of the Church of England ushering in with warm welcome, multitudes who hate her subjects and Christianity.

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    • marblenecltr . . . . It truly defies imagination that “the head of the Church of England ushering in with warm welcome, multitudes who hate her subjects and Christianity. Now that you have this fearsome plague in your land, and the fact that they can breed faster than the indigenous peoples . . . how does anyone plan on stopping this threat?

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    • She may be head of the Church of England but the whole filthy lot of them are Crypto Jews which would explain why they Don’t give a fig about the British people. To think that this rotten cabal of “royalty” and the bankers that they interbred with are the main monsters behind the the evils of colonialism, and that the average White person is now taking the blame while this same lot continue to rape countries of their wealth behind the scenes fries me.

      The real lineage of the “royals”:

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  4. Islam is a cancer that needs to be eradicated.

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  5. 2x4 to the head

    guess i’m the first to observe that the one guy with glasses looks like Will Smith.

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  6. Not much hope on the horizon for a city that elects a Muslim mayor. When that happened, all sense of law and order and justice went out the window.
    I pray for these innocent babies and a pox on those refusing to protect them.

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  7. What was posted was appalling enough for me, so I didn’t click on to read the whole nightmare. Doug, a friend of mine & a very devout RC, was born & raised in Sicily, went back there decades ago to get a wife from his village. While there he had dinner one night w/a local fellow who also invited a judge over as well. During dinner my friend asked the judge how many sex cases he tried every year.

    “Oh, I don’t see any,” the judge replied.

    “But surely you must have at least one violent sex crime a year!” asked my astonished friend, who now lives in Spokane, WA.

    “Well, yes, we do, more than one, but I don’t see them.” This was stated very calmly as a matter-of-fact. “They’re found in the morning hanging by their arms from a farm fence, with their testicles in their mouth,” finished the magistrate.

    Surely there are no lack of fences in England’s green and pastoral lands.

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  8. It is apparent to me that Her Majesty the Queen has abandoned her fiefdom and thrown her subjects to the wolves. As has been revealed, pedophile rings have all but owned England for over 50 years. (It has been reported even Queen Victoria was involved in it. But at any rate…) So it must be said now: England has CEASED to be a valid or legitimate nation-state.
    We would do well to disassociate ourselves from England now and read them the riot act, to the effect that if they don’t conform to a civilized rule of law, we shall call back our diplomats and send back theirs.
    Well, I won’t hold my breath on that one. But if President Trump ever can get cracking with some, IDK, INDICTMENTS! THAT’D BE GREAT.

    We are at the most dangerous era of all of Human History. It’s not because people are evil (which is awful enough). It is because the insanity is reaching a critical mass. Too many people have lost their minds, and society itself is losing its collective sanity. It is as if everyone is under a spell.

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  9. With all of the criticism of Sessions, he started the crack down on human trafficking and pedophiles soon after Trump was elected. It gets very little press other than from alternative sources. So far, hundreds of offenders have been arrested and thousand of victims have been saved throughout the US> There are some retired military who are helping law enforcement with this effort. They admittedly have not yet gone after most of the pedophiles in the top levels of government. They wanted to start with the low lying fruit first. If Trump can stay in office, this will happen.

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    • I agree…….partially. I rather think Sessions hopes it will end with the “low hanging fruit” and he won’t have to jeopardize his cronies at higher levels. I neither like or trust the man.

      Trump could have chosen anyone he wanted. There is no shortage of lawyers in D.C.. I’m glad they’ve rounded up a few of the THOUSANDS of pedophiles operating more or less openly. There are many, many more. There are many, many who may or may not have this issue but clearly deserve prosecution for everything else they’ve been involved with.

      I do think they’re approaching a denouement. I do not think “the good guys won” or anything even close to that. It would require a FAR more obvious push than I’m seeing. The very fact that ANY of the swamp rats are still in office is amazing.

      So, how does one explain that? Is he too stupid to notice? I doubt that. If we can spot them I have to assume that he can as well. I can only say that, had I been made king, I would either be dead or you would not be looking at the cast of characters we’re seen these days. It would have began on Day One and would not have taken more than a couple of months, tops, to dispose of them.

      It is much too late to “play” at this stuff. The Obongo’s and Clintons and their various minions need to be behind bars at a minimum until decisions are made on their ultimate disposition.

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  10. Tommy Robinson, a journalist covering this story, has been jailed. NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH ANYMORE. He was tried and sentenced in TWO HOURS. Please read:


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  11. A thread on how the judge sentenced Tommy for his reporting and speaking about this case. THIS IS INSANITY:

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  12. Folks in the UK cannot report on this anymore on Twitter, or they face ARREST:

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  13. I keep telling ya’ the NWO is up and running. They are not going to announce it. The UK is just a little ahead of us in the total fealty to Israel requirement.

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  14. The BBC is now calling these Muslim rapists “Oxford Men.”

    The UK is toast…

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