Sean Penn’s debut novel calls for the assassination of president identical to Trump

sean penn

From Daily Mail: Actor Sean Penn’s debut novel’s main character calls for the assassination of the president and dares the commander in chief to ‘Tweet me, b****’, can reveal.

The two-time Oscar winner’s 176-page fiction, titled Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, is about a ‘modern American man, entrepreneur, and part-time assassin’.

The main character, septic tank cleaner Bob Honey, tells tales of working with military contractors in Iraq, being employed by the government to kill the nation’s resource-draining elderly, and meeting an El Chapo-esque drug lord who had just escaped prison.

Penn first released the gonzo journalism-style novel as an audiobook in 2016 under the pseudonym ‘Pappy Pariah’.

During appearance at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art at the time, Penn said he had close bond with Pariah, but also called him a sociopath. Penn didn’t publicly acknowledge that he wrote the book until months later when he said he wanted to expand on the story and publish it in paper form.

He said in a news release: ‘It was soon after I finished narrating the short audio of ‘Bob Honey’ that I began to feel I had only scratched the surface of this story I wanted to tell. Expanding that original idea into a fully-realized novel has been an exciting challenge.’

The book’s main character, Bob Honey, is painted as a 55-year-old Southern Californian who gets angry at the news, despite not fully understanding it.

Baby Boomer Honey tells readers of his neighbor’s death by an out-of-control helicopter, his imaginary young girlfriend and a ‘yellow lives matter’ march – referring to Aryan blonds – at the Republican National Convention.

Throughout the novel, Honey is followed around by an investigative reporter, who he seems skeptical of. The reporter tells Honey he wanted to do a story after neighbors raised concerns about his odd behavior and strange work hours.

Toward the end of the novel, Honey admits himself into a hospital and writes a letter to the president of the United States, who is eerily similar to Donald Trump but goes by the name, Mr. Landlord.

He writes: ‘Many wonderful American people in pain and rage elected you. Many Russians did too. Your position is an asterisk accepted as literally as your alternative facts.

Though the office will remain real, you never were nor will be. A million women so dwarfed your penis-edency on the streets of Washington and around the world on the day of your piddly inauguration – unprecedented (spelling ok?).’

The character says that those against Mr. Landlord ‘own the most powerful weapons on earth’ which include ‘dreams, the science of physics, seismology, geology, topography, and typhoons’.

Honey continues: ‘Your gasconade and cache of catchphrases, so limiting and reflexive, escalate the emasculation of you by a world whose patience is in nuclear peril. These sciences and sensibilities are our guns your narcissism neglects.

‘Weapons your NRA masters are incapable of proffering for profit, and outside your dutiful military’s might, mandate or mission. So to your attempt to posthumously assassinate our Founding Fathers, and bait and switch your core, I say I will eat where the fish are glowing.

‘You are not simply a president of impeachment, you are a man in need of an intervention. We are not simply a people in need of an intervention, we are a nation in need of an assassin. I am God’s squared-away man. I am Bob Honey. That’s who I am. Sir, I challenge you to a duel. Tweet me, b****. I dare you.’

Read the rest of the story here.

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13 responses to “Sean Penn’s debut novel calls for the assassination of president identical to Trump

  1. Sean Penn can write?

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    • Let us not forget that Sean Penn is a wife-beater.

      Many of us have forgotten that Penn used to be married to Madonna. In 1988, after Penn flew into a rage over Madonna’s extra-marital affair with Warren Beatty, she called the marriage off. Penn climbed into Madonna’s house, grabbed her, tied her to a chair, and assaulted her for hours. He then went out for more booze, came back, and kept up the beating. While Penn was arrested, the charges were dropped because Madonna didn’t want to generate a media circus, which may have been the one and only time in her life that Madonna actually wanted the press to go away.

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  2. Evidently only hate filled vitriol as a product of a leftard dumed down brain – spoiled brat also like most leftards because they’ve been brainwashed by the Alinsky-ite professors like Bill Ayers and their associates like Bernardine Dohrnn to believe that they are righteous and have a just cause that trumps (pun intended) any of their fellow citizen’s who don’t see things their way whom they consider relics of a bygone time, who never “saw the lite” of neo-Marxism. They fail to understand the insights of those like Arthur Koestler’s in “Darkness at Noon” when he became disillusioned by communism that he’d been so enamoured of, or George Orwell’s 1984 and Animal Farm which he wrote after his likewise disillusionment with communism They are blind to the “paradises” of North Korea and Venezuela (to the “lives” of the common people there) or are so stupid as to think the elite controllers using them as pawns won’t begin their agenda once the NWO is here (predicted in Revelation it will come), whereupon they will implement the Georgia Guidestones agenda of depop etc – and people like Penn will be elliminated also..

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  3. A washed out broken down actor knows more about what this country needs than the Man who is fixing our system. Seems stupidity runs rampant in the minds of holly-weird and theY put it on parade for everyone to see it. One day it will come back to bite him in the proverbial back side and I hope it takes as big a bite as it can, he will be doing commercials soon to get work.☻

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  4. Look out, The devil’s everywhere, we need to defeat it, Shawn Penn is the advocate and like the rest will be defeated, fear not God listens and answers. Penn is a communist.

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  5. Just another Hollyweird Piece of Shit blowing off his IGNORANCE! Hollyweird IDIOTS need to be seen and NOT HEARD! Not a one of them have the TRUE meaning of LIFE! Nor will they ever, sitting in their Ivory Towers and STUPID PEOPLE praising them like they are GODS, we made these IDIOTS and only WE can shut them down. Semper Fi.

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  6. His book sounds like it was written by a third grader with a crayon in one hand and a dictionary in the other. Another crack-head trying to tell us what is right and wrong. I predict it will sell five copies.

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  7. I would consider this guy a very bad writer. And I must accept he’s good while valid, descriptive work is mocked. shakes head

    I didn’t get a chance to address it in another thread but her I find it relevant again. So this Sean Penn’s character claims Trump (We all know this is a politically motivated work. No use calling him Landlord) is at odds with people who can use lots of… odd weapons, no? Namely, Dreams, Seismology and Typhoons. I would point that the creation of hurricanes and how they form by the electrohydrodynamic process (real term) is very interesting. Especially in light of how easy it is to foment the infant vortice with the right technology…

    It goes back to the question I’ve harped on, but I can’t stop now that I’ve received fuel. I doubt Penn or Madonna are totally in the dark on what some of these weapons are. Anyone who makes it their business to know start encountering scary information. Such as that the majority of all scientific research is never shared nowadays…

    But as to the topic I meant to address, and vaguely related, Qanon so far as not been shown to be “wrong” on anything. Their posts are mysterious and complex. There’s been a few cases of prediction, some not entirely strange, and that includes the Stoneman Douglas shooting, which was predicted in January. And then some other stuff. I didn’t trust Q at first, and still don’t completely.

    What is interesting is, if this is really a LARP on someone’s part, it’s a very useful LARP. A good number of people have acquired a great deal of information and become Awakened to the truth. It disturbs me greatly that 8chan, or any chan, is used. But most of the still independent, capable minds are on those boards, supposedly. I can attest to the fact that most other forums I’m on are under explicit liberal control or dogma. So perhaps the 8chan board was more secure for a variety of reasons as Q claims, or alludes.

    At any rate, Q’s primary worth has been to insist on their followers to think for themselves, to research on their own, as Dr. Eowyn has done for so long. This is NOT something a psy-op would do. Especially when taking into account Q’s drops. But if those drops are falsified, the whole potential value of Q will subsequently turn negative, with a similar result of betrayed “anons” rejecting the information they have learned.

    I hope that last scenario doesn’t happen.

    But what I can say is Q has more or less explained why they or the President aren’t outwardly at work: they are in a secret war of cloak and daggers, a very real one, with the apparent expressed goal of literally destroying ALL of Satan’s Cabal and influence. Q has constantly stated that “this is bigger than you can imagine”, which to us awakened Christians, means they are fighting the system we know has been set in place. that is, Satan’s kingdom.

    Q likewise insists that the way the cabal designed their power structure (or Satan devised it, rather), that should Trump release the truth, or should he make the wrong moves too soon, then the whole thing literally collapses on itself like a trap, thereby creating world chaos by any number of unknown means, but likely through the Financial system and through the insane Left civilians, not forgetting the Media and even the Marxist-tainted military officers, MIC officers, and other Deep State entities.

    In other words, to move too soon was to incur disaster. To tie this in with Pen: if “Honey” is correct, and these people DO have such catastrophic weaponry, then Trump must essentially tread with care until such weapons are Disabled or Destroyed. We’re waved Nuclear weapons in our faces, when it is the power plants that pose the greater share of danger, and from “natural” causes like earthquakes. Imagine if Trump is aware of such deadly forces being used against him as Pen describes?

    Evidence is not lacking for any of this consider the following along with, dreams, physics, seismology, typhoons:

    Dreams: We have the suicide committed this month outside the White House, where a man shot his cell phone first. The entire bizarre case of Cruz, who was admitted to a hospital after escaping to wander the streets after he supposedly transformed into Rambo in Stoneman Douglass High, to name but two possible MkUltra victims.

    I must say, the ILLEGAL Wi-Fi based meter attached to my house by the power company, is not only unsafe from hacking, but I have experienced bizarre electrostatic in my moments before waking. Why? Research the new forms of energy meters, and whether or not you have one illegally attached to your house. If so, the police will side against the law, in all likelihood, with the power company. You can’t remove them. You can’t turn them off… and they are harmful!

    Physics: Judy Wood’s book and the currently un-refuted evidence gleaned about the 9/11 incident, namely Hutchinson effects applied, such as the Dustification of the towers, the lack of over a million tons of steel, reports in Iraq by soldiers of fires of weird convenience, and the modern admittance of DEWs being used in places like prisons. And then the weird fires in 2017 and 2012, evidence of which is telling but steadily getting erased.

    Seismology: the convenient earthquakes, and the existance of HAARP in general, among other evidence.

    Typhoons: hurricanes. Which Hurricane was never publicized even miles off the coast of NY? What was its name? Erin, I believe. When did it happen? 9/11. Then we have Katrina and a host of others. They are easily created in nature by virtue of magnetic fields, heat energy, and water vapor interacting. Same with Tornados. They can theoretically be stopped. And created, no doubt, given correct circumstances. Or perhaps enhanced some way?

    UFOs: Angels, likely yes. But could there be just plain old darn-advanced fighters? Possibly.

    Ignoring all this, Satan has his greatest weapon: money. Money. Money. With financial power alone, look at what Soros and the Roths can do! Imagine being master of it all? Father in Heaven protect and have mercy on us!

    Suffice to say, if Q is telling the undisputed truth, and their efforts are, or MUST by strategic necessity be focused against the ENTIRE Cabal, and in secret, then the cause is doomed. We know this is not our hour. Christ’s Hour is to come. But only after the time of the Beast and Abomination. In other words, it isn’t going to succeed… not if all this is kept secret. The conclusions will be the same as defeat if they fight this by the Lier’s own rules.


  8. If komrade Penn actually penned this book, then I am the sheikh of Araby.

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  9. I’m not surprised by the plot. What shocks me is Penn can even write! I was sure a guy who thinks like him had to be at a Go, Dog, Go level.

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  10. Ha! That’s not writing—it’s typing!
    I am wondering about you, Sean Penn. Are you inbred or just plain stupid??

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