Leader of Portland Resistance pleads guilty to sex abuse; now a registered sex offender

micah rhodes

Micah Rhodes, with his purple hair and BLM shirt.

From KATU: A former leader of a local protest group pleaded guilty to two sex abuse charges in Multnomah County Tuesday.

Micah Rhodes was arrested in January 2017 on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct, interfering with public transportation and a parole violation during a protest in Pioneer Courthouse Square.

While he was in custody, police learned he had sexual contact with a boy in Multnomah County and a girl in Washington County.

Rhodes is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old boy in 2015 after they met on GRINDR, a gay dating app.

According to court documents, Rhodes was arrested on first-degree sex abuse and first-degree sodomy when he met the boy. He was indicted on five counts of sex abuse in the Multnomah County case.

Oregon State Police said Rhodes is a registered sex offender.

On Tuesday, he pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree sexual abuse. He will be sentenced in June.

According to Oregon Live:

Rhodes, now 24, was a leader of the protest group Portland’s Resistance, which rose to prominence after Donald Trump won the presidential election in November 2016 and the group helped organize day after day of marches and rallies.

But Rhodes had long been a part of Portland’s activist scene before that and a familiar face at Portland City Council meetings. Among his notable achievements was helping stage a camp-out in front of then-Mayor Charlie Hales’ home in 2016.

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23 responses to “Leader of Portland Resistance pleads guilty to sex abuse; now a registered sex offender

  1. Again the chickens come home to roost. I’ll bet many others in the progressive movement to destroy this great nation are probably in the same category. So evident that most of the folks in these movements are nonbelievers who are lost and seek what ever they can to identify with something, since they do not have God in their lives. ☻

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  2. I’ve published this image before, and here it is again. This really is the logo of today’s Democrat Party:

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  3. I know I’m gonna get “Bubba-fied” for saying this, but I don’t consider this conviction to be particularly criminal, on this character’s part (unless more information is released that would indicate rape).
    The kid was 17, apparently on a gay dating site, of his own volition, 17 in a male is more or less adult as far as their choice of sex, I don’t embrace homosexuality, but I don’t believe in attacking people who choose to do so, I will let the Almighty and their own conscience take care of that.We live in a democratic society where we generally allow people to live free, even if we disagree with their choices. I don’t believe in allowing any group to impose their ethics on others through the criminal justice system.
    Their is foul in that he was under 18 but if you put me on a jury, I would not convict someone as a child molester under these circumstances, with a 17 yr old male, unless there were extenuating circumstances, some reasonable administrative/civil punishment perhaps.if the family demands it, but If they are old enough to join the military they are old enough to make those kind of decisions.imo.
    I am not making any references to his other activities, he may be a foul character otherwise

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    • We are a republic under a nation of laws.

      If you don’t believe in allowing any group to impose their ethics on others through the criminal justice system, then you are no better than the demorats who blatantly ignore federal immigration laws under the ethical premise that no human being is illegal.

      If you don’t like the laws, work to change them.

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  4. I must say I am somewhat conflicted over this issue. I would like to know, relative to the 17 year old male; when listing on Grinder, aren’t they required to allege that they are of legal age? If that is so, did this 17 year old lie about his age. This POS leader of Portland Resistance would have been 21 at the time of that incident. According to the article it said, “he was arrested when he met the boy.” Was this a police authorized sting? I would really like to know more about the particulars in this instance.

    I must admit I am alarmed by the fact that this individual is a “switch hitter.” Since he was also charged with having sex with a “girl from Washington County.” How old was that girl? What were the circumstances of their meeting? The article kind of alluded to the fact that he was already listed as a registered sex offender.

    Yes, I do believe in honoring and upholding the laws of the land. I just would like to know to what degree there was any culpability on the parts of either the “boy” or “girl” in this story.

    Since I am from Portland, I can only hope that they throw the book at this POS. That being said, I would still love to know more of the history surrounding both of the incidents. I can tell you, this joker is just part of the tip of the iceberg in and around Portland.

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    • Sadly, it seems to me that oregon deals limp-wristedly with sex offenders, from what I’ve heard and seen anyway, not that the rest of the U.S. does any better. I suspect he’ll probably also get off without repercussions on account of his being invovled with a subversive terrorist organization. Although Oregon seems to be a hotbed for this satanic garbage, and it seems like there is a lot in the state that goes unscrutinized. Why is there a division of DynCorp (the military contractor company that marketed child sex slaves in iraq) in the town called medford, which bills itself as computer repair? Why is Jeff rense holed up in the hills of ashland? (Think for a minute about his prominence and level of influence within the “conspiracy” community) Why is sheridan in Oregon the site of a brainwashing scientology cult school called “delphian”? (see here: http://www.conspiracyarchive.com/2015/01/16/scientology-fronts-delphian-schools-sntp/ ) Why do bizarre and deadly cults seem to pop up in that state? (heaven’s gate, and the bhagwan shree rajneesh cult that attempted t takeover a town by poisoning prominent persons therein) Why is the popular show “the simpsons” allegedly based in springfield in Oregon, and why did Disney do a show called “gravity falls” (that was widly popular for a short time) that was also based in Oregon? (whose sole subject was largely conspiracy theories, codes, and the weird in general?) Why does hillary’s “guru” live in ashland as well? (jean houston)

      The place sure seems pretty central to many bizarre goings-on, yet it goes relatively unscrutinized… and this listing isn’t exhaustive either, I imagine theres many more odd things that might need looking into. Keep your eyes out Autie Lulu, should you be interested, check phonebooks and such, etc. you’ll probably find heaps of creepy or occult things around your area.

      Fun Fact: Did you know that there is a big communications hub in Bend, Oregon which lots and lots of communication cables go through, and that there is a CIA thing out there of unknown purpose and name (istac), that was briefly covered at cryptome.org?

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  5. Why am I not surprised?

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