Hillary Clinton injured in India

The AP reports (via New York Post) that Suresh Goyal, the CEO of Goyal Hospital in Jodhpur, India, said that on Wednesday, March 14, 2018, Hillary Clinton was briefly treated there “for about 15-20 minutes,” after suffering a minor injury at her hotel.

Goyal declined to say what 70-year-old Hillary was treated for. But an employee of Jodhpur’s Umaid Bhawan Palace hotel, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media, said Hillary had sprained her wrist.

Hillary is in India to promote her book, What Happened.

During a discussion at the India Today Conclave, Hillary once again whined about losing the 2016 presidential election. According to Hillary, white women voted for Trump because their misogynist husbands told them to. (See TrailDust’s post, “She still doesn’t get it“.)

Imagine if Donald Trump had said that.

Not only is Hillary Clinton a racist, she’s also a woman-hating sexist.

On Monday, March 12, wearing pants and a pair of flat sandals (there goes our hope that her orthopedic boot was to conceal an ankle monitor), Hillary slipped while walking down the steps of Jahaj Maha palace in Mandu, despite holding onto the arm of a beefy man.

An Indian man rushed to join the first man to hold her up, but Hillary slipped again.

In the event YouTube takes down the video, I had a GIF made. Enjoy!

Update (March 17):

Hillary fell in the bathtub in her hotel room, resulting in a “hairline fracture” in her wrist, which reportedly is now encased in plaster. (Daily Mail)


67 responses to “Hillary Clinton injured in India

  1. only 15-20 mins? whoa! and i thought she’ll stay at least 15-20 years

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  2. WHY WHY WHY do they keep catching her??

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  4. Even with two people holding her she manages to fall. Yikes!

    Granny gonna need a walker soon…

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    • DCG . . . . Explain to me why does she continue to flaunt herself all over this country and foreign countries . . . when she can hardly stay upright?

      Can you just imagine if we had this “Slippin’ Suzie” as our POTUS? I am grateful each and every day that enough of my fellow citizens had the common sense to turn her down!

      Since it has been a year since she lost the election, why is she still writing books about her loss? Has she only written one book about her failure to achieve the office of POTUS, or has she come out with yet another book? I cannot keep track of her failings.

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    • She was ‘falling down’ drunk… again!

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  5. The Satan’s WITCH Can’t walk with shoes on, she never wore shoes while in Arkansas. Semper Fi.

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  6. Glad she LOST THE ELECTION! We’ve already had a President who couldn’t walk,but at least HE could make himself STAND without falling over.

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  7. Just look at her miserable life, she keeps falling, constantly in a hateful, miserable mood…Karma for sure. She is sooo owned by powerful people/entities that gave that demon huge amounts of money to achieve multiple agendas…and she failed. I’ll bet there’s a lot of people she can’t look in the eyes. Just think about how her mind races when she tries to fall asleep every single night, naps too, I’ll guarantee she’s loaded with pharmaceuticals which just that alone will bite her right in the old keester. She’s inevitably got nothing but bad luck ahead of her, well deserved for sure. Just the fact that she won’t disappear tells me she’s owned, she can’t accept any ridicule or criticism so I’d bet she’d rather just disappear, but she can’t, she’s in ‘The Party’.

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    • Bob . . . . Truer words . . . “look at her miserable life, she keeps falling, constantly in a hateful, miserable mood …” Who in their right mind would ever wish to trade lives with her? To continuously push herself to be seen at public speaking engagements . . . yet, unable to stay upright, without the help of two men, one on each arm. The question remains . . . does she have ANYTHING to say that is worth hearing? I rather think not! She has no relevancy in today’s world . . . life has passed her by, and she is the only one who does not acknowledge it.

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  8. Why would India care about her book? Is she that desperate to sell some books?

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    • weezy . . . . God Bless you for asking the most important question . . . “Why would India care about her book?” The people of India did not vote in this election, basically, since they did not have a pony in this race—why on Earth would they care? Perhaps she was desperate to sell books, but why cheapen yourself by pandering after an audience in this manner? She just doesn’t get it.

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  9. Just think, she could have been presiding over America for the past year!

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    • Truth to tell, this is the meanest AND truest comment you’ve written this year! [Lord, I loathe that… woman. Gott sei Dank I never would consider sex w/that women [to paraphrase her hubby, Billy Bob-O].

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  10. I read a book recently entitled, “The Cost: My Life on a Terrorist Hit List”, and the author was a Muslim who converted to Christianity (hence then being put on a hit list). During his childhood he tells of being possessed by a “djinn” (demon), and his one aunt came from England (she was a Christian) to ‘exorcise’ the djinn. When he was possessed by the entity, before it manifested itself (in speaking with an adult male voice, not a child’s voice), he was frequently breaking his arms and legs, being pushed by unseen forces.
    I think our pal Hellery has the same problem- demonic possession, which would explain why no mere mortal can help her! Only the Lord Jesus Christ can save anyone from demons!
    Also shows how bad she is health-wise, if she needs all this assistance to walk down some stairs. Pray for her deliverance from evil.

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  11. What I think about when I see her is this:She promised the World to so many powerful people during her Campaign for President,for their contributions to her “Foundation” (Campaign Fund),all these favors etc. once she was President,then she LOST! These are NOT people who will accept excuses,apologies or secondary offers. What can she do to cover her lying butt? Like the gambler who bets heavy against the lives of his family on a sure thing,but LOSES. Now she has NOTHING to offer. In the near future,we can expect her to do very unlikely things,things she’d NEVER consider,simply because the powerful people who now OWN her tell her to do it. I ALMOST feel sorry for her,but her behavior wasn’t a one time thing,it’s part of a lifetime pattern,which she could have/should have changed years ago,but she DIDN’T. How it must suck to be HRC.

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  12. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Maybe she had one to many of something or maybe the “devil” made her slip since he is lurking and traveling with her.


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  13. Wednesday’s student gun march…tell me this isn’t ‘The Party’, with adults controlling it. It’s the most chilling 1:15 video you’ll see, we are in trouble…

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  14. In the video, it looks like her legs aren’t cooperating, kinda like what happened at the infamous 9/11 event when they hauled her off in a van. And it’s funny that Huma is walking right behind her and has absolutely no reaction at all. It looks like Huma is holding something – maybe she is hitting Hillary with a pulse weapon of some kind. 😁 Whatever…she looks like she is wearing a hospital gown over a pair of pants. Where does she get her wardrobe?

    Here’s an article that says she injured her wrist by falling in the bathtub. http://truthfeednews.com/oops-she-did-it-again-hillary-falls-for-a-third-time-in-india/

    And here’s a funny by Ben Garrison.

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    • Medically speaking, her falls going down steps are caused by a sudden shift in the contents of her adult nappies.

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    • Lol, I know- her outfit! And people criticize Melania’s fashion, when she always looks perfectly put together.

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    • Mary, that was my first thought also. Huma is totally in a non caring mode with her nose in her phone as always. Maybe she is secretly praying for Clinton to fall down one last time. Can you imagine being at her beck and call 24/7?

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  15. I’ve seen that pic a lot in recent days.

    Either the old bat is pregnant (highly doubtful) or she is wearing a portable medical device of some sort.

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  16. The people in Bob’s video don’t seem quite motivated enough, as if they’re too lazy to care… the MAGA crowds at Trump rallies sound more into it. 😉

    But the general apathy is, in my opinion, far, far more terrifying in the greater scale of things. It means that, if these people don’t care so much about what they DO believe in, what will they be like when they hear about activities or people they don’t care about? Mass slaughter? “Meh”. Extermination camps for those nasty capitalists? F*** yeah! “Rehabilitation Centers” wink, wink, nudge, nudge for those crazy Christians and other domestic terrorists? “Sure, why not? So long as it doesn’t get in my way.”

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  17. “Hillary had sprained her wrist” That’s what happens when an elderly woman falls down. Especially if she’s had a few. She’ll be needing a new hip in a year or two when some poor slob, that can’t get another job or hasn’t enough sense to, is eating donuts and forgets to catch her in time.

    Hilliary hasn’t been the same since that house landed on her sister…..
    What a world…what a world. I’m melting.

    Mad Cow Disease. Ha-Ha-Ha

    “her demon needs a new gyroscope”
    I think her demon’s been playing with a wheel-o

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  18. Lately she’s a bit too distracted to walk and doubletalk at rhe same time; something she learned when she was a fetus and has been doing her entire ‘career’.
    Guess she knows her FiBI stooges are about to start screachin like a chorus of scalded cats.

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  19. Not a good idea to dismiss women in India… At some point the Earth Mother will no longer support the evil doer….

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  20. That Cankle is so large it took 15 minutes to bandage, whereas an actual ankle takes 10.

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  21. Let us not despair: The Klownish Koughing Kween’s Day shall come.
    In the meantime, if America is so rotten, why does she not stay over there? Oh, I forgot: They already have enough “sacred cows.”

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  22. Can’t walk and chew crow at the same time. If there are seven levels of heaven she must be headed to level 2000 in hades for the evil this disgusting excuse of a human has committed against humanity. She can’t sleep because of all the faces of the people she has had murdered for her own personal gain. She’s satan’s faithful servant.

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  23. The thing about Hildebeest slipping twice, is that both times she placed her foot on a part of the step that was already broken off, which means she clearly wasn’t watching where she was walking.

    And tens of millions of Americans thought she was more qualified than anybody ever, and wanted her to become President?

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  24. Wished Killary Rotten Clinton had died of a broken neck. This reject of a woman seems everytime she tries to do a number on American women she suffers a misstep to keep her out of commission.


  25. I like how her hat matches that of her –uh- helper!


  26. Oh, she’s a charmer. She really takes the place of anything that can be said about the Demon-rats. The very idea that they could consider voting for her, let alone the fact that she’s still out there, being herself, says it all:

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