When atheist Stephen Hawking died . . .

Yesterday, March 14, 2018, theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking died at age 76.

Hawking was a longstanding Labour Party supporter. He recorded a tribute for the 2000 Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore, supported stem cell research, universal health care, action to prevent climate change, and opposed Brexit.

Hawking is famous not just as a scientist, but as a celebrated pop culture figure. One of the perks of being a celebrity — a perk shared by Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew — is access to billionaire convicted-pedophile Jeffrey Epstein‘s “pedo” island in the Virgin Islands.


Stephen Hawking enjoys a barbecue on Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean island Little St James while attending a conference on gravity organized for 21 of the world s top physicists by Epstein’s foundation on a nearby island in March 2006.

Hawking is also famous for his atheism.

In his co-authored book, The Grand Design, Hawking wrote (see my Sept. 5, 2010 post, “No Need For God“):

“Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist. It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper and set the Universe going.”

To Hawking, this just happened by accident — the Ring Galaxy, which spans about 100,000 light years and lies about 600 million light years away:

Ring galaxy

I wonder how Hawking could account for the law of gravity existing BEFORE there was the physical Universe, i.e., before there was any object on which gravity could exert its force?

I also wonder if Hawking, wherever his soul is, still thinks there is no God?

Atheism is an empirically untenable belief because the assertion “There is no God” is a categorical or universal negative, which requires that one knows EVERYTHING in the Universe so as to dismiss the existence of God, just as you can’t say “There is no pink elephant,” unless you’ve been to every planet and star in the Universe, seen everything and can verify that no pink elephants exist — anywhere.

Hawking was diagnosed with the incurable motor neurone disease ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 1963 when he was 21 years old. The average survival of ALS from onset to death is two to four years. About 10% survive longer than 10 years.

Hawking is the only known person with ALS to not only live to a ripe old age of 76, but got younger-looking the older he got. It must be a miracle! /sarc

See “Conspiracy Theory: Stephen Hawking died and was replaced a long time ago“.


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  1. ROFL on the picture, sorry I’m terrible but that IS funny. Not that ALS is funny, but I’ve heard that diseases of the physical body emanate from disturbances of the soul and mind. For example, if you suppress anger and rage and internalize it you can become physically ill (high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and so on). Maybe God was trying to tell him something with his ALS, maybe he was letting him live a long time in hopes that Hawking would ‘wise up’ and realize that the vast beauty, macrocosm/microcosm and intricate details and patterns of all God’s creations are not some sort of cosmic ‘accident’. Only a truly warped mind or soul would believe that creation is just some hodgepodge that happened to just occur by accident.

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  2. Sorry, but the REAL Hawking died somewhere in the late sixties. The fake they have been touting was no longer useful to ‘them”. So they announced his death. Case closed.

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  3. The structure of the ears could be compared along with features of the natural teeth to distinguish people who closely resemble each other, someone told me once–but these days a bench scientist could probably just haul out something CRISPR to scotch any doubts either way. To live so long with ALS is indeed not only unusual but also strange. (Are any treatment protocols being used that only the elite know about? at least besides those infusions of “young blood” from which some royals are alleged to have benefited?)

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  4. NOW I get it! That mass that was great enough to draw other matter created itself.

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  5. There’s absolute nothingness, which in the context means there’s no law of gravity, but, the law of gravity creates the Universe. Got it.

    Wolfgang Smith has an excellent online critique of Hawking’s physics-as-philosophy nonsense at Perennial Philosophy. As for Hawking the man, I’d say his life struggle with ALS makes him uniquely off limits.

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  6. It isn’t clear to me which came first in the life of Stephen Hawking, the ALS or the atheism, or if one influenced the other. I can say that my grandson is a quantum physicist and wholeheartedly believes in God. He has told me many times that the more he studies physics, the more he knows God exists and is the Creator.

    The tragic thing for some people is that they don’t wake up in time. I encourage everyone to pray each day that the lost be found, the sleeping awaken and the backslidden return and repent. In Jesus’ Precious Name. Amen.

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    • Your grandson must be so smart, Neil deGrasse Tyson would probably refuse to talk to him because Neil would be made to look like a fool (not that some believe that already)


      • Thank you. Yes, my grandson is blessed with a wonderful mind. I sometimes tease him that it probably wasn’t something he thought of – talking to his Gramma about physics. He’s so encouraging. He tells me it keeps my mind sharp (at 70 🙂 ) And I’m sure Tyson and Nye would exit stage left lol

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  7. In each of the pictures of the “double,” when looking at his eyes, you see a twinkle or mirth, as though a joke had been told, and he is amused by it. Perhaps he is amused by the joke being played on society in general. The original Mr Hawking, I would say by his eyes is in a great deal of pain.

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  8. Not that my opinion if or much value . . . but for some reason, I just have never liked Mr Hawking. He seemed like a rather pompous individual, one who valued his own opinions over that of anyone else. I also think it the height of absurdity to look at our universe, and come to the conclusion that “all this just kinda, sorta happened by chance!” Frankly, for all his “intelligence,” he really was as dumb as dirt!

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    • I was just thinking the same thing. I was never a fan and we had nothing in common.

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    • While I don’t intend to denigrate his ALS, that alone is neither a prerequisite or an indicator of genius. People who are “just too smart for God” bother me. I do not see how a “smart” person can observe our wonderful universe and not be in awe of God.

      Who do they think put it there? Who made the largest to the smallest perfect thing perfect? Accident? Now who’s the fool?

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  9. Linda, you are as right as the rain that Heaven makes to fall upon the just and the unjust alike. At the age of 17 yrs 8 months, as I first entered college in Autumn 1960 to study more deeply the philosophy, theology, world history & literature that I loved, I had the first of three experiences that were classic mystic unions w/Godhead.

    See my blog for a poem on this, ‘What we learn to see. @

    After that I was immediately able to understand the new thinking on quantum physics and much else I’d never studied before, as I was poor at math and higher applications, although I’m a crackerjack carpenter, able to create complex structures very quickly.

    We should keep in mind that his primary work that brought him world-wide attention has sold more than 10,000,000 copies, making it what one wag called “The most popular book never read.” So be it, but I also understand that aside from this income he had many prizes and awards, as well. He was married twice, and from what I read he was very demanding on both wives, treating them as domestic help, not helpmates. He was distant later in life from his family and everyone else, but of course he was also enduring a debilitating disease that was usually terminal in a few years, yet he lived fifty years more.

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    • having also studied world religions, philosophy, history, and read much literature, in my years of schooling both secondary and post secondary, and still do, I couldn’t help but note your vague allusions to “classic mystic unions” with “Godhead”. This sounds much like modern New AGe / Theosophy / pagan terminology unless defined better. After all H P Blavatsky was the main progenitor of this type of experience and promotion of her theosophy which morphed into various spin off belief systems – thru people like Crowley (who modified her stuff with his own twists) , Alice Bailey, L Ron Hubbard, etc. Nowadays Constance Cumbey has delineated much of this false doctrines into an expose book “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow” but she’s not the only one who’s dissected / analysed them to arrive at the conclusion they’re all doctrines of demons.

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      • Traditional religious literature [I discount crapola such as Scientology, Theosophy, etc.] is replete w/what I summarised in writing of ‘…three experiences that were classic mystic unions w/Godhead.’ I don’t wish to take space here for references, as it’s easy to verify this on your own. I’m sure Wikipedia et al., have lots on the Internet. The Bible has many such, albeit they are often expressed under widely different ways of relating, which is exactly the single great difficulty in communication, and why in theology they’re known as ‘ineffable’ unions. The RC Church has many, many great accounts by those fortunate enough to have felt the grace of these truly life-changing events.


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  10. Every single occupation or profession has its hazards, and perhaps being an intellectual has the riskiest hazards of all. Some simple people may not know they are simpletons; Yet most intelligent people know they are intelligent, and believe they can float above the common herd on their own brainpower alone.
    Spontaneous generation has already been proved false on the biological levels; What made Dr. Hawking believe it could exist on the level of particles? One atheist I discussed the matter of God with said that we could have design without order—which seems absurd to me.

    For many years I was baffled by the atheist: He is militant and steadfast. But upon looking back on it all, maybe I see two possible motives. On the one hand, belief is a personal matter, and the next man owes me no explanation for his belief or lack thereof.
    But on the other hand, suppose the man who insists he’s an atheist has a secret fear. “Suppose,” he (falsely) reasons, there is a God. Well, I’m a reasonable man. I obey the law, pay my bills and provide for my own. And, after all, there is an awful lot of suffering in life. I never asked God for anything, and I never heard him ask me for anything. Therefor, if there is a God, he certainly understands, for I was neutral regarding the question of his existence. But I have lived a good life, and if he exists, he would understand.”

    This may sound insane to you and me, but we don’t know how most people reason. “The heart is deceitful above all things,” Jesus said. “Who can fathom it?” Who, indeed, but God Himself.
    Agreed. All the more reason to investigate the matter of God’s Existence and His Revelation.

    When I was a boy (Kennedy was President), I knew a girl whose father was the President of a college in New York. He told me he had been baptized and raised in the Faith. He also fought in WW II, and he survived the Battle of the Bulge, one of the War’s most asinine and useless battles. I bet that that event did something to change him. (War does something to the human mind: Any man can take only so much of it). This Ph. D. was a well-read man, and he was into science (and existentialism, among other things).
    I, too, have had my own battle with faith and in living it. So I never judge others. But to refuse to recognize the hazards one faces in his station in life is something that only Pride can account for: To refuse to recognize the hazards is mind-numbingly stupid! “Oh but there is no evidence for the existence of God!” the atheist maintains.
    He just doesn’t know where to look: The works of Sts. Augustine and Aquinas. The Holy Shroud of Turin. Even quantum physics itself: Dr. Ted Broer maintains that what we have discovered in the past quarter century alone are things to marvel at, he has said again and again.

    Oh Well. I would imagine that atheism is a temporary condition: Eternity, after all, is quite permanent.

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    • we’re told to always be ready to give a reason (apologetic) for the faith. I admire people like Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Dr. Lane Craig, Dr. Frank Turek, Dr. William Schnoebelen and others like them who do exactly what that scripture exhorts us to do

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    • This is a truly wonderful series of remarks from you, much appreciated by me, as it shows you’re a thinking person who’s also fair-minded, which in our troubled era of misplaced ideologies a very rare virtue.


  11. I always feel sorry for athiests. Their internal struggle to keep God’s mark on their souls hidden from themselves has to be utter hell. I suppose that’s why they are always so unhappy, arrogant, condescending or angry about everything.

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    • Mostly angry that they can’t bring about the Kingdom of Godlessness ruled over by self-styled philosopher-geniuses like themselves. There’s the always present seething hatred for the rest of us for not bowing down before them as if they were gods. In their minds the existence of a God not in accord with their understanding of sexual libertinism, social justice, and so on is an impossibility. Laughing at them for their gibberish about nothingness having potency (of the quantum type no less!) or containing statistical probabilities as a substitute for divine Creation would become a diagnosable mental disorder if they had their way, they’re so freakin’ paranoid and such unmanly, passive-aggressive betas, which is psychologically why 90% of them went into science in the first place—to run away from life in the real world. They’re incredibly vindictive, cheering Dawkins and Dennett’s suggestion to put parents who teach their children the Christian faith quite literally in cages. Sam Harris, while pretending to personally oppose, recommends nuking millions of Muslims for not renouncing their faith. And so it goes. The ones I know socially are angry people.

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      • You observations about scientists are very interesting. I only have been acquainted with two, and you have described to two I know to a tee! Amazing! The one physicist I see on my walks each day doesn’t believe in Chemtrails even as they are spraying them over his head. He said he “would know about it if they were doing something like that”. He is a rabid liberal and rabid atheist, and seemed a frightened and timid man. Ditto with the other scientist too, who was a henpecked image of Woody Allen.

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  12. I always feel sorry for atheists. Their internal struggle to keep God’s mark on their souls hidden from themselves has to be utter hell. I suppose that’s why they are always so unhappy, arrogant, condescending or angry about everything.

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  13. Well, as a scientist myself (after being a Christian conservative), I was never a big fan of Hawking, Sagan, Tyson, or (cough) Nye… among others. Too much personal philosophy and ideology, not enough measurable, verifiable fact. Which is exactly what they all claimed as Creationists’ downfall, ironically.

    As for the people having a cow about Gal Gadot’s comment on Hawking now, “being free of constraint”, I think they’re delusional. And not just because she clearly didn’t say “his” (physical/medical) constraints — once dead, you clearly are no longer bound by gravity, age, need for food, air, water, warmth, etc. (assuming you are transformed and ascend to Heaven), but for crying out loud, severe physical-medical disabilities DO hinder one’s ability to accomplish things in life at least to the degree one might without such disabilities.

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    • Cogitoergosumantra, people like Sagan, etc – and even more the Tysons and Nyes of today, confuse true provable Science with the religion of Scientism practiced by them which is built upon theories.

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      • Yeah… and yet they claim my faith is the thing that defies measurement & quantification. Which it often does, and I accept that, because it’s based on the supernatural, which transcends science. And the reason I still believe it is because everything else the Bible tells me has proven itself true, so I accept that it’s the inspired and infallible Word of God — which is a non-starter with the un-believer. Sadly. Once they reject God, they refuse to accept anything out of the realm of the “natural” & “possible” — of understanding via secular science. And I believe it’s largely why there’s such a push for space travel and searches for ET life. Because success would “prove them right”.

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        • Indeed. And anyone who is familiar with ‘end time’ prophecies – stay tuned. It appears to me that we’re watching them now 🙂

          By the way, I’m in the middle of reading the Miles Mathis work suggested by ‘postman’ below. Very interesting. Postman, if you read this comment, thank you for the suggestion.

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  14. Sorry the man suffered such a terrible affliction but, like all of us, he had a choice either to rely upon his own limited concepts or to give God the faith of His Word as creator of all things. Hawking chose the former and unless he repented, admitting he did not know all things and God is the sovereign of the seen and unseen world he did not approach the gates of heaven. Our ideas and knowledge are limited things, we don’t know more than we know. Arrogance and pride lie to us.

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  15. No matter how smart you think you are to deny the existence of God just shows what you don’t know, and that can get you a hot seat for eternity. Sadly many will find the road to hades who are smart. I say again there are no nonbelievers in hades or foxholes.

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  16. Taught physics and chemistry for decades. Followed Hawking’s
    pompous pearls of wisdom, most of which were Cultural Marxist
    propaganda in the guise of science. My brother-in-law was
    similarly afflicted and seemed incapable of the concentration
    necessary to produce his writings. His speech was unintelligible
    so we are left with “his” writings. In my opinion he was
    used as a ventriloquist dummy mouthpiece by the Jewish
    owners of the mainstream media to push their power-grabbing
    agendas such as the global warming hoax, which has
    been elaborately exposed and discredited in the British
    newspapers. (Not a peep in the media of the USA,
    the Zionist prize colony.) The message is you must
    obey all the Orwellian environmental dictates of our parasitic,
    genocidal rulers. If you don’t, you are destroying
    the Earth and should be silenced, fired, and/or

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    • and you sir, are nothing but one of those antiSemites who likes to lump all Jews into the same category not understanding that most Jews are no different than anyone else in their lot in life, questions re life, desires for themselves and their families, etc BUT there are those in the globalist elite with Jewish sounding surnames, who may have centuries ago actually been Judaic, but for centuries now, have aligned themselves with their god Lucifer, and are thus of the synagogue of Satan as Yeshua Himself said in Revelation. Names like Rothschild, Warburg, Rockefeller, Astor, etc are of such belief. It doesn’t follow that all or even a majority of Jews are cut from the same cloth so to speak

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  17. The idea of our existence being explainable by “Matter, plus Time, plus Chance” simply fails to explain the universe we see. After years of abuse in the public schools, with teachers “proving” the Bible was wrong, and that Science (always capitalized, spoken with heavy reverb, and exalted to religion) would lead us to the truth, I threw that idol to the ground in 1972. It has not breathed a word to me since. “Science” (not the scientific method of research) is an idol crafted by the hands of wicked men and women, and like all idols, it has eyes but cannot see, ears but cannot hear, a mouth but cannot speak, and legs but cannot walk.

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  18. It’s clear from Mathis’ analysis of the situation (be sure to read the whole PDF paper, http://milesmathis.com/hawk3.pdf) that Gary’s opinion (see above) is what was happening — that Hawking was being used like a puppet in order to push various leftist agendas. Like others here, I’ve always felt that there was something off about this whole situation but I never cared enough to look into it until now, (thanks Dr. Eowyn). Apparently, the charade became such a propaganda success that those in control felt it necessary to continue with it even after Hawking died, and thus Hawking version 2.0 had to be released. For me, the most clear evidence is version 2.0’s fake hands but other aspects of the photographic evidence are convincing as well. By doing the talking for Hawking, they made it impossible for us to know what he really believed and when his replacement came along, it no longer mattered because 2.0 didn’t care that he was being used, as this arrangement was likely far better than was his alternatives… Things really get interesting though when you learn that Mr. Hawking’s care was being funded by the (John D. and Catherine T.) MacArthur foundation under their “genius grant” program. As a contemporary example of someone else who is a recipient of this grant, see https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/oct/19/claudia-rankine-macarthur-genius-grant-exploring-whiteness. It all adds up, doesn’t it? And, it gets even better. From the outset, I had already suspected that not only was this whole thing a charade, but that it ties into the larger conspiracy (as I believe all modern conspiracies do). Sure enough, if you search Google for “MacArthur eugenics” (minus the quotes), you’ll encounter articles indicating that the MacArthur Foundation was a major supporter of Rockefeller’s “Population Council” which was created in 1952 to combat population growth worldwide (esp., see those found on http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org). I’m uncertain at this point but one of the MacArthur family members who was a member of the American Eugenics Society, appears to have been heralded as an example of what was known in the 1920s as a “fitter family”–that is, a family exhibiting eugenically pure traits. Long story short, Hawking himself was supported by the very same band of leftist Malthusians who are today working overtime to destroy our republic. There’s little doubt in my mind that Hawking was a sock puppet and his popular book was most likely published following his death.

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  20. You’ve got to “love” it. There is simply no greater arrogance than denial of God. It is also the stupidest thing a person can do. So hook me up to a synthesizer, tie me to a wheelchair and pay me big bucks to croon nonsense.

    Carl Sagan was a lot like this too. They are SO SMART!, why us ignorant savages are just superstitious riffraff. “Spontaneous Generation” huh? That’s how they used to think frogs were made. Just let a dollop of mud set a while and presto, frog.

    All of it a “coincidence”. Well he won’t need a heater, or a child whore where he’s going. Bon voyage Stephen. Don’t forget to drop us a line. Use your flash paper.

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    • Interesting that you mention Sagan. I remember reading an article on him after I woke up to the real political setup down here on planet Earth, and there were all sorts of dead giveaways in the article that he had mad ea deal and was part of the elite; in other words he was a sellout who was lifted to prominence to sell one thing to the public while knowing there is a lor more to the story. So we have Hawking, clearly caught in the act above with Epstein, I believe Sagan, and their newest protegee, Neil Degrasse Tyson.


  21. If you’re going to criticise atheism, you should at least understand what atheism is. It’s not the assertion that there is no god. It is simply a lack of belief in gods. The same way you are atheist with regard to every religion other than your own.


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