The curious case of Parkland school shooting student survivor Emma Gonzalez

After the February 14, 2018 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, two student “survivors” — Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg — were interviewed on CNN, demanding gun control and trashing President Trump and the NRA.

Note that at the 0:14 mark in the video, the CNN anchor woman clearly identified both Gonzalez and Hogg as Douglas High students:

Two of those students who [sic] you’ll recognize join us now, Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg.”

Throughout the interview with CNN, Gonzalez repeatedly identified as a student.

At the 2:35 mark, Gonzalez said:

“I do want to reiterate the FBI were some of the amazing first responders who were helping us get to safety.”

In response to the anchor’s question of whether they’ve been invited to President Trump’s listening session with “students,” Gonzalez said (3:03 mark):

“Um, I believe we’ve been invited but neither of us is going. We have a preset town hall meeting that we’ll be attending.”

Gonzalez calls politicians who accept “blood money” from the NRA as being “funded by killers” and “against the children” and “against the people who are dying”. She describes herself as “standing with the children” who “have no money” and just like the children, “We don’t have jobs, so we can’t pay for your [politicians’] campaign.”

At the 5:45 mark, the anchor asks:

“Hey guys, are you gonna be able to go back to school this week or next week? Are you going to go back into the building where this happened?”

With a deep sigh, Gonzalez says:

“Well, first of all, the freshmen building is being torn down. But the rest of the school is staying up and, as soon as we can, we are going to go back into the school, as soon as they say school is on Monday, I’m going to be there I’m pretty sure, unless I have interviews or somewhere to be, we are going to be at school with the people who need us. We need to stand with our peers.

But an IT specialist named Dan Cromer (via James Fetzer) claims to have discovered two stunning things about Emma Gonzalez:

  1. Emma Gonzalez is David Hogg’s cousin.
  2. Instead of being a high school student, Emma Gonzalez is a professional actress who had graduated from NYU.

The problem is Dan Cromer does not provide sources, embedded or otherwise, with which we can verify his explosive claims.

Below is my effort to independently verify Cromer’s assertions.

(1) Is Emma Gonzalez the cousin of David Hogg?

To begin, David Hogg’s father, said by David to be a former FBI agent, is Kevin Hogg.

A search on the paid-subscription people search engine TruthFinder for “Kevin Hogg, Parkland, Florida” yielded this — that Kevin Ralph Hogg, age 51, who lives in Parkland, FL, has a relative named Katherine J. Gonzalez, age 52.

Kevin Ralph Hogg‘s profile on TruthFinder says that his wife is Rebecca Boldrick and that in 2014, he moved from Torrance, CA (4 miles from Redondo Beach, CA) to Parkland, FL.

Recall that David Hogg had graduated from Redondo Beach High School. Rebecca Boldrick has a family picture on her Facebook page — of David Hogg, Rebecca, David’s sister Lauren, and Kevin Hogg (see below). Rebecca is a proud supporter of the Planned Parenthood abortion mill.

I think we can confidently conclude that Kevin Ralph Hogg is the father of David Hogg.

According to TruthFinder, the birth name of Katherine J. Gonzalez (who lives in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA) is Katherine J. Hogg, which suggests she and Kevin Hogg are siblings.

Kevin Hogg and Katherine Gonzalez (née Hogg) share two relatives: Dorothy J. Hogg, age 83, and Robert L. Hogg, age 84, who both live in Mission Viejo, CA.

Robert L. Hogg’s timeline has the births of three children:

  • Robert Hogg in March 1957.
  • Katherine Gonzalez in May 1965.
  • Kevin Ralph Hogg in February 1967.

From this, it’s safe to say that Kevin Hogg and Katherine Gonzalez are siblings, which means their respective offsprings are cousins.

Kathy Gonzalez has a Facebook page.

Kathy Gonzalez

Among her Facebook friends are Dorothy Hogg, Kevin Hogg, Rebecca Boldrick, and David Hogg. Among the photos on Kathy Gonzalez’s Facebook page is a pic of young David Hogg with his grandmother (Dorothy Hogg) in 2008:

Kathy also has a pic of her son, Vincent Gonzalez, with grandma Dorothy in 2012. That means Vincent Gonzalez is David Hogg’s cousin.

However, there is no trace of any Emma or Emma Gonzalez in Kathy Gonzalez’s Facebook page — not a photo; not among any of Kathy’s 50 Facebook friends. Nor is Emma Gonzalez a family member of Katherine Gonzalez, Kevin Hogg, or Dorothy Hogg, according to their profiles on TruthFinder.

Dan Cromer does not provide any evidence that Emma Gonzalez is the daughter of Katherine Gonzalez — and therefore the cousin of David Hogg. All Cromer did is to put up a pic of Emma Gonzalez (see below), with the comment, “Emma is clearly a Hogg” — referring probably to the pic (above) of Vincent Gonzalez ( son of Kathy Gonzalez) with grandma Dorothy.

My conclusion, therefore, is that we don’t have evidence that Emma Gonzalez is David Hogg’s cousin.

(2) Is Emma Gonzalez a post-high school professional actress?

Another angle to explore is whether Emma Gonzalez is a student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

Dan Cromer claims she had graduated from a California high school and from New York University, and is a professional actress and writer.

Cromer refers to the profile of an Emma Gonzalez on IMDb, which says:

“Emma Gonzalez is a writer and actress, known for Eat Our Feelings (2014), Happy One Month (2014) and Happy One Month (2016).”

Eat Our Feelings is an online cooking show/sitcom, starring Emma Jane Gonzalez and Sasha Winters. Here’s an episode:

Does Parkland Emma Gonzalez sound like “Eat Our Feelings” Emma Gonzalez?

To me, not so much.

Below are pics of Parkland school Emma Gonzalez from a CNN video (far left) and Dan Cromer (far right), and screenshots of actress Emma Jane Gonzalez (EJG) taken from her online video, of Eat Our Feelings. The video is published online and therefore, in the public domain. That, in turn, means that the publishing of screenshots from the video is NOT a violation of EJG’s privacy.

↓Click image to enlarge↓

Below is a side-by-side comparison of profile views of actress Emma Jane Gonzalez and student Emma Gonzalez:

Emma Jane Gonzalez v. Emma Gonzalez

From the pictures above, I do not believe Parkland Emma Gonzalez (EG) and actress Emma Jane Gonzalez (EJG) are the same person:

  1. The ears are different.
  2. The chins are different: EJG has a receding chin; EG has a pointy chin.
  3. The ear lobes are different: EG appears to have longer ear lobes.
  4. The hairlines are different: EJG has a lower hairline.

Our obligation, always, is to the truth. Skeptics of the official narrative on the Parkland school shooting must be scrupulous in our assertions and counter-evidence. To do otherwise would be self-defeating and give ammunition to our opponents.

UPDATE (March 19, 2018):

On March 18, CBS 60 Minutes interviewed Emma Gonzalez, who was accompanied by her parents. Her mother is named Beth, but 60 Minutes did not say what Emma’s father’s name is. Here’s a screenshot I took from the 60 Minutes video:

Emma Gonzalez and parents, Beth

As you can see, Emma’s mother, Beth, doesn’t look anything like Katherine Gonzalez.

Update (March 26, 2018):

On March 22, a tip from a reader of FOTM alerted me to a photo of an actress named Emma Jane Gonzalez, posted to an online actor-services website, Now Casting.

On its website, Now Casting Inc. , which is based in Burbank, California, describes itself as “a premier online casting database used by industry professionals all over the globe,” which provides “services for the entire entertainment industry” and has “sent hundreds of thousands of auditions to casting directors, network executives, studio executives, producers”. The website’s services include:

  • Online auditions.
  • Posting a casting notice.
  • Free registration for actors to post their profiles.
  • Resources for actors, incl. a photographers gallery, classes, training and more.
  • A “Search” page to find actors, agencies, casting directors, management companies, photographers, actor resources, and monologues (by actors).

If you click “actors,” you’ll be taken to an “Actor Search” page, which says:

There are 361006 actors currently in our Now Casting database. All of them can be found with a name search. Please note they are still filling in their resume and other information. As that is completed, the more detailed searches will return a better result.

To find an actor, just type in his or her name in the box.

I did just that, typing “Emma” (first name) and “Gonzalez” (last name), which brought me to this page. Below is a screenshot I took of the page, in case the website takes down Gonzalez’s entry. I painted the red arrow pointing to the date (3/22/2018) and time (7:22 AM) when I took the screenshot.

↓Click image to enlarge↓

Emma Gonzalez on Now Casting

The similarities between the Emma Jane Gonzalez (EJG) in the Now Casting photo with Parkland student Emma Gonzalez (EG) are striking, especially the similar pointy chins, as you can see for yourself below:

Emma Jane Gonzalez on Now Casting

The EJG of Now Casting also does not resemble the EJG in the 2014 Eat Our Feelings video — unless EJG had had a chin implant since 2014.

I addressed the striking resemblance of the purported photo of EJG on Now Casting with Parkland student EG in my post of March 22, 2018, “Emma Gonzalez, Parkland school student, is a professional actress?,” which is now removed.

On March 25, FOTM received communication from Florrie Funk, who claims to be the mother of actress Emma Jane Gonzalez. Ms. Funk unequivocally states her daughter is neither a crisis actor nor Parkland student Emma Gonzalez.

I have verified that Ms. Funk indeed has a family member named Emma Jane Gonzalez, 31. I now believe that the purported photo of “Emma Jane Gonzalez” on Now Casting may be bogus. It may even be a photo of student Emma Gonzalez before she shaved her head, which someone uploaded to Now Casting for the express purpose of sowing confusion.

Fellowship of the Minds sincerely apologizes to Ms. Florrie Funk and actress Emma Jane Gonzalez for any hurt and inconvenience. Please know that our previous speculation that actress Emma Jane Gonzalez is student Emma Gonzalez was not undertaken with malice. We were misled by Emma Jane Gonzalez’s photo on Now Casting. I humbly suggest that Ms. Funk and Ms. Emma Jane Gonzalez pursue this matter with Now Casting.

Update (March 28, 2018):

I just discovered that, according to TruthFinder‘s background report on Florrie Funk, 64, she had lived in Parkland, Florida, from 1994-2003. Hmm. What a coincidence!

Assuming that Funk had lived with her daughter, Emma Jane Gonzalez, in Parkland during those years, that would mean that Emma Jane lived in Parkland from ages 7 to 16, where she likely could have met Emma Gonzalez of M.S. Douglas High School! Another coincidence!

Update (April 2, 2018):

FOTM reader Lola found a video of actress Emma Jane Gonzalez, The Outs, in which she sported a shaved head, like Parkland student Emma Gonzalez.

Lola took this screenshot of EJG from the video:

Emma Jane Gonzalez with shaved head

I cropped the above pic for a side-by-side comparison of two Emmas with shaved heads:

Emma Jane Gonzalez & Emma Gonzalez

See also these other posts on Parkland:


146 responses to “The curious case of Parkland school shooting student survivor Emma Gonzalez

  1. I think the two Emma’s are different people.

    Interesting finds.

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  2. I just wonder how much money they have spent trying to orchestrate this garbage and who is paying the bill? (hint) soro$$ and company. But I might be a bat sheet crazy too most of the bloggers on other pages think so because I believe in truth. Can we make it so?

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    • Sandy Hoax cost well over 100 million in payoffs. The “parents” of each “dead child” received about one million. The new school cost 50 million even though you could build it for 20 million or less. Advocating GUN CONFISCATION; where this is to go: pays well.

      We the taxpayers of the USA PAID.

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    • “Money” is of absolutely no importance to them. They create it out of thin air. They have all they could ever spend. If they need more, they print more.

      What most don’t understand about fiat “money”, is that these banksters control its distribution. In other words, what’s important is that you and I only get what they allot. That is how they control their slaves.

      So when it is one of THEIR operations that needs to be ticked off the to do list in The Plan, the sky’s the limit.

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  3. They are not the same.

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  4. As many have said, truth is stranger than fiction.
    Even if this was a ‘real’ shooting, the fact that the Bolshevik-sponsoring Rockefellers always used to use either the downtrodden peasants or other ‘disenfranchised’ individuals makes it look like they’re using these idealistic high school kids to try and hide their real agenda- gun confiscation of all guns in the USA. Which we know (and the school kiddies most likely DO NOT know) leads to eroding of rights and a police state and then communism and millions dead by the hands of the lunatics running the government death squads.
    Communism and its penchant for killing off the masses by declaring firearms illegal is not taught in most public schools for a reason.

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  5. I’m beginning to not trust my judgement of late, I’ve become so skeptical of almost everything I see and hear. I don’t know how you keep it all together Dr. Eowyn, you sure do your leg work, my mind is boggled. I’m very intuitive, and I usually go with my initial gut feeling, the first time I saw those two, and I saw that above newscast when it initially aired, I knew I was getting smoked by deception and deceit. Torrance, Ca. is a hotbed of activism, there are 100’s of videos on Torrance, from covert city meetings inserting Agenda 21/2030, to street protests on Immigration, to Smart Meters. For some reason Torrance is a Liberal/UN fake utopia, it makes sense these operatives come from that area. Again…good work Dr. Eowyn, please stay on it.

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  6. Afterthought….I wonder if we could find anything on David Hogg’s Uncle, Robert Hogg, your Article stated 3 siblings.

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    • Hello Bob,
      I have done much research on the Hogg Family and written about at my mailing list. In fact, it was my research into the Hoggs that lead me to the “Emma and David are cousins” hypothesis. I believe the Hoggs played a large role in this staged Parkland event and have participated in other events. If you (or anyone else reading) would like, send an email to me at dan.cromer at gmail and I will share my additional observations with you. I am currently putting all of my Parkland work together into one document to distribute. In addition, I appeared on Dr. Fetzer’s program The Raw Deal on 3/15/18 where we discussed Parkland in depth. Keep in mind, this is all work-in-progess and is subject to change based on the evidence gathered.
      Best regards,

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  7. I think it’s quite possible the older, differently-groomed, well-coached, California-liberal, activist “student” is the same as the “feelings eater.” Same hairline (but now shaved); same eyebrows penciled in, same nose, full lips, small chin, but having lost a few baby pounds. Earlobes look a bit different even when comparing the photos of the Parkland “student” photos. Remember, actors are able to easily change their appearance.

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  8. An orchestrated red flag event is a “real shooting” – not spontaneous, not random, but real – someone shoots and some people get killed. That is never the issue. When they set the stage, and mix up crisis actors and whoever gets called to fill in the blanks (no pun intended) is the issue. Who did it? Who’s behind it? What’ their agenda? FL, LA, etc., it’s all the same cabal and they will not let go and stop until they get what they want – confiscate all guns, so we the people have no way to fight back. I am counting on the cabal being stopped by the people who care about this country – I would say there are enough firearms of all kinds in the hands of we the people to defend America from being overthrown by libtards and communists. The rat $oro$ needs to go meet his maker, preferably soon, whistling all the way down to hell! Given that he is not young, I am counting on it happening sooner rather than later. He might trip and hit his head and spill the rotting stuff that’s in there. That would be good news.

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  9. I just searched hard for a video I watched a long time ago (so I could provide a Link) with no success. It was in the UK or Australia, it was a study, they started a rumor that a UFO was sighted over a small town, almost everyone interviewed said that they saw it, and it never existed!!!!! I think that’s also a part of these Capstone Events, a large amount of people will even exaggerate what didn’t happen when questioned, an ugly human trait for sure.

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    • As I recall, people adamantly stood by their claim of having seen the first plane hit the Trade Center live on TV and Bush states he saw it live as it happened on TV despite no video of that first plane hit being available for hours.

      This is sometimes called the Bugs Bunny Effect because a significant percentage (40%) of people who were asked their opinion about an ad for Disney World with Bugs Bunny standing just outside the entrance, all of whom had visited one of the Disney parks, claimed they’d seen Bugs there and shaken his hand. Bugs Bunny is a Warner Brother’s character, would never be at a Disney park, which shows how easily an implanted idea and even a false personal encounter may be taken for our own and real.

      If the Parkland students heard an authority figure say Cruz was seen shooting, you can bet two-thirds, if questioned, would agree they’d seen Cruz dressed like Rambo, firing two 50 cal. machine guns from the hip, and then escaping on a motorized skate board. Studies of college students’ recall, done a century ago, of flash skits by actors rushing in and back out of classrooms show that overpowering emotions induced by an event enable operatives to implant extraordinarily bizarre false memories that the witnesses will adamantly swear to regardless of later factual evidence to the contrary.

      Anyway, for my two cents on the article, the Gonzales gal and David Hogg had ice in their veins when first interviewed, as I recall, and were both so practiced and in agreement that any sincere person would agree their testimony was almost certainly both scripted and coached.

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    • Yeah, that’s interesting. I have noted that for many years. It is one of the reasons that “eye-witness” testimony isn’t always what its cracked up to be. There was a guy in LA who advertised UFO sightings at specific times and people would show up to his property. Every event most, if not all, of the participants reported seeing UFO’s.

      As an example, the taxi driver at the Pentagon eventually admitted that his cab being hit by a falling light pole was a set up. His wife worked for the FBI. A group did an excellent video of this and why it was not possible for the plane to have hit the poles.

      I used to stay as a hotel very near there whenever I was in D.C., so I knew exactly what they were describing. Still, all it takes is for one agent to be standing there on the expressway saying “did you see that? It was an airliner” (or words to that effect) and you’ll have dozens that swore they “saw” it.

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  10. Bravo! Dr Eowyn, you have proven to my satisfaction that these two young women are not one and the same. The Emma from Parkland has darker skin as in more “Hispanic” looking; she also appears to have darker eyes. Although her hair has been shaved, the grow out appears to be much darker than the hair of the actress who appeared in “Eating Our Feelings” When looking at “Parkland Emma,” when you look at her side view, there is a very distinct cut back in the pattern of her hair growth, what I mean by that is that she appears to have rather small side-burns, but in looking at the Emma with long hair, you do not see this same demarcation–her hairline is just tapered down her head towards her jaw line.

    God Bless you for putting the effort into researching this mystery. You have done exceptionally well.

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  11. Did you not find out anything about any Emma Gonzalez page’s, article, etc. on NYU website?


    • Did you?

      You have no idea how universities operate and what universities have on their official website. Emma Gonzales is not an employee (faculty or administration) of NYU, so why would the university’s website have her “pages, article, etc.”?


  12. I’m so confused-NOBODY is who they ARE anymore…..

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  13. David’s little sister also gave a stellar performance when interviewed. Methinks their father might be an ex-FBI guy who didn’t like how Trump viewed/portrayed his organization. Just my opinion…

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  14. This extensive amount of information and anomalies is incredibl. Please check it out , if you scroll down you can see all the actor and producer parents of these kids

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  15. Stephen T. McCarthy

    Excellent work, DOCTOR E!
    Yeah, I think it’s two different Emmas. The eye color and skin tone are different. And, yes, those can be manipulated easily enough. But the ears appear too different, also. That’s three strikes in my book.

    And indeed we must be cautious about advancing any theories because, as you and everyone else here already knows, there are “professionals” out there appearing to be honest investigators and everyday skeptics (secretly working for ‘The Wizards Behind The Curtain’) who deliberately try to muddy the waters so that we will ALL be dismissed out-of-hand when some theories are later proven to be false.

    Again, excellent work, Doc E.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’


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  17. I totally agree with you. NO proof that Kathy is Emma’s mother. Nor do you believe Emma goes to MSD high school, but is an NYU graduate.

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  18. Fetzer is a hit or miss investigator. He comes up with great stuff on Sandy Hook, but he goes off on the whole Paul McCartney is dead theory, which makes him look like a nutter.

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    • Stephen T. McCarthy

      DAN ~
      For a little while, I used to visit and comment on Fetzer’s website. It was actually there that I learned of FOTM, because he used to sometimes post articles by Dr. Eowyn.

      But after awhile, I got fed up with some of the wacky stuff that would get published on Fetzer’s site. I also discovered that he is an atheist, or agnostic, I suppose, if one wants to get technical. But either way it means the same thing: No belief in a Creator, let alone THE Creator from The Bible and His Sinless Son, Christ Yeshua. (That alone is enough for me to deeply question a person’s intelligence, and wonder about the possibility of undisclosed questionable motives.)

      Fetzer is also of the opinion that FDR was some kind of great, heroic American president who helped save us from The Depression. He holds FDR (one of the most disastrous, pro-New World Order presidents in history) in high regard.

      And as if that were not enough, Fetzer admitted to me that he voted for Barack Obama not once but TWICE!! In my opinion, no true American patriot of even average intelligence should have fallen for Obama’s see-thru Communistic agenda the first time. But to have actually voted for him a SECOND TIME, after 4 full years of listening to his rhetoric and watching him “fundamentally transforming America”, THAT is totally unforgivable in my view.

      It was right after I learned Fetzer was a two-time dupe of Barack Obama that I walked away from his website and have never gone back.

      I did, however, like and respect the articles I’d seen on Fetzer’s site by Dr. Eowyn, and that is how I became a regular reader of FOTM. So, at least some good did come from the brief time I was contributing to the comment sections at Fetzer’s mess of a website.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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      • “Fetzer admitted to me that he voted for Barack Obama not once but TWICE!!”

        Good grief. I did not know that. 😦

        He told me he’s agnostic, although he did not reject my praying for him.

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        • Stephen T. McCarthy

          Yes, DR. E, he and I interacted in a particular comment section and something he said gave me the impression that he had voted both times for Barack Obama. So, I asked for clarification and he acknowledged that what I’d surmised was correct. He did also acknowledge that he’d made two mistakes in voting for Obama, but that was two too many mistakes for me to put any more credence in anything Fetzer analyzed.

          Of course he’s correct about many things (such as Sandy Hook, the fake Moon Landings, etc.), but I already knew all that from my own research and didn’t need Fetzer to confirm anything for me.

          So, at that point, I just stopped visiting his website. I didn’t even want my name to become associated with Fetzer’s site in anyone’s mind. I guard my online credibility and reputation very carefully. (Truthfully, just his positive opinion of FDR was enough, by itself, to drive me away from his site.)

          If you wish (preferring to see it in his own words) I could do some digging and find that old comment section where he acknowledged voting twice for Barack the commie.

          ~ D-FensDogG
          Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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          • I believe you, Stephen.

            After I read your first comment, I emailed Fetzer asking if he indeed had twice voted for Obama. No response, which is uncharacteristic of him. I take his silence as his affirmation.

            Given his approval of FDR, I suspect he’s a registered Democrat. Assuming he still is, it boggles my mind how he can be one. But then, in a communication to me some time ago, after being fired by his university, Jim Tracy admitted that he once was a Democrat and a liberal as well, but that he is no longer one. So there is always hope for Fetzer! 😀

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    • Paul was killed in 66.. I cannot look at the person called Paul McCartney today and even think that’s Paul. A team of Italian researchers set out to put the Paul is Dead rumors to rest once and for all..after collecting all the evidence they had to conclude Paul was replaced.

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  19. my questions are:
    in all the pictures I’ve seen of “emma gonzales”, I’ve not seen 1 with her family present…where is her family? how does a “teenager” go through all of this without family present?
    there was no family present even when she was wiping away crocodile tears while giving a speech.
    why are all the pics of gonzales on the internet only from after the shooting? (same thing with the person who knifed the florida family and friend…a weird “mugshot” with no ID numbers)
    it’s also possible pictures of “emma”, or whoever she is, were taken down before the shooting to remove any possible connection between her and hogg or kathy gonzalez .

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    • I updated this post with the screenshot below of Emma and her parents, from CBS 60 Minutes last Sunday. Her mom, Beth, looks NOTHING like Katherine Gonzalez, sister of David Hogg’s dad, Kevin.

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      • Could “Emma” be “Vincent”? Remember the Lanza “brothers”? Just a thought. On the other hand, “Emma” would have a history as well. Why does she not show up as having a past?


      • Dr. Eowyn,

        “Beth” is a Gonzalez by marriage only. Her name is Elizabeth Weigard.

        The father’s name is Jose Gonzalez. I still believe that the González and Hogg families are related by marriage. The link is Kevin Hogg’s sister, Katherine Gonzalez.

        You can read my latest findings here:

        Take care,
        Dan Cromer

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      • I still think there’s a strong resemblance to “Vincent” (facially). It is also possible that “Stephanie” could be “Emma” with short hair. I’m not terribly good with faces, but there appears to be some resemblance.

        This is interesting, but not necessary as far as the fraud is concerned. Still, I’ve always maintained that these manipulators always use their connections when they pull these off.


  20. Dr. Eowyn, your post titled “Emma Gonzalez, Parkland school student, is a professional actress“ now reads “page not found”. Was that done by you or is my computer acting up?

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    • I took it down after a woman, Florrie Funk, wrote a comment that she’s the mother of actress Emma Jane Gonzalez, and that her daughter is neither a crisis actor nor Emma Gonzalez of Parkland, FL. I need to look deeper into this. I now suspect that the pic of EJG on the actors’ website Now Casting, which so resembles Parkland EG, is a photoshop, and that someone posted that to Now Casting to trap people.

      I’ll address this all in a post to come.

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      • Thank you, Dr. Eowyn.

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      • Dr. Eowyn, background check info confirms that Florrie Funk is the mother of actress, Emma Jane Gonzalez. And as I previously reported, Emma Gonzalez, student does not appear to be the daughter of Jose Gonzalez and Elizabeth Wiegard.

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        • Yes, I conducted a background check of Funk as well, confirming that she is Emma Jane’s mother.
          Do you know of any documentary evidence, e.g., yearbook, that Emma Gonzalez is an enrolled student at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School? She appears too old, composed and well-spoken for a 17-year-old.

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          • At this point, I have seen no evidence to suggest that Emma Gonzalez is a student at Douglas High School nor the daughter of Jose and Elizabeth.

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  21. The page that breaks through emma’s Acting evidence on your site is gone. I click to go and it’s empty

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    Go to the text of this post and scroll down to “Update March 26, 2018”.

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  23. It would be easier to tell who emma gonzalez is if there were more info available on her. she is “17” or “18” and, apparently, in high school and very outspoken and openly emotional in front of the camera….are there social media accounts, school activity pictures, yearbooks, anything from before the “shooting” (or even before her senior year since she’s lived in parkland all of her life) that lets us know she is a student of the school and not a plant or just a paid actress?
    even her twitter account began a few weeks ago and the wikipedia page on her speculates when she was born.
    she’s president of the school’s ‘gay-straight alliance’ club. if she is as passionate about homosexual rights as she is about gun rights, then there should be something showing her open support from some time ago than her senior year or any other activities for that matter.
    I can’t find anything on her except a video that was posted by hogg back in January of this year which shows her with shaved head, wearing earrings, makeup, and daisy duke shorts which is a contrast to the image she presents today.

    and this article by the dailymail which includes a pic of her from last year with a partially shaved head and a rainbow flag painted on her thigh:
    I’ve found nothing else that comes up with info pertaining to gonzalez at MSD or parkland.
    I wonder if anyone has found anything else on this person?

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  24. I am the uncle of Emma Gonzalez of “Eat our Feelings”. I can assure you that my niece is not the same person as the young woman with the shaven head. Just out of curiosity I did a simple web search of the name. I stopped counting at 75 Emma Gonzalez’s in the US. There are at least a hundred. Duh.

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    • Thank you, Louis. Emma’s mother, Florrie Funk, had already notified us that your niece is not Parkland student Emma Gonzalez. As for why there was speculation otherwise, it is explained in this post.


  25. Vincint Gonzalez (2010 cap and gown) looks very much like Emma Gonzalez. Let’s consider Vincent is transgendered to Emma. Is this a possibility?

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Unfortunately, Emma Gonzalez of Parkland fame does not look 18. I think someone told this guy to debunk his own truth. Jmo.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. Whether Now Casting is bogus or not, Emma Jane Gonzalez is Emma Gonzales of Parkland fame. So whoever did this identified her school photo. The Parkland Emma is not 18. She is much older.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Ashley Williams

    According to “been verified”, Florrie Funk, Emma Jane’s mother, lived on N Upper Ridge Dr Parkland, FL… I guess just another creepy coincidence?? Oh yeah, Emma Jane lived 4 minutes away in Miami, per “been verified”

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  29. Stephen T. McCarthy

    So, my opinion, for the $0.02 it’s worth:

    >>…” I have verified that Ms. Funk indeed has a family member named Emma Jane Gonzalez, 31. I now believe that the purported photo of “Emma Jane Gonzalez” on Now Casting may be bogus. It may even be a photo of student Emma Gonzalez before she shaved her head, which someone uploaded to Now Casting for the express purpose of sowing confusion.”

    Hokey-Smoke! This story just gets more and more convoluted. (Exactly as ‘The Wizards Behind The Curtain’ want it.) But, I say, Parkland’s Emma Gonzalez is NOT the “Eat Our Feelings” Emma Gonzalez, NOR is she the same person as Stephanie Rivera. No way, absolutely NOT.

    BUT!!… that black and white photo of Emma Jane Gonzalez of “Now Casting” is ABSOLUTELY the same person as Parkland’s Emma Gonzalez. She’s quite a bit younger and has long hair as opposed to a shaved head, but I’d bet a lot of pretty pennies that those two girls are one and the same. Same eyes, same nose, same lips, same person!! Only the hair length and the age has changed.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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    • Stephen T. McCarthy

      The black and white photo of Emma Jane Gonzalez of “Now Casting” is a bit pixilated, but it appears to me that she may have some kind of tattoo on the underside of her left wrist (the hand propping up her head).

      Does anyone know whether or not Parkland’s Emma Gonzalez has any sign of a tattoo or sign of a possibly removed tattoo on the underside of her left wrist?

      Then again, the apparent tattoo on the “Now Casting” Emma Jane Gonzalez could also just be a photo-shopped addition. It wouldn’t be conclusive either way.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

      Liked by 1 person

      • Tattoo or not, the girls are the same. The “mother” living in the same town is highly unlikely if she isn’t the relative. It is absolutely obvious that the characters are contrived, as is the storyline.

        We should always approach these as if the names they give are not their own, etc.. It is always difficult to separate “the story” from reality.

        We know that there was a drill scheduled. We know that the demonstration was scheduled months in advance. We know that some of the sequences were not shot in real time (i.e. The Hogg Soliloquy).

        We had the same thing happening in SHES. In fact, it happened for a great deal of time afterward. I have often said that they rate these drills in part on how well they control the narrative.

        So we’re dealing with a lie from start to finish. Extracting bits often just provides opportunities for them to attempt to reshuffle the loaded deck.

        Liked by 3 people

    • Yes, so it seems. Dr. “E’s” hairline photos pretty much confirm that. The short “Tyrannosaurus” arms helps too. They really slathered it on with the “White Boy Privilege” as well, (ugh!).

      Piglet the “atheist” was a stroke of genius too. All it needs is a “Holocaust” angle and they can take it to Hollywood.

      Liked by 1 person

  30. omnipresentelanvitalhuman

    If you chose to read the content in this post. I must point out that this is just my opinion..I cannot prove everything that is mentioned so I consider it nothing more than a conspiracy theory.. I’m not looking for validation or input form others, likes or dislikes, Not trying to promote fake news. Just want to share something I wrote. I take 100% responsibility for this post and it does not represent the opinion of any other on this blog . Just me.. That being said….
    A conspiracy theory, prove me wrong, say I’m a nut job, I do not care. Even if just for a laugh or an opportunity to troll, read what I have to say about the Parkland shooting. If I end up killing myself, It would validate my claims.
    The story they are telling to the public is bullshit. He could barely handle a pellet handgun. The guy is mental. He said he wanted to be a professional school shooter. It’s a proven fact that Secret Service Agents were at that school a few weeks before the shooting. They were doing some sort of live shooter training.. This has never been done before at any school by the Secret Service. Proven fact 2 would be that the coward guard at the school had direct hand radio communication with the Sheriff and local police. something like a 20 minute , 30 minute response time to get to the school. When they got there , they saw that someone had a faster response time. The FBI in full force along with CNN. The closest FBI office is further away than any local Law Enforcement(sheriff, police department) CNN was already set up and broadcasting the anti gun bullshit before the Sheriff Department, and local police got there. If you watch the aerial footage that recorded the whole event while providing live coverage , for TV, you will see some illegal activity being committed by people with badges. You can see them removing something from the crime scene along with adding stuff to the crime scene. Since the kid was mental, he got offered a job by the Secret Service Agents when they were in town a few weeks earlier. They told the kid they were going to do some active shooter drills . They offered the kid the job and told him that if he did a good enough job they would use him in other drills at other schools in the future. They explained to him that it would be a full time job with the title “Professional active school shooter gunman”. Call it an audition or a job interview, whatever you want.Does not matter. They knew this kid had big problems, prior problems with the law, and was mentally challenged.. A perfect patsy and they ran with it and exploited him. Just another day at the office for the agents. Any photos of him posing with guns were provided by the Agents along with helping him take them and posting them in the various accounts on web. More than likely, all this done at Hotel. The kid has his role to play, it’s his new job, his first day on the job, and he shows up at the school to go to work. His job being the most important part of the drill, He is the gunman. He thinks that this is great, He gets to go fuck with kids that picked on him, get paid for having fun, Finally have a full time job with a title. “Professional active school shooter”. He licks his lips, blinks about 20 times and enters the building to get his weapon loaded with blanks. They told him he would be using blanks , Once inside the building he was met by the agents from the Secret Service or the FBI or both. Keep in mind these are bad actors from these government agencies. A type of black op group following orders; The agents then jammed a needle into his neck full of drugs . He is standing there fucked off while they are on a shooting rampage. A student talks to him at one end of the building while shots are being fired at the other. She tries to strike up a conversation, all he can do i mumble nonsense with a mindless look on his face. She makes her escape and loses track of him . The agents have a problem. They gave him to big of a shot. The kid is so fucked up he cannot function. People would never believe he was the shooter. They hide the kid in a body bag and take him out of the building and throw him in the back of a pick up truck and take him down the road. The aerial live video shows, people hauling out something in a body bag and throwing it into a truck. This happened before swat cleared the building.. Weather he was in the body bag or not, those people removed evidence from the crime scene. So they kid is down the road where they are holding him for a little while to come down of the dope. The footage of his capture show him barely being able to stand up. Not armed, not combative. They search him for a while spend some time with this including a inspection of his neck. Still messed up and ambulance arrives at the arrest scene and takes him to the hospital. All this to say He never owned his own AR. Kids were killed for someones political agenda. That’s what happened of something very close. I bet you would find the same agents at the Vegas shooting, and others. Of course I cannot prove this But the aerial footage is real and can be found on YouTube and it shows what I have described. a very fucked up Amerika That’s all I have to say about that. Respectfully Brian H

    Liked by 3 people

    • Angie Fradella

      Well said Brian H.!!!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Very well said. That scenario makes perfect sense to me. We already know of several incidents where the FBI has set up patsies in this exact way. When you have a totally complicit and cooperative media you can do these very easily.

      All they need is a patsy and a drill. The rest can be made up on the fly. Most of the actual players don’t know what’s “real” and what isn’t.

      Liked by 1 person

  31. What are the chances of both of them having the same length of forearms .
    I am no expert, but I measured both from videos of both girls, Exact size forearms, which are unusually short on both. I was extremely skeptical but it looks like they are the same.

    Liked by 2 people

  32. Emma Gonzalez:

    … ” the message Gonzalez retweeted to her nearly 1.5 million Twitter followers read. “[B]ullying does not cause school shootings; entitlement does. and white boys are the most entitled demographic by far.”

    It’s usual story of the jewish media MONOPOLY using the voices of leftists to influence the greater numbers of people in the public at large with their huge market of viewers – while the voices of the [silenced] majority are left out, ridiculed and ignored – and are NOT GIVEN A national PLATFORM of any type.

    “…[A] student at a nearby school who reveals insider information about the nature of the Hogg-Gonzalez led protest.

    I’m a senior HS student from Broward county, Florida.

    This is long, but I think it’s important because people like me won’t be heard.

    I do not go to Marjory Stoneman Douglas, but I go to a school just a few miles away.

    There are us who do not believe what all of those in DC believe. WE are kept quiet for the most part. WE are not given time to speak our mind like the others. During the walkout on the 14th, about 20 of us in my school stayed in the school. We just went just outside the cafeteria where there’s vending machines, places to sit.. more or less just a common area. We were told that we MUST get out. They asked if we “disrespect the killed kids from MSD” and when we said that was a bullshit thing to say and we told them we just didn’t agree with this “anti-gun outrage parade” (that’s actually what my US gov teacher called it lol). They said some other stuff and then the resource officer and a sheriff deputy confronted us and basically scolded us for not participating.

    Eventually, we went outside and just stood by the school and didn’t take part in their walkout.

    Last Tuesday, 6 of us who didn’t participate went to the office and asked about scheduling a different walkout. I wasn’t in the office, but I know what was said. They asked if a pro-2A march would be allowed. They knew it would never happen, but they wanted to hear them say it. The principle and the administrator said absolutely not. Pro-life walkout? Y’know… to protect the children. Nope, they denied that too. What about a anti-bullying march? Nope! Not even that. What gives?

    Yes, we are being silenced. Only a few have been able to get their voices heard, such as Kyle Kashuv from MSD and a few others.

    But other students in this county… this state… this country… we don’t have the voice. We don’t have the megaphone CNN and others give the other people.” [Continues with more at the link].

    Liked by 2 people

    • Leftists are not the only globalists. Part of the globalist goal is racial divide and right wingers are happy to further that cause. The left pushes the globalist agenda of gun control. The right pushes the globalist agenda of bigotry.


  33. I think we need to keep digging here. Surely we can develop the real story on these characters. We now know that a drill was scheduled as well. Remember the authentic-looking wounds?

    I’ve had it with these. How dare these morons insist that we “believe” the MSM and suspend logic. They keep coming up with unbelievable scripts, implausible characters doing unlikely things and calling us crazy.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. omnipresentelanvitalhuman

    If anybody is interested.
    So like a good little researcher I try to be here is Florrie Funk link
    from there you could go to Emma Jane Gonzalez
    both Emma and Florrie have a friend in common Nick Fleury
    Scroll down and look at the photo of Nick and Obama click on it and read to validate this is Nick and Obama. Then click on Nicks second profile photo under Nicks Photos and take notice of who shared photo and click on it. You will get Sofya Alberti
    Look where she is from.
    If it were Trump in this photo with Nick Fleury they would be all over him for Russian collusion. Some of the photos on the Emma Jane Gonzalez page look very much like the Parkland Emma. But I believe they are not the same person.
    On Florrie Funk page where where she list here family members she has Emma Jane Gonzalez and Thomas Candler Gonzalez
    He list 1 family member Dave Perez
    he is married to Jane Rose Gonzalez Parez
    Dave Perez is Thomas Chandler Gonzalez brother in law. The only problem is the Jane Rose Gonzalez, Dave’s sister, is not the same Gonzalez that Florrie Funk lists,
    Just something to think about…..Maybe not

    Liked by 3 people

    • Nice work, very interesting. Just as a comment, there is nothing illegal, or suspicious, about communicating with Russians, despite what the lefties say.

      Anyway, there are still too many holes to suit me. I think I’m following what everyone has to say here, but a clear picture is still escaping me. This shouldn’t be this tough.

      These characters are clearly plants. Even if they weren’t they’re disgusting. As usual they’re selling a globalist agenda. There is such a thing as “over-selling”.

      Liked by 2 people

      • omnipresentelanvitalhuman

        The Russian thing, Yeah I know. If that were Trump in that photo all hell would break loose. It was a “Where’s Waldo” night in research. A lot of time but very unsatisfying. I was happy to find a connection with Obama to Florrie Funk Both with the anti gun attitude. Quite a reach, but a connection. Not enough for me to spent time on. One of those ” if it was Obama or If it Trump” moments that I thought would be of interest to someone. Same goes for the rest of the info in the post. Sharing the process, my results and sometimes my opinions with the people that know more than I.. I hope my efforts would, at the very least, save some people some time. I welcome advice, opinions, criticism from just about anyone. I think that everyone has something to say that we can learn from. We just need to take the time to listen. I’m new to this blog and I just kind of threw myself into the mix of things uninvited. I have nothing but good intentions.. Just looking for truth. For some people, some of what is discussed on this web page is not really that big of a deal. To me, a lot of it is a big deal and in one way or another contributes to some of the decisions that i make pertaining to direction of my life and how I interact with others along the way. Rambling, sorry about that. Thanks for your input.
        Respectfully BrianH

        Liked by 1 person

        • Your research was wonderful. My comment on things Russia was just that, a comment. I hear people insinuating that anything having to do with Russia is suspect every day. I didn’t mean that I thought that’s what you were doing.

          That said, I DO find it strange, having lived through all that Cold War nonsense to note that The Left, which was previously “pro-Russian” is now, suddenly, rabidly anti-Russian, now that they are no longer a Communist country. All that does is further affirm suspicions for decades that they were really Communists hiding as “liberals”. Every day that passes brings them closer to Maoist Communism.

          A lot of Americans in the 20’s and 30’s got caught up in Communism to their great regret later. Watching this new crop confirms my suspicions that they are woefully ignorant. It is a sure sign that the conditioning never stopped and it worked.

          I think there is a big connection here between Little Barry and his homo army. I don’t remember a corollary to this in the past either. Meaning a past president conspiring against the incumbent. But, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, Obongo always reminded me more of a Commie agent than a President.

          I appreciate all your hard work on this. There is a common thread that runs through it and I’m willing to bet that it runs right through Kalorama.

          Liked by 2 people

          • The thing with young people and their attraction to communism or socialism is unfortunate. Regretfully I believe they learned this from people from my generation. Not me, but the one’s that didn’t fit in, unpopular,, got picked last in P.E., that sort of thing. That would also include the “everybody gets a trophy”, types, “everybody wins, no losers” types, and “I’m friends with my kids” rather then be a parent to them.types.
            The one’s that became the educators teach anti-American crap and leave out the important stuff. Rather then educating them they push some ideology that conflicts with simple common American values, traditions and way of life. Some started doing this on their own, some got a push from Commie Obongo, Soros,.or whoever the flavor of the month is types( too many to just pick just 1). The same goes for the ones that entered government positions, judges, law enforcement,etc. They’re everywhere.
            Eventually some of the youngsters will figure it out. Others that don’t should be put in a country that practices what the misguided youngsters are preaching and see if they have a change of heart. The ones that don’t, “leave them there”
            Respectfully Brian Humphrey.

            Liked by 1 person

  35. If they can put elf ears on you why do you think they can’t restructure the face and ears they do that all the time. There are numerous photos where her eyes are starting to show a blue looking hazel. Not brown as early on when the contacts were different. Especially at the key to Miami gay alliance event. There is another photo that clearly shows where her nose once was. You can see the nose job in it. Go look up south Korean plastic surgery on YouTube what they altered on Emma was nothing compared to what they do. That’s where they are sending these creeps to now. You can see her chin matches in a few pictures. These creeps know what they are doing and are told to stand every second to how they move their mouths so to avoid or accent features they want or hide. You think they would put a picture on the page of Emma. . Of course they wouldn’t… that be too obvious.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I suppose they “could”, but I don’t know why they’d bother. There are thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of actors. I tend to think, however, that they stick to their friends and acquaintances. This particular operation required people who could pass for high school students.

      It’s a lot like whores who dress up like little girls. Of course the screen writers for this one wanted to get some queer, hispanic, woman’s lib garbage in there as well. I’m not sure why they found Hogg.

      I remember once in college, during a marketing class, they mentioned that being irritating can be a “good” thing in advertising. You remember them, even if you can’t stand to look at them.

      Liked by 1 person

  36. FOTM reader Lola found a video of actress Emma Jane Gonzalez with a shaved head. Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

    Liked by 2 people

    • They are VERY close. I wish I were better with faces.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Look at the shaved hairlines!


        • They look to be a match! Following up on these alleged parents could be instructive. I was amazed in SHES by how hard it was to actually get information on common people.

          It still seems to me that a real investigator, with all the tools available to them and the experience to use them, could unwrap this stuff pretty quickly. Getting people’s credit card and phone information, etc., can paint a clear picture of who they really are and what they do.

          While I like sharing information, that is probably not the ideal way to learn more about people. It would be better to do the investigation prior to speculating.

          I know that we’ve already blown this one wide open, whether anybody admits it or not. What would be interesting to see would be a blow-by-blow analysis of the official narrative. If they said so-and-so was hospitalized, for example, records would either agree or disagree with that statement.

          My totally unscientific “gut feeling” is that this is another drill scenario. That seems to be the starting place for the dramas that follow.

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        • Strange how the mind plays tricks… Here is the episode At 26:03 the cast of characters is given in order of appearance. EJG plays the character of Carrie,who appears at the 1:04. She is seen sitting on the couch. The gal with the shaved head is clearly not her………………….

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  37. I just wanted to add that if you look at an image search of Emma Gonzales,you can note at speaking events that she is indeed using self tanner. Note the yellow appearance of the forehead and cooler areas on the face. Those areas of the self tanner have not broken down due to sweat. Of most interest, their arms are the identical shape and length. It sure is a coincidence that they look so much alike.

    Liked by 2 people

  38. Following links above, I found another way D Hogg and Emma Gonzales might be related – through her mother Elizabeth Wiegard.

    Here is a woman named Hannah Wiegard who may be related to Elizabeth Weigard of NC and VA who works for Appalachian Voices.

    Notice the same pointy chin – or as someone above called it a vulpine (fox shaped) face.

    This woman is also media savvy, a Democrat and a political activist.

    I’m not on FB, so I can’t see her friends & family connections.
    It would be better to have a genealogist and someone who has access to serious databases to track down any connections.

    Liked by 2 people

  39. Americans people are “STUPID PIGS THAT GRUNT and SQUEAL ” at the media topics we Jews give them…HOWARD ROSENTHAL(top staff to Senator Jacob Javits) interview om Jewish media control


    It is clear this is staged,but no one is talking about the problem. When trying to solve a crime there is nothing better than a full out confession,especially when it comes with plenty of hard evidence. This site touches briefly on Jews under the Islam/Jews link,but it doesn’t expose them..

    Who introduced assault weapons ban after Parkland? 2 Jews

    Who is always leading the way to disarm Americans? They admit it

    Just like every “shooting” the same ol’ crowd is behind it..
    Florida shooting…



    One of the “victims” a Jew teacher has already been tracked down..his address and phone number….you are being played by age old deceivers

    In regards to the last post,you are correct the Kasky’s are not Christians…they are Jews

    Jews were and are the communists who butchered 60+ million Christians last century,they want you dead…they own the media,banks,run Hollywood and constantly are tricking the goyim…

    On Jewish media control…

    Alan Dersowitchz ..JEW MEDIA CONTROL

    MILO Jews media control./..

    If you have a problem with censorship..Jews are attacking free speech,how about illegal immigration? Jews run the DHS,get all the grant money,they run the groups that sue anyone trying to stop the invasion..the ACLU,SPLC…how about refugee resettlement? Jews lead the NGO’s bringing in hoards of Muslims to destroy you…wake up.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Easy there partner. I think we’re pretty “awake” here. Maybe if you spend a little time reading some of the comments you’ll notice we’ve been talking about this problem for a long time. But, thanks for the comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  40. Correction: Hannah Wiegard lives and works in NC and VA.
    Elizabeth Wiegard, mother of Emma Gonzalez is in Parkland, FL.

    The Facebook photo of Hannah Wiegard looks more like David Hogg than either of his parents.

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  41. Pingback: Florida Obituaries Show No Parkland School Shooting Deaths | ― ஜ ۩ Whiskey Tango Texas ۩ ஜ ―


    I think you need to look at the episode of The Outs again. Emma Jane Gonzelez is in the ensemble at the 1:06 mark – the group is watching tv together. She is also listed in the credits second – (in order of appearance). The person in the wine store is not her. She is a little tiny girl – you can see that in photos from the restaurants she has worked at – that chick in the wine store was pretty tall – not to mention – really does not look like her.


  43. stupid ass grown men playing detectives over an 18 year old student fighting for peace in the classrooms. why dont you help look for a solution instead of bullying a high school student. Oh yeah, cuz you suck at it, just like you’re stupid amateur detective games. Shame on you.


  44. Don’t mean to be so mean spirited as to step on someone’s memory but has anyone noticed the striking resemblance between Victoria Soto of S. Hook and Stephanie Rivera? Eye shade some what different but hey, any-
    one can alter eye color with contacts.


    • Pic of Stephanie Rivera, please, for comparison.


    • Yes, I think I made a passing comment about it. Personally, I try to think about these as if I were the casting director. What “type” would I look for? Both the casting directors and the actors are aware that their best bet of landing a role is to look like some sort of generic character.

      This could be the young, vaguely hispanic, bright-eyed teacher or the buzzcut, angry La Raza gay warrior princess. A really good actor could play either.

      Both the directors and the actors should be students of human expression. Whenever we analyze one of these operations it is important not to get caught up in them and forget that they are not real. You could just as easily put fairy wings on her.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I concur with your reply. Even if this image of alleged Rivera wasn’t Emma, it could be another oversight while looking for casting parts. Maybe it is my imagination but side by side with a image of Soto(Sandy Hook) they look very much alike. Any chance this could be her. They tend to recycle actors over and over again, while using the same narrative. I don’t want to create any disinfo but it is still worth a check. I may be reading more into it?


        • Well, there’s always a chance. They don’t look the same to me, but I’ve said I’m not very good with faces. “Emma” has a hard look. Even when she’s smiling there’s an “edge”.

          Soto looks more wholesome. Of course a lot of that could simply be the role. In SHES she played a family member of a “family” that was clearly made up. There were even family pictures of them at a beach and they were photoshopped into place.

          I think I understand the phenomenon of “identifying” with a character and discussing them so much that they start to become an actual person. With characters they can be whatever the script writer and the director want them to be. It has absolutely nothing to do with how they actually are in real life.

          The “worst” actors are the ones who play themselves. For whatever reason they have some “interesting” or “useful” characteristics. They are selected because they add something to the plot. In those cases they aren’t really acting, they are merely reading lines.


  45. Pingback: The curious ever-changing dates of March For Our Lives permit application | Light On Conspiracies - Revealing the Agenda

  46. Pingback: Revealed: Highly Orchestrated Police State Campaign to Brainwash Law-Abiding Citizens Into Giving Up Their Rights ⋆ Unite or Die

  47. It is my belief, based on vigorous research and study of all shooting “events” across America for the past 6 years, that the Parkland Shooting was orchestrated well in advance of the event which happened “coincidentally” on Valentine’s Day (mimicking the Valentine’s Day Massacre for ease of reference by the planners.) The backdrop was greased by Obama’s Executive Order: WH Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans, which was a cover for programs to soften/exaggerate the number of crimes being committed by minorities in public school.
    Broward County adopted a plan of “diversionary programs” which prevented school students from being arrested… while improving their hideous crime statistics:
    Nikolas Cruz is the patsy in this school play. Was anyone killed? I can’t answer that definitively, but I will bet a thousand bucks if anyone was, he/she wasn’t shot by Cruz. Anyone researching this event knows of the numerous warnings and reports to the FBI of Cruz’s disturbing behavior and the fact that they did nothing to investigate. Coincidence, right?
    Coincidence (another one) that Poster Boy, Gun Control student David Hogg’s father, reportedly now retired, worked for the FBI. And, of course, David was front and center, giving CNN, King of Fake News, interviews on the scene. And, contradicting himself later, about whether he was actually IN the school when the shit supposedly hit the fan.
    If you really want to have some fun, research Broward County Sheriff, Scott Israel, his politics, his son’s prior arrest, his involvement with underage females. It’s all there. You just need to look, connect the dots and finish the puzzle.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes to all. Some of us have done some research. I know what I think about it. As to CNN, of course. That is their principal propaganda arm. As to the rest, of course Dad-Hogg’s FBI involvement isn’t “coincidental”. Neither are the rest of the characters in this.

      We’ve posted quite a lot about Sheriff Israel. We’ve also noted how little negative “press” he’s received besides having the worst response to an alleged shooting ever.

      Now that time has passed I think it worth noting how this has been used. They are silent when anyone wants to investigate the apparent “failure”. They are strident when they wish to use it for their disarmament push.

      Liked by 1 person

  48. Leave the girl alone she is a kind person and this is sad that you have all these stupid photoshopped conspiracies about her.


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