Illegal alien and Boston High student accused of making threat detained by ICE


From Boston Herald: A 19-year-old East Boston High School student who was arrested last week for allegedly making threats at school is in ICE custody after authorities realized he’d been living in the United States illegally since 2015, an ICE official said.

Kevin Vasquez Funes, 19, a citizen of El Salvador living in East Boston, was arrested by Boston police Wednesday after allegedly making threats against people at East Boston High School. Funes, who was enrolled at the White Street high school, was ordered held on $5,000 cash bail (that’s all?) during his arraignment Thursday in East Boston District Court on a charge of threatening to do bodily harm, a spokesman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley’s office said. Funes was scheduled to return to court on Wednesday.

Funes was later arrested at his home by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Friday after officials determined he had been living in the country illegally since 2015, an ICE spokesman said. Funes, the spokesman said, “will remain in ICE custody pending the outcome of his immigration case.”

A Boston Public Schools spokesman said an automated phone call was sent to the school community letting them know that Funes had “made verbal threats of violence toward members of our school community” and that staffers “immediately took action and contacted Boston School Police and the Boston Police Department.”

“We take any potential safety threats extremely seriously; and we do not tolerate students making threats of violence toward our school,” the message continued. “We fully believe that East Boston High School is safe. Boston School Police officers will continue to patrol our school before, during and after the school day.”


12 responses to “Illegal alien and Boston High student accused of making threat detained by ICE

  1. From El Salvador, came here as a minor and made threats at school… wanna bet MS-13?

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  2. Most violent country on earth.

    Build the wall and throw him over it.

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  3. A real Genius. Sneak into the country and then call attention to yourself.
    Send him back to where he came from and if he comes back against the law make sure he never sees the light of day again.

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . that is certainly an idea that I can get behind 100%. Why is it that these trespassers actually feel that they have the right to break into our country and then throw their weight around. So here the taxpayers are paying to educate a person who is hardly still a child.

      I should imagine that contacting the police regarding this thug was a tough call to make for left leaning school employees: A) Do we protect this illegal alien from possible deportation? OR B) Do we protect our own citizens from this illegal alien? Thank goodness, it sounds like their system made the choice for them, as an auto dial call to the police. Good for them.

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  4. Just send the little sh*t to GITMO.

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    • Dave . . . . Excellent suggestion! There must be plenty of room there for these MD-13 wantabes! The good thing would be, we would not be stuck with them here in our homeland.

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  5. Vermin like that should be SHOT on sight.

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  6. Boston “SCHOOL” police?

    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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