Gun-control, Baltimore style: Man shot and killed while driving in funeral procession

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh

Heckuva job mayor!

From Baltimore Sun: A man killed Saturday in West Baltimore’s Penrose neighborhood was driving in a funeral procession when he was shot in his car, Baltimore police confirmed Monday.

Dannta Holmes, 39, of the 1500 block of Shields Place, was found suffering from gunshot wounds in the 300 block of N. Monroe St. by officers who heard the gunfire while on patrol, said Detective Jeremy Silbert.

Holmes was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. A preliminary investigation revealed suspects had approached the vehicle and opened fire before fleeing, Silbert said. He said he did not know for whom the procession was being held.

Another shooting, in which a 30-year-old man was wounded, occurred in Penrose on Wednesday. Baltimore police also identified on Monday two other men killed a day apart in the same neighborhood late last week.

Montrel Rivers, 20, of the 4000 block of Eierman Ave., was fatally shot in the upper body in a double shooting outside of a convenience store in the 1100 block of East North Ave. in East Baltimore Midway at about 2:30 p.m. Thursday, police said.

Rivers was pronounced dead at a local hospital. The other victim in the shooting, an unidentified 22-year-old man, was shot in the leg and taken to a local hospital for treatment, police said.

At about 8:50 p.m. Friday, Ronald Preston, 30, of the 800 block of Montpelier St., was found suffering from gunshot wounds in the 600 block of Gutman Ave., also in East Baltimore Midway, police said. Preston was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

As of Monday, there had been 47 homicides in Baltimore in 2018. That is fewer than during the same period last year, but more than during the same period in each of the previous five years.

The 342 homicides in 2017 marked a per-capita record in Baltimore. It was the third year in a row the city had surpassed 300 killings — a mark not previously reached in the city since 1999.

Mayor Catherine E. Pugh — who fired former Police Commissioner Kevin Davis in January and appointed Darryl De Sousa in his place — said Monday in a State of the City address that the city is moving in the right direction, but still has more work to do to halt the violence.

She said the “collateral damage” from homicides is generational and leaves long-term wounds. “This need not be, and it must not continue, and it will not,” Pugh said.

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21 responses to “Gun-control, Baltimore style: Man shot and killed while driving in funeral procession

  1. Texas Deplrable

    Pugh looks like a “man” with a wig … (trans…)


    • I’ve thought the same thing every time I’ve seen her picture.

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    • Texas Deplrable . . . . Well, it’s for sure she is has a high opinion of herself, judging from that smug look on her face.

      I think when she fired the white Chief of Police, and replaced him with a black man . . . that all her problems were going to evaporate. Unfortunately, the idea of “life is cheap in Baltimore” does not depend on who the Chief of Police is.

      I think this woman is just as culpable of malfeasance . . . as the carpet baggers were going into the South just after the Civil War. She only cares about what she can attain for herself. For Heaven sake’s, they cannot pay to heat their schools–yet they came up with monies to buy tee shorts for the student’s to protest the killings down in Parkland. They also have come up with monies to pay for attorneys to appear in court with illegal aliens who have deportation issues. I find the fact that as a black woman who has attained the high office of mayor . . . and the fact that she puts the plight of non-citizen illegals BEFORE THE NEEDS OF BOTH THE BLACK AND WHITE AMERICAN CITIZENS OF BALTIMORE TO BE A HORRIFIC ACT. If we want to grieve for the children . . . think of those young people having to attend school in a cold building, but on the other hand there is plenty of money to offer attorney services to non-citizens. Even our courts have declared that non-citizens DO NOT HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION AS AMERICAN CITIZEN’S DO! I grieve for the conditions that our African-American citizens must endure under the leadership of such a POS.

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  2. I may have my cities confused, but isn’t Baltimore the city that is spending billions on illegals but can’t pay to heat their schools? Considering that this winter the East coast has suffered and is still suffering from one nor’ eastern after another. May the Lord have mercy.

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  3. highest out-of-wedlock pregnancy rates, highest abortion rates, highest drug abuse rates, highest murder by gun rates, high number of STDs…and yet, “black lives matter”….for votes…..maybe.
    this is what happens when children raise themselves without proper Christian parental guidance or influence (orphans and single-parent homes).
    The communists replaced Jesus and natural parents with rap videos, drugs, and margaret sanger abortion clinics (true racism…not the junk paid millennials are screaming about today). When anarchy rules in neighborhoods, social order and morality cease to exist. I pray for those who are working on getting out of the liberal-created moral and social cesspools known as “ghettos”.
    if they truly believe “black lives matter”, then the citizens would get rid of the false prophet parasitical “progressive” politicians, reconnect with Jesus and parent by biblical and social order so the youth learn respect for others and themselves.
    “Love thy neighbor as thyself” Mark 12:31

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    • You said it so well Mom. The sad thing is, I see no way out for these people and this situation. They have bought the communist lies, and it has now become a self perpetuating cycle. It reminds me of the article I posted here a few weeks back about the White teacher teaching in a Black school in the South, where he mentioned that many of the girls had no other ambition other than to become a welfare mother- that was gong to be their source of income. Ignorance, laziness, and violence all perpetuate themselves,
      ( )

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      • I just want to add that I blame a lot of rich Blacks like Oprah, and many other multimillionaire sports figures for doing NOTHING for their own people, but instead encouraging them to keep voting Democrat. Oprah goes to Africa and sets up a girls school,l but what has she done to go into these American ghettos and try to turn things around? She probably thinks she is giving them a big favor by gracing them with her appearance of TV each day. What flaming selfish hypocrites..

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        • Lana . . . . You have hit on several extremely important points. Most of us really do wonder whuz up with these blacks who make it big, yet they are not willing to reach back into the ghetto and try to lift some of those people up and perhaps out. I have always wondered why Oprah has spent so much money on African black girls, yet she seemingly doesn’t give a hoot about the young black girls in ghetto’s in America . . . . is that because deep down in her heart, she knows that the blacks in American ghetto’s are perhaps a lost cause? In fact appearing in any of the huge ghetto’s in this country just might get you shot. Whereas, having a nice girl’s school in Africa is such a lovely picturesque “public relations” opportunity. Oprah is a chiseling model of what not to be if you hit the big time!

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      • Lana,
        for many, truth is a hard pill to swallow…it’s easier for folks to think of themselves as “victims” instead of accepting responsibility for their actions and owning up to them.
        what a terrible life to live where there is no desire to better oneself and any who do are pulled to the bottom of the barrel…those who escape the claws of the ghetto usually hold on to the Lord for their salvation and guidance.
        I pray for everyone who is earnestly working towards a better and safer life while holding on to the Lord.

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    • MomOfIV . . . . I am so very proud of you for that absolutely awesome synopsis of exactly what is wrong in the ghettos. Bravo!!

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      • Auntie,
        Thank you.
        Let’s pray they wake up before it’s too late.
        A welfare check can not feed the soul.

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        • MomOfIV . . . . Amen to that! That really is quite profound . . . “A welfare check can not feed the soul!” If only, we can convince the citizens of the Baltimore that seeking the spirit of Christ in their lives can improve their circumstances a thousand fold.

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  4. Baltimore…

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    • Anonymous . . . . I do not know how anyone could possibly see that particular picture . . . and not experience extreme anxiety, or complete revulsion. This is exactly what a community where there is no God, no father’s in the home, no work ethic, no desire to become educated, and a complacency to remain there in the jungle with the rest of the animals.

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  5. Same mayor that sponsored children to march in DC against the Second Amendment. Used public funds.

    Baltimore is a case study for turning everything over to liberals. It has become a dystopian city full of corruption. The problem is that decades of welfare breeders, the “Move to Opportunity” (MTO) program, caused the collapse of anything worth saving. If you see the local news, the first 12 minutes show murders and crimes, then a commercial break for the weather report. Few people go downtown or any place where the public transportation goes because the rat lines have destroyed those areas. Hunt Valley used to be nice before the light rail arrived. Perry Hall used to be nice before the bus lines came to White Marsh. Owings Mills was safe prior to the light rail.

    Watch this clip. Typical Mayor Pugh. Refuses to engage in a dialogue unless she is the one speaking. Judge for yourself.

    And yes- I was born there and live within 20 miles. Never go to the city – it’s too dangerous. It was called “Charm City” by Schaeffer, then “The City That Reads” by Kurt Schmoke – both monikers are now a joke.

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    • Kingsville .. .. .. After watching that clip showing Mayor Pugh, I have come to the conclusion that she is one of the most rude, duplicitous, ego centric people to ever appear on a TV show. What a tragedy for the people of Baltimore. I certainly do hope that when this city goes bankrupt . . . that they do not call on John Q Citizen to bail them out. This woman is nothing short of a train wreck.

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      • Kingsville . . . One of the worst things to happen to a city is that they put in these light rail projects. We here in Portland, had one installed from Portland to Beaverton-Hillsboro. Now if you dare to ride that train into or out of the Portland City hub, you may well be robbed, beaten up, etc. by the lowlifes who before the installation of the light rail stayed in their own communities. Now they venture out into areas that have otherwise been beautiful, crime free, delightful areas. It sounds like you are expressing the very same phenomena in and around Baltimore that has happened here in the Portland Metro area.

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  6. Same mayor that has numerous schools with no heat, but they went to an anti-gun rally. Governor Hogan sent money to her for HVAC too.

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  7. What’da you want to bet that all those ‘victims’ were also victimizers. hanging with criminals greatly reduces your chances of dying of natural causes.

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  8. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Thanx Baltimore for lifting the most dangerous city title from us! Here in Detroit we are applauding your sense of civil control for this. Keep up the good work! Asshats!

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