Sanctuary California: Illegal alien who killed 6-year-old was previously deported twice and arrested for DUI

Grace Aguilar killed by illegal

It’s not fair: Grace Aguilar taken from her parents.

The federal government ought to do its job and not blame California.

Tell me Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Libby Schaaf: Who is to blame now? The death of this little angel means nothing to you? NOTHING?

Apparently the last words of Kate Steinle meant nothing to you.

Why I’m so mad:

You politicians who support the sanctuary status in your state, and the voters who support you, make me sick.

Shame on the California politicians who shelter and protect illegals who kill American citizens. Shame on you!

From NBC Los Angeles: Angela Aguilar had just gone back inside her Fullerton home to cook. She thought her 6-year-old daughter, Grace, was also inside.

Grace Aguilar, though, was in the front yard, where she had gone to sit by her favorite tree. Angela Aguilar heard the crash, but she didn’t realize that an out-of-control driver had struck her daughter.

Grace Aguilar died in that Feb. 17 crash, which police say was caused by a drunk driver, and now her parents can only look back on a young life that had filled theirs with so much joy.

“For something so stupid to happen in a second, just to have (your child) taken away from you, it’s not fair,” Angela Aguilar said. “It’s not fair.”

Immigration officials say 50-year-old Maximino Delgado Lagunas, who is in the United States illegally, had a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit when he was arrested. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has revealed to NBC4 that Lagunas, a Mexican national, had been deported twice, once in 2001 and again in 2008.

Court records show that in 2015 he was arrested for another DUI. Immigration officials say that back then Buena Park police did not detain Lagunas for the required 48 hours for pickup  by immigration officials, instead placing him on informal probation and releasing him to the streets.

Angela and Jesus Aguilar say it took them eight years to have a child. Now they can only mourn their daughter after Lagunas’ actions.

The girl’s parents say their daughter was friendly and mature. She loved people, nature and God. Her father remembers her hugs and her smiles. Her mother remembers the sound of her voice. “She had this beautiful laugh,” Angela Aguilar said. “I still hear it in my head every day.”

Lagunas could now face a possible murder charge.

“He’s taken away from me the best thing I had in life,” Jesus Aguilar said.


18 responses to “Sanctuary California: Illegal alien who killed 6-year-old was previously deported twice and arrested for DUI

  1. Let me see if I understand — this illegal, who had been deported twice and arrested multiple times for DWI’s, gets drunk, kills a little girl, is now being charged with murder and will spend the rest of his sorry life in prison, at the American taxpayers expense — the leaders in California (the land of fruits and nuts) and various other cities and states in this country still refuse to uphold American laws to help make sure no other American child gets killed. We live in a mixed up, messed up world. By the way, it says that a judged ruled Kate’s family cannot file a criminal lawsuit against the City of San Francisco. Any one can file a civil lawsuit. That is what Brown’s and Goldman’s families did against O.J. Simpson after his criminal trial. If I was Kate’s family I would file a civil lawsuit against the individual leaders of San Francisco like the major, individual city council members, the city attorney as an individual, etc. A Judge cannot stop a civil lawsuit.

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    • Cabin 1954 . . . . I am in full agreement with you. It is high time that those who are holding down positions in various governments begin to be sewed as “separate individuals” not as “individuals holding such and such position.” It was their “personal and individual thinking” that has brought about so much of the installation of Progressive values. They thought about these arguments, and then they choose to vote “Yes” on the various questions before themselves. The American people who have suffered under the imposition of various liberal ideas, such as “Sanctuary State, Sanctuary City, Sanctuary County.” I might add, although many may be shocked at my thinking . . . “Individual clergymen/clergywomen” who have fostered the spending of Church monies to house, feed, clothe, provide medical care, etc. to those who are breaking the laws of our land should also be sewed separately and individually (apart from the Religious Denomination that they may represent.) If individual persons, came to believe that they as a separate individual might or would be held liable for the choices they make which are at variance with the Constitution of the United States of America . . . I think all of a sudden there might be a screamin’ halt to some of the nonsense that is going on in our country.

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      • Those in power, exempt themselves from responsibility.

        Ideally, those in the Buena Park police department that cut the illegal loose would stand trial as accessories.

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        • At the risk of sounding like a broken record, cops and officials do not have a license to ignore law. If it is a policy the individual MAY get off. If it is policy, the whole administration should go to jail.

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  2. Moonbeam recently called for literal brainwashing of humanity while he was a guest at a Vatican strategy session for implementing the NWO via climate change, which shows these modern gnostics looking to remake the omlet don’t mind braking a few eggs like this little girl, just run over by one of the governor’s official guests.

    Brown the novitiate quit the Jesuits in the 1950s, at a time the Jesuits were quitting the faith in favor of scientistic and pantheistic gnosticism of the Teilhard variety, and Brown apes Teilhard to a tee in often describing himself as paddling a canoe left and right but always making progress. The apostate Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin said the same thing, that mankind evolutively gropes this way and that, left and right, between good and divine-sanctioned evil, but the overriding good is always Darwinian evolutive progress at all costs, leading to some grand unification of mankind into a NWO of one-minded consciousness—except for its leaders like Brown of course.

    Brown the politician is the creation of a hardcore Alinskyite commie, Marshall Ganz, who also created the persona of Nancy Pelosi. It’s almost a truism at this point but worth recalling that the worst evil isn’t committed by drunken drivers like the illegal swine who killed this little girl, but by gnostics like Brown whose supposed good intentions sanction the most extraordinary evil on a planetary scale.

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    • Dan . . . . You eloquence and intellect on this matter is truly sublime! I hail you for the following thought . . . “the worst evil isn’t committed by drunken drivers like the illegal swine who killed this little girl, but by gnostics like Brown who supposed good intentions sanction the most extraordinary evil on a planetary scale.(!)” That truly is the nuts and bolts of this entire debate. Congratulations to you.

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  3. The cops should have arrested her and the courts convict her so she can spend some time in America in San Quinton…

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    • True George . . . . I certainly do agree with that! Perhaps we could get some of these politicians shaped up if they had to go to prison for their misdeeds.

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    • You mean “he” don’t you? The illegal was a he, not a she, unless you are talking about incarcerating one of the female politicians?

      Either way, it is a waste of taxpayer money. The politicians are indeed complicit in the murder done by illegals.
      I live in Calif and I once went to a town hall meeting where they rep was talking about the fiscal deficit. I asked how much of this deficit was due to all the costs of illegals and she said, Oh none, 90 percent of the budget goes to prisons. What she didn’t say is that around 30 percent of the prison population is illegal aleins. Liars, thieves and murderers. I would like to send this article to the rotten lot of them, but little good it would do.

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  5. To see that precious little girl’s picture and know some rat-bastard drunk driver killed her makes me so sick at heart!
    And he was thrown out of this country already 2 times? Insanity!! Those poor parents and that poor baby….California is being run by a bunch of satanists!!!!
    Pray for her parents, I don’t even know how someone could survive from such a great loss as their own child.

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  6. Just don’t understand it. I am just waiting for this to happen to a family that has an only child and the father go off the reservation and take the law into his own hands. If this keeps up its going to happen what would you do if it was your child and its an only child just what would anger make you do. Sorry I know how I would handle it just waiting for it to come full circle you know Karma is Karma and it comes round oh does it.

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  7. “…and take the law into his own hands.”

    Actually, the law is in our hands – not the goobermint’s.

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  8. Governor Brown should be arrested. His actions are felonious.

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