DRT: Video of a foiled bank robbery in Rockford, IL

DRT = dead right there

On a quiet Friday afternoon on January 20, 2017, in Rockford, Illinois, a masked gunman entered Alpine Bank at Spring Creek and Mulford, shot once into the ceiling, then at the security officer, who jumped into action.

Watch what happened next in the bank surveillance footage, released by the Rockford PD.

The gunman was 34-year-old Laurence Turner, who was shot twice and died at the scene. Police say Turner was on drugs at the time. He was linked to three other armed robberies in November and December of 2016 at Mincemoyer Jewelers, Harvard State Bank, and Members Alliance Credit Union.

No employees were hurt and no customers were inside the bank at the time.

The Metro Enforcement security officer is Brian Harrison, a former Winnebago County deputy.

The Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office says Harrison’s actions were justified — he was acting in his own self defense and the defense of others — and he will not face criminal charges. Rockford Police Chief Dan O’Shea said security officers “are taught generally to shoot center mass in the body. This is a very dynamic, fluid situation and he’s doing what he was trained for 30 years to do and it was eliminate and take care of the threat.”

Brian Harrison is hailed as a hero. Winnebago County State’s Attorney Joe Bruscato said:

“There is no doubt in my mind the actions of Brian Harrison saved the lives of those that were employees in the Alpine Bank location on that date and saved his own life.”  “

Rockford Detective and Security Agency, a private employer for security guards like Metro Enforcement, says private security companies are held liable for any actions their security guards commit. Security guards, often retired or part-time police officers, are required by the state of Illinois to complete 40 hours of training in order to be able to carry a gun. All private security guards are not able to legally use their firearms for security purposes when they are off duty.

Source: CBS 23 WIFR

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26 responses to “DRT: Video of a foiled bank robbery in Rockford, IL

  1. He expected to get away with it, movie-style gangster holliweird scene maybe? Good riddance. One less idiot. Good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns.

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  2. Great job Mr. Harrison…luvs a happy ending!

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  3. Another great job of cleaning the gene pool.

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  4. Nice moves by the officer. Sad but necessary, unless it’s a bank in California

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  5. A person on highly addictive narcotics will conger up a thought and will act on impulse without fear of consequence, you can tell by his photo that he’s strung out. We need good guys & gals with guns. I went into the Military at 17yrs old, you can probably guess how I feel about an age restriction on purchasing a defense tool.

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  6. Another one bites the dust!

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  7. I’m sure this will be the lead story on C.N.N. , M.S.N.B.C. , and all the other news outlets that promote gun rights ………….hehehe

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  8. Surprised they’d let the guard go… once the kid was shot and turned to flee, the guard shot him again, in the back @53sec, which killed him. He didn’t pose a lethal threat at that point, and would likely have easily been subdued and contained. Just a legal point of view. But a jury would have seen the perp shoot at the guard repeatedly, and being advised of his past offenses and drug use… would likely not hold the guard culpable of anything other than a heroic save. But had he shot him again a few more times while standing over him at the door at the end? Likely a different outcome in the courtroom…

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    • Really?! And you are sticking with that analysis? Apparently you’ve never been in a real firefight. Been there, done that. Well done!

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      • That’s just what the law says (in most jurisdiction and cases). And things like the rules of war. It’s what gets people into trouble when they’ve gone after bad guys past the point at which the law says you can’t pursue further… especially when there’s a defense attorney ready to fight for the “rights” of that bad guy or his family. Not saying it’s fair, just how it’s ended up. Fortunately, especially in jury trials, reasonable folks tend to look at circumstances and how a “reasonable person in the same situation would likely have reacted”. Which is part of why most cops get acquitted for seemingly brutal beatings & shootings. The other being fear: of retribution, and of “who protects us from the bad guys if we convict the cops for protecting us from the bad guys?”


  9. Stephen T. McCarthy

    I was surprised by only one element of this story…

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’

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  10. @cogitoergosumantra ,
    I am much more pragmatic, shoot the bastard until he is dead. It minimizes recidivism. |

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  11. Good job. I told ya’ we don’t need help.

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  12. I was a bank teller for Chase Manhattan Bank from 1977 to 1979. On October 6, 1978, I was robbed by a masked gunman, at gunpoint, while on duty as a teller. The gunman had a partner who stood guard at the door. If I had a firearm on me at the time, I would have used it.
    I was not the only teller whom the gunman threatened. Another teller was also cursed out and threatened. We both gave him all the cash we had in our drawers—after the gunman ordered us not to give him any of the decoy money (money banded together with red dye in it).
    One teller, Fran, hid under the counter on our side of it. Typical hemophiliac liberal that she was, she absolutely refused to have any commismeration with either of us whatsoever; Instead, she insisted, these robbers must have had hard childhoods or difficult lives.
    Uh Huh, YEAH RIGHT.

    This was not the only time I found myself staring down the barrel of a gun. (The gunman was holding a .38). I am telling you that the feeling of terror is unique, and worse than the terror one feels when he is about to drown. (I almost drowned twice, in childhood).

    Liberalism is a mental disorder, as radio talk show host Michael Savage has insisted. It is also a form of nihilism, for limousine liberals—at least in New York in the 1960’s and 1970’s—refused to distinguish between the victim and the perpetrator of a crime—unless it was to offer sympathy for the perpetrator. This truly is irrational, and, Yes, it is an act of evil.
    Liberals make great parrots, as in parroting, “Poverty is the parent of crime.” NO, IT IS NOT: Crime is the parent of poverty: Ask the Bushwick shop owners whose businesses were WIPED OUT in the looting that followed the NYC blackout of August, 1977: THEY LOST EVERYTHING.

    Laurence Turner must have been a desperate man. So which is it—drugs? A gambling debt? Owed money to someone else? Well, his problems are over forever. (Unless you wish to maintain, as I do, that his problems are just beginning!) And Brian Harrison exercised proper gun brandishment and use, as the video shows.
    Thank you for posting this, Dr. Eowyn. I wish every nervous nellie gun-control freak could watch this video clip and be forced to distinguish the difference between good and evil. The video shows guns for what they are:
    TOOLS. Whether the tool is good or evil depends upon the intent of the person in possession of it, no less, no more! And I do not appreciate LITTLE BASTARDS like that 25-year old Hogg who survived the Parkland Massacre for his petulant lectures! Hogg does not get to decide who shall live and who shall die! We the People do—while rationally and honestly armed!
    Good Work, Harrison! Carry on!

    (Again, not to digress from the matter at hand, but there is a nasty little Anglophilic cabal at work here in America, and the Committee of 300 is but a part of that cabal (former NYC Mayor Bloomberg is a member of it). And this nasty little cabal is of the belief that whatever England does, we over here must emulate and do the same. Always stay tuned for trends and precedents over “across the Pond,” for whatever happens over there has a nasty little habit of making its way over here, 10 to 15 years down the line.)

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    • “The video shows guns for what they are: TOOLS. Whether the tool is good or evil depends upon the intent of the person in possession of it, no less, no more!”

      Well said, Steven. 10 thumbs up!!!

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      • Leftists will never admit to this because to do so would require them to take responsibility for their own choices!
        Liberals, leftists and progressives can wave a magic wand and change the world, but they CANNOT take responsibility for their own MISTAKES. THIS is why they cannot keep their noses out of other peoples’ business!

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  13. Steven, may I add two more thumbs – to make it Twelve Thumbs Up..!!

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  14. Darwin Award– play stupid games, win stupid prizes…

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  15. This needs to be posted every where so the left can see it the ones who have no idea about guns at all. The use of for the saving of precious life.

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  16. Ha-Ha-Ha That’s what you get when
    1. you are stupid
    2 you are un-prepared
    3. you screw with an old guy who doesen’t feel like fooling around

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  17. I was in a bank robbery with the “Dapper Bandit” in Dallas, google him. I think roughly 1986-1987? He stood right next to me, dressed in a 3 piece suit and handed a bomb to the teller. I stood there not 2 feet from him waving a $10.00 bill, which I had just withdrawn from my $30.00 bank account. He looked at me, was cordial and didn’t take my $10.00. (I was shocked). We waited for him to leave, and about that time, all the blood had rushed to my legs, and I was out. They locked the door after he received all the tellers money, after he left.

    The guy in the drive through was funny. People were complaining, “where is my money”? Teller said, “uh, we are getting robbed right now, I will have to get back to you”, and he closed the shade on the window. In the parking lot, was a woman waiting for her husband. The Dapper bandit demanded her car and she said NO. He then brandished a 357, and she suddenly said “of course”. He took the car and was lost in the neighboring apartment complex, and was not apprehended at that time. The woman, poor thing, was banging on the banks locked doors, wanting in, and the manager wouldn’t let her in, because he didn’t know if she was for real or not.

    Weird thing….I was moving from Dallas in 1988-1989?…dont remember. But I was driving down I635, late for a meeting, mid afternoon and traffic was BAD. I got off on an exit (to get back on the interstate) and it just so happens..who did I run into? The Dapper Bandit. He had just robbed another bank and was on the go, when the Dallas cops shot him in the head. I was stuck, on the exit ramp, with the same Dapper Bandit who had robbed the bank I was in, not 3-4 year earlier. He was slumped at the steering wheel, with a gun shot, (I think) to his head.

    Needless to say, I was very late for my meeting….but I always wondered…WHY, did I meet this soul..2 times, x years apart?

    That was about the same time that multiple people were killed in the Germanimo, OK Bank robbery.

    I have been ever so thankful to the good Lord above…that I had the “Dapper Bandit”.

    True Story….

    The End

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  18. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    All I can say is “Bang! You’re dead.” Lesson of the day – in an amateur vs. professional gunfight the amateur is more than likely going to lose. In this case his life!

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