Border protection officer hired in 2012 falsely claimed to be a US citizen


From Fox News: A border protection officer claimed he was born in Texas when he’s actually a native of Mexico and illegally obtained a job with the agency charged with protecting the nation’s border, federal officials said Friday.

Marco Antonio De la Garza Jr., 37, faces criminal charges related to passport fraud and making false statements to U.S. Customs and Border Protection on his federal law enforcement background application, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona said in a news release.

An indictment filed Wednesday in Tucson said De la Garza lied about his citizenship in October during a background check update tied to his job.

“Specifically, it is alleged that De La Garza is a Mexican citizen who knowingly used a fraudulently obtained Texas birth certificate to apply for a United States passport, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. “Additionally, the indictment charges he knowingly and willfully used the same fraudulently obtained birth certificate to assert United States citizenship on his five-year background check to maintain employment as a United States Customs and Border Protection Officer.”

Authorities said in court records that De la Garza claimed he was born in Brownsville, Texas, when he was actually born across the Rio Grande in Matamoros, Mexico.

Investigators said the midwife who claimed De la Garza was born in Texas had a conviction for conspiring to make false statements on birth certificates in 1984. De la Garza’s records from Mexico confirmed that he was registered for school using a Mexican birth record, according to court records.

While employment requirements for Customs and Border Protection include providing proof of U.S. citizenship, it’s unclear how De la Garza was able to get his job despite not being an American citizen. The agency hired him in April 2012, spokeswoman Teresa Small told the Associated Press on Friday without giving further comment.

Customs and Border Protection issued a statement saying De la Garza was arrested on Feb. 22 in Douglas, Arizona but did not disclose his job status or explain how the agency came to hire a Mexican citizen as an officer.

Matthew H. Green, a Tucson attorney who represents De la Garza, declined comment to the AP.

The 37-year-old is scheduled to be arraigned in federal court on March 23.


15 responses to “Border protection officer hired in 2012 falsely claimed to be a US citizen

  1. OFF TOPIC. Refuge Resettlement Watch website documents thoroughly that so-called European “rescue” ships are actually part of DAILY FERRY SERVICE BETWEEN LIBYA in north Africa to Malta and other European ports. Not one peep in the mainstream media.
    Free passage for thousands of Africans every week from Africa to Europe. Many are flown directly to USA to live in towns near you. We are doomed.

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  2. An illegal as a border protection officer! Way to go, Obama administration!

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  3. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Very easy to under this thinking:

    For the last four decades the government has been sinking like the Titanic with the help of the traitors Bush I, Cliinton’s, Bush II, and Obama. There open borders policies only created more corruption than the government could follow through with. When you have corruption at the top – it trickles down to the lower levels.

    And besides their famous banner was: WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE.


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  4. So the US Customs original background check failed; sound like they are incompetent

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    • True George . . . . I guess we were just hoping that in this particular investigation they would get it right. I mean really, hiring a Mexican national to guard the American boarder. The real question that comes to my mind is . . . to what degree of competency did he endeavor to do his job in guarding the boarder? Was he complicit in allowing illegals to enter our country? Did he “look the other way” when his countrymen were sneaking into the USA?

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  5. he wasnt protected by cia,like that bs masonic chit obama n his forge certificate…hard to put order after 8 catastrophic,,yes,we can,, years!hope that bs masonic garbage chit will pay for what he does to this awesome nation…no deals,no mercy!


  6. Thanks, Barry!!

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    • Anonymous . . . I my fellow countrymen are like me . . . this picture of Obummer with his butt in the air, bowing and scraping to all these Muslimes is forever etched into my mind! It just sickens me. It’s just an atrocity, committed by a POS.

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  7. This guy could use false documents, apply for a job that requires he goes through a background check, and he fooled the government. How do they expect to stop nut jobs from buying firearms? Gun control? Heck NO! They can’t spot the elephant if it sat on them, how are they going to defend citizens, the borders, etc.?

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  8. I’m willing to bet Marco Antonio De la Garza Jr. isn’t the only one.

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