Autonomous Flying Taxi?

File this under, “What could possibly go wrong”

Alphabet CEO Larry Page-backed firm unveils its pilotless flying car called Cora

Google co-founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page’s autonomous flying taxi company unveiled its commercial plane called Cora late on Monday.

Let me get this straight. You expect me to climb into a flying vehicle without a pilot?

This might seem okay to someone who just fell off the turnip truck. But this man is on his 5th Macbook Pro computer. You know, the laptop supercomputer that was crash-proof because of its unix based operating system and high standards of manufacturing integrity.

If any of my Macs was crash-proof, then why am I on my 5th?

And now Google is telling me I can be confident of my safety in a flying machine whose pilot is a crash-proof operating system?

Maybe the elites really are trying to kill us.

15 responses to “Autonomous Flying Taxi?

  1. Sure. This’ll be fun while flying:

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

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    Question: Why are you on your fifth one if they are that bad? Do you like failure and wallow in it? Seems like after two – it would be recognized as failure.

    As far as the pilotless plane. No different than pilotless cars. My feelings – I like to be in control of my future not some stupid tech guy who is using people as guinea pigs.

    It is called common sense.


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  3. You go first, Larry Page!

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  4. I’m concerned about the Computerized System being hacked, especially in mid-flight.

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  5. yeah, anyone that agrees to board a pilotless plane deserve to be killed if the plane crashes

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  6. Just wait. Some software guy will state after the fact, “I always forget some mundane detail!”

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  7. I already have enough fear with two well-trained pilots I don’t see the need to subject my frayed emotions to a pilotless plane.

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  8. u betcha,they want us die smoothly…in a car commercial,they telling us to,,get use it for the future,,,driverless car,that is…no ty,ill buy me a horse!

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  9. Can’t help but wonder if your computers crashing are a result of what you help to shine a light on through this blog. Creepy!

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  10. A big HARD PASS on this.

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  11. Well now, tell me . . . is this supposed to take us to the mall, or grocery store, or is this for travel from city to city. If you had to land at an airport, wouldn’t you still need to pay for Uber or someone to take you from the airport to the heart of the city? Frankly, perhaps it’s okay as a gadget, but it really does not seem very practical in everyday life. Besides, for those of us who really, really, really like to be in control–this would be far too much of an emotionally distressing ride.

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  12. My dad was a pilot and I practically grew up in Cessna Skyhawks and Skylanes.

    There is no way I’m flying in anything that doesn’t have an experienced pilot at the controls for the same reason you won’t see me riding in a driver-less car.

    As the old saying goes, there is no substitute for fannies in the seats.

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  13. They’ve already got the technology, some chemtrail planes probably use this technology. That does not mean I would ever set foot in one though. No way Jose.
    What about the FAA regulations? How low or high would these suckers be allowed to fly?

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