Monday Political Funnies

And lastly, something non-political:


19 responses to “Monday Political Funnies

  1. Thoughts:
    Just saw that Reddit is jumping on board the bandwagon to limit free speech of those with whom they agree. Because of course, that must indicate Russian bots trying to influence us. I’m actually surprised Twitter hasn’t yet ex-communicated Trump…
    Kelly’s interview with Putin was amusing at best. I kept thinking he was going to slap her… “Are you listening? Did you not hear what I just said?”

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    • Also, Facebook has said they’re going to begin to limit how much info my chosen sources post to my page (CBN, TBN, Haggee, Graham, etc.) so that most of my information comes, instead, from other users. Ergo, mob mentality. Prevent outside informers from diluting the accepted social agenda…

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      • cogitoergosumantra . . . . This is the thing bout both Facebook, and Google — they are starting to censor their users bigtime. Frankly, since the internet is supposed to be “free and open,” I feel the government should intervene. This is just not acceptable.

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    Monday political funnies. So funny – but true.

    Thanks to all “FOR MAKING MY DAY.”


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  3. Dr Eowyn . . . . You made me laugh. Thank you. I love James Woods, he really get off on conservative values, this particular one, although funny, is so very true that when you contemplate it . . . you feel like you kicked in the guts. I also loved the one with the picture of Putin. no one can argue with that logic. That is another fact that is just horrific as far as making our country great again.

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  4. I like the lizard warning.

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  5. I love them all!
    I read this somewhere but someone smart said that if it’s really “true” that Russia hacked the US elections, then all the US government ‘security’ agencies are not doing their jobs too well, are they?
    Lies on top of lies on top of lies. Would you like some lies with that?

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    • All of that is total, absolute, garbage. They KNOW that their servers weren’t “hacked”, because the download could not have happened in the timeframe that they know it did unless it was a portable hard drive or thumb drive.

      They KNOW that Seth Rich’s brother admits he was told that he handed the files over to Wikileaks, NOT “Russians”.

      They had Rich killed. That’s still dangling just like like Benghazi.

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  6. Right On to Clint and James Woods!
    As for the “Lizard Warning,” I don’t know who would chuckle more—Bill or Monica?! LMAO!!!

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  7. OMG those were priceless! Thanks for the laughs!

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  8. Dr. Eowyn, as for the last funny being non political? On the contrary, given all the talk that our lizards, oops I mean our leaders are really shape shifting reptilians, I think it fit in quite nicely with the rest.

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  9. LOL – I think James Woods nailed it. 😀

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  10. Remember, to recharge early tonight. I hear the Deep State are attempting to use Aurora electrohydrodynamic interference to disrupt our sub-proletarian-bosun lukewarm fusion couplings.
    Glory. To. Mother.Land.


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