Babies for sale: Washington State bill SB 6037 legalizes commercial surrogacy

Brandon Showalter reports for Christian Post that on February 27, 2018, Washington state’s House of Representatives passed a bill that legalizes commercial surrogacy — women renting out their wombs to produce babies for others. Earlier, on February 7, the bill SB 6037: Uniform Parentage Act, had been approved by the Washington state Senate.

Children’s rights advocates say if the bill becomes law, it amounts to the selling of babies, bases the definition of a parent on “intent,” and opens avenues for child abuse and other horrors.

As in the case of the Oregon legislature’s passage of HB 4135, an evil bill that paves the way for healthcare representatives to remove access to food and water for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s, effectively starving them to death, Washington state’s SB 6037 also passed on party line:

  • SB 6037 was approved in the Washington state House, with every Democrat in favor and every Republican opposed.
  • SB 6037 was passed by the state Senate with total Democratic support and three Republicans.


Rep. Liz Pike (R-HD 18) said:

“For House Republicans, this bill was a matter of conscience. We all voted ‘no’ to protect the womb from being monetized and commercialized. This bill sets virtually no limits on the amount people will be able to sell or purchase a human baby for. I’m disgusted that such a bill would ever be considered let alone pass. What have we become as a state, selling human babies to the highest bidder? Is this who we are?

There are three things wrong with SB 6037:

(1) SB 6037 would lead to the exploitation of economically disadvantaged and vulnerable women who think surrogacy is just another way to make money, because the bill contains:

  1. No limits on how many children can be procured through surrogacy arrangements.
  2. No requirements that:
    • The women must be inseminated in Washington state.
    • People intending to pay for surrogacy services must be residents of Washington state or even U.S. citizens. All it takes is one consultation that occurs on Washington soil and a contract can be legally enforced even if the individuals using the surrogate mother hail from nations where surrogacy is prohibited.

Katy Faust (what an unfortunate surname), who leads children’s rights organization Them Before Us and testified against the legislation during the hearings, said:

“When I say that we have established a global marketplace for children, I am not exaggerating. That is exactly what this is. Once you legalize something and commercialize something, you’re going to get more of it.”

(2) SB 6037 opens the door to child abuse — to people buying babies for all the wrong reasons, including pedophilia. But the Washington state legislature voted down all motions to:

  • Amend the bill requiring “intended parents” — the people renting the surrogate wombs — to be subject to the same screening procedures as adoptive parents.
  • Create a state-run database to track those intended parents and limit the number of births.

Rep. Pike notes that:

“In its current form, as it passed out of the House, the bill even permits convicted felons to purchase human babies. There was a host of amendments offered by my esteemed colleagues that would have put needed protections in the bill, but of course, the Democrats systematically rejected them all — one by one.”

(3) SB 6037 radically redefines “parent” as intent, instead of biology. Faust explains:

“What this bill actually does is establish that all it takes for [the state government] to decide that one gets full authority over a vulnerable baby is one’s ‘intent’ to parent. It doesn’t matter if you have any biological connection to the child at all. It doesn’t matter how many adults, if one is single or married. If you intend to parent and create a contract and have the means to create a child through surrogacy or other reproductive technologies, we will give you our full authority.”

Faust points out that mere “intent” to parent flies in the face of all of best practices of adoption. It also violates the Hague Convention on international adoption that has been adopted by 70 nations around the world. The number one predictor of child abuse is a home where a cohabiting male is present who is not related to the child. But he, too, can be a legal “parent” under this bill.

It’s not as if there are no abuses of the “fertility industry”. In fact, several countries have closed their borders to surrogacy altogether, banning third party reproductive operators from conducting business there, precisely because of abuses. Faust gave each legislature a copy of a list of documented cases where surrogacy-related incidents went horribly wrong, including:

  • A case where two men were convicted of subjecting their surrogate-born son to, as one investigator described it, “the worst [paedophile] rings … if not the worst ring I’ve ever heard of.” Police believe the men created the boy through surrogacy ”for the sole purpose” of pedophilia.
  • The Straits Times recently reported that 28-year-old Japanese billionaire Mitsutoki Shigeta, who is not married, won custody of 13 children that his sperm was used to create through an American-owned fertility clinic operating in Bangkok, using surrogates from Thailand. He reportedly told the clinic he wanted to produce 10 to 15 babies per year and continue the baby-making process until he dies, yielding potentially hundreds of children.

Faust concludes:

We are knowingly putting children in situations where they are statistically the most likely to be abused and neglected. People don’t get what a massive shift this is. We are messing with the nature of what it means to be a human baby. That is what we’re doing.”

The last step for the bill to become law is the governor’s signature. Gov. Jay Inslee, a Democrat, is expected to sign the legislation.

Commercial surrogacy is also legal in California and legislation is currently under consideration in a few other states.

H/t FOTM‘s MomOfIV


30 responses to “Babies for sale: Washington State bill SB 6037 legalizes commercial surrogacy

  1. human beings are, once again, commodities in the usa…I pray the federal govt gets involved…pedophiles/satanists are partying in washington.
    “…the moral test of government is how that government treats those who are in the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the elderly; those who are in the shadows of life; the sick, the needy and the handicapped. ”
    ~Hubert H. Humphrey

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  2. Organic baby farming -you never know what you are going to end up with. What an empty woman to feel life inside for nine months and have no attachment whatsoever. An animal in the jungle keeps guarding her offspring even if it is stillife.

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  3. Has there ever been a “just” government in America? People say God has blessed the US, has he? And if He has I wouldnt say he will continue so.

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  4. Sadly, many military wives become surrogates so their families can survive during deployment.


  5. This is likely being done to allow uber-feminists and lesbian couples (and, I suppose gay couples ala Modern Family) to have children while simultaneously “denying their need” for men. It goes against God & nature.

    Not saying there aren’t legitimate couples who need help (although I don’t think everyone is entitled to or deserves or needs their own babies, either; as a single, aging, and intently moral man, I accept that fate myself.) But I think considering the source, this is their primary intent.

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  6. Nicole Kidman, Beyoncé, Angelina Jolie, and Khloe and Kim Kartrashian have all used surrogates so as not to lose their figures. Some have been more open about it than others. Kim especially is going to help popularize it, you can see. Yuck.

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  7. I’m sorry. I’m an adoptee (13 days old), and can state, that like a moth to a flame, the amount of other adopted kids I’ve come in contact with, throughout my life, is insurmountable. I’ve come across them in rehabs, behavioral modification schools, regular school, on the streets, in halfway houses, in regular life, etc., and why? Bc growing up without those who made and carried you, even with and in the best of circumstances, is troubling. 98% of those I’ve known, male and female, always had a need to know what happened, on some level. They had questions within them, that needed to be answered (be them; personal, genetic, medical, etc). I know some, like my adopted brother, who didn’t and don’t care at all – though they are the minority. And I know of others, like my birth sister, who only found out they were adopted later on in their lives, which then becomes an issue too great to handle (finding out your whole reality is a lie can do some damage).

    Those were, “regular,” issues, i.e.: armies of kids being born often out of passion, lust, maybe love. NOW, my fear is for the future, which is really already upon us, where we have all of these kids, often being raised without a mother, etc., my question is and the one that needs to be faced is, what will be the reaction when these kids realized, they were born not out of teenage lust, but for a payday?

    My generation and before, we were given away out of selflessness, (I was born the yr of Roe v Wade). These kids are being born out of selfishness. That’s a big difference.

    I’m sure my stance is and will be unpopular, nonetheless, it’s what I’ve lived, what I know.

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    • I haven’t had nearly enough coffee, please try to, “translate,” the above accordingly.


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    • At least you were loved enough not to be killed and to be given a chance

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      • I’m not suggesting otherwise. I AM stating that even in and with THE BEST of circumstances, children being raised, by those they are not born of, often will come with a handicap. The handicap of, not knowing. Which is something, unless you are of, you simply cannot understand.

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        • You are completely correct ! It does come with difficulties .

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        • solejahway . . . . There is no doubt about that that. My sister has worked with groups of adoptees who are trying to find their birth parents. This situation causes inherent spiritual distress in the adoptee. It doesn’t make any difference how loving, or attentive the adoptive parent’s may be. The adopted child instinctually knows something is amiss.

          My Mother was never able to find her brother, William, and she grieved her entire life over that, although she had a relatively good adoptive family. She passed away 38 years ago, and since the siblings in her birth family were all very sickly, I have every reason to believe that William is dead. We could never find any trace of him after about 1947. The one greatest blessing in this scenario, is that I know my Mother and her brother have been reunited on the other side. There is comfort in knowing that once we get to the other side, when we have a perfect knowledge of all that went on, all these horrible hurts will of necessity be healed. If that were not so, we would not be able to enjoy the blessings of being in Heaven, because we would still be haunted by Earthly problems.

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    • God bless you, solejahway.
      These people are satanists and their primary goal is to separate children from God. They know going after Christian households and families will result in children having less knowledge about Jesus.
      But, what they don’t comprehend is that Jesus’ reach is infinite.
      Many people who have either never heard of Jesus or were taught lies about Him, are ‘seeing the Light’ and the Love and the realization of hell and repentance and forgiveness by Jesus personally communicating with them or a follower of Jesus reaching out to them and they realize He is the only Path to true salvation.
      We need not fear evil on earth, God will fix everything, in His time.

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    • solejahway . . . . God Bless you for being so forthright in telling us your story. I know what you are saying is absolutely true. Among adoptees, there is a certain something that yearns to know “where did I come from.” My own Mother was given away and was adopted by a relatively wealthy couple, but she knew she had brothers and sisters . . . and she spent her entire life yearning to find them. That finally happened when she was 29 years old. Among the other children, there was, just as you have indicated, dysfunctionality, alcoholism, etc.

      I cannot even conceive of what they new law in Washington State will bring to perhaps hundreds of thousands of innocent babies.

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  8. Horrifying.

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  9. Liberal utopia: legal baby-selling, drugs and euthanasia/assisted-suicide, but not guns or self-defense.

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  10. stlonginus . . . . It certainly is easy to come to the conclusion that CPS is a shady outfit that will concoct any type of conclusion you want, if you pay them. That business about PP selling baby parts is so ghoulish, it is for me, so hard to believe that people would even be associated with this wholesale slaughter.

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  11. The dawn of the breeders is here. How quickly will this turn into woman sex and breeding slaves that carry children for the richest and wealthiest who don’t want to ‘spoil’ their figure, are gay/homo/lesbo, are in need of children for their perverted and satanic affairs, etc. What a sad sad world we live in when children are veiwed as commodities. They should be given our highest adoration and love, this is some sick and twisted bullshit.

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  12. I am also confused about the legality of this because it seems to be happening openly in many states, to the point that I already thought it was legal everywhere? For example, two wealthy gay men who are neighbors hired a surrogate over a decade ago and she gave them triplets. This is in New Jersey.

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  13. My mom used to say, “People shouldn’t be afraid to die, they should be afraid to be born!” In other words, you don’t know what circumstances you will be born into.
    After reading the hellish stories about the thousands of foster children who go missing each year (and forget that missingkids thing, they don’t mention them), this sounds like the same thing. Also if you read about all the satanic mind control and what they do in these satan-run day cares, this is a horrid abomination! Figures Wash. state would jump on this. Satanic families use their own children to sacrifice to the devil, this is just another abuse potential! God have mercy on these poor babies that are born into these evil circumstances!

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  14. The voting down of certain measures to ensure the safety of the children born seems to point to this being intended to enable “child mills” for pedophilia or other things (What other reason is there for axing provisions for screening equal to or greater than those utilized for adoption?)… need I mention that the primary users of “surrogacy” has been homosexualists? Anyone remember those lesbians demanding child support from sperm donors etc. this will allow for such abuses, and more, I think.

    If someone can’t have children legitimately, then maybe the best option is to not have children. After all, children are by no means a mandate for being married, lack of children does not invalidate a marriage, besides that seeking to utilize someone else for a surrogate is adultery, just without the tryst inbetween, and including the “doctor” as a third party, no?

    Suffice it to say that this is stupidity from start to finish.

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