Fauxcahontas Sen. Elizabeth Warren refuses DNA test to prove Native American heritage

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) claims to be a 1/32 Cherokee “Native American,” on the basis of which she has reaped career “diversity” benefits. It is noteworthy that she didn’t self-identify as Native American until she was 38 and climbing the Harvard law professor ladder.

When questioned about her Cherokee heritage, other than some plagiarized recipes she’d contributed to a 1984 Cherokee cookbook, Pow Wow Chow, which she claimed to have been passed down to her through the Five Tribes families, Warren insisted that she didn’t need to provide documentation of her Cherokee ancestry because family “lore” backs her up.

Elizabeth Warren sitting bullshit

Alas, the alleged family lore is a pile of horse manure. As William A. Jacobson of Legal Insurrection pointed out on Oct. 4, 2012, there is plenty of evidence that Warren’s story about her parents eloping because her mother was Native American is not true:

  • Her adult nephew who had researched family genealogy called Warren’s Native American claim just rumor.
  • The Boston Globe’s attempt to back up the Cherokee family lore actually ended up calling it into serious question.
  • Warren claims that her 1/32 Cherokee blood supposedly comes from her maternal grandparents, the Crawfords. But Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes unearthed a newspaper clipping from the Muskogee Times Democrat of August 17, 1906, which referred to Warren’s great grandfather John H. Crawford as “a white man.” Worse still, not only was John H. Crawford white instead of Cherokee, he actually shot and wounded a Cherokee.

Marisa Schultz reports for the New York Post that Warren has been under increased pressure to provide evidence of ​her ​Native American roots:

In an interview today on NBC’s Meet the Press, Warren was asked whether she’d take a DNA ancestry test. She refused, saying “I know who I am,” and claimed that she “never used it for anything. Never got any benefit from it anywhere” — which is yet another liar.

Warren then went all treacly, invoking family lore again:

“My mother and daddy were born and raised in Oklahoma. My daddy first saw my mother when they were both teenagers. He fell in love with this tall, quiet girl who played the piano. Head over heels. But his family was bitterly opposed to their relationship because she was part Native American. They eventually eloped. That’s the story that my brothers and I all learned from our mom and our dad, from our grandparents. It’s a part of me and nobody’s going to take that part of me away.”

Blah, blah, blah.

Warren went on the offensive, accusing President Trump of using a “racial slur” against her by calling her Pocahontas.

Next, Warren became patronizing.

About President Trump’s planned meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un in May, Warren said “I am very worried that they’re going to take advantage of him” because of lack of staffing and expertise at the State Department. In effect, Warren implies Trump is stupid and a simpleton who will be outmatched and outwitted by the vastly more intelligent and resourceful and obese Kim Jong-un.

The only good news that came out of Warren’s Meet the Press interview is her denial of any interest in challenging President Trump in 2020. She said, “I am not running for president of the United States.”

On the other hand, since she is still lying about her Native American heritage, one would be a fool to actually believe her . . . about anything.


36 responses to “Fauxcahontas Sen. Elizabeth Warren refuses DNA test to prove Native American heritage

  1. Here’s what Breitbart said about looney tune Warren in April of 2014:

    But, as Breitbart News reported in May 2012, Senator Warren has “[f]or twenty-five years since 1986, and without a shred of credible evidence . . . claimed to have Native American ancestry. She’s made this claim, apparently, to three separate employers–the University of Texas Law School, the University of Pennsylvania Law School, and Harvard Law School. None apparently asked her for proof, nor did she offer any.”

    The Globe, which embarrassed itself so thoroughly with its inaccurate coverage of Senator Warren’s ancestry claims in 2012 it had to issue a public correction to an article which falsely asserted there was documentary “evidence” of the Senator’s Native American heritage, reverted to form on Wednesday and repeated Senator Warren’s falsehood: “Warren also devotes several pages to the sensitive subject of her partial Native American heritage,” the paper wrote, without providing any new evidence for ancestry, partial or not.

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    • Having worked for Indian Health Service for US Public Health Service for many years before moving to CA, I’ve tried to warn people over and over again about “Pocahontas” Warren, I’ll do it again: The Cherokee tribe, as others, determines and sets a “blood quantum” of their Native American Tribe qualifications. As far as I KNOW….the Cherokees require at least 1/16 blood quantum to be considered a Cherokee tribal member….(Warren claims 1/32…if even true….does NOT QUALIFY)….and even so, that became even more severe/dilute in about early 1990’s when the Oklahoma Cherokee (the area from whence she claims ancestry) erected gamblilng casinos (the tribes over the USA share revenues within their tribes..whether from gambling or from oil wells, etc. ) and actually expunged mixed African American/Native Americans and others who did not meet the blood quantum…. who had been members for more than a century, promised during the Civil War (Cherokees owned Black Slaves…but promised them membership into the tribe for fighting for the Confederacy side by side with them durin the war….). My husband and I even attended a mass meeting with the president of the tribe (from Oklahoma) in CA where this was discussed and advanced in the early 1990’s.

      Unless Elizabeth Warren can show a registered tribal enrollement, and receipts for shared income distributed amongst tribal enrolled members from whatever business the tribe is in…….she is NOT a recognized Cherokee OR any other Native American. EVEN a DNA TEST will not “prove” that she is a Cherokee tribal member, as she claims. It MIGHT show a link/percentage of DNA to a GENERAL Native American ancestor…BUT…it will NOT prove tribal membership to the degree that she could claim ….like she falsely did in order to gain access to minority status severally in multiple academic institutions as a student or professor…….

      AND as I have said previously here : SHAME SHAME SHAME on the institutions that grant special “status” to anyone and everyone who claims Native American status without KNOWING this basic sort of information that is readily available through our governmental and public health relationships with the several recognized tribes in the USA…..They require NO enrollment documentation, no proof. The US Dept. of Interior as the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affiars) manages all the Indian Blood Quantum and Enrollment data, as well as they oversee the official distribution of any and all funds ( per capita payments, dividends and the Dawes Act land grants in the Oklahoma Territory and elsewhere.) BOOM! Pocahontas Warren is a charlatan…and damned the DNA test…..I dare her to bring the proof through these institutions that I’ve named. FYI. Any busboy/waitress can easily swab her DNA off of a plate or glass or utensil used by her (as it becomes “trash” disposed freely by her after use)….so even IF we still want to see her useless DNA….it can be done without her permission. Maybe the National Inquirer would pay a big gob of money to do this 🙂 It still could be fun. Happy Hunting Grounds 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Heap big smoke – no fire is all I can say. Poko uses “claiming” to be an Indian” for only one reason – to cut in line and ride this wave until she got caught by the real “Indians.” Now she has a chance to prove she is the real deal – so that tells me – SHE IS FAKE NEWS.


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  3. Different country, same idea:

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    • He’s such a twit.

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      • I’ll tell you one of Canuck jokes which circulated about JT. The pic of him in that Indian headdress reminded me. When he went to meet with the chiefs in a big pow wow, he told them that “I’m here to listen” then proceeded to talk non stop not letting them get a word in edge wise. Then he said, ” Thanks, I’m going to leave now” whereupon the top chief told him to wait they had an award for him. They presented him with the headdress and a plaque commemorating their “visit” with “Chief Walking Eagle”. JT beamed and left after saying thanks. After he left a reporter asked the chiefs, why they chose Chief Walking Eagle as JT’s Indian name, to which the head chief replied, “Walking Eagle = bird so full of sh*T can’t fly”

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    • Justin is a product of a ding bat mother,, (Maggie was a Sinclair, which if you’ve read Fritz Springmeier’s “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” or Gary Wayne’s “Genesis 6 Conspiracy” you will know is an Illuminati bloodline family i.e Sinclair or St. Clair), and a Jesuit trained, rich dilettante father. Pierre was dangerous for a different reason than his son. He was actually very smart, even brilliant, in mental faculties, but it was all put to the wrong use. One example: 1974 – til then the Bank of Canada, unlike your FED, was owned by us, and when it printed money, it did so only as needed and with no interest. This funded great projects, like the St. Lawrence ;Seaway – and didn’t put us into deficit. We didn’t have one til 1971 when Pierre and his Finance Minister (a future PM too) John Turner, brought us our first. Once they sold the BofC too the globalist bankster cartel, we like you, were charged interest for them to print fiat currency. Last time I checked, from 1974 -2013 we owed 1.3 trillion $ in interest.
      Justin is more like his mother, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she, wasn’t an MK Ultran product as well, I don’t know about the kids either.

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      • I only know about the bank of Canada and what happened to it because Alan Watt has spoken of it on several occasions over the years. No one else I’ve followed/listened to or read has mentioned it.

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  4. The only way to resolve this to everyone’s satisfaction (including Sen. Warren’s) is to administer the “Cultural Appropriation Water Test” or CAWT. The test itself is a bit crude, but simple and effective. Sen. Warren gets cast into the middle of a sufficiently deep pond or lake and made to tread water for 24 hours. If, after that amount of time, she is still treading water then she’s automatically declared a liar (for the test has never been known to fail) and she should therefore continue to be treated as such. On the other hand, if after 24 hours, Sen. Warren is found to have drowned and sunk to the bottom, then good fortune is hers because she is indeed of Indian heritage as she claimed all along! A full round of beers for all and hip hip, hooray!


  5. She will always win in Massatwoshitts

    Trevor Noah Makes Fun of Warren for Native American Ancestry …
    Nov 30, 2017 – 21 posts – ‎19 authors
    Noah played a variety of news stories talking about the senator’s claims to having some Native American ancestry. Warren … He explained that, in 2012, an organization examined Warren’s ancestry and found no proof of her having Native American ancestors. …

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  6. Also on MTP Sunday, I couldn’t understand why Todd was so angry about Trump while interviewing Mnuchin (and failed, fishing for dirt). So I looked up Trump’s PA speech from Friday… turns out he called Todd a “sleepy-eyed son of a bitch.” Why Trump called him that, I dunno; he was merely relaying a story of how he’d been on the show long before Todd took over… it REALLY shook little Todd up, you could see him quivering there in his seat.

    The show opened with a quote from a “Michelle Goldberg” of the NYT, who on that same Friday (03-09-18) said of the Trump-Stormy Tramp scandal, “It’s a campaign finance scandal… an ongoing NATIONAL SECURITY scandal (not just a lurid sex scandal)… take it seriously!” All because Trump’s advisor paid the woman to shut up, and the left is betting Trump paid him back with campaign donations (why? yellow journalism).

    Yahoo News editor Matt Bai’s response? “Um, no.” Even they have limits.

    Andrea Mitchell, however, claimed “Trump LIED about the tariffs, he’s lying about this. He’ll plead the 5th, pardon a few key witnesses, fire Mueller, and the whole thing will be over.” (my paraphrase). I can’t believe NBC keeps such a dingbat on their show… It’s wackiness. Vitriolic hatred.

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  7. It really burns me that Warren will not put her money where her mouth is, so to speak. The fact that she refuses to take a DNA test shows just what a POS she really is. I certainly do hope that she does not run for POTUS. If she should change her mind, this fiasco over her having Indian blood will dog her till the very end. There is no doubt that she has lied about this, in order to gain financially, and professionally. It is not reasonable that she would not claim that heritage way up until she was 38. I guess she must think the rest of us are gullible. Massachusetts just comes up with one goofball after another.

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    • Aw. Come on Auntie. Fauxahontas would be the perfect candidate to ensure President Trump’s re-election. You go Lizzie. Once she loses the presidental race that should just about put the last nail in her political coffin.

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      • YouKnowWho . . . . That was simply brilliant! She should be encouraged to change her mind and run for POTUS, and as you’ve said, “to ensure President Trump’s re-election.” The only problem is that we would have to look at that ugly mug for 16 to 18 months. That would really be a trial.

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    • Warren’s political DNA, however, is sure tribal, Auntie Lulu, where she’s almost purebred commie of the Alinsky, Sanders, and Piven tribe. Oy vey, I wonder who pulls Fauxcahontas’s strings.

      Some years back in 2011 she appeared with Frances Fox Piven at an AFL-CIO “teach-in” despite Piven showing her true colors earlier that year by calling for violent revolution in the streets, using bankruptcy to bring our country to its knees and, basically, to massacre the middle class in their beds. Nietzsche, Dostoevsky, and Conrad all saw through these types, that what motivates them has nothing to do with bettering the condition of the poor whom they loathe with a passion, and everything to do with resentment and the desire to punish their betters in life.

      Since everything about these people we see in the media is scripted positioning, you have to wonder why Fauxcahontas and Tammy Baldwin keep having themselves photographed chummy enough to make the Bobbsey Twins blush. As I see it, Warren is the complete fraud, who, rather than break the power of Wall Street she bloviates about doing, will use its power to further break the middle class and continue enriching that other tribe she pretends to oppose.

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  8. that means one thing,she was lying all this time,which means she a liar woman

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    • Dan . . . . Thank you, that was a brilliant take on what motivates these creatures . . . “what motivates them has nothing to do with bettering the condition of the of the poor whom they loathe with a passion, and everything to do with resentment and the desire to punish their betters in life.” That truly was an inspired recitation on the workings of people like Fauxahontis and her ilk. Congratulations, you really nailed that!!!

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  9. I believe I heard on some talk show on the internet, about a year ago, that a judge ruled that political candidates do not have to tell the truth and cannot be sued on account of it, for this reason (basically): That as a political candidate can engage in promises that are nothing but wish-fulfillment and hyperbole, what they say vs. their performance cannot be held to any legal standard of perjury or criminal fraud.
    Kind of like the Macy’s Santa Claus telling us all that he would “do what [he] could” to get us that train set we wanted.
    And so it goes.

    But with this imbecile of a cretin of a grinning subcretinous goon, Mrs. Warren outdoes herself in her desperate cling-at-the-lifeboat efforts to avoid shadenfreude. “Yes, as a matter of fact, I AM a desperate liar, but I just can’t afford to be caught, don’t you see?” she laments, wringing her hands until her skin peels off.
    In other words, most liars attempt to convince us they are not liars, but in the curiously disgusting case of this self-hater Elizabeth Warren, she is really lamenting she can’t pull off a Lenny Bruce: She wants to say, “Whom are you going to believe—me, or your lying eyes?”
    No matter how cynical you get, Lily Tomlin once said, it’s impossible to keep up!

    Now for all of you in the Panic Dept., rest assured: This frustrated harridan and possible comedian, Elizabeth Warren, will never become President. She is a Senator from what many consider to be a state, that of Massachusetts. That is to say, she is overshadowed by the record of criminal debauchery of the late Ted Kennedy, and she knows that she cannot hold a candle to his record of scored earth nihilism, and she knows that she knows that. So she is a red-faced pretender (a very mediocre and not “great” Pretender) who knows she is facing a hostile audience who wants that Gravy Train to keep on rollin’.

    Elizabeth Warren is playing a game: Afraid of becoming the voters’ pinata, she is GRASPING AT STRAWS. And she knows it.
    Relax, Tin Lizzie, they haven’t burned any witches in Massachusetts for quite a while now!

    Mark Twain once said, “If voting ever changed anything, they’d make it illegal.” And I agree: We see in Donald Trump a SOLID STONE WALL of opposition to the Established (dis)Order, a real existential threat. And the results are in: They keep trying to nullify this upstart, Big Orange, to no avail!

    I’ve had my problems in the Lady Dept. But if I know one thing about most women, the one “1984 thing” they really FEAR is becoming irrelevant. It really drives them to despair. So it is the case with Warren, and NOT the case with Hillary, the Klownish Koughing Kween!
    So relax, Old Lizzie: You’re no Lady Macbeth, and you’re no Hillary Clinton.

    And you’re no lady, either, you old dope! (Am I full of hatred? No!)

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    • Steven . . . . That was so full of points well made. I don’t know where to start congratulating you. Simply put . . . that was an excellent addition to this discussion!

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  10. Wonder what she’s been smokin’ in her ‘peace pipe’?

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  11. She refuses the DNA test because it will reveal who she really is!

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  12. Maybe you can have your Cherokees have a ceremony, present Fauxcahontas with a headdress, and a plaque with a nickname similar to Walking Eagle, not Fauxcahontas, as she’d catch on to the latter.


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  14. thanks for the compliment stlonginus – I have done much research on this matrix, which I call the Revelation 18 Babylon of Commerce, that the Vatican, the globalist banksters, and the Illuminati elites constructed to control and legally own the populace. I recall a video I watched with Tim Bance on kingdomintelligencebriedfing web site, wherein Yeshua / Jesus directed him on his way home on a detour to Jekyll Island where Jesus boggled Tim’s mind with what He showed him.


    • gitardood .. .. .. There is no doubt that the compact that was made at Jekyll Island has put a noose around the necks of each and every American citizen, man, woman and child. It is outrageous . . . yet, so few American’s know anything about it.

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