The curious case of Parkland school shooting hero coach Aaron Feis

Disclaimer: This post means no disrespect to Aaron Feis or his family. It is written as an exercise in free speech and free thought, which are rights guaranteed to Americans by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The mass shooting at in Marjory Stoneman Douglas School, Parkland, Florida, on February 14, 2018, sparked a gun control campaign that gathers momentum by the day.

Among the seventeen people whom alleged lone gunman Nikolas Cruz shot to death was Aaron Feis, 37, the school’s  assistant football coach, security guard, and bus driver.

Hailed a “true hero,” Feis stepped in front of “multiple” students to shield them from the gunfire. He died from his injuries early the next day. (WFLA Channel 8)

On February 22, 2018, football players wearing Stoneman Douglas jerseys carried Feis’ casket into the the Church By The Glades in Coral Springs, FL. (Time)

There’s a GoFundMe page, “In Honor of Our Fallen Hero,” soliciting donations to help support Feis’s family, with a goal of $220,000. As of this afternoon, $215,529 have been donated.

In addition, there is also a GoFundMe campaign created by the Broward Education Foundation, with a goal of $3 million, which will be used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families, including Feis’s family. As of this afternoon, $2,779,740 have been donated.

Below are images of Aaron Feis I found on the web.

He has a distinctive look: bald head, red beard, thick neck, glasses, and heavy set. Imagine what he would look like from the back.

Reporting for Times of Israel, Terry Spencer poignantly describes the February 16 funeral of another Parkland victim, 18-year-old Meadow Pollack:

With more than 1,000 mourners including Gov. Rick Scott packed into Temple K’ol Tikvah, Andrew Pollack looked down at the plain pine coffin of his 18-year-old daughter, Meadow, and then told the crowd, “I am very angry and upset about what transpired.”

“You killed my kid!” he yelled, referring to Nikolas Cruz, who is accused of gunning down Meadow Pollack, 13 other Marjory Stoneman Douglas students, the athletic director, a coach and a geography teacher on Wednesday.

The Times of Israel article includes an AP photo of Meadow Pollack’s funeral  (h/t

See that man on the left?

Sure looks familiar — bald, beard, thick neck, glasses, and heavy set.

Aaron Feis ears

According to the people search engine TruthFinder, Aaron Louis Feis, who lives in Coral Springs, FL, about 4 miles from Parkland, has two male relatives:

  • Louis S. Feis, 61 (Aaron’s father?)
  • Raymond Burton Feis, 30 (Aaron’s brother?)

TruthFinder says Aaron Feis had also worked at Yard Guy Lawn Care for 2½ months in 2017, February 7 to April 24. Yard Guy Lawn Care LLC is one of three “corporate filings” associated with Aaron Feis, who is its manager and registered agent:

  • Filing number: #L16000016978
  • Filing date: Jan. 25, 2016
  • Filing office name: State Department/Corporation Division

Why would a lawn care business be filed with the State Department?

Here’s a screenshot I took from TruthFinders‘ profile on Aaron Feis:

Aaron Feis profile on TruthFinder

Florida Department of State does have a Division of Corporations, which is the State of Florida’s official business entity index and commercial activity website.

Yard Guy Lawn Service is a lawn and garden service located in Coral Springs, FL. It opened its doors in 2013 and now has an estimated $52,853 USD in yearly revenue and approximately 2 employees. (FindTheCompany)

Bizapedia says Yard Guy Lawn Care LLC’s registered agent is Aaron Feis and has two principals on record, Aaron Feis and Raymond Feis, who are both managers.

According to TruthFinder, Louis S. Feis, 61, who lives in Coral Springs, FL, is probably the father of Aaron Feis, 37, and Raymond Burton Feis, 30. Louis Feis had an emergency medical technician license from New York, which expired in 1986. He declared bankruptcy in 2006, and does not seem to have a Facebook page or other social media accounts.

TruthFinder says Raymond Burton Feis, 30, who also lives in Coral Springs, FL, started working for Yard Guy Lawn Care on April 24, 2017, the last day of Aaron Feis’ employment at Yard Guy Lawn Care. Raymond Feis posted these pics of himself to Facebook in March 2017:

Below is a composite I made of Aaron Feis, Raymond Feis, Louis Feis (?), and the mystery man at Meadow Pollack’s funeral.

While there is a family resemblance between Aaron Feis and his brother Raymond and father Louis — they are all bald, bearded and wear glasses — neither Raymond nor Louis is heavy set like Aaron.

What do you think?

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72 responses to “The curious case of Parkland school shooting hero coach Aaron Feis

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    Interesting. For your information.


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  2. This is just too weird for words. There is no doubt that the guy at the funeral absolutely is not Raymond Feis, not is it his father–neither of them are heavy enough to fit the bill. Frankly, how many guys do you know in the average course of your life that are as absolutely distinctive looking as “Aaron Feis?” Not very many, his stature, the beard, the bald head, and in particular the heavy, stout neck. Why would Aaron risk showing up at the funeral where students who might have known him. if they were to attend? This is extremely baffling? After seeing the things that went on at Sandy Hook, I wouldn’t put anything past those who work for the Deep State

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  3. Might that filing office mean “State of Florida, Dept. of Corporations?”

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    • Here’s a screenshot from TruthFinder’s profile on Aaron Feis:


    • Florida Department of State does have a Division of Corporations, which is the State of Florida’s official business entity index and commercial activity website.

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      • Funny its in English. I can’t really tell from that what the form ultimately says. Looking up Florida businesses is a bit too close to channelling the demons of Hell.

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    • That’s not what it says. Corporations are chartered by state. There’s a DUNS number. Pretty odd for a lawn care company with an annual revenue of $53K. Wow. Two officers making, what? It wouldn’t pay for an accountant to do the quarterly filings.

      Did I tell you that the CIA had all sorts of dummy companies? Somehow it just crossed my mind. Now if these guys drive white vans we may want to look a little harder.

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      • I was in business in VA and did work for the fed govt. had to have a duns number. nothing to see on that bone.


        • I never said there was “anything to chew” on any bone. It was just an observation. I used to manage government contracts. I can assure you that anyone with a contract for any good or service with the government has a DUNS number.

          That’s not the only purchaser who requires one. I’m sorry I brought it up! I merely pointed out that, for the amount of revenue they reportedly generated, I wouldn’t go to all that trouble.

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    • That’s what we used to call it in my former legal beagle days (order Florida corporate records the old-fashioned snail-mail way):

      Florida Secretary of State
      Department of Corporations
      address, etc.

      I’d have to dig through some very old links to see if State of Florida has been changing their dept. names (SOS to DOS) & site URLs.

      Other States I have searched for corporations over the years, their sites would also say, for instance, “Alabama Secretary of State” vs. “Alabama Dept. of State.”

      Maybe the Florida “govt. spooks” are trying to “cornfuse” people with DOS vs. SOS. I noticed the current Florida Secretary of State’s name could possibly (((be))).

      All LLCs, Inc.s, etc. are filed with each State’s SOS.

      The direct link the State of Florida has had for a long time to search Florida corporations is the SunBiz dot org site. Sun = “Sunshine State” &/or the “Sunshine Law” (passed in 1960s to make all public records accessible) + Biz = Corporations Search.

      Handful of links coming up:

      –“Search by Entity [Biz] Name”:

      –“Search by [Corporate] Officer or Registered Agent Name”:
      –There are other Search choices but those are the two I usually use.

      –So I searched for Mr. Big-Neck’s Lawn biz using “Entity Name” & a few results with that or similar biz names showed up, but only the one below has the FEIS names, Aaron & Raymond:

      –“Search for [Florida] Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Trademarks by Name”:

      Entity Name List
      Corporate Name
      Document Number

      Using the “Corporate Officer, Registered Agent” search, search for FEIS last name:

      –No other corps. in Aaron nor Raymond FEIS names except this “Inactive” one for RAYMOND B. FEIS:

      Detail by Officer/Registered Agent Name:

      Florida Profit Corporation:


      Filing Information:
      Document Number P16000080417
      FEI/EIN Number NONE
      Date Filed 09/30/2016
      Effective Date 09/30/2016
      State FL
      Status INACTIVE
      Event Date Filed 09/22/2017
      Event Effective Date NONE

      Principal + Mailing Address:
      11753 W. ATLANTIC BLVD.
      APT. 502
      CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33071

      Registered Agent Name & Address:
      1600 S. FEDERAL HWY.
      POMPANO BEACH, FL 33062

      Officer/Director Detail
      Name & Address:

      Title P
      11753 W. ATLANTIC BLVD. APT. 502
      CORAL SPRINGS, FL 33071

      Annual Reports:
      No Annual Reports Filed

      Document Images:
      09/30/2016 — Domestic Profit View image in PDF format

      Nothing showed up for Louis S. Feis. Hope that helps!

      As for Mr. Big-Neck-from-behind at the funeral, I'd say absolutely > very possible it's the same guy, Aaron Feis.

      Someone else said funeral guy's ears did not stick out the same as Aaron's front-shot photo. Yet from behind, you can see the top part of his right ear does stick out.

      Raymond could pass for a thinner Aaron.

      And as someone else said, all FOTM "Who Dunnit?" articles are primo & are ALWAYS excellently researched! Thank you!

      Did Parkland HS have an asbestos problem, I wonder. It was built in 1990 (per Wiki). Since Fed agencies began warning bigly re asbestos in the mid-1980s, maybe not.

      (What year was SHES built? Wiki no longer has a listing re the SHES school itself but only a listing for the SHES shooting which did not say what year SHES was built.)

      BTW, POTUS + former builder TRUMP is PRO-Asbestos because he said it is THE BEST fire-retardant ever invented & that it was the “Asbestos REMOVAL Companies” that started the “Asbestos Scare” so they could make $$$ from removal! 🙂 A search for TRUMP ASBESTOS should bring up his old quotes.

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  4. Good find. Well……., I am surprised to hear of Aaron Feis having a funeral at “Church of the Glades”. In fact, I’m surprised it wasn’t at Temple K’ol Tikvah. I suppose it is nice to see the “Times of Israel” showing such an interest in this and in Mr. Feis.

    It is always surprising to see the connections that these unfortunates seem to have when participating in these events, voluntarily or otherwise. Of course our main ham, Mr. Hogg, claims to be an “atheist” (which isn’t surprising), he too has connections to clandestine agencies.

    Speaking of connections, many people ultimately find their employment through the expedient of “who you know”, rather than “what” you know. In 2017 he seems to have graduated (matriculated?), from lawn care to “Assistant Coach, Security Advisor, Bus Driver and all around “hero”.

    Reading the roster one is reminded of another similar company from New Jersey, Urban Moving and Storage. But, just like with the “art student” and various mall kiosk scams run by Mossad utilizing former IDF troops, one has to vary their approach lest people grow suspicious.

    Now I have had a few businesses in my life. None of them were filed with or associated with the State Department. I’m assuming that’s “OUR” state department, but I suppose it no longer matters.

    Some may have seen “Wag the Dog” several years ago. Could “coach” be doing an “Old Shoe”? Just as an aside, I used to have to work with a Jewish lawyer that looked remarkably like Aaron. Of course I know it isn’t HIM because I don’t see his signature food stain from his kosher turkey sandwich attached to his chubby belly. Did I mention that I’ve know quite a few “Aaron’s”? All of them were Jewish.

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    • But, just like with the “art student” and various mall kiosk scams run by Mossad utilizing former IDF troops, one has to vary their approach lest people grow suspicious.

      Just curious as to what you mean. Somewhat new here. Thank you

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      • What I mean is that it looks exactly like numerous other Israeli operations in the U.S.. Now, I can’t categorically say that because, having trained most of the U.S. spook agencies, their methods overlap.

        Besides this, the CIA has a long history of forming and using dummy companies to do their dirty work. Beyond that, since the formation of DHS that sort of “blurs” the lines of authority between the hugely excessive numbers of spook agencies, it is even more difficult to put one’s finger on the culprit.

        It is enough to know that “our” government is owned and operated by Israel so all of the rest is a moot point. It’s like working somewhere. There are many employees, sometimes somebody checks the work schedule. That’s what I was doing here.

        This is obviously bullshit. That doesn’t mean “nobody was hurt or killed”. Whether they were or not, it is still bullshit. To me that is merely a curious detail. Nothing like this can happen naturally in this manner. It is impossible. If one comes to believe that things like this actually happen as described they will become mentally damaged.

        For all our sakes we must learn to recognize garbage for garbage and refuse to cooperate with it. If it didn’t get them what they were after they would stop it.

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        • Thank you. Still trying to understand “Israel and the Jewish” angle ppl have here. As a Catholic, i know my Faith is the completion of the Jewish faith and the old Covenant is dead. I also understand the Catholic Mass and the aspects which are Jewish. I am just learning what ppl understand about “todays” jews. Thank you for your insight.

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  5. Too many things make this shooting questionable. Unfortunately we may never know the truth. Too deep even for PDJT to reveal?

    OT: did you see the story of the nun that died in a CA court? The nun was fighting the nut job Katy Perry

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    • It IS questionable. To me it is MORE than questionable, it is a fraud. Nobody needs to know more than that. If they don’t have curiosity about it, fine. Know that it is a fraud.

      That is all we need to “know”.

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  6. The Go-Fund Me account really says it all-this is one of the red flags that shows up at all these FAKE SHOOTINGS, usually the account will be found to be started BEFORE the alleged event occurred; this is HIGH TREASON for this FL. Governor AND his co-conspirators in government, and there WILL be ab accounting for these criminals, and that includes these phony crisis actors that have sold their citizenship for a few measly dollars

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  7. Not sure at all what this implies.

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  8. Nothing has ever in my life haunted me to my core like Sandy Hook, it’s right down the road from me, I followed every spec of that Erie crap show. Even though I know some day I could bump into one of the players, like nodding my head at Gene Rosen coming out of a convenience store, or being pulled over on Rt 6 by Lt Paul Vance….I lost a lot of innocence throughout. I honestly thought that all of the Boston Bombings, Aurora’s, or Pulse Nightclub’s would stop when Barry Hussain left Office, that’s what really creeps me out now with Florida, these emboldened spooks are not relenting one bit under this Admin. Sandy hook set a new precedence, if you watch the FOI Hearings in Hartford, you’ll see how bold they really are. I guarantee Wasserman-Shultz is partnered in this MarjoryStonemanDouglas real deep, I see it in her face and her mannerism. Anyway, I ramble on and sometimes don’t make much sense to the regular Joe, I just want to let you all know that as I sit here alone with my elderly Dog, it’s a real feeling of solace knowing that all of you are on this hard…From the bottom of my heart, Thank you Dr Eowyn, lophatt, Auntie LuLu, TrunkJunkie, and all the regulars I’m not mentioning on this Site that stay focused, Godspeed.

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  9. everything is possible for the libtards ,one day i wont be surprised to hear that MJ is alive n kicken!

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    • Last night, I had a back-and-forth exchange with a Facebook reader of FOTM, who insists that Kyle Laman “running down three flights of stairs” after his ankle had been “torn through” by “a round of AR-15” was a “miracle”. That’s how stubbornly gullible some people are. She, the reader, once got very annoyed and angry with FOTM because I keep asking questions about conspiracies.

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      • Dr Eowyn . . . . Yes, there are miracles. But, this particular “Miracle” coupled with the fact that he is not sporting a “hard cast” which would be protocol for this type of horrendous injury . . . tells me this ain’t no Miracle at all! I still would love to know what the financial background of this family is. Let’s face it, people who participate in these false flags get PAID in real money for their participation, and to keep their mouth shut.

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      • I believe in miracles, I’m not sure I “believe” in Parkland. I suppose he could crawl down the stairs if he were full of adrenalin and didn’t pass out from the pain.

        I can’t even say that I understand why people get annoyed. When did it become some sort of civic duty to “believe” the propaganda? I do NOT believe the propaganda.

        At this point I have no real way of ascertaining whether anyone or how many were actually wounded or killed. The rest is pure bullshit. That’s the kindest thing I can say about it.

        I don’t worry myself about people who like to get in “high dudgeon” over stuff like this. Why do they do that? I suspect it comes from when they were kids and were afraid some authority would get angry if they didn’t conform.

        If I thought I could say “it looks like this is perfectly believable and probably happened as advertised”, I would. It doesn’t look that way to me. I even listened to the alleged audio tape of the police radio this morning. I don’t believe that either. It sounds like a drill.

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      • I will say this;
        When the body’s “fight or flight” response is activated, large amounts of adrenalin and dopamine are released.
        Dopamine acts as a pain inhibitor, adrenalin enhances speed and strength.
        I’ve seen a 130# woman rip the door off of a car to get her kids out. I’ve also seen verified video of an otherwise ordinary guy, lifting a small truck up by himself, enough to let his friends pull his girlfriend out from under it.

        The body is capable of amazing things.

        That said, you should know that I am completely convinced that the Parkland shooting was a carefully engineered and orchestrated event.
        It was a very real shooting event. But they knew that Cruz was going to go postal and did not one damn thing to stop it.
        Then all this nonsense cranked up at light speed. Much of this march crap has to have been planned and in place months before the shooting.
        There’s far too much evidence that something is seriously fishy!

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  10. How many coincidences can a person expect to come across in a lifetime?

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    • Glenn47 . . . . You have asked the sixty-four thousand dollar question. As far as I am concerned, at this juncture in time . . . we are WAAAY past a lifetime’s worth of coincidences regarding these “tragic shootings.”

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    • That is a very good question. I have become fond of saying “belief is not my default position”, either. We are dealing with what is undoubtedly the slimiest bunch of manipulative scumbags ever to pretend to be a government. I have no respect for them. They have no respect for us.

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    • There ARE no coincidences. This is especially true of anything involving a “politician” or “diplomat”. I can see wanting to grow up to be President, especially for those of us from my generation. But who the truck ever says “I want to be a diplomat when I grow up”? What are the qualifications? What does a “diplomat” do? “Deep State Enabler/Flunky” might be a better definition.

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  11. We call them coincidence theorists they refuse to question anything or think for themselves.

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  12. Richard Raymond

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    • Excellent video. I couldn’t agree more with what they were saying and how it relates to productions like this. “Heroes” are a pet peeve with me as well. Also the “salesmanship” notion that simply relies on exploiting known human tendencies.

      It’s very refreshing to encounter others who can see through the likes of Jeremy Scahill and Amy Goodman, et al.. I am either blessed or cursed with an immediate revulsion to those who attempt to manipulate utilizing emotion and garbage logic.

      Thanks again for sharing this. These things are not new. They get “adjusted” to their needs at any given time.

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  13. These “Curious Case of” posts are quickly becoming my faves- thanks Doc!

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  14. The more you dig, the weirder things get.

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  15. While I agree with the false flag, I don’t think it’s him. Look at the ears-Aaron’s stick out.

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  16. Let’s see if we can break this down. First, they don’t work for us. “They” work for a global cabal with an agenda. Part of that agenda is disarming the eaters so that they can feel a bit safer as they go about their dirty work.

    In order to accomplish that they need to hype the propaganda. School shootings are a wonderful venue for this. It makes people get all emotional and they shut off their brains. The more emotionally distraught they can get them the easier it is to feed them bullshit.

    They have acres of bullshit in cans, waiting to go. They pick a patsy, set him up and apply the contents of the cans of bullshit. The “press” (which isn’t) goes to work as directed spewing the pre-packaged copy to the unwary, emotionally distraught masses.

    Then comes the siren call “We Must DO SOMETHING!”. Why, right on cue, some political parasite just happens to have a bill, fully formed, ready to be introduced and voted into law. While all of this manufactured emotional overload is in progress, various billionaires front their boss’s money into advertising and bribing political parasites to do their boss’s bidding.

    Basically, that’s in in a nutshell. All the rest is distraction and conditioning. All of this could be easily fixed with reestablishment of some civic responsibility to what passes for media. As long as that is allowed to continue we will be drowning in bullshit.

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    • You are obviously correct in everything you say here. However, what’s amazing to me is this – all of Parkland, all of LV, heck, all of 9-11 could be cleared up with release of the video which without doubt exists. That’s simply what it boils down to for me, but the sheep for some reason just don’t see it. Is the mind-wiping so pervasive that 95% of us can’t apply logical thought to a situation any more? Even if Trump exposes it all and jails or hangs those responsible, what happens when our generation dies? Who’s left who can actually THINK?

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      • Well Lou, my suspicion is that they don’t want it cleared up. They want everyone to buy whatever story they’re selling.

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      • Here is some audio. I read this morning that the authorities are fighting tooth and nail not to release video footage of outside the school. That is, of course, totally bogus. If you listen to this carefully you will find that there are allegedly four locations. The athletic field, Bldg.’s 1300, 1200 & 900.

        There is another clip that I may post later that is much longer but follows the same pattern. Remember, they are saying that this took less than six minutes, tops.

        When I listen to the other audio that purports to be the original radio recordings of the police, it sounds like a drill scenario. This has a student shot and caught on a fence and the cop needs bolt cutters to get him down. Think about that a few minutes.

        Unless he were shot by a shotgun or artillery, why would you need to cut him down from the fence? How can you have someone on the perimeter on the fence while shooting is reportedly ongoing in four different locations and all of it done within six minutes? Then, he allegedly just walks away with other kids exiting due to a fire drill after being in “lockdown”.

        Then he goes for a sandwich and a coke. Then what? He just strolls back toward the school? Somehow, in this six minutes, with dead and wounded lining the hallways, they get a description of the shooter which is broadcast. Hello Lee Harvey its been so long.

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  17. It looks like a fake photo to me…that he has been photoshopped to add him in.


    • Ha, ha, could be. “The ghost of Aaron Feis”. Sounds like a film idea. Maybe a series.


    • Which photo? There are several photos in this post.


    • I think this is where I can stick my finger into this amazing flood of info rushing by me and it make sense! In MY OPINION ONLY – and from living with a man equally “no-necked and large” 😉 – it seems to me that man has those curly, twist-y strands of hair like the conservative/Hasidic Jews wear down in front of their ears, and is otherwise just normally that shape. Just a gut feeling I have, and seeing subtle differences otherwise, being used to seeing all our large family men.

      Now I haven’t been following this MSD thing, except to be annoyed w/ all these self-righteous, snotty kids and where my family and this proposed gun ban of 2018 intersects – have you READ this thing?????? You’ll be left w/ single shot, ratty old Marlins and that’s about it!!!!!! – but my Dad taught me from the cradle to not trust what the gov’t says to my face. And HE worked for the gov’t!! rueful chuckle


  18. I mowed yard at an USAF base and had to have a duns number. By the way, I am bald, heavier than I ought to be and have a kickin beard. Things that make you go, hmmmmm……..

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  19. I don’t deny that people died at Parkland. What strikes me is that this false flag event—like every one since Sandy Hook—stinks to high heaven. Too many inconsistencies, too many weird things.
    And it is disheartening that in some of these events, the law enforcement gets involved, and their involvement is fishy, to put it mildly.
    So Question # 1 is this: QUI BONO? WHO benefits from these false flag events? Because they usually seem to be very well-choreographed, yet there are too many inconsistencies in the “narrative” that follows. And with Parkland, as with Sandy Hook, we have people on the scene telling us, in so many words, in so many ways, to shut up. Or to give up our firearms.

    I believe there is a real fight going on behind the scenes to steer the public into accepting a hidden (or not so hidden) agenda, especially regarding gun “control.” This has to have a number of higher levels the persons of which have yet to be identified. I don’t buy the “lone nut theory” at all.

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    • I guess being mortgage free with some bucks in the bank is the highest motivation. To think there are that many people in the world that will use the deaths of children to gain a few bucks. I guess we need a way to do some kind of a fiscal audit on these people. Like the two teenagers yelling all over the airwaves. They have some kind of help with their plans and they were in place and fast. Evil is everywhere.

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  20. Just a thought, we can reasonably surmize that the govt. and the devil worshipers that pull it’s strings are well versed in propaganda and psychological operations techniques, a few thousand years worth of it no less, like say gaslighting… we can also reasonably surmize that the govt. shouldn’t be this hackneyed and hard up for hiring proper actors etc. and certainly has the funds available to make a high-budget production… so why do these stories keep having these anomalies that make them look like small-town indy film productions? Is this a case of seeing just how far gone they’ve gotten the majority of the public while also trying to ferret out those people who would notice issues, with intent to profile said “noticers” for future “use”, and eventually either bait or “remove” them should they prove too intrepid, to ensure cons in the future have a better chance of being accepted, or is there something more going on as well?

    These things are peculiar, and we know that if they were after the guns they could easily shut down the usability of firearms by contorlling the ammo ingredients (a gun without ammo is a clumsy billy club at best.) somethignt hat shouldn’t be that hard given the chemical companies are more than likely already controlled, if “gun grabbing” were their aim, wouldn’t it have been done by now? It does seem like inflicting terror/trauma conditioning and psychological manipulation on the general public at large is one of the main aims, for the purpose of getting society to adopt their corruption, and maybe even its being done for “kicks” in part as well, these are devil worshipers we’re talking about after all. It may also be serving as kabuki, shall we say, a dramatic stage show to keep people looking where the noise is being made, and making sure they ignore events they really should be noticing, while also keeping them from taking proper action against the evils being foisted on them at present… but these are only guesses.

    Many questions, and not nearly enough answers, no?

    We also know the devil and his shills, both supernatural and human, have a vested interest in waging a personal war against every man woman, child, animal, rock, tree, and molecule of creation, in mockery and in spite of God, but we also know that the devil and his other lackies are lesser beings, and decidedly not perfect, so they certainly can’t control the entire narrative, and God is the Master Tactician, and is moving as well, so the outcome of the overall war has already been decided, the devil loses, all that’s left are these battles where the devil tries to do as much damage as he can to the things God values, since he can’t assault God directly.

    So what to do? I don’t endorse napoleon as a righteous man persay, but he did say “do the opposite of what your enemy wants” to paraphrase, if I recall right. Keep being Christians, and keep exposing the fruitless deeds of evil seems to be what’s called for, among other items of importance.

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  22. What do I think? Before I read this article my suspicions ran high that the hero was an actor. Now, my suspicions run even higher.

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