The curious case of Parkland school shooting victim Kyle Laman

Yesterday, Tony Mead posted on his Facebook page a YouTube video of 15-year-old Kyle Laman, one of the wounded in the February 14 mass shooting incident at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

See Mead’s guest post of January 17, 2018: “Satanic Pedophilia Within Our Society”.

Soon after Mead published that post, Facebook issued him a stern warning — that the post “contains content that violates our Terms of Use” — and unilaterally took it down.

Facebook warning to Tony Mead

If you go to the link of Mead’s post, you now get this message:

Facebook‘s reason for taking down Mead’s post (“A post you made contains content that violates our Terms of Use”) is at once ambiguous and broad because Facebook‘s Terms of Service are many and numerous. Without specifying which term of service Mead allegedly had violated, the statement “A post you made contains content that violates our Terms of Use” amounts to a catch-all excuse to justify arbitrary censorship.

So what was so offensive about Tony Mead’s post?

This is the NBC Today news video that Mead posted:

As Americans, whose exercise of free speech is guaranteed by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, we respectfully ask the following four questions about the NBC news video:

(1) NBC reporter Kerry Sanders said “a round of AR-15 tore through” Kyle Laman’s ankle.

New Health Advisor has a page, “Can I Walk on Fractured Ankle”. A fractured ankle is defined as “when a bone at or near the ankle joint breaks.” Kyle Laman’s ankle was more than fractured, having been “torn through” by “a round of AR-15”. Kyle Laman’s ankle was shattered.

In the case of a fractured ankle, New Health Advisor says:

It is usually very difficult to put weight on your fractured ankle and you should not put any weight on your broken ankle for the first few weeks at least (most commonly 6-8 weeks). Just walk with assistance and shifting weight to the good foot . . . . Some people even feel dizzy or sick mainly due to the pain and shock of breaking their ankle.

In Kyle Laman’s case, his ankle had just been “torn through” by “a round of AR-15”. How did he manage to not only walk, but “run down three flights of stairs”? He even had the presence of mind to give authorities a “complete description” of the shooter — what the shooter was wearing, and even the type of weapon he was using.

Here’s a closeup of Kyle Laman’s ankle wound — a vivid visual of how his ankle literally was “torn through” by “a round of AR-15”. This makes it even more unbelievable that he could have “run down three flights of stairs”.

Source: TMZ (h/t FOTM reader yyz)

(2) According to New Health Advisor, a fractured ankle is treated with a plaster cast — “It is important to put your fractured ankle in a plaster cast for at least six weeks“.

In the NBC Today video, which was published to YouTube on March 2, 2018, just 16 days after Kyle Laman’s ankle had been “torn through” by “a round of AR-15,” his shattered — not fractured — ankle is not in a plaster cast. Instead, in the screenshot below, from the 0:41 mark in the video, Laman’s leg is fitted with what appears to be a metal leg-stabilizer.

Kyle Lama's foot 0.41 mark

Below are two closeups of Laman’s wounded ankle between those metal braces or stabilizer (source: TMZ). Is this the way to treat a “torn through” ankle? I would appreciate the expert opinion of readers with orthopedic surgical knowledge.

(3) The above image is curious for another reason — Laman’s foot doesn’t seem to have toe nails. Why’s that?

I’ve cropped the image and enlarged it:

Kyle Laman's foot 0.41 mark

Is the foot a prosthetic?

Below is another closeup of Laman’s injured foot at an earlier time, which I’d cropped and enlarged from a CBS Miami pic (h/t yyz:

(4) Then there is the matter of Laman’s wandering wounded leg.

Here’s a screenshot I took at the 0:12 mark, showing Laman’s wounded leg to be his right leg:

Kyle Laman's leg 0.12 mark

But in the screenshot below, at the 1:56 mark, the curvature of Laman’s body suggests the wounded leg is now his left leg. I had to really slow down the video in order to grab that screenshot because right after the camera shows Laman’s wounded left leg, it quickly cuts away.

Kyle Laman's leg 1.56 mark

There is a Go Fund Me soliciting donations for Kyle Laman, with a goal of raising $50,000. As of this morning, $38,820 have been donated.

There is also a GoFundMe campaign created by the Broward Education Foundation, with a goal of $3 million, which will be used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families, including Kyle Laman. As of the afternoon of March 10, 2018, $2,779,740 have been donated.

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  1. Deep State or NWO or what ever you want to call them are busy little bees and why is that only a few people ask the right questions. The whole emotional thing to drive people to an end that they want. And that is TAKE up the guns so they can have total control of this country and the rest of the world. So how do you combat this : Bring it to the front show it for what it is and every time I do that I get accused of being racist, a right wing gun nut, and a whole host of names. Where do we start and how do we over come this? And with the way they are passing stupid laws right now your afraid to say or do anything. The sec you do someone is going to report you as unstable and deem you need to see a DR. Then the swat team shows up kicks down your door take your guns and lock you up. God help us.

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  2. Good catch Dr.

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  3. Sounds like the Sandyhoax Method is alive and hooking suckers…

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  4. I think Mr. Laman may have been taking acting lessons from John McCain! He also told him it was a good idea to take the cast off his injured ankle and put it on his good ankle to give it a rest. This is standard medical practice now. 😁😸😀

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    In the last picture it is suggested that the left leg appears to be the wounded leg; it also appears to me that he is completely missing half his right leg.

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  7. definitely good catch Dr. Eowyn…that explains why his toes never moved.

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    • “that explains why his toes never moved.”

      HA HA HA HA!

      MomOfIV, you are so observant and just plain brilliant.

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    • Actually, going back to Boston firecracker, I think they made a video of Rebekah Gregory, (then DiMartino, then back to Gregory), in which they made her toes move, I think. I’ll have to see if I can still find it. maybe it was just her foot. I have no doubt she was bi-lateral amputee, despite photos of right leg.

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  8. You are right, that foot looked phony.
    What I would like to know is: how many traitors are there out there willing to lie like this? If I were a crisis actor who thought I was participating in one of these drills, etc, for preparedness, and then I saw my performance being touted as real on the TV, I would be livid, outraged,and I would find some way to speak out. If these people don’t come forward after their participation in a fraud then they have to be knowingly, and be willingly going along with the deception. How can there be that many satanists running around who would do something so evil as to help perpetrate a fraud of this magnitude on the whole world?.
    I must be out of touch or something with how rampant the evil is out there, because this simply boggles my mind. We know about deep state evil, but it seems they have active agents in communities everywhere.

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    • Lana . . . . Excellent Question! But, as we saw at Sandy Hook, any number of those who were “parents, neighbors, city officials, etc., according to the city property records showed that their houses were bought for $0.00, which means we have plenty of folks who will lie, cheat, bare false witness if the payoff is great enough. I would love to know the financial history of this young man’s parents. Do they own a home, if so what is the balance on the mortgage? Do they rent? Will they be purchasing a home in the near future, if so, what will the balance of the mortgage be? Yes, we have seen this kind of garbage before, and I suppose, we will be seeing it again.

      God Bless Our Nation, may we ever be a free people!

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      • You bring up many things I have forgotten Auntie. I do know that Newtown was supposed to be a Satanist hub, and I suppose this place in Broward could be too.
        I wish someone who lives in the area of that kid above would stake out his home and see if he happens to come waltzing out of the house without the prosthetic.

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        • Who knows? You might discover that this kid doesn’t exist. I know that I probably get tiresome, but I want to emphasize that “seeing is NOT believing”. They limit your “field of view” to a handful of actors. They limit the number of “journalists” to a select few. In that way they control the narrative.

          In a real event the “news” would be swarming all over the area talking to anyone they could buttonhole. To me that’s a dead giveaway. Within hours, sometimes minutes, the characters begin to show up, fully formed. They have all this background information, etc..

          In this case, think about the storyline. The “say” he did this shooting by himself, then simply walked away. Remember, they “say” it took six minutes, tops. So what is all the talk about delays in entering the building, etc.? He would be finished and leaving.

          They “say” he left his equipment in the school and strolled out with the other students. We have the “Stoner” girl who says she walked out with him during a fire drill. We have another “witness” who says they had a fire drill and his teacher locked them all out in the hall with the shooter. That was a different building, however, but they say there’s only one shooter.

          I don’t believe any of this. I think this whole thing was put together utilizing drill footage and a lot of bogus monologs. He is supposed to have gone for a sandwich after affecting all this carnage. Then they “captured” him casually walking back from the sandwich shop.

          Now, how would they know who to capture? This is an “Oswald moment”. “Be on the lookout for a green-eyed Cuban”. Could this happen. Maybe, on a distant planet, like Uranus.

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          • No argument here- I believe the whole thing is rotten to the core too. I wonder though……can we ever know what ACTUALLY happened? You say no one died- that’s surely possible, no one died at Sandy Hook. But here we heard a teacher say she saw the shooter come down the hallway and she described him as being dressed like a cop with body armour. Then we have the video from a helecopter showing cops run out of the building throwing gear and possibly a rifle bag in the back of a truck. My question on this would be, if the whole thing was a drill, not a real shooting done by operatives, and covered up by a drill, then how is it you can get a whole school, a whole town to not say a word, and participate in such a massive fraud? Sandy Hook was a small operation in a small community compared to Parkland… do you keep that many people quiet with the internet? Sorry if I’m a bit thick here…..maybe just underestimating the level of widespread evil.

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            • I haven’t said “no one died”. I simply don’t know. I don’t for one minute think they care one way or another. What I say is whether anyone is hurt or killed is not what makes these fraudulent.

              I have pointed to particular “victims” and said they are fakes. I have not said no one was hurt or killed. If they were, I think it unlikely that it was at the hand of Cruz. If it was, there still were others.

              Obviously, just on the surface, based on witness testimony, someone is lying. Alexis (?) “The Stoner”, says she was walking with Cruz. She knows him. She says she heard shots while they were walking.

              She’s either lying, or they are. We have one group saying there had been drills and the rumors were that they were to expect another, with blanks. The official story is that that didn’t happen. Someone is lying.

              We have pictures of kids running and walking around in “the line of fire” with cops crouching behind their cruiser doors. They did the same thing in Australia. It’s phony.

              So, how do we sort it out? I’m not sure. My sense is that they thought they were having a drill. They probably didn’t worry about the shooting because they thought they were blanks. Were they? I don’t know. There is even one school of thought that has them “intending” to shoot blanks but there was a mix up. That’s highly unlikely.

              There are a multitude of little scenarios that aren’t getting any notice any longer. The same thing happened at all of these. They float these ideas and then, poof, they just go away. One had the school “resource officer” off chasing shots in the athletic field.

              One of the posts here talked of this DoJ program. I can see that. I can see Eric Holder all over this. I can see Eric Holder all over Lynch (except he doesn’t swing that way).

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          • I couldn’t agree more, Lo-watt, you really DO get tiresome. But here’s what you shoubld do: since “they” know you are a dangerous truth-to-power-telling Patriot, they’re going to want to bust down your door and take your guns. Outsmart “them” by putting all your guns in your car. To keep your weapons safe, you’ll want to stay in the car, too. The Deep State will be trying to track you, so you should be on the move, constantly. To throw “them” off, you should drive really fast and erratically. If any police try to pull you over, remember – they are part of the conspiracy. You’ll have no choice but to make a citizen’s arrest of them. Be sure to point your biggest, scariest gun at them as you demand they drop their weapons and surrender. You’ll be a hero!!


        • Just to be clear: you are advocating that someone should stalk an innocent kid who’s recovering from a traumatic attack. If that were my kid, and I found some nutjob hiding in my hedges, i’d confront the SOB. Weapon of choice? Louisville Slugger. ADIOS, PELOTA!!


      • To anyone with a brain these things are obvious. What they seem to have created is a society that values “belonging” more than truth. That is a reaction that must be “cultured”.

        All of us have our life experiences to draw upon. These conclusions they want us to arrive at are inconsistent with those. There’s a very good reason for that. They are lies.

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    • It’s either satanic mind controlled victims, or possibly these actors are kids that have been abducted and are being used after being brainwashed.


    • Danielle Marin

      Lana, I simply could NOT agree more with all you say here! It really is quite enough to make a sane person feel he or she has gone quite mad. It really brings home for me the level of psychopathy involved in that they’ve enlisted throngs of mere children to ‘participate’ in their luciferian reindeer games.
      The sad reality is that no matter how foreign it would feel to you or I to behave in this manner, this is clearly not the case for more people then we could dare imagine. “They” took advantage of the immaturity of these kids, knowing full well how exciting this might be for them initially. Eventually many of these kids will no doubt end up with varying degrees of PTSD after they’ve matured and their character kicks in & they realize the severity of what they participated in. Some really even seem to be enjoying it, and that is quite unsettling.

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  9. MSDS Strong T-shirts, where can we get them? They were made quickly. It is reported on those NBC videos that “Kyle received a massive wound in his ankle area.” and he “Had another surgery yesterday.” Two surgeries. His recovery was amazing, no IVs and no indication on his inner arms that he had had IVs. Those expressing such anger about our Constitution, President Trump, and the NRA should understand that such problems could have been prevented with existing rules. By the way, is there a by student at that school that might have an accident common to that part of Florida?

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    • Fire your secretary! I heard you dictate the fourth word, last line, “accent.” You don’t need her for your coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts has been brewing great coffee since the 1950s.


    • Yep. He looks anything BUT the wounded victim. When I see ‘MSDS” I think “Material Safety Data Sheet”, that is the acronym for the instructions that accompany hazardous materials.

      These things are SO phony. Look at the Hogg speeches. My gawd! They need much better writers.

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    • “By the way, is there a by student at that school that might have an accident common to that part of Florida?”

      Sorry, marble, but I don’t understand what that sentence means!

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      • I feel better now. I didn’t understand it either.

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      • Who said that, who said that?! I swear I said “accent,” Stella put Bailey’s Irish Cream in my coffee again! I can’t fire her, she got me to pose for pictures in unusual ways and threatens to put them on the internet. (For those who don’t know, I am joking. There is no Stella, I make my own coffee, then wish there was a Stella.)

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  10. Wow, where to begin? Of course the censorship issue is a big one. It also shows what lengths they’ll go to in order to prevent anyone from controlling the narrative. Remember, this isn’t “THEIR” information, it’s OURS.

    Using social media to control information is something new. Lately the meme here has been that “it’s private property so they can do as they wish”. This is a corollary of “we’re news, but we can lie to you”. Both manifestations have the same problem. They operated under license and both are committing frauds in that they purport to tell the truth.

    Now, as to the leg. I can’t really tell. It almost appears that the leg itself is phony and one end is tucked under the cover. Why else would he be in such an unnatural position?

    I’ve had two of my daughters break their legs/ankles seriously when they were growing up. I know how painful that can be. Both had large plaster casts. One had surgery, which from the sound of the alleged wound, would be required. In my oldest daughter’s case, after the surgery her leg continued to swell and we had to have them split the cast to relieve pressure.

    She was not up at all for weeks. She was going to high school and I had to take her in a wheelchair.

    First, why would Facebook complain that Tony Mead ran the video? Obviously, they didn’t like the “treatment” it received. It is painfully obvious that we need other sources than YouTube and Facebook. Once those are developed the spook outlets will die.

    I can’t categorically say about the left/right dichotomy. I still think the leg looks phony. Usually there is much swelling and discoloration. He most certainly would not be running, or walking, down the hall. Just like with the others, they are insulting. We are supposed to sign up to be fools. No thanks, go peddle your propaganda elsewhere!

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  11. The article misquoted the reporter. He does not say “a round of AR-15 tore through”.


  12. If you use ‘THEIR” material “improperly” you get a “strike”. If you enter the set without their permission you get suspended:

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  13. From CBNNews today: Facebook Face-palm…
    “Powerful tech companies rule our communications today, and shocking stories are coming out about how they’re silencing the worldviews of millions of Christian and conservative Americans, censoring the messages you’re allowed to read and post online.”

    They’re colluding with the Left/MSM – FB, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, MSN… and all their media-sub-entities like snapchat, instagram, youtube… you name it.

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  14. In the last photo the left leg is under the blanket. Do you really think, while being filmed, they would switch the legs? Come on, have some common sense.


  15. When I looked at the frame you captured, it leaped out at me right away that it looks like Kyle’s right leg is way over to the side and bent at the knee. Of course, the sheets and pillow could just be fortuitously arranged to look this way. Kyle could also be using a special bed like those used in movies and television where the actor hides his limb inside a hole or cavity in the bed and a prosthetic limb is positioned in its place. Good point about the toenails. They look like they’ve been trimmed right down to the flesh. I cut my own toenails very short, but I can never make them look like Kyle’s. Also, I think that anyone working on Kyle’s toenails to make them more photogenic wouldn’t have been so extremely fussy but would have been very careful not to give Kyle any discomfort. Funny, it would probably have been easier to place a cast in the bed or put Kyle’s foot in a fake cast, but I suspect that the makeup people wanted to show a more gruesome scene with exposed flesh. Letting people actually see real, wounded flesh really jerks the tears, especially if the flesh is a child’s.

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  16. I’ll bet you could find Boston coal dust all over that leg. It probably came from the effects warehouse where the BMB stuff is stored. They need to look for that dancer’s leg. They could get him up and doing pirouettes in record time.

    We’re all in danger of methane poisoning.

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  17. The stench surrounding this “mass shooting” is getting stronger all the time.

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    Loretta Lynch Caught Using Fake Name (Elizabeth Carlisle) to Avoid Exposing Obama’s Secret “STRONG CITIES NETWORK”.

    “Judicial Watch requested the records as part of an investigation into the Obama administration’s involvement in a United Nation’s international law enforcement coalition called Strong Cities Network (SCN).” ( ie: False Flags branded as ” Boston Strong, “Orlando Strong”, “Vegas Strong”…etc)

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  19. I can tell you right now-if his ankle was shattered he wouldn’t be smiling and looking so calm and pain-free-OBVIOUS crisis actor/family

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  20. George Orwell’s nightmare vision is taking shape and gaining speed.
    On the other hand, just how damned stupid do these people think we are?

    Google, Facebook, Twitter and You Tube maintain that, as private corporations, they have the right to censor or not allow certain content on their sites. Well, the fight is on: Alex Jones, Hagmann & Hagmann and others have either filed suit or are going to file suit, in part, on these grounds: Their platforms are so widespreadly recognized and used that they should be regulated as public utilities. I personally agree.

    Holy Mother Church took the fight against Modernism head-on and held it in check until the Second Vatican Council. Since those days, Modernism has morphed into post-modernism, of which a central tenet can be said to pose this Question: Can the truth be known at all? (Postmodernism maintains “No.”) Since the Church has been hogtied by Vatican II, it looks to me like the world is going to have to fight this monster on its own.

    David Hogg represents the ideal spokesman for the current narrative: The typecast little know-it-all whose mission it is to carry the gun-control narrative to the masses, and in an ever-so-pedantic tone. All Right, this is the P.R. front. At the root, I smell Deep State: There is a cabal that is out to take our guns. They are not going gently into that good night. This might take another 20 years: Eric Holder said, “we just have to brainwash the public.” Yes, a certain part of the public will submit—submit to anything. (This, too, has been gauged—to about four to six percent). So for the rest of us, we need the necessary conduits of inquiry and information. We cannot rely on the State to provide this to us. We must do it ourselves. And this ties free speech to free inquiry, by absolute necessity. And now we are at that point in history where search engines and social media platforms are going to have to be compelled or forced to yield, in the interests of our very survival.
    It’s going to be one bastard of a fight.

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  22. if the foot is indeed a prosthetic, watch for a story about this boy losing his foot at the ankle in coming days. he would be an amputee actor, like they used at Sandy Hook and others.


  23. Here’s a higher resolution pic I found of Kyle’s foot.

    Source article.
    Another link with a closeup.

    My mind isn’t made up what is happening in this instance but youtube’s reaction offers more smoke to what may be a fire. I just thought I’d post some more pics for those with better tools than I to analyze.

    If the DOJ wanted to prosecute YT for censorship, it seems all they’d have to do is obtain evidence of it’s dominance (near monopoly) on the web and then slap rules of conduct on it – where, if they want to ban someone’s post, they must provide detailed evidence of a policy violation to a bi/or non (if there is such a thing) partisan panel. Shouldn’t be too hard if modelled after corp. anti-trust laws. Just surmising here.

    Along these lines, I will say that one of the top things about Sandy Hook that I found fishy (and there are lots of others) is that all the cars in that parking lot shot were all pointed in the same direction – what are the odds – I’ve never heard an attempt at an explanation from the ‘rebutters’?

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    • THANK YOU, yyz!

      Here’s a closeup of Kyle Laman’s ankle wound — a vivid visual of how his ankle literally was “torn through” by “a round of AR-15”. This makes it even more unbelievable that he could have “run down three flights of stairs”.


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      • Yep, that’s a foot alright. I’m glad they could save it although it certainly appears to be turning white, compared to the rest of him. Just an observation.

        I suppose the idea is that pictures of foot wounds mean that everything else they say is true. If it really is his foot that’s a nasty wound alright. He wouldn’t be doing any running anywhere.

        So, that’s interesting. I’ve said that I don’t know if anyone was shot or killed. They could be. I still don’t know.

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      • My question is: Who took this photo? Clearly it was taken shortly after the injury, one would presume in ER. The obvious options are that it was either the hospital, the police, the press, or a family member.

        Let’s review those options then. Patient privacy laws would preclude the hospital from sharing any of its photos. Police photos would be deemed evidence and wouldn’t be released until after a trial. Press wouldn’t be allowed into ER.

        We are left, then, to believe a family member took this photo and released/sold it to the press. While possible, I don’t think it is plausible. Imagine having this conversation with your child who JUST ARRIVED IN ER WITH A GUNSHOT WOUND: “Hey, Kyle, oh that’s a pretty nasty gunshot you have. Hopefully you don’t lose your foot. Let’s get a photo so we can share it on Facebook?” What parent would have the presence of mind to do that, or why would they even want to? Wouldn’t they want to shield their child from the trauma of this injury (if, as photographed) as much as possible?

        So that really leaves a fifth option: the photo has nothing to with Kyle and was released to assist with an agenda.

        I vote for Option #5.

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        • Just looked at the other photos on the TMZ site. Photo #4 is the same angle of the foot (inside left of right foot) as the photo above. Notice on Photo #4 there is a small mole (by the piece of surgical tape) and there are other tiny scabs/wounds that dot the area. The photo above curiously shows none of these markings – which would be exactly opposite of what one would expect if it is the EARLIER of the two photos.

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    • yyz,

      I’ve updated this post with pics from the links you so helpfully provided. THANK YOU!


  24. Kenneth M. Laster

    In one picture of Mr. Laman his parents position is opposite each other with the little girl in the middle. This looks like it might have been taken in a mirror directly, causing the image to be in reverse. Just saying.

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  25. My concern is there is an open air wound and it does not seem the hospital is practicing Infection Control procedures. For example the family would have to scrub and suit to maintain a sterile environment for the open air wound. Anyone work in infection control or in recovery ?

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    • Very observant, Lola. I was going to say something about that, but decided not to. Unless there are more to see it isn’t apparent this is “his” injury. There is little or no bleeding. It looks like the foot of someone deceased.

      To avoid infection they would have slathered that with disinfectant. If it is a picture of the wound immediately after being brought in there isn’t much blood. If it is a picture after surgery, it definitely would be coated with disinfectant and bandaged.

      Who knows, I’m sure everyone thinks I’m a cynic. I am.

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      • I’m definitely a truther but also in the medical field. The pins in his leg are called an ex-fix. It holds bones together after putting them kinda in the same area because the bones are shattered and can’t be put in a plaster cast. Also the wound is not “open” that’s called a wound vac. That’s what the black spongy looking thing is. It is attached to a vacuum type machine to promote healing. Also you can’t put an open wound inside a cast to promote bacterial infection etc. It also appears he has had a skin graft to the area that the skin was missing. Just a little knowledge and don’t let your imagination run away with common sense.

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  27. Good catch, I have made a link to yours on my investigation about the Parkland shooting, covering lots of witnesses etcetera:

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  28. A few other anomalies with the kyle laman photo of parkland “shooting”:
    1. He isn’t wearing a medical patient ID bracelet, something always issued to patients, yet his mom is? As I hear, visitor bracelets tend to not be blue, while the patient medical ID bracelts are.
    2. If He is staying at home, why the medical bracelets at all, as those would only be needed in the hospital?
    3. Why does the picture of the initial wound look like it wasn’t cleaned and washed up on the way there, much less very thoroughly, but instead looks like it has mud and yard debris? (It also kinda looks more like an animal bite, as my Wife remarked)
    4. Where is the bone and foot tendons, considering the depth of the wound?
    5. Where is the bruising, shouldn’t some of his foot and leg be purple, at least around the wound damage area?
    6. The photo looking down at the foot from the head of the bed seems to look more like a tattoo, and less like an actual wound area.

    I’m no medical examiner, of course, but one additional point, how could someone run down bunches of stairs etc. with a foot that damaged, the foot wouldn’t be viable to support any weight, I would suppose, and someone would have to hop along at a much reduced pace. I also understand it is a while after the incident, but I am surprised there isn’t a bit more blood than what is seen.

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  29. Emergency scene breakdowns on youtu be.Hitters Union Halifax N.S


  30. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Parkland, son of Sandy Hook, calling for gun and mind control.

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  31. Could Kyle be smiling because his family reassured him that there really an Easter bunny/ and that it would help him on this year’s egg hunt?


  32. Here at 16:25 — bringing young Kyle out on stretcher, talking on cell phone. Looks like fake legs had same material draped from knees up.

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    • The image was taken from so far away, it’s difficult to be certain about anything.

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      • Where’s the blood? If we assume that photo of the wound was a real photo of his injury, and he was alive, there would be blood all over the place. It is too far to tell but the legs look fake to me.

        A wound like that would cause absolute agony. You would be trying to pull your leg up. He looks like he’s on his way to a golf date.

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  33. Although there are many strange anomalies with the entire Parkland story I do have to say the metal fixture on the boys ankle is called an external fixator. This is placed prior to doing an internal fixation on a badly broken/shattered bone. One of the pictures that shows a transparent dressing with black in the middle would be after the Internal fixation. The Black is a wound vac sponge to promote healing. I appreciate your reporting. Just wanted to answer a few questions. Thanks.

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  37. You are crazy people.


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