Suspect in Denver fatal hit-and-run wanted by ICE; sheriff’s department refuses to honor detainer

denver sheriff patrick firman

Patrick Firman: Sheriff for the city and county of Denver

From KDVR: An undocumented immigrant illegal alien is in jail in connection with a deadly hit-and-run crash and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents want to take him into custody.

But the Denver Sheriff’s Department refuses to honor the detainer.

Denver stopped honoring detainer orders from ICE in 2014. If the undocumented immigrant illegal alien, 26-year-old Ivan Zamarripa-Castaneda, posts his $25,000 bond, he’s free to go until his next court date.

Cellphone video captured the fiery aftermath of the deadly hit-and-run crash at Interstate 70 and Brighton Boulevard over the weekend.

The Denver Police Department said Zamarripa-Castaneda slammed into a semitruck, killing the driver.

Police say he then fled the scene. Officers located him the next day at his home and noted that his speech was slurred. Officers arrested him on vehicular homicide charges.

On Monday, ICE agents discovered Zamarripa-Castaneda is in the United States illegally, and immediately issued an immigration detainer in an effort to gain custody to get him deported to Mexico.

But the sheriff’s department refuses to honor it after rulings that it is potentially liable for a Fourth Amendment violation.

Spokesman Carl Rusnok said ICE prefers the criminal justice system serve its course and after sentencing, it would get custody of the criminal.

The sheriff’s department said the city will always enforce a warrant or order signed by a federal judge or magistrate. ICE said getting that warrant signed is no easy task.

“One of the issues is we detain somewhere around 34,000 to 40,000 people per day,” Rusnok said. “We place detainers on thousands and thousands of people. Getting federal warrants for each one of those individuals would be extremely time consuming and it’s something we don’t have the resources for.

As of now, if Zamarripa-Castaneda posts bond, ICE cannot deport him. Rusnok said that’s an issue of public safety. “By ICE taking custody of these individuals, we actually help improve public safety by taking these criminal aliens off the streets and ultimately removing them to their country of origin,” Rusnok said.

The Denver District Attorney’s Office has not officially charged Zamarripa-Castaneda.

Assuming it does, a spokesman said the intention is to prosecute defendants first upon a conviction and have them serve time in Colorado before ICE might deport them for criminal behavior.


27 responses to “Suspect in Denver fatal hit-and-run wanted by ICE; sheriff’s department refuses to honor detainer

  1. Simply put, Denver Sheriff Patrick Firman is an outlaw.

    Arrest the POS.

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      • I was just going to say, how many of these mentally ill officials can there be, when I saw your post here. This is a repeat of Oakland’s’ mayor (((Shcaff))) I guess no mental illness here, just keeping with the agenda to destroy sovereignty and create chaos.
        On the other hand…sounds like the name is a version of Fuhrman which I looked up on the same website you provided. Remember Mark Furman? He never struck me as being Jewish, and yet if you look it up it is designated as a Jewish name. Also on the link you provided, if you scroll down emigres under FIrman designate their religion mostly as Catholic, Protestant- no Judaism. And yet under Fuhrman most are listed as Jewish. So it may be hard to tell who left their Judaism far behind, who is a Crypto, and who is outwardly Jewish.

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        • It’s amazing isn’t it? What a “coincidence”. When I took statistics I don’t recall the law that gave such gravitas to 3%. They’re like “Chicken Man”, he’s EVERYWHERE!

          Can you imagine how different the world would look without this unholy influence? I don’t think its an exaggeration to say that 90% of our problems would simply disappear.

          It really isn’t too difficult to control this. All you need to do is take away their power and that means their access to money. Just buy some ear plugs and do it.

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      • and how many other law defiers (like in Calif) aren’t? If he as black and you pointed that out, it would smack of stereotypical racism – his potential ethnicity has no relevance- there’s as I said a whole lot of resisters to Trump and his policies in your country and they aint all “jewish”


        • Part of reality assessment (and also social science) is to notice and recognize certain pattern regularities. Others prefer to bury their heads in the sand.

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        • Historically there is no liberalism. Societies have always been conservative and traditional in order to perpetuate and protect themselves from outsiders. This type of behavior is aberrant, and associated with liberalism, and liberalism as we now know it in the twentieth century is a Jewish invention designed specifically to undermine, destroy and usurp any power they don’t like , most especially western Christian societies. The statistics bear out that most people do not want lawlessness, or have their money taken and given away and given to those who are not part of their society. The fact that there are a few mentally ill white people, and minorities who are willing to jump on the Jewish/ Masonic agenda to create chaos so they can bring in a communist state for their own furtherance of power, doesn’t excuse the main players in all this. For the most part it is true, almost every time you turn over the rock there is one of the tribe doing the machinations.

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          • And there’s other tribes also. Yes there have been prominent freemasons, illuminati, and intellectual people with Jewish names but you’ll find they aren’t YHWH’s but rather are usually atheists or outright occult / Luciferian much as the ones Yeshua castigated in His incarnation telling them they were of their father the devil

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    • AMEN Dr. Eowyn! POS is 100% right! A disgrace to the uniform and those who truly dedicate themselves to do their best to serve and protect.

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    • Whose “Fourth Amendment violation”? The illegal doesn’t have Fourth Amendment protection. So, they can release this animal secretly and he walks. They should arrest this sheriff like yesterday.

      So they won’t even notify ICE of an impending release? Why don’t they get a federal court order to take possession of him and the sheriff?

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  2. This has been going on for a while now. My question is when will a family member who has nothing to lose go and find people like this who are getting a pass for killing their family member. Seems the government isn’t getting it done on the local level and eventually people will get fed up and some will take the law into their own hands. Now they have not only killed a family member but caused another to be incarcerated. Very good Post DCG people need to voice an opinion and scream it out.

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  3. What are the laws regarding harboring a criminal? Charge the four-star sheriff.

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  4. How could any sane person be against ICE clipping this killer’s wings, so to speak? I am disgusted by the action’s of all these officials who have taken it upon themselves to put the “needs of illegals” about the safety of actual American citizens. People should write and call and tell this joke of a Sherriff just what they think of him. He truly is, as Dr Eowyn has already stated . . . . . a POS!

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  5. Auntie – if ICE got their way, how long before he’s back in the country illegally? Remember the illegal who’d been deported 5 times who killed a woman in Calif?

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  6. They need to negotiate a treaty with Mexico to keep these scum bags. If they got fined every time one of them came back they’d do a better job of corralling them.

    This situation is beyond ridiculous but perfectly in accord with their world plan.

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  7. City officials must be held personally responsible for protecting criminals.

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  8. It’s time for Jeff Sessions to either sh*t or get off the pot.

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  9. I think he’s still weighing his options:

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  10. Comrade Obama

    Colorado prefers killer illegals to protecting US citizens. Welcome to the Socialist Worker’s Paradise.

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  11. Leftists’ idea of good use of cops:

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