Hero dog, beaten and shot, protects boy from home invaders

 Tracy Bloom reports for KTLA5 that a German shepherd was brutally beaten and shot multiple times while trying to protect his teenage owner, who was home alone when two thieves broke into the family’s residence in Des Moines, Washington.

The home-invasion occurred in broad daylight about 12:20 p.m. on a weekday, February 21, 2018, in the 1400 block of South 234th Street.

The heroic German Shepherd is appropriately named Rex, which means king.

Des Moines Police Department Cmdr. Doug Jenkins said, “A 16-year-old boy who was home alone said he believed someone was breaking in. He heard noises and voices, ran upstairs and hid in closet. He continued relaying everything he heard on the phone with dispatch.”

The teen was hiding in a closet with his dog, Rex, when the 2-year-old German shepherd ran downstairs to confront the intruders. The thieves beat the dog, leaving him badly injured.

Even after being bloodied and hurt, Rex still had enough strength left to get back to the boy — his best friend — and protect him as the thieves proceeded into the bedrooms, including the one where the boy was hiding. The thieves opened fire, shooting Rex multiple times. He was struck in the neck, leg and knee, yet managed to survive.

The boy’s aunt, Susy Cadena, calls Rex a “hero dog” in a GoFundMe page:

“As they entered the room where my nephew was hiding in the closet, Rex came out with the little strength he had left in him and threw himself at them as he knew my nephew was in danger. My nephew was protected by his eternal friend until the last bit of strength he had in him to do what his unconditional, loving instinct told him to.”

The intruders fled the home as they heard the sound of approaching police sirens. They were gone by the time responding officers arrived at the scene.

Rex was taken to an animal hospital in critical condition and was later transported to BluePearl Veterinary Partners. Rex remains in the veterinary intensive care unit, but his condition has since been upgraded to stable.

His owners, who have already spent $2,000 on Rex’s medical expenses, are trying to raise funds to pay for the surgery Rex needs to save his life.

After just one day, Rex’s GoFundMe had surpassed its goal of $10,000.

H/t The Goldwater


32 responses to “Hero dog, beaten and shot, protects boy from home invaders

  1. Something about the love of a Dog. I think for someone to shoot my dog would cause me to do like wise. The dog is a family member just like a police dog you look at them as members and their life is like everyone else’s in the group. I sometimes prefer their company more than humans for its unconditional love.

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  2. I’m really glad the dog survived and the 16 year old is safe.
    Now, let’s get that boy some firearms training……

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  3. Great dog. Wonderful outcome. I agree with Silhouette, the boy needs some firearms training.

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  4. And this is why there should be guns in this home, and the 16 yo teen should have access to them, and should have been more than justified to shoot the criminals, rather than go hide in a closet while his dog tried to protect him and gets shot. The police is always minutes away when seconds count, and when they aren’t, often they just stay away and let those they should be protecting get shot and killed, as recently happened in a certain school in Florida. Good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns, and that’s as simple as it gets!

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  5. Such a wonderful dog! Glad he’ll be ok.

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  6. Now think back to those despicable creeps parading as dogs [‘Human dogs at 2018 Mardi Gras, Australia’], compare & contrast them as ‘intelligent creatures’ and tell me which one you want in your home, nevermind trust w/your life!

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  7. Good dog. Kid needs firearm training, plus about improvised weapons and a baseball bat (or similar) too.

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    • Anonymous . . . . Personally, I would be all in favor for firearm training, but not so much about arming a teenager with a crow bar or a bat. I would think that at least you could shoot the thugs, but should they get close enough to you that they are able to take away your crow bar or bat–they will no doubt use it on the young man.

      Not knowing what their family dynamics are . . . Heaven help the kid, if his parents are rabid anti-gunners. When confronted with thugs who would do such damage to this animal, I have little doubt but that they would not think twice at doing the same to a human.

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      • Oh, I know, but to know how to use something one has at hand (however much it could be improved) is better than knowing only to hide in a closet and call 911.

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    • OK, everybody, please listen up from yer Old Dog guy on self defense. Really. Old Chicago boys know some things about survival….

      Unless you are fairly well-trained in physical self-defense, you do NOT want to engage in one-on-one hand combat w/these idiots. Idiots can take a LOT to put down, as they are fueled by the fires of Hell. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE.
      Using a baseball bat or other means of correction is a good idea, but that’s all it should be. If an idiot grabbed yr bat s/he can turn it against you faster than a front wheel drive vehicle fails in a bad curve [which is why I drive rear wheel only].
      A sidearm is excellent IF you are trained in its use[s]. I am, but few others are, which is why I know I will succeed when the idiots trying to use them fail, as they usually do. You MUST stay calm [?!?!] and aim to kill. Otherwise use a full choke 12 gauge w/deer loads. Why full choke? Keeps the mess to a minimum.
      Stay silent and observe as much as you can to learn their weaknesses. Silence on your side is a friend who helps you win. Do you know how to move silently, and where the ‘nightingale’ boards are in your housing? You better….

      By now you’ve got the idea: self-defense is a serious affair. That youngster triumphed only because he was too inexperienced to allow fear to cripple his intent: intent of purpose and a calm bearing will win the day. ‘Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes’ is still excellent advice for novices: it keeps you centered and allows sighting to be accurate.

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  8. Good thing it wasn’t the Broward Co. Sheriffs to arrive on the scene.

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  9. Dr Eowyn . . . . Thank you for bringing this particular article to our attention. I can only say . . . . Rex, is a noble creature. I do wish him a speedy, and complete recovery. Interesting to note, the GoFundMe page now has donations that amount to $62,000 on a goal of $10,000. This tells me that others see in this creature a guardian angel sent to Earth to protect this very lucky young man.

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    • I am certainly among the brain dead . . . Please read the first line Thank you for bringing this particular article to “our” attention nor are. Makes one wonder how I ever got through college ???

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  10. Maybe I’m missing something, based on the other comments, I come away after reading this as a false flag. It’s either created to put pressure on Americans to take our guns away or as a fund raising scheme? I saw another that was similar involving a yellow lab that some guy shot through the head and left him for dead. I think that one was real but this one, not so sure.


  11. Man’s best friends so, wonderful protective and loving . I hope they catch those super sick psychos thugs send them to GITMO!

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    • Sorry, but GITMO’s too good for these creeps. Ship them to me, one way tickets. You have no idea of how very tired I am of terminal stupids that are still ambulating beyond reason. Or an expiry date.

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  13. God Bless Rex. I wish there were a patron saint for dogs.
    Meanwhile, let us never forget: When seconds count, the police are only 45 minutes away.
    Hey, Diane Feinstein: Take your gun control and shove it!

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  14. So glad this dog will live. I’ve had four GSDs in my life – all were noble and courageous. However, had that been a dynamic entry performed by a SWAT team, that dog would be dead. Death by fearful cop of dogs in the USA and elsewhere is epidemic. I get a Google alert on this – been following it for years. Very discouraging that law enforcement will kill a barking Chihuahua on her little bed, who is toothless, and all the cop has to do is claim that he was in fear of his life. True. Check it out. Thank you St. Roch!

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  15. german shepherds are great. they will giv etheir life for the family the live with. but nowhere in the article does it say that the boy this brave dog protected was javier Mercado, of latino origin.


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