“Genderqueer” activist new face of Fluide makeup campaign

jacob tobia

Jacob Tobia

This is a man who claims he feels out of place because of his body hair. I believe it’s more than the body hair that makes him feel “out of place.”

From Yahoo: Spring is approaching, which means cuffing season is officially over. To celebrate all the freedom and excitement that provides, inclusive makeup brand Fluide has created the Uncuffed lipstick line and enlisted the help and model-good looks of activist Jacob Tobia for a new campaign.

Tobia is a gender nonconforming #transtrender and the author of Sissy, a memoir about their childhood. You also may have seen them on MTV’s True Life: I’m Genderqueer, which was nominated for a GLAAD (the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Award. Of their new campaign, “I’ve always wanted to be the face of a beauty campaign, but it took a courageous brand like Fluide to finally make that vision into a reality,” Tobia said.

Gender nonconforming people have always been trailblazers in the fashion and beauty world, but our contributions have often been overlooked, erased, or displayed on bodies other than our own,” Tobia continued. “Fluide celebrates the beauty of nonbinary and gender nonconforming people not in spite of our trans identity, but because of it – being the face of Fluide’s new campaign makes me feel like the beauty world is finally beginning to recognize our contributions.”

An inclusive, cruelty-free brand, Fluide that donates five percent of each sale to LGBTQ health and advocacy non-profits. Isabelle Giancarlo, Fluide’s co-founder, said the brand chose Tobia as the face of the campaign because Tobia is “inventive, irreverent, and true to themselves.” Giancarlo also said Tobia “embodies the spirit of Fluide, which is about celebrating the infinite ways we express selfhood, gender and identity.”

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22 responses to ““Genderqueer” activist new face of Fluide makeup campaign

  1. According to countless surveys, including the CDC, LBGTs make up 2-3% of the U.S. population, which means Fluide — of which I’ve never heard until this post — is appealing to a very small market. Liberalism really is a mental illness.

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    • They should ask J.C. Penney’s, ESPN and the NFL how profitable pandering to left/libtardery is… but, well, they’ll shortly find out themselves.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . It is nothing short of puzzling that when the greatest percentage of people who are LBGTXYZ is perhaps 3% . . . why would any company literally choose to throw themselves out of the frying pan and into the fire? Is this not a trespass against the stockholders? From what we can see, in each of the instances where “name brand” entities choose to promote LBGTXYZ as a top priority of their marketing, etc. each has failed, each has taken a beating as far as the value of their stocks. As you have stated, “Liberalism really is a mental illness.” How can everyday people come to any conclusion other than that. Liberals do not deal in “reality,” they deal in “feelings,” regardless of what the reality may be. I had never heard of Fluide, and having this male/female represent them, would not persuade me that their product was something I would need to enhance my “natural beauty.” Since when I look at the pictures of Jacob Tobia, I do not see either a handsome man, nor a beautiful woman . . . I see something that makes me want to turn away.

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    • That’s about the same stat as Jews. What a “coincidence”.

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  2. Back when the world was sane he would sought help from mental health specialists for his disorder. Today, he is normal and a “hero” and we are hateful and uncaring for calling a nutjob a nutjob

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  3. Crazy. Evil. Demented. Dr. E., may we agree to disagree on the percentage of LBGTs in America. I personally think there is a whole lot more than 2-3%. I base that on the fact that I know and know of so many and it is definitely not a people group that I seek out. I realize that my career was spent working in higher education, which of course, was full of LBGTs but also the rural area in which I now live has plenty of our own.

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    • Are they really lbgtabcdef or told they are and been indoctrinated into believing a lot of ppl are? Dont forget the Weather Underground made all members have sex with each other. The goal was to push the acceptance and destory society.

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      • kjf . . . . That is certainly a point to consider. I don’t know what the actual goal of LBGQXYZ is, but unfortunately, the result certainly does seem to “push acceptance and destroy society.”

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    • About crazy, it looks like the article first appeared in a Hearst publication, Cosmopolitan, under some black male editor’s name. If correct this is crazy. By way of deep background, Hearst himself, in a sell out to rich and powerful Jews a century ago, was instrumental in painting the black chief witness in the Leo Frank trial, one Jim Conley, as a cocaine-addled, sex-crazed fiend who raped, sexually tortured, murdered, and defiled the corpse of a teenage girl, Mary Phagan, because such behavior was not just possible in a black, but characteristic of Conley’s entire race, while at the same time the unquestionably guilty Leo Frank, who was previously known as a cocaine-addled sex fiend preying on the young boys and girls working in his factory, could not be guilty because of his race—that is, because he was Jewish. So to come full circle, here we have Cosmopolitan, which started out as a family magazine in the 1880’s, being used to sexually obliterate young American women, this time from a distance using a shiksa-hating pervert named Jacob Tobia as a modern stand in for Leo Frank.

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  4. Sounds like the voice of Sodom and Gomorrah and we all know what happened there. In the 70’s the long hair on men was a rebellion but they were still men even tho. But today this is total insanity to think in these terms its still a attack on Gods basic plan of one man and one Woman and in light of that if you want to live your eternity in hades keep lying to your self. Because everyone in hades knows the truth and there are no non believers in Hell.

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  5. “enlisted the help and model-good looks of activist Jacob Tobia”

    Model-good looks? Not a single chance in hell. Not as a male or female. Facial hair and lipstick DO NOT go together, regardless of who it’s on!

    These mental cases who think they can be whichever sex they want, whenever they want, are only deluding themselves. They will never be accepted by most people as normal. Never.

    And even if this world as we know it goes on for another 6,000 years, and the bones of these people are excavated somewhere, those bones will be either male or female…period. There is nothing they can do to change that fact.

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    • Maryaha . . . . Congratulations! That was a wonderful, all inclusive analysis of these goings on. I just about choked when I read . . . “model-good looks of activist Jacob Tobia.” The only thing that is true about that statement is that he is an “activist,” because he, as you have said, does not have either good looks as a male or a female.

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  7. “Chicks with dicks”. Wow, don’t let me stand in anybody’s way.

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  8. They’ve come a long way, Baby!:

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  9. I’m sure the number is correct, but I have a hard time believing it could be anywhere near that high. That’s a lot of crazy people. The LAST thing we should ever do with these mentally ill specimens is praise and encourage them.

    One CANNOT “decide” to be another gender, period. I refuse to call someone born a “he” a “she”. Just because someone wishes they were a Gnu doesn’t make them one.

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  10. Shakespeare lamented that we were “living in an age where all men have lost their reason!” I cannot remember the play, but if the shoe fits…
    Only now we’re living in an age where reason is not the only thing many men seem to be losing!
    Seriously: I wonder what T.S. Eliot and Wallace Stevens would have to say about this. (I am hoping they would both be appalled.) WHEN is this Disgust-O-Rama going to END???

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