Follow the money: Baltimore to spend $200,000 to help illegal aliens fight deportation


The city of Baltimore faces many challenges, mainly a very high crime rate. See our following blog posts:

So now, according to the Baltimore Sun, the city officials’ priority is to spend taxpayer money to help illegal aliens.

Last Wednesday, Mayor Catherine Pugh said the city will pay a team of lawyers to represent immigrants illegal aliens facing deportation. From the Baltimore Sun story:

The city’s spending panel on Wednesday approved spending $200,000 to pay for the attorneys, who the Democratic mayor said will get to work within weeks defending immigrants illegal aliens against federal deportation lawyers.

“We hope that everyone gets due process,” Pugh said.

Halfof the $200,000 is funded by a grant from the Vera Institute of Justice, a New York nonprofit. The other half will come from the city’s budget.

The combined pot of money is expected to help about 40 people obtain legal representation.

The Vera Institute also will provide the mayor’s office with technical assistance and support, including help identifying lawyers, providing research and data and sharing best practices.

The funding is part of a broader effort to help immigrants illegal aliens that city officials, charity leaders and advocates launched after President Donald Trump’s inauguration. Under the Republican president, federal immigration authorities have increased deportations.

In September, federal immigration officials arrested 28 people in Maryland during a nationwide sweep targeting immigration violations in what Trump has labeled “sanctuary” jurisdictions. Five were arrested in Baltimore, one was arrested in Baltimore County, 11 in Prince George’s County and 11 in Montgomery County, federal officials said.

Immigrants Illegal aliens who face deportation charges are far more likely to lose their cases when they do not have a lawyer, advocates say. Cities and counties around the nation have been setting up funds to help pay for those lawyers because the Constitution’s guarantee of legal representation does not extend to people facing immigration charges.

After the city’s five-member spending board voted, Pugh compared having taxpayers fund such lawyers to taxpayer funding for public defenders who represent people who cannot afford attorneys in criminal cases.

“We’re not making a decision as to their status, we’re making the decision to be supportive of individuals who live in our city,” Pugh said.

Read the rest of the story here.

Take a guess, just one, as to who has ties to the Vera Institute of Justice. It will come AS NO SURPRISE to you…

The Vera Institute of Justice, as described by Wikipedia:

“Founded in 1961, the Vera Institute of Justice is an independent nonprofit national research and policy organization in the United States. Based primarily in New York City, Vera also has offices in Washington, D.C.. Vera describes its goal as “to tackle the most pressing injustices of our day: from the causes and consequences of mass incarceration, racial disparities, and the loss of public trust in law enforcement, to the unmet needs of the vulnerable, the marginalized, and those harmed by crime and violence.”

The founder of this nonprofit “research” organization Louis Schweitzer, was a Russian-born United States paper industrialist and philanthropist whose philanthropic activities included the donation of 1% of his annual income to the United Nations. More from Wikipedia:

In 1961, he founded the Vera Foundation, later renamed the Vera Institute of Justice, to reduce the numbers of poor people awaiting trial on New York City’s Rikers Island. Under Schweitzer’s leadership, Vera pioneered the use of controlled, experimental design research methods in state courts. When, in 1966, these experiments convinced the federal government to rewrite the laws governing bail in criminal cases, President Lyndon Johnson credited Schweitzer.

Schweitzer also proposed a “juvenile disarmament” resolution to the UN whereby toy guns and water pistols would be prohibited as an initial step towards effective disarmament and arms control. In response to criticism that this was a naive and quixotic proposal, Schweitzer stated, “The naive should inherit the earth because the realists have done such a lousy job.”

And here are the ties between George Soros and the Vera Institute of Justice(Those which I could find on my Yahoo and Google searches. I’m sure there are many more that were not made available during my search):

  • The former president of Open Society Foundations, Christopher Stone, spent a decade as director of the Vera Institute of Justice.
  • In 2010, the Vera Institute of Justice, with support from the Open Society Foundations and other funders, worked with New Orleans city government and community leaders to help reinvent the city’s criminal justice system.
  • In 2006, the Open Society Foundations awarded the Vera Institute of Justice $400,000 to “continue the work of The Commission on Safety and Abuse in America’s Prisons.”
  • In 2010, the Open Society Foundations awarded the Vera Institute of Justice a $200,000 grant to “continue working with local government and community leaders in New Orleans, Louisiana, to continue its efforts to: develop and implement a pretrial release system; expand expedited screening; and transform the New Orleans Municipal Court.”
  • In 2005, the Open Society Foundations awarded the Vera Institute of Justice a $350,00 grant to “develop and implement a research and media strategy on prison conditions in the United States, anchored by a blue-ribbon commission.”
  • In 2011, the Open Society Foundations award the Vera Institute of Justice $500,000 to New York to “support the Center on Sentencing and Corrections and the Center on Youth and Justice.”

You knew Soros had his evil fingerprints ALL OVER this Baltimore project to ensure that “everyone” gets their “due process.”


31 responses to “Follow the money: Baltimore to spend $200,000 to help illegal aliens fight deportation

  1. DCG . . . . Excellent article. I would love to know what the poor African-American peoples living in the ghetto’s feel about that huge an amount of monies being spent on “40” individuals to help them with their immigration problems? When Baltimore has such pronounced poverty within their city limits. Is there not something constructive that the $100,000 that is coming out of the cities coffers could be spent on to help those people who are actually American citizens? The mayor of Baltimore, Pugh, is just such a miserable POS. No two ways about it!

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    • Yeah, that’s been one of the arguments against the Demon-Rats letting illegals vote. None of them care. They just want the power to push their owner’s agenda.

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  2. Baltimore school districts can’t even heat their schools, but the city sure doesn’t mind spending to promote gun grabbers and illegal aliens.

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  3. If sora$$ is involved in anything it has to be evil. He is evil personified as far as I am concerned. Nothing good can come from anything this man has his hand on. He will soon meet his maker we might even hear the rumble from heaven when he is judged.

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    • Brian . . . . The time cannot come too soon for me, when Soros does indeed “meet his Maker.” I would not be surprised if as you have said, “…we might even hear the rumble from heaven when he is judged.” I cannot even envision how the Lord will feel when he looks over the lifetime of atrocities that Soro’s has been so willing to perpetrate against his fellowmen.

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    • “He will soon meet his maker we might even hear the rumble from heaven when he is judged.”

      We could only wish. Haven’t you noticed all how all these evil ones like Kissinger, the queen mum, elizabeth II, and all the rest seem to go on forever? I tell my husband they’re probably all drinking blood like vampires, and that is why they live seemingly forever. Seriously, these people are most assuredly having medical procedures that are not available to the rest of the public.

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  4. He is indeed evil. But, what about all those parasites that work for him? Why are they not in jail and why is he still walking around? What this means is, somebody with money has more rights than the entire population of a given area.

    I wish somebody would kidnap this animal and send him to Russia. Hungary wants him too. We have to remember, he’s just an agent. He represents that 3% from which those who manufacture “money” from thin air come. The fact that he can travel in public speaks volumes about our priorities.

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    • lophatt . . . . Well, today you are my Hero. That was such a thoughtful addition to this discussion. There is no doubt about it . . . ” . . somebody with money has more rights than the entire population of a given area.” We have seen this with so many of these cretins . . . the Clintons, the Obamas, Rockefellers, Bush family (going back generations,) the list goes on so far that I would drop dead of old age before I finished compiling it. It really does make the ordinary man wonder about . . .”The fact that he can travel in public speaks volumes about our priorities.” Any sane person would think this should be stopped. . . . . but when?

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    • You are so right there are lines of idiots waiting in the wings to do his bidding it goes back to the old saying money talks and bull hockey walks. His son is already groomed to step into his shoes as well.

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      • Oh yes, they’ve got 3% in the U.S. to choose from. Of course there’s no shortage of “Shabbat Goyim” either. We have laws against this. We need to enforce them.

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    • lophatt , , , , If that isn’t a sobering list, then I don’t know what is! Think of all the Federal dollars being spent incarcerating the low lives of a foreign country . . . they export their felons, and we have to do the cleanup.

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  5. I’m sure any sane taxpayer is affronted by this arbitrary decision by the leftard mayor

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  6. Auntie Lulu, the Black majority is so disillusioned and Ignorant that they follow whatever the popular trend is. You have to remember; this is the same race who believes that all Republicans are evil and that Democrats are not and that they have the best interest of blacks in mind. The same people who are conned by the Dems for votes every 4 years by simply kissing a black baby in a church.Never mind that the time in between those 4 years they don’t get S–t!! but a higher crime rate, more drugs and more poverty. Simply Put, and I am shamed to say, the black majority is STUPID; and continue to pass the stupid gene down from generation to generation. The cycle never stops. And it probably never will. Freaking Terrible

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    • God bless you, lavelle.

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    • Lavelle . . . . God Bless you for weighing in on this. If I remember correctly, you and your family are there on the front lines. I can tell you, there are many individuals who pray for there to be a change of heart among the Black majority. . . that their vision might be expanded so that they can see and discern who it is that actually care about their well being, and who only shows up when they need a vote. We are all in this together until it is over. Keep yourself and your family safe.

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  7. And that’s yet another reasons why Baltimore is f*cked.

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  8. Tks for the article. We’ve seen earlier that the mayor represents anyone but the blacks of Baltimore, who are the ones who pay the heaviest price for leftists’ tying the hands of the police on the one hand—the so-called Ferguson Effect—while these same leftists tirelessly work to dump violent felons, drug dealers, and the like right back onto the streets in black neighborhoods. And now we see this sock puppet’s Jewish puppetmasters behind the curtain for who they actually are.

    “Nicholas Turner, (useful idiot) president of the Vera Institute of Justice…(co-authored) a New York Times op-ed assailing American prisons…’Most notably, America’s criminal justice system was constructed in slavery’s long shadow and is sustained today by the persistent forces of racism.’ Not only does this statement shed light on the authors’ ideological views; it also manages to insult anyone who works in the criminal-justice system and who values public safety and order.” (“What Criminologists Don’t Say, And Why,” city-journal dot org.)

    According to the article, among academic criminologists, leftists outnumber conservatives thirty to one. It’s hard to imagine a more disastrous Gramscian march through our institutions than having white-hating, anti-American leftists abusing criminology to cause rather than prevent harm to our citizens.

    These leftists claim that blacks and Hispanics are grossly over-represented in prisons because of racism and not because of the crimes they commit, which are the victims’ fault if the victims are white. Ultimately, the Vera Institute and other Soros fronts want to turn Baltimore into a bigger hellhole than it already is to Cloward-Piven this once great city into another Detroit.

    Not even half the findings of studies appearing in peer-reviewed journals in fields like criminology are reproducible—in other words they’re outright frauds—, yet they’ll be cited in the media and used to pull off stunts like this without so much as a peep from the Dems’ evil confederates in the Republican establishment.

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    • This is always very useful for maintaining manageable divisions within society. If they weren’t focused on “race” the prisons would simply be full of criminals, be they green, purple or,…………white.

      Any of us who have made even a casual study of Communism will recognize these tired goals and tools for what they are. It doesn’t matter what name you attach to it, it is always Marxism which is but an expression of a much older, darker imperative.

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      • lophatt . . . . this needs to be taught in our grade schools, our high schools, and our colleges. Frankly, this is the first time I have ever heard this history. There is little doubt but what there are those who would wish to have this buried, since it does not teach the “correct story” of “white privilege.”

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        • Don’t hold your breath Auntie. It wouldn’t support their narrative of White Privelege. As far as Blacks being slave owners too, why should we be the least surprised by this? After all the Africans that were sold to the Jewish slavers were caught and sold by other Africans.This is not all that hidden. There were numerous other Black slave holders too, and White slaves, mostly Irish. After all the same tribe that religiously holds that it so OK to have slaves is the same tribe that has infiltrated education, and owns the media.

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  9. Kevin J Lankford

    Always felt that there had to be an actual agenda under foot of disarming little boys of their favored toy guns, just never was sure exactly where to point to its origin, other than it being a logical strategy of a one world government pursuit.

    Seems to me a smart lawyer would see that 200,000.00 dollars as easy money and jump all over it. Just plead em all guilty and put em where they belong, or send em back where they come from. After all, they have no legal defense what so ever. The so called ‘spending board’ should be charged with crimes of its own.

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  10. Drive their asses to the dessert, leave them there, the hawks and the snakes will finish the job, free of charge -no need for an anti-gun march, give power back to the police to handle the guns and clean the area from gangs and drugs, the money saved from the tee shirts, the free meals and the cost of the busses use it for the kids and schools, that is money well spent.

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  11. There is a place in hell for thieves. There is a place on earth for thieves.


    To Steal from the Citizens of Baltimore, while letting uncontrolled crime continue to murder your own citizens, letting students freeze during the winter in their public schools because you couldn’t afford the power bill, spending money on students T shirts and Bus Travel to the Washington Mall to Protest the 2nd Amendment and now putting money aside to protect criminals while claiming to be a Sanctuary city – IS JUST OUTRAGEOUS.

    If I Could I would personally Kick this Mayor OFF the Continental US Mainland, and put her on a Oar-less, Sail-less, Motor-less Lifeboat heading for Antarctica.

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  12. God Bless You Dr. Eowyn as always. You are correct Auntie Lulu unfortunately me and my family are still on the front lines of this battle.You always have great Assessments, likewise for DCG and Lophatt.

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