New Mexico teachers plan to fight “weapons of war” with pepper spray


Apparently none of these teachers know the meaning of the word “equalizer.”

From KRQE (ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.) – Local teachers are taking matters into their own hands to protect themselves and their students.

Sunday, educators from across Albuquerque and Rio Rancho came together for the first of many self-defense and active shooter response courses.

“We live in a very unsafe world right now, I’m here to learn how to keep myself safe,” said Assistant Principal Deb Moya.

An Albuquerque Public Schools teacher, who also runs a dance company, opened up her space and partnered with a local combat coach to host the training. She wants to ensure her fellow educators can protect themselves.

“After the shooting in Florida, I think it hit us all differently because it happened again and we start asking ourselves what do we do differently,” said Christina Daly.

Daly said she’s implementing these weekly courses to replace fear with confidence. “Our goal is to empower our teachers to givethem confidence so that kids can be kids in the schools,” Daly said.

Included in the training was the use of pepper spray. Many of the teachers are advocating for a change in APS policy to allow them to carry it. “Its [sic] a device that I can use if somebody attacks me,” Moya said.

These educators said they can defend themselves with an advanced version of pepper spray — the Tiger Light Defense Alert Device. “I can spray them I can hit them, there is a lot I can do with it,” Moya said.

They believe the more they know the better they can teach and protect their students. “I’m not interested in standing around waiting for a problem to be fixed on someone else’s watch, I’m doing what I can to fix the problem,” Daly said.

The unique pepper spray device also has an app, giving them access to emergency calls with the press of a button.

APS officers have active shooter training but it’s unclear if teachers do.

h/t Breitbart


21 responses to “New Mexico teachers plan to fight “weapons of war” with pepper spray

  1. While it’s good that these public school teachers are getting training in self defense, did it occur to them to learn how to shoot a gun and to arm themselves?

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  2. I have a fire arm and you have a spray, i can hit you from further away…

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  3. Thinking about the school safety issue is a good thing. Not sure about peper spray, but they are at least being proactive and should be commended not ridiculed.
    Not so good is the Governor of Florida’s grandstanding and waffling on guns and schools.
    My first reaction to his remarks was he is in the teacher union’s pocket.
    Now he is clouding up the water on a bill his state legislature has proposed.
    And the media is doing their typical lousy job at informing the public.

    If “they” raised the age to purchase a gun I will just buy guns for my grandchildren like I already had done several years ago for my own daughter who was living in a bad area and felt threatened.

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  4. It could be worse , they might have decided on using harsh language
    I’m sure that would scare the begeebers out of someone with an AR-15

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  5. Bring pepper spray and a flashlight to a gunfight? That’s not even a knife.

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  6. Like using a switch on a bear you know what kinda results you’ll get if an active shoot is trained the spray is a joke. But it makes them feel safer but in reality it gives them false hope. You are better off using a knife at 10 feet a trained person can stab you to death before you can pull your gun unless you have trained for it. I used to train police and military how to off set this.

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    • If the shooter is rushed, would a 15-ft range taser be the best non-lethal choice for teachers worried about securing a gun in class or stray shots going through walls and hitting kids hiding on the other side? What about 30-foot bear spray or tear gas, for the same safety concerns? Or, how about having only a few teachers as trained and armed security officers, like say the coaches?

      However schools are protected, I don’t believe for one minute these lone-nut patsies, whether their role is active or passive, are anything like special forces-level marksmen capable of so many killed and wounded, and so the actual shooters in personal armor and wearing gas masks wouldn’t be taken out by anything but high-powered rounds that will never be in schools in any case. I also wonder if there’s a non-gov group that trains in such tactics and is known to have such equipment, especially one near that school.

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  7. Former DHS head Janet Napolitano had the solution to combat guns:
    use scissors! Now head of the University of suicidal California she
    is surrounded by armed guards. Unbelievable hypocrisy. would
    be hilarious if not so deadly serious. pardon the pun.

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  8. Kevin J Lankford

    Still, you must believe these drills are the real thing. They are not going to want any one with in the school system to have access to any form of real weapon. It would necessitate a new aspect to their script, or another risk to being discovered as fraud.

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  9. I suppose pepper spray—or even Raid wasp spray—is better than nothing, it would really be to everyone’s benefit if everyone learned about false flag events and how they are planned, organized and orchestrated, and how to recognize them if they ever find themselves in one.

    But at the root of gun control is the FALSE assumption is that government will protect us. Government WILL NOT protect us. This is a delusion!

    But what’s the point? The people who want government to be their protector are like diabetics in a coma. I don’t think anything can wake them up!

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  10. Can one buy a bump stock for these? Rapid-shot, you know…
    How about taping multiple cans together for extended sprays?

    You know what would work? Metal detectors at all entrances/exits. Have them rigged with metallic floor mats. If a gun is detected on other than law enforcement etc., a shock is sent through the mat, causing the armed to become dis-armed… Well, it worked in a cartoon I saw once. Space Ghost.
    They all wore meal-soled boots to help fight the low-gravity thing… /sarc

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  11. Well, EVERYTHING is illegal. It shouldn’t be, but it is. Clearly, I do not ask the government to keep me, or anyone else, safe. Now, they should do what they are paid to do. Before any of that they must respect people’s rights above all else.

    If school has truly become an environment where teachers need to be armed, well lets do it. I frankly think that all of these events would end if the PTB stopped producing them. You might get one once in a blue moon and it wouldn’t be worth any extra measures.

    They are not going to let kids use insect spray because of environmental concerns. Wasp spray is VERY effective, (much better than pepper spray), although you could blind someone. You can also light up their life if you set it on fire.

    Indiana Jones has the right idea. No fuss, no muss, just bang. For the life of me I cannot understand why people like to be manipulated. I suppose its the “joiner” in them. You can learn to avoid this behavior.

    My standing advice for anyone who will listen is, if you see a crowd of anything, go the other way. Do not allow yourselves to be herded. It is better not to place yourselves in a crowd environment. If its unavoidable, always look for a solo exit. Don’t hesitate. If a crowd starts to move, bail out.

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  12. If you don’t like guns.
    cheaper. longer range. just as deterring. un-obtrusive in a office/school/etc. setting.
    Hornet spray. Goes 20 ft. gives you an aimable stream for a minute or more. allows you to target threat from behind cover. no matter where it hits threat it’s likely to end up in eyes. burns skin. causes itching. cops can arrest anybody that smells like hornet spray. and it’s legal to pocess in all fifty states.
    unfortunately it only protects you. anyone in the threat’s avenue of egress might still be in danger. But you’re still alive.

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  13. This won’t end well for “teachers” if they encounter an armed scumbag.

    And why are people this colossally stoopid teaching children in the first place?

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  14. HA! I can top this. There are schools who are “arming” their teachers with cans of CORN…(or something similar in the canned food line) to throw at the armed killers. I got an email about this recently at school…. We had a staff meeting and were advised to get as far away in the room from the point of firing from the offender, to reduce the efficacy of the bullet (that, I might add, does not lose efficacy for a half mile) and to hold up books or backpacks to reduce the “danger” of the bullet. Well….I guess they got credit for having the staff meeting for giving limp defensive tactics to teachers/students and could check off a calendar date on their box of requirements for their paychecks….but……I should have gone home/to the firing range for practice instead. At LEAST as an art teacher…I have “big girl scissors” many of them…that could count for something…and, in a few seconds, could take the wing-nut off my paper cutter to give me a virtual “Samurai Warrior Sword” defense. But these are all “up close and in your face defenses”…which means…I’d have to be within arm’s length of the shooter to make a difference with these. Otherwise, I’m screwed and dead…and my kids will be, too. It occurred to me that I should search the ancient contents of my neglected 30-yr-old room to see if anyone left behind a gas torch of any kind…often used in art for varied things…….could be a bonus these days in ways never imagined back in the day….OY…..I also asked a visiting district Poooh-Baah today to construct an interior kiln room in my art room….b/c……I’d have an automatic “safe room” for me and ALL of my kids of any one class attendance period…..OMG….this is how a teacher has to think these days!

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