Washington state law allows students to return to school after arrests for guns, threats

stop the nra

The NRA was in full support of the Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994. Wayne LaPierre even provided testimony in favor of this law.

Who you gonna blame now, gun grabbers?

From MyNorthwest.com: Some students arrested for making threats, or even bringing weapons to school, are often allowed and encouraged by state and federal laws to return to the same school weeks later.

Parents and students at Bonney Lake High School reached out to KIRO 7 in February, saying a student returned to class after he was arrested the previous semester for carrying a loaded handgun to school and allegedly making threats to use it. Bonney Lake police confirmed the arrest and the discovery of the loaded pistol.

“I know my parents got a safety note from the school the day he was arrested,” said “Ronda,” a BLHS junior who wished to remain anonymous. “Then, last month, he was right back in school. We were like, why is he back here? Why were our parents not warned?”

Frustrated parents turned to a discussion page on Facebook. Among the 200 comments, one wrote, “Am I the only parent who is concerned that BLHS allowed the boy who brought the gun to school back in class? This is crazy!”

Rhonda said BLHS teachers, who seemed willing to discuss the arrest the day it happened, told students they were not allowed to talk about the conditions of the student’s return. The Sumner School District told KIRO 7 student privacy laws prevented them from sharing specific information, but the situation was “handled.” The district did not return phone messages March 5.

Under the Federal Gun Free Schools Act and a similar state law (RCW 28A.600.420) a student “shall be expelled from school for not less than one year” for firearms violations. But the laws also allow that district superintendent “may modify the expulsion of a student on a case-by-case basis.”

But according to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI), special education students with known disabilities are given more federal rights to continue their education after being disciplined. That means, by law, a student could return to the same school within 45 days, even if they’re accused of making threats, or bringing a weapon to school — if the school determines the behavior happened because of the disability.

A legal expert with OSPI said special exceptions are made for students with an IEP (Individualized Education Program). According to Washington state law, “Students eligible for special education, in general, may not be removed from her/his educational placement for more than 10 school days in a row or be subjected to a series of removals that total more than 10 school days in a year.”

“The exception to the rule, however, is when your student’s misbehavior involves ‘Special Circumstances’ — weapons, illegal drugs, or serious bodily injury. Your student may be removed for up to 45 school days regardless of whether your student’s behavior was a manifestation of her/his disability.”

School shooting threats have been made in Blaine, Bremerton, Eatonville, Spanaway Lake, Tacoma, Renton and Seattle since the massacre in Florida last month. Some have resulted in student arrests, but privacy laws prevent school districts from revealing specific details about students with an IEP.

Rhonda says students used to communicating every emotion on social media would feel more assured if they heard more details. “Especially now, after the Florida shooting, I feel if you bring a weapon to school you shouldn’t be allowed back into that school,” she said.


26 responses to “Washington state law allows students to return to school after arrests for guns, threats

  1. Kids these days just don’t understand! No student can be legally kicked out of school because of a multitude of political correctness (and they don’t want the student to feel any stigma.). It’s all about inclusiveness, not safety.

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    • Crazycat . . . . You certainly are spot on with that comment! Therefore, we find that the ninety-nine percent may well be in jeopardy because of the (probably less than) one percent! As a nation, we are so “PC” that we put our children’s lives on the chopping block because of that ideology.

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  2. Kevin J Lankford

    According to our Constitution, there is only one firearms violation. That is “unjustified” homicide. Murder has always been the most prosecuted crime, well, perhaps next to rape or pedophilia. There need be no other firearms law if murders were given the attention they rate.

    Originally, children were indoctrinated by parents and family in safe handling and proper use of firearms in the same fashion and reverence as potty training. In this day and time this practice has been intentionally undermined and derailed, through the stigmatizing of the very possession of firearms itself.

    They may actually be able to erase the N.R.A. from existence, with their staged traumas, but the determination of the true patriotic U.S. Citizen adherents who understand the second amendment, and its purpose will not fold. They will not vanish with out a shot, real or not.

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  3. In one breath they condemn the NRA and in the next breath they allow known threats back into the school and these are the people who want to pass gun confiscation on a mass take up. The Hypocrites Please give me a BREAK.

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  4. Anything to ramp up the fear of and scorn for guns. I suppose if one of these students had brought a machete to school it would be different? Again, people are asking the nanny state to keep them safe. This is, of course, exactly what the State wants. After all, they wouldn’t continue to conduct these “Gladio” operations if they didn’t return something on their investment.

    The very fact that they have parents and kids ready to wet themselves is disturbing enough. That is of course, what they want. They should arm the teachers, period. I don’t trust all kids to handle firearms safely or to have the maturity to be armed in a school situation.

    Too many raging hormones are not a good mix with firearms. You don’t hear about these Gladio events in inner-city schools. For one thing, they don’t STAGE them there. For another, anyone wishing to do this would get aerated. That includes the DHS, ATF, FBI, ee-ii-ee-ii-o.

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    • lophatt . . . . It truly is an amazing fact of truth . . . the Deep State does not stage these “exercises” in the hood. They would not get the “bang for their buck” if that were so, because so many of the families living in ghetto areas are already grieving from the loss of young lives. You are also right on the money, if the “DHS, ATF, FBI” were to stage these kinds of events there . . . there would be plenty of their number who would not be going home to their families that evening! More’s the pity that they don’t “STAGE” an event there.

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  5. check out my blog post today Another Front In Health War to discover another sickening example of how we’re being duped by the lack of transparency due to corporate greed but not just due to that.

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  7. Gun control isn’t about preventing crime. Its about expanding government and eliminating your rights. If people get killed becauser of progressive/Leftist policies its a small price to pay for the future utopia. Just ask the Russians and Venezuelians.

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  8. can’t keep the students out of school forever…..


  9. I serve my middle school as a liason between admin/district and my fellow teachers on a Curriculum council…which also includes monthly meetings about “best practices…” WHICH, in the end means…..the talking points/latest policy trickled down from Sacramento. A year or more ago, we were called to a meeting to discuss class suspensions and expulsions. We were treated to the stats for all….in our state, our counties, our districts ….and then, to my total amazement….we were told that, the way to solve high numbers of these events (ie…make our district “look better”) was to STOP suspending, stop expulsions……NO addressing of the stats for WHAT things these kids were being suspended /or expulsed for…and what interventions/parental meetings/responsibilities were addressed….NO “victim advocate” if the suspension/expulsion involved another student who was harmed….

    So…..get the point you all……students like the Florida shooter, if they evidence themselves even TODAY in another school here in CA….we are pressured to NOT suspend them or expulse them from our schools in the interest of a good bottom line. The next shooter is already in the pipeline. I have a bizarro student in one of my classes that has a 504( ADHD….no meds…but the 504 makes it nearly impossible to have him held accountable/expelled for his actions)……who recently threatened to “bring a knife to school and kill everyone.” His punishment is 4 days of suspension. Pretty sure that in 4 days….he can still have ACCESS to untold numbers of knives……we have no way to prevent this the way our policies are today. This kid needs to be placed in an alternative school…IMMEDIATELY….but, we don’t have one. We USED to have one (I worked in it for 2 months before taking a contract in a middle school)….but it was shut down b/c it was judged as “not equal” to a “regular school” b/c they used educational “packets” (read, answer questions, hand in—sort of like the annual “weighing of the hog” state/national testing extravaganza) for covering subjects instead of the more “traditional” teacher-as-sage model.

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    • Was the stopping of suspensions a result of the Promise Program? I’ve heard that is part of the problem w/stopping the Florida shooter. Not sure if that’s true or not…


      • “Promise Program” stopping suspension? No, Never heard of it here. It’s purely knee-jerk reaction to suspension/expulsion stats & how ea, county/ district “looked” as a result of their stats. In CA, the way to “reverse” stats is to cover the problem up…simply STOP suspending/expulsing. Bingo. Abracadabra, stats all fixed!!!!! Meanwhile, those kids, like Florida shooter, simply return to our classrooms, to be handled ad nauseum, by classroom teachers (at the expense of everyone else, over and over again.) THIS tail has been wagging THIS dog for decades now, ever since it was decided that a “free and appropriate education” ONLY REFERRED to those where “special” or emotionally disturbed, or 504—ADHD, ADD, selectively MUTE, in need of “anger management,” or…the list goes on and ON AND ON……..BUT…get this—–NO FOCUS WHATSOEVER on the the “free & appropriate education” that is due to the “regular” kids…LET ALONE the GIFTED AND TALENTED KIDS (here where I live—where the “gifted and talented education” budget was “sucked into” the general fund under the Bush years…&… those NOT in in the “know,” GIFTED & TALENTED ed. is supposed to be slated under “special ed.” FAT CHANCE……..they get NIL…where anyone else in “special ed.” gets at least a quarter OR MORE of the entire school budget (including the “sucked in GATE FUNDS OF THE PAST) though they are NOT a quarter of our population……It used to be that the “gifted” student population (determined by testing…just like the special ed population) “got” about (a MEASLY) $75 per student per year “extra” in the school budget so that teachers could differentiate lessons to include these kids with maybe “special education” like, bringing in a focused lesson from a “gifted” art or science program…OR, JUST plain old being able to buy construction paper or markers or special materials that support one or two “big” hands-on projects during the year for the course content…..which…BTW…EVERY OTHER kid in the class ALSO benefits……there is no “gifted” threshold for these special lesson plans……the teacher determines how to present and “stage” the lesson for the WHOLE CLASS…so that everyone participates—EVERYONE benefits from GATE funding….and yet, NO ONE except special ed, benefits from the special ed. funding…….There HAS TO BE MORE PARITY HERE…I’m NOT saying…take away from special ed….but I AM SAYING…we MUST invest MORE than we do…at least equal…into our GIFTED students…THEY ARE OUR FUTURE TOO!!!!!

        As an aside, that kid at my school/classroom who threatened to bring a knife and “kill everyone” who was suspended for 4 days……he returned to my classroom for his first day back from this suspension on Friday, entered the room, and within the first minute or two of the tardy bell, unsnapped his jeans….unzipped and pretended that he was going to “depants” and yelled, “Everyone get naked!” Of course, one of his “followers” did the same…..I packed everyone up and took them out to the lunch tables to spend the period under my supervision aided by 2 campus supervisors……and still the two “activists” jumped up on the lunch tables and began shouting/ carrying on……and were taken to the office by security, whereupon they arrived back under my care within a few minutes…….I still get my same paycheck for handling these situations….but the other 36 kids in my classroom had NO “free and appropriate education” for that hour in my classroom due to the extremes I had to take to protect my students from the actions of TWO demented, mentally ill, sociopaths, out of control individuals on my roll in this particular class.

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      • From what I can find its true. They are just tossing it off on the teachers to get the funding. Way back when I went to an inner-city school they were doing roughly the same thing. That’s why we had 16 year-olds in the Eighth Grade.

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  10. I have been a gun owner pretty much my entire life. I never joined the NRA until Obama was elected president, and I sent my money in the next day. I continued as a member for a couple of years, but as I watched what they did, I became disillusioned with them. For exactly the things like the NRA being in full support of the 1994 gun free schools act, with LaPierre also supporting it. As we all know, all the gun free schools act really is, is the target rich law. It ensures that a killer has targets to shoot, with no guns to worry about shooting back at him.

    There have been other times where they took the wrong side. For example, the no fly lists, they went along with making it a no buy list. The problem with that is that there is no ability to know if your name is on the list, and no method of fighting to keep your name off the list. Ted Kennedy even had his name on the list, and it took him a month and a half to get it off. Some little kid had his on and it took his parents several years. The whole point is that we are innocent until proven guilty, and while flying might not be a guaranteed right, the right to keep and bear arms is given to us by our creator, and cannot simply be taken away by putting our name on some list.

    The NRA does some good things, like the Eddie Eagle program of teaching children about gun safety, and to stay away from guns when they are not trained, but to tell an adult. They also are very involved in writing booklets for gun safety for adults, and in MI, the CCW class uses their material in the written portion of the training. So the things that they do well, they do very well. But the things that they do badly, they do very badly.

    I left their organization quite some time ago. I just recently joined GOA, gun owners of America. I know that they are much smaller, with around 1.5 million members, as compared to the NRA’s around 5.5 million. But I felt that I needed to have my name on a list somewhere so that I could be counted to help the numbers game. The greater the numbers that these groups show as members, the more impressive it looks to people when it comes to them showing that they have clout, and to fund raising efforts.

    I am not saying that anyone should follow me, and not be a member of the NRA, only that this is what I did. The NRA has done much for the gun owner, and I might one day return to the fold. Maybe soon, I have been thinking about it. The next few weeks will be important, as there are issues coming up in the congress dealing with gun control, that will prove to be quite important to gun rights. Just keep your eyes and ears open next week.

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    • In my research on the NRA and the gun-free schools act, I thought that the NRA’s issue was that law-abiding citizens who carried on school properties would still be open to state laws prosecuting them for carrying on prohibited sites. Hence no one would carry and schools would still be a target-rich environment.

      I could be wrong…I’ve had so many problems finding/searching for information on the web recently when I type “NRA.” Gee, I wonder why…???

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      • I live in the great state of Michigan, where if I have a concealed carry license, I cannot carry concealed on a school property, but I CAN carry openly on school property. And no, it isn’t supposed to make sense.

        The open carry law existed before the shall issue law passed, and then it messed up the open carry law, and they failed to address the open carry law for school property. In other words, the lawmakers messed up, big time. Oops! they did it again.

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  11. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    The state of Washington is insane! What could go wrong? I don’t know about you but this is outright distressing. A parent should be very concerned over these laws and regulations. And with the current controversy swirling around all of us this is definitely a big problem. Washintonians need to corner their representatives and make their voices heard.

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