Thursday Funny: I scream, you scream

. . . but no one screams better for “Ice Cream!” than Destiny, the year-old yellow-headed Amazon parrot.

Destiny suddenly started saying “ice cream” last year, and now won’t stop begging his owner for ice cream.


17 responses to “Thursday Funny: I scream, you scream

  1. I wonder if they let her taste ice cream last year and now she loves it! Either that or her owners love it and they say ice cream when they want dessert.

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    • In the words of my just-turned 30 yr old housemate, 150 lbs on a 5′-6″ body, has told me that “Ice cream is the ideal food.” Period, end of discussion. Now I like ice cream so much I never store it, as I’ll eat it too often, when it should be no more than a once a month treat, which I also can barely afford. It can NEVER be an ‘ideal food’ as it’s far too much sugars and artificial crapola.

      When I was a kid 65 yrs ago my mum took me to Andes Candies in Chicago, as they absolutely had the best ice cream and other treats, BUT they were made w/old style real ingredients and pricey, so, only twice a year!

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      • I took my daughter to Margie’s Candies on Armitage & Western a few years back, and I had me a chocolate phosphate for the first time in well over 40 years, and even though I never really cared for them all that much as a kid, the one I had tasted just the same, and was terrific! Tastes change/evolve as we grow older, I guess.


        • Welcome, Chicago boy! My father relocated us from the Big Windy in 1958, to Bellevue, WA, as that was as far as he could get from what he saw as the evil that lurks in Chicago, and I’ve never been back since. Maybe you can vet my recalls and observations as to how true they are as of today.

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  2. Nice post Doc pets are the best therapy for the stress we see every day thanks for this one.

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    I can relate to that – my favorites ice cream dish is – a banana split.


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    • Try to believe this: 65 years ago in Chicago a REAL banana split w/3 scoops of ice cream, the banana, real whipped cream & cherries, was 75 cents. And that was tops!

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      • . . . and 1,000+ calories and more than 30 grams of fat! — half (or more) the number of calories a day for an adult. That’s why I have NEVER eaten a banana split. Ever.

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        • Granted, but it’s been 62+ years since I had one, so this was pure nostalgia, actually. Not likely to happen again now that I’m 75 and following Dr Eric Berg’s ketosis food plan.

          I lost 35 lbs the 1st month; most of my ‘chronic’ joint pains disappeared as he said they would, so I cut my meds in half. I’m diabetic the past several years, BUT my resting blood sugar fell from 10 to 7 –the high end of normal– the weight loss was w/o exercise. The next 35 lbs will be slower, as my body switches from burning carbs to burning protein & fats, but I already burned off my brown fat [35 lbs] and the white fat is next, all 50 lbs eventually.

          Look up Dr Eric Berg on YouTube; he just passed his first million subscribers, if you’re serious about regaining health and a better outlook.

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  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Dang!..Did he ever get any ‘ice cream?

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    • I was wondering that, too!

      Destiny has the right idea!

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    • Yeah, give the poor bird his ice cream. I was waiting for that at the end.Bad owner!
      Use to have a cockatiel that when she saw my husband come home with the Chinese takeout would fly across the room and land on the counter knowing there was going to be rice in one of the containers- she couldn’t wait!

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      • 🙂 Made me smile…isn’t this why we human beings seek out and keep pets? My dogs past and present were always FIRST to greet the grocery bags…nose first….to “see” which bag had their treat in it. My cats open their OWN bags……

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  5. Wow! That was wonderful!

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  6. This may be a coincidence, or fate, but I opened a tub of banana split ice cream just now, and the first tab I clicked on to read while eating some, was this – no joke.

    And no, I’m not eating the entire tub in one sitting, though this is the first bowl I’ve had since last fall.

    I love the way the parrot said “Yum, yum, yum” a few times after ice cream!

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