Of course: Sex shop could be coming to SFO so people can enjoy their hours-long delays

Judge Judy shakes head rolls eyes

Makes perfect sense that this would occur San Francisco.

From Fox News: A “pop-up” sex shop may be coming to California’s San Francisco International Airport this month.

Nenna Joiner, owner of Oakland’s Feelmore Adult Gallery, is proposing the adult store as an outlet for guests who have “three of four hours to kill.”

“When people get into an airport, and the plane is delayed, you got three or four hours to kill,” Joiner reportedly told the San Francisco Chronicle. “You’re going to need something. Not just a power cord – not just a sandwich. You’re going to need a vibrator, a condom, lubricant.”

Joiner says the shop would be discreet and would oblige by the Transportation Safety Administration’s laws by not offering any banned item like ropes or handcuffs, ABC7 reported.

“We have already started to work to make sure that people wouldn’t be offended, through high-end vibrators that don’t look like vibrators, and that don’t have disparaging detail on the boxes,” Joiner told the Chronicle. “That (the products) support any person regardless of gender, sex, or color.”

Joiner is lobbying for one of two spaces available in SFO for March.

However, the small business may not be able to operate in the space – not because of morality, because of size.

According to airport regulations, prospective retailers must produce at least $250,000 in annual revenue to ensure “the retailer has a sufficient level of business activity and can operate in a high-volume airport environment,” airport marketing manager Grier Matthews said in a statement.

Joiner has reached out to the airport commission to lower the requirement to $150,000, but there has been no report that the airport has agreed to the reduction. “It’s not to say I’m not looking for a handout, but it’s also looking for evening the playing field,” Joiner told KGO.

The San Francisco International Airport served a record 55.8 million passengers in 2017, according to a press release.


33 responses to “Of course: Sex shop could be coming to SFO so people can enjoy their hours-long delays

  1. “You’re going to need something. Not just a power cord – not just a sandwich. You’re going to need a vibrator, a condom, lubricant.”

    Whatever happened to a good book?

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    • Noreen . . . . That was the first thought I had–bring a book, or purchase a book!

      The idea that people would purchase “goodies” from this kind of shop and then (I suppose) go into the restroom . . . . . . Well, I suppose the restrooms could start charging by the time you spend in the stall.

      You know that your society has just about hit rock bottom when people come up with ideas such as this. I am blown away . . . . .

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    • I would have suggested cleaning supplies,to sanitize a place to stand or sit.

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    • yes….The Good Book is definitely needed

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    • My first thought, too. I once read a 750-page Tom Clancy book (Red Storm Rising) in 2 days because I had long waits between connections. I almost always have a book in my car, just in case I go somewhere, and have an unexpected wait. I’m almost done with Steve Quayle & Tom Horn’s Unearthing the Lost World of the Cloudeaters.

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  2. There is so much to be said about the close proximity in both time and space of such shops to TSA activities, I can’t even begin.

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  3. Hey, I wonder if they have any latex dog suits? “I’ll take a Dalmatian, a tube of lube and a wire kennel. I’ll be back in an hour”. The spooky thing is that you wouldn’t have trouble finding a partner at SFO.

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  4. Sounds like a prelude to the ‘Mile High Club’.

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  5. Maybe since San Francisco has such wonderful Sanctuary City citizens, they can offer a few of the dregs of society jobs at this sex shop carrying around a bucket of bleach with a mop. That way when they are finally able to file their taxes, and the Social Worker filing their forms asking them their occupation, they can proudly say that they work in the entertainment industry.

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    • Well, there’s another “business opportunity” for you. A “quick wash” where you can get scrubbed down with “Grannie’s Lye Soap and a wire brush”. You could catch something there that would melt your dog suit.

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  6. When people get into an airport, and the plane is delayed, you got three or four hours to kill,” Joiner reportedly told the San Francisco Chronicle. “You’re going to need something. Not just a power cord – not just a sandwich. You’re going to need a vibrator, a condom, lubricant.”

    Thank goodness, i am not the only one that thinks are airports and sex…

    Airport police are.going to be busy answering complaints in the bathrooms

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  8. Well the TSA could cruse through ck boarding passes and take a look then stamp their hand and given a pass saying they have been pre-screened and can board passing everyone else.

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  9. European countries have had sex shops for decades. In Denmark, news kiosks display lighted transparencies featuring homosexual, lesbian and bestial sex acts, fully visible to children. The famous “harbor” scene photos in Copenhagen commercials are their “red light” district, where prostitutes brazenly proposition tourists as they walk together down the street. In Germany, there are sex shops with window displays featuring every imaginable sex toy or gadget and live models demonstrating their use. I would have expected SFO and other such “progressive” bastions in the U.S. to join this crowd even sooner.

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    • Well there’s no doubt that they have them. That doesn’t mean anyone should be in a hurry to join them. I’ve been there and I find it pretty disgusting. That said, they are in areas well known to people so if you want to avoid them, you can.

      I’m in no hurry to abandon Christianity and stroke my inner heathen.

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    • “European countries have had sex shops for decades………”

      Yes, they have, and look at the shape Europe is in. No thank you. It is one thing not to be ashamed of our sexual nature as humans. It’s quite another thing to degrade it to the status of taking a dump, which is IMO what the purveyors of this stuff have accomplished. Well done, oh enlightened ones.

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  10. Nenna Joiner said: “When people get into an airport, and the plane is delayed, you got three or four hours to kill. You’re going to need something. Not just a power cord – not just a sandwich. You’re going to need a vibrator, a condom, lubricant.”

    Is Nenna Joiner rutting? There is something very wrong with you if you can’t go 3 or 4 hours without having sex, with or without a vibrator.

    Below are images of Nenna Joiner on its LinkedIn page (https://www.linkedin.com/in/nennajoiner/). Male homosexual? Lesbian? Transgender?

    More pics of it here: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Nenna+Joiner&t=ffsb&iax=images&ia=images

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    • Wow. That’s more than a little hard to relate to. I barely feel comfortable touching ANYTHING at an airport, let alone fantasizing about sex. This person must have a hormone imbalance or something.

      My usual routine in airports comes right from “Barney Miller”. Remember “Fish”. “Get away from me”.

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      • Haha, yes, it’s like you’ve entered cootie land at any airport. Can’t think of anywhere else I feel more grossed out by the teaming germs save a bathroom on the airplane.

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    • Well, I rather suspect that the owner of the “Feelmore Adult Gallery” has “needs”. I can’t tell if it’s a she/he or it. I’ve been through SFO many times and I can’t think of one of them that something weird didn’t happen, without this.

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    • I think this person is a lesbian who dresses like a man and shaves her head. This person has no Adam’s apple (no masculine or deep voice), has small shoulders, widest point of the hips is at the crotch, and it looks like she also has a curve in her lower back which is what women have for pregnancy and childbirth.
      Also, I think her obsession with vibrators/sex/masturbation seems to be strongly phallic….clearly, she has serious issues and satanic/PC society is supporting and applauding her mental problems.

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  11. I’ll stick to reading my car magazines, thanks. Excitement enough.

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  12. hey equal opportunity if the people want it give it to them…

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  13. Sexisnotaneutralthing

    If you can’t or won’t control your sex drive for a few hours, you need urgent medical care plus potential confinement ( for the safety of others, like children you might target due to your uncontrollable sexual urges.)

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  14. I’ve had layovers at SF Int’l and that stuff is the last thing I could imagine wanting. In my worst, fever induced nightmares! I read to kill time. Guess I’m different. I’m not a perv.

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  15. I’d say this is just an excuse to try to shove corrupted sex into people’s faces, especially since they’re going to be felt up by the TSA who has historically had molestors etc. employed, as some here may recall. I can suspect three things going on here: 1. the shop will provide materials for crime obfuscation, and/or enabling abuse by TSA thugs and rapists. 2. the shop would exploit the uncomfortableness in both adults and children produce by TSA molestation. 3. minors will invariably get exposed to it being in such a location, being “bored”, and it probably being the most interesting seeming thing around there, I suspect tweens & teens would be most apt to try to sneak into that cesspool.
    Suffice it to say this is pushing the current societal degradation, and wanton soulless fornication, but then, should we expect anything better from san francisco?

    Overall there is absolutely no reason for a sex shop to be in an airport, at all, ever.

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  16. I know that the TV ads for viagra says that if it lasts for more than 4 hours, you need to seek a doctor. They are going to have to change that to ” if it lasts more than 4 hours, seek help from any nearby pilot.”

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  17. Soooooooo…..I’m wondering….are these sex shops gonna be in the traditional airport “open-faced” walk-in 3-sided rooms/stalls?????? Or, an open Kiosk in the middle of the aisle?????? I don’t even like using the cattle-call bathrooms at the airport (tho’ I am quite appreciative that they are there upon deboarding!) let alone the prospect of seeing people have their sexual organs serviced while I’m waiting for my connection. EUWEEEEEEE!!!!! Can you all just leave me ALONE with your 24/7 obsession with pleasuring yourselves one way or another????? Isn’t a private room/home/bedroom/whatever ENOUGH?????? Why do I HAVE to endure your obsession with pleasuring yourself sexually in a public venue? If you want Denmark….then move to Denmark!

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  18. People don’t get it. Yes, every normal person feels the urge, whether they’re married or not. It’s how one controls that urge that counts.

    I don’t think people have made the connection yet. We all know we all have gotten “horny”—whether as teenagers, young adults, middle-agers, or even older. But what I see between the natural urge we of a fallen race belong to and the commercialization of sex is this: A BENTHAMITE UTILITARIAN ETHIC has taken hold. Whoever this “Joiner” character is (and I submit that here in New York, “joiner” used to be the street slang for “vagina”) he has lost his argument—morally—for this reason: People in an airport (or a bus terminal, for that matter) have time to kill. Therefor, why not just get your daily “nut?”

    YES, that is what “everyone” has been reduced to: The sexual function has been cashiered out, reduced to the level of a transaction, a function, kind of like filling up the gas tank. (Or taking a bowel movement). So, COMMERCIALLY, “Joiner” has won his argument, and in a libertarian world, he is right to petition for a space with a lower income threshold. But, in a world where everything has submitted to “form reduced to function” (to borrow the Bauhaus phrase), he submits to a Portnoy’s Complaint kind of man, a man reduced to the level of a cartoon. But I get it: He’s trying to cash in, just like any other entrepreneur.

    The Freudian/Hefnerian man has all but fulfilled the Nietzschean dynamic of the Apolloynian man vs. the Dionysian man. Having reduced the mystery of sex to a utilitarian function, he can compartmentalize and expedite his (or her) urge. But he (or she) cannot conquer that concupiscence we all must live with until we draw our terminal breath. Thus, at the end of the game, the Freudian, the Hefnerian, must also accept defeat: What should have been his SERVANT has now become his MASTER.

    You Know, I hear a lot about transgender men, including those who have had the “surgery.” Does a eunuch actually care about masquerading as a woman without the ability to endure what a woman must endure? The hype and the hoopla won’t let us know that. I actually knew a eunuch: The man had an accident; It was not his fault. He never complained, he never boasted. He never even THOUGHT about a sex-change. Did he still have concupiscence until he died? (St. Thomas Aquinas would have maintained that at some level, he did; The real answer, I would imagine, would be up to God). But in this man I never heard a complaint; I never even heard a word about an ideology. He respected and loved God. He lived as normal a life as he could have. He died in the Faith. He never fell into the Nietzschean trap.
    I ask anyone: Who wins in the end—“Joiner,” the everyday horny man or woman, or this man? Who enjoys the Beatific Vision now???

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  19. There is no way I can express my disgust with the scumbags who would allow this. Thank you for the heads up, DCG.

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