Richard Dawkins says we should get over our ‘yuck’ taboo against cannibalism

Add another voice to the growing pop culture “normalization” of cannibalism.

It’s Richard Dawkins, 76, the celebrated British evolutionary biologist and rabid atheist who says there’s nothing wrong about pedophilia and it’s our moral duty to kill the mentally retarded.

On March 3, 2018, referring to a news article in the Independent on lab-grown meat being on restaurant menus by the end of this year, Dawkins asks in a tweet if human meat can be grown, and calls the “taboo” against cannibalism a knee-jerk “yuck reaction” of a rigid moral absolutism:

“Tissue culture ‘clean meat’ already in 2018? I’ve long been looking forward to this. What if human meat is grown? Could we overcome our taboo against cannibalism? An interesting test case for consequentialist morality versus ‘yuck reaction’ absolutism.”

Note: Consequentialism is a school of thought that says the morality of an action depends on the consequences it creates. A moral action is one that produces a positive or beneficial outcome; an immoral action is one that produces a negative outcome. Of course, what “positive” and “negative” mean are undefined. In other words, consequentialist morality is the end justifies the means — what is moral is what benefits me, aka moral relativism.

Richard Dawkins decries our taboo against cannibalism as an unthinking, emotional (“yuck reaction”) moral absolutism, as opposed to the end-justifies-the-means consequentialist morality he approves. What escapes me is the positive or beneficial end of cannibalism. Dawkins, in his senile-demented and demon-possessed mind, must think kuru to be the “positive” end that justifies cannibalism.

Note: Kuru — spongiform encephalopathy or human mad cow disease — is an incurable neurodegenerative disease transmitted via cannibalism.

Here’s a thought: Dawkins’ advocacy of cannibalism itself may be a result and symptom of kuru.

In his book, The God Delusion, Dawkins wrote:

“It seems to me to require quite a low self-regard to think that, should belief in God suddenly vanish from the world, we would all become callous and selfish hedonists, with no kindness, no charity, no generosity, nothing that would deserve the name of goodness.”

By his advocacy for pedophilia, killing the mentally retarded, and now pointless cannibalism, Dawkins precisely demonstrates the very “callous and selfish hedonists, with no kindness, no charity, no generosity, nothing that would deserve the name of goodness” of a world banished of the divinity.

Richard Dawkins is an exemplar of what Fyodor Dostoyevsky so presciently observed 138 years ago in The Brothers Karamazov:

“In a world without God, everything is permitted.”

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H/t LifeNews and FOTM reader Big Lug.


38 responses to “Richard Dawkins says we should get over our ‘yuck’ taboo against cannibalism

  1. Progressives and ’70s SciFi dystopia… hard to distinguish:

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    It looks like “humanity” has out lived its usefulness when the brain cells are programmed to this extent of indulgence. Where are the thoughts of grace, love, and beauty of our fellow persons?


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  3. If ever there were an argument against survival of the fittest, it’d be the pseudo-intellectual movement called The Brights, or, Dawkins, Dennett, Shermer, Pinker and other specimens of genetic entropy declaring themselves mankind’s natural leaders. A group photo at one of their past gatherings has actually been scrubbed, probably because the revelers bear an uncanny resemblance to the mental patients whose heads were attached to electrodes to produce photos for Darwin’s lesser known classic, The Expression of Emotion in Man and Animals.

    These “Brights” look like escapees from an asylum for a reason. But the important point is that Dawkin’s writing skills, like the rest of the Brights, are mediocre at best, proving he and the rest are interchangeable sock puppets in the media and publication industries’ war on Christianity, which as a practical matter is rather obviously the only religion they mean when they say “religion.”

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    • You put it well Dan. These are just mediocre soc puppet academics brought to prominence by the Satanist establishment to push their perversion. And we are supposed to take this seriously, and have respect for his opinion because…why?
      Few of us grow up and go to Church and hear sermons on why we shouldn’t eat our own. There are some things that are just natural innate knowings as being bad and therefore repulsive for anyone who is more than a 25 IQ primitive from Borneo. This is the same thing they used with breaking down Homo taboos. Ask any normal little kid who hasn’t been brainwashed already about two men kissing and you get this response…..euuh!

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      • Tks, Lana. Speaking of establishment puppets, have you seen the latest outrage from the Air Force Academy? In a recent symposium there on character and leadership, character was epitomized by honored guests such as a transdegenerate couple—you have to see photos of the 5-foot former female pumped on steroids and hence future mass shooter to believe this sh*t is happening—; Mao (therefore mass-murdering) apologist Cornel West; and, “Dr” Ruth Westheimer, tribal expert on sexual deviancy, such as the pleasures of ingesting body waste and excreta as a simulacrum for sex (she must know, right?).

        I apologize for being off topic, but anyone thinking at this point of the US military as an anchor of a still patriotic establishment is going to be in for a rude awakening when the SHTF and Americans are snuffed as readily as Arabs are today. If the USAF adopted the inverted pentagram as its logo, Christian Zionists would be hanging it over their doors tomorrow.

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        • No, I hadn’t heard of that particular abomination, but it is not really a surprise, is it? When Obongo put women ( read lesbians) as head of the Navy and Air Force, and (((Mikey Weinstein) was given full reign to persecute Christians in the military, I had to look the other way. Once we could believe our military might save us from this impending communist tyranny, but the satanists have covered all their bases.

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        • Yes, military careerists often get instutionalized into liking socialist BS (especially when they sign up for “bennies” and “the security” like that cowardly Broward County deputy). Air Force, I definitely have my doubts about in that vein. Marines, less so.

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    • More like this:

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    • “and other specimens of genetic entropy”

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  4. As suspected. They’re afraid of the cannibalism being revealed, so they want to legitimize it as a safety net for when that happens…

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  6. You know, heaven looks better every day. The decadence is worse every day.

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  7. I think that many of us never question just where our morals come from. It should be obvious that as Christianity is suppressed, immorality rises. Our subject hedonist’s big complaint seems to be that holding Christian beliefs prevents one from total self-indulgence.

    Indeed, that’s true. In order to want a better world one has to have some concern for their fellows on this planet. One has to have humility and wisdom. In short, one has to be the polar opposite of a Hollywood celebrity.

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    • As I mentioned above, I don’t think anyone ever had to hear a sermon to know that cannibalism is a subhuman evil thing. That being said, I agree, there has to be a belief structure that acts as a base line, a moral compass with which to refer back to. It is frightening the number of kids that don’t even know who Jesus is anymore. There were kids in the 50’s who perhaps didn’t attend church, but they knew who Jesus was because his name, and the informing influence of Christianity hadn’t been wiped out of the social structure. I have fought with my own daughter on this. She says she refuses to “indoctrinate” her kids, and says she will let them make up their own minds what path they want to follow when they get older. I say, if you don’t believe in something, you’ll believe in anything. Never truer as seen in today’s youth.

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      • “I have fought with my own daughter on this. She says she refuses to “indoctrinate” her kids, and says she will let them make up their own minds what path they want to follow when they get older.”

        A friend of mine did that with his daughter as well. Now 24 years old, she shows signs of being a satanist.

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        • I wrestled with that once upon a time. They need to be exposed to Christianity. It is a Christian duty. Just like kids don’t wake up “raised” one day, they don’t wake up practicing believers either.

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          • I agree. And good for you that you took the bull by the horns! As I said, If you don’t put something in it, then anything can go in.
            They are homeschooled thank God, so they are at least not around the influence of what’s going on in the schools, however we know that is only half the battle. I am trying to do what I can to teach them when they are in my care which unfortunately is not often.
            The youngest when she was only about 5 or 6 came to my house one day and went into one of my bedrooms where I have an alter with icons and candles. She turned to me and said “I see you love God”. I was so taken aback that a little one who had not been to church more than once or twice, and had not had a lot of instruction could feel the meaning and significance of what was on the alter. It gave me hope that I can reach them if only given enough time.

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        • Hope is not lost, of course, obviously she is someone who likes anime, and I would guess she likes some of the wrong ones at that…. Maybe if she picked up something like Wedding Peach or the original “Ah Megami-sama” (before 2000) things might be a bit better. Sadly there are no Christian animes as such, there are ones that do have some themes that come close, such as those I’ve mentioned… the reason for this being japan fell into rank occultism early, (Oddly their mythology contains elements of sumerian and babylonian cultures, which is especially odd given the distance from those cultures, both in time and geographic distance, but then the occultists and satanists of the earlier times probably exploited trade routes as fast as they could, if I were to venture a guess, I had also heard that the ming dynasty of china was actually manichean gnostic in origin, which would explain soe of the spiritual corruption flowing in a good part of asia.) and now most animes will have some gnosticism-based subplot or western occultism elements, as well as their own native stuff. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is another one that looks to have some better themes (the pentagram she drew looks verymuch like the reverse transmutation circle utilized to counter the other transmutation circle used by the main big bad in that show, so perhaps she has seen it?), and the plotline does seem to hint at some of the machinations of the NWO, but that’s as far as it goes, and of course the cosmology there is a bit of an issue as well.

          She is a younger girl, so that’s good at least (I know I still didn’t have all my ducks in a row when I was 24), if she opts to see some of the better things, her mind may well change, she might want to veer away from stuff like “black butler” or “soul eater”, though, which seems like it might’ve been present as an influence. The culture of anime can be a toxic one, but even here there are still Christians present. Part of the trouble with this subject though, is far too many people are lacking a lot of information on the subjects, such as the occult themes, and thereby knowing what to avoid, but this is a problem with western media as well.

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      • Well, that is what they do. Just like C.S. Lewis discusses, there is “natural law”. The truth is, that’s a poor substitute. Young people hear this all the time. I take my grandkids to Mass with me. Their parents are too “busy”.

        Every time they mention “indoctrination” to me I say “exactly. That’s EXACTLY what I’m doing. That’s my job and I’d like some help because it’s your job too”.

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    • Conspecific behavior (not eating fellow cats, dogs, etc.) is only natural among animals– he has to consciously decide and justify going against it.

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  9. Dawkins should be locked in a cage with Princeton moral cretin Peter Singer.

    There actually have been a couple of occurrences of endo-cannibalism being morally permissible: During the rape of Nanking, or survivors of an Andes plane crash, eating the dead to survive because no other food or options were available. This would be a case of what St. Thomas Aquinas has called “the double effect”: Permitting an evil, without approving of it, simply because no other option was morally (or in this case, physically) possible.
    This being said, it seems to me that Dr. Dawkins’ 15 minutes of fame are up, and he should exit stage right into retirement immediately if not sooner.

    Let me put it to everyone this way. The Sacrifice of the Most Holy Mass is the physical and actual repetition of Our Lord’s Passion and Sacrifice for us. Imagine, if you can, an eight or nine year old boy attending a Mass one Sunday, and he has a vision. And in this Vision, he can see that the demons have been paroled from Hell, and they are on the Altar. And this boy takes a closer look, and he notices that these demons, who seem to be parading around Our Lord on the Cross, are not only killing Christ, No Sir! Killing Christ is not enough for the demons! The boy takes a close look, and he notices that these demons are SNEERING.

    It was not enough that Our Lord paroled these demons, these fallen angels, from Hell and allowed them to have their way with Him, in order to pay the ransom Our Father demanded as the price for our Salvation. But these demons have been commanded to show their true colors, and all they can do is SNEER. This is because they know, with absolute and utter certainty, that mere mortal man has been given the opportunity to attain to something that these demons can never have, and know they can never have, and that Something is THE BEATIFIC VISION.

    I would, if I could, point out to Dawkins, Singer and all the other proud and petulant atheists out there that we ARE NOT alone in this “Game.” There is good, and there is evil—evil being defined as a privation of a good. And there is also WICKEDNESS, the taking of the good, and rendering it evil.
    Now the eight or nine year old boy understands the place of the intellect in the Scheme of Things: One must think well, and reason rightly, while at the same time, never looking upon the ignorant while gloating. To think rightly and to think well, never seeking floating above others based on their own brain power as a “good to be grasped at.” Many intellectuals on the Left—and even many on the Right—do not understand this moral (and intellectual) subtlety. And it is precisely this failure to understand this limitation that deprives the proud intellectual of the Beatific Vision, and thrusts them into Hell.
    THIS is why perversion really is perversion, and this is why it is wrong. And if Dawkins, et al., cannot accept this phenomenological proof of our own rightful place in Life, then they have absolutely no business in the public sphere. It was precisely THIS FAILURE that drove Judas Iscariot to betray Our Lord and then to hang himself.

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  10. As a youngster we use to have a variety of slang words and phrases that inferred our dislike of something or someone, among those phrases was; OH, just eat me!

    I suspect it would be unwise to use that particular phrase nowadays.

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  11. Kevin J Lankford

    Well,…..I guess some body has to ring in the ‘tribulation’ and the return of the “times of Noah”.

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  12. What if they do have a restaurant that serves it, and people go and then they like it, what happens when they can’t have it. I would think some might take it upon them selves to feed else were. Or supply the restaurants with extra meat its black market out there and they sell every thing. And how will the FDA rate the product? Man this opens up a whole different can of worms.

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  13. Atheists like Dawkins think they are on the cutting edge by thumping their chests in denial of God. There’s nothing new under the sun though; by becoming their own gods they fall for the old satanic lie. What they see as man’s progress without God is more decadence. Hence cannibalism, abortion, divorce, porn, killing the elderly and handicapped, and all the other goodies in our brave new world. It’s satanic inversion; bad as good and good as bad. All power and glory to Jesus Christ our lord and savior. Still, it wouldn’t be bad to have someone like old Fyodor on the scene.

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  14. Dawkins takes “seriously sick f*ck” to a whole new level.

    I wonder how long that T-shirt he is wearing will last once he busts the gates of Hell wide open?

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  16. OK…I’ll try to “get over the yuck factor” of eating a human being—-IF HE VOLUNTEERS to be the rump roast on my plate tomorrow. Maybe I’ll “get over it,” and maybe not. But for darned sure, we’ll never hear about this disgusting topic again from HIM. I’ll take little salt with him, that, it….whatever. I’ll be sure to share my meal with my big blonde Labrador Retriever, who won’t feel a thing about eating his roasted butt.

    And, PS….just observing—-pretty sure that anyone who promotes/defends pedophilia is sexually abusing children. Otherwise, they “dont’ have any dog in the fight.” Secondly, I agree to his pronouncements about “killing the mentally retarded” to THIS DEGREE—-he IS mentally retarded in the social/survival sense and should have been first in line to experience his own “death sentence.”

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  17. Soylent Green.

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  19. I’ve never gotten over my ‘yuck’ factor in regard of Richard Dawkins.

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  20. Cannibalism? Yummy, guess who’s on the dinner menu? Dickhead Dawkins


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