Illegal alien in Utah arrested for child abuse; admits to breaking one-year-old’s legs

elvira ortega salt lake city police dept photo

Illegal alien Elvira Ortega would rather be deported than go to jail in the US/Salt Lake City Police Dept. Photo

What the article below doesn’t mention: The inmate information for this woman states she is a citizen of Mexico and therefore an illegal alien.

From MyFox8: A 66-year-old unlicensed day care worker is facing felony child abuse charges after a baby boy in her care went to the hospital with two broken legs, according to KSTU.

Elvira Ortega, who runs an unlicensed day care out of her Salt Lake City home, is accused of intentionally inflicting serious physical harm on the child, Salt Lake police Detective Greg Wilking said.

Salt Lake County court documents state Ortega was caring for the boy, who is less than a year old, when the injuries happened Feb. 23. Wilking said Ortega was caring for multiple other children at the in-home day care.

Ortega later admitted to Salt Lake police she slammed down the child feet-first on the bathroom floor, breaking both of the child’s legs below the knees.

Police said Ortega also told them she would “rather be deported than go to jail.”

Authorities declined to comment on Ortega’s immigration status citing department policy but did say they thought she might be a flight risk.


23 responses to “Illegal alien in Utah arrested for child abuse; admits to breaking one-year-old’s legs

  1. “Illegal alien Elvira Ortega would rather be deported than go to jail”

    There’s a 3rd option: Just execute the monster.

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    • That’s about where I am at too.There are just certain things that scream evil and where there is no redemption.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . . I am in total agreement with option No 3. I just cannot understand how she could treat a baby under one year of age in that manner. This POS needs to be sent to prison here in the US, allow the other inmates to know exactly what she did–I should imagine that when they got done with her, she would be praying for death! Once her sentence is over, if she survives, then kick her butt over the American – Mexican boarder.

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  2. Of course she’d rather be deported , because her nasty ass would be back in the states with a week , or less . Under a different name , .S.S. # , etc.

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  3. When my kids were young I felt nobody would raise my kids and instill good habits and spend the time with them better than me. They learned more from me about God and just me being there for them. I went without just to be a real mom. Today mom and dad are all about making money to have a lot of stuff. I have no regrets and feel good I did this for them.

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    • weezy . . . . I would say my Mother was a whole lot like you. Even the Angels in Heaven praise Mother’s like you. I will just bet that your children are very good members of society. Being raised by you own Mother is the greatest gift any child can receive, bar none.

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    • weezy—you have my heart….as a young family, my husband & I were both highly educated, and pursuing even more, but were barely employed/paid,,, and… nevertheless, I NEVER EVER thought I could PAY someone else to raise my child/children and love/care for them the SAME as me…..So, we did without….we “bit the bullet” and I raised our kids, with a few “fill in” economics (where I did NOT have to hire a “baby-sitter”)…like direct sales….substitute teaching…..etc…..until they were in High School. I took a contract when the youngest ws in late middle school. Long Haul, but worth it. Our kids are successfully employed in very “weird” professions” ……esp. for the LOW/BAD economy of the Obama years…& have never been without employment, even in a bad economy…….

      One thing Jackie Kennedy said that always “rivoted” my attention was, “If you fail at raising your kids…then you are a failure…and nothing else counts,” or something to this effect. This is not the direct “quote” but you all can get my drift……..

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  4. 10 years hard labor state penitentiary, then immediate deportation. We have enough problems with our own criminals without having to import more.

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  5. A few years ago Red Ice interviewed a Mexican intellectual who credibly argued Mexico was actively dumping its lowest IQ, disaffected, violent sociopaths in the US. If Ryan and McConnell were not as much on board with this as the Dems, this could be stopped tomorrow. By executive order all benefits except return airfare could be phased out with enough time for these people to move back without suffering. Violent backlash in our streets can be dealt with today but not tomorrow. These monsters are being placed in as many suburban and rural communities as possible to provide the sleeper militants when the SHTF. The border wall and mealy mouthed stopgap proposals are blowing smoke in our eyes. An invasion Army is being positioned in our country by both parties, who can get away with it because American patriots are anesthetized into inaction by Fox News.

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  6. I feel so sorry for the little boy but what kind of parents placed him in this unlicensed daycare? To save money at the risk of the child, that’s what kind! Idiots

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  7. They need some arrangement with Mexico to put them in prison there. Even if we have to pay for it.

    When a person commits a vicious crime and is turned over to “the Authorities”, they must be treated as innocent until proven guilty and then with a certain degree of respect while incarcerated.

    If a friend or relative of a kid subjected to this treatment managed to execute her on the spot, no such mandate exists for their behavior, other than “murder” is illegal. Of course, protecting a child is a mandate.

    Again, you can read this anyway you like. Just as I have trouble with people running to government like a virgin reaches for her panties, maybe people involved with things like this shouldn’t be so quick to dial 911.

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  8. Oh yea deport than jail that is a no brainier but sorry you get to do the time my dear. And have they removed the other children from her care yet? Hurting innocent children do not want to stand beside you at the last gathering the collateral damage from lighting strike might not do me any good.

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  9. Whatever she wants, don’t give it to her– she needs prison time (then deport her).

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  10. How about going to jail AND deportation, you sorry excuse for a woman?

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    • DITTO, noreen! The law mandates BOTH! Perhaps she openly opined for deportation rather than prison b/c she KNOWS what happens to child abusers in prison. Quite often they never come out alive.

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  11. Of course she wants deportation over jail. That way she can sneak right back in and continue her scams against innocent children and and the US government.

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  12. Conviction here-and hope Big Alice has her legs broke as soon as she’s sentenced,just so she’ll remember WHY she’s incarcerated.

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  13. LA RAZA!!!!


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