Italians in Parliamentary election reject EU and open door policy to Muslims

On March 4, 2018, Italians dealt a blow to EU and the NWO in their Parliamentary election.

In a strong turnout of 72.93%, voters elected 630 members to the Chamber of Deputies, and 315 members to the Senate of the Republic. Although no political party won an outright majority, resulting in a hung parliament, the two political parties that won the most votes — Northern League and Five Star Movement — are both Euroskeptic and opposed to the economic globalization and open-door immigration policy championed by the EU:

(1) Northern League (Lega), a right-wing, populist/nationalist, Euroskeptic, anti-globalism, pro-free market, socially conservative party led by Matteo Salvini, whose slogan is “Italians First“, won a plurality of seats in both houses of Parliament:

  • 260 seats and 37% of the popular vote for the Chamber of Deputies;
  • 135 seats and 37.5% of the popular vote for the Senate.

(2) Five Star Movement, a populist, anti-establishment, environmentalist, Euroskeptic, alter-globalist party led by Luigi Di Maio, won:

  • 221 seats and 32.7% of the popular vote for the Chamber of Deputies;
  • 112 seats and 32.2% of the popular vote for the Senate.

(3) Democratic Party, a center-left coalition of led by former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, came third with:

  • 112 seats and 22.9% of the popular vote for the Chamber of Deputies;
  • 57 seats and 23% of the popular vote for the Senate.

In a biased, pro-EU article, the Associated Press reports:

“The [election] campaign was marked by the prime-time airing of neofascist rhetoric and anti-migrant violence that culminated in a shooting spree last month against six Africans . . . .

Euroskeptics and populists rode a wave of hostility toward all things EU and surged to the fore in Italian elections on Sunday . . . .

Beyond moving away from the EU policies in Brussels, the Italian results were the latest indication that the continent is tilting further to the right . . . .

‘The European Union is having a bad evening,’ France’s far-right Marine Le Pen tweeted elatedly as it became clear that more than half the Italian electorate had backed two stridently anti-EU parties . . . .

Sunday’s results from Rome still came as a shock to the EU. It was barely a week ago that EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had confidently predicted that ‘whatever the outcome, I am confident that we will have a government that makes sure that Italy remains a central player in Europe and in shaping its future.’

One of the first things Matteo Salvini, the head of Italy’s victorious anti-migrant, euroskeptic League party, said Monday was that the shared euro currency was ‘wrong.’ The EU is still smarting badly from Britain’s 2016 decision to leave the bloc, so another ally turning a cold shoulder is the last thing the bloc needs.

‘The outcome of the elections could not be farther away from what the European Commission, as well as most other EU governments, were hoping for,’ said the Europe think tank VoteWatch, calling it an ‘unprecedented political shock’ . . . .

‘This is a huge surge for euroskeptic and anti- establishment parties in Italy,’ said Nigel Farage, who was a driving force behind Britain’s exit from the EU. His Italian allies in the European Parliament, the 5-Star Movement, were the biggest winners in Sunday’s polls . . . . Pending the outcome of government coalition talks, the 5-Star Movement could set Italy’s EU policy for years to come. And together with other populist and far-right movements, Sunday’s vote shows they could well move from the fringes of the European legislature to dominate debate after the EU-wide elections of May 2019.”

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12 responses to “Italians in Parliamentary election reject EU and open door policy to Muslims

  1. of course AP is biased -= 1917: the bankster / Illuminati elites got together at the behest of J P Morgan to investigate how many main (now lame) stream media co.’s they would need to buy control of in order to control what news the public is told and in order to shape public opinion. The answer was 25. They immediately executed that agenda.

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  2. Events caused by basic desires for survival having been compromised is, hopefully/prayerfully, leading to the needed demise of the EU and, shortly thereafter, globalism.

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  3. Sounds good to me, no more dollars to boost their economy, we can use it all here and swoop up our economy, the more the better, pretty soon we’ll see Puppet Frankie, oops I meant Pope Frankie wearing a rag head instead of his papal Tiara, he’ll trade the Rosary for the sand fleas prayer beads, no worries he isalready wearing the regalia and insignia, and will be elevated to “the son of Mohamed.”


  4. Kevin J Lankford

    Invasion most certainly should evoke hostility.

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  5. I think two reasons for this win. Italy is one of the poorest countries in the EU, esp southern Italy. It has always been a struggle for everyone outside the industrial centers like Milan, and that is why Italians have been prey to false political solutions like Socialism. Italians hive continued to emigrate to Australia and Canada to try to find employment. Secondly, when faced with the reality of filthy, destructive Islamic barbarians, Italians are not going to sit there with a stiff upper lip like the British. Culturally Italians are not an emotionally repressed people and when they are unhappy you will know it. I think the election of Trump gave many in Europe hope they could do the same and the Italians have traditionally been great admirers of things American

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    • I lived for almost three years in Europe. It has changed radically since then, and not for the better. Still, there are generalities that I’m sure are still valid “migrants” or no “migrants”.

      I love Italy. It isn’t the cleanest place, but the people really know how to live. Since WWII they have had close to sixty different governments. They totally ignore them. They don’t argue, they just nod, agree, and go right back to doing whatever they were doing.

      Germany was modern, efficient and rather gloomy (at least to me). Every country had its own characteristics. That is amazing given the small sizes and distances involved. I am truly surprised by the embrace of the EU. I would not have bet that it could happen.

      We could all learn from each other. I certainly know what I liked and what bothered me.

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  6. My only foray into Europe was back in in ’79. I was there for over a month, most if it in Germany as well as few awesome days in Austria, which is one of the most seriously beautiful places I have ever been to.

    I felt pretty safe while there, as there were armed German soldiers all over the airports and other transportation systems, and all the German cops were models of the thick-necked guys named Gunther that Martin Mull mentioned in the Michelob Dark commercial.

    After all, in was in the last years of the Jihad Jimmy fiasco, the Cold War was raging all over, and the Persians were getting a bit uppity.

    If I ever do make it back to Europe, I will probably spend all my time in Italy, as Germany, Austria, France, the UK, along with many other European countries, have now been overrun by filthy camel-flea infested mooooooooooooslims that appear to believe that throwing acid on innocent people is somehow going to get them into their “heaven.”

    Then again, I might just go to Texas and try out some of their legendary BBQ brisket. 😀

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    • For those of you that don’t remember it, this is the beer commercial I was referring to in the above post, and it’s one of my favorites:


    • Dave—go to Texas and eat BarBQ Brisket…..visit the Alamo….experience the Hill Country…and the Germanic Fredericksburg…..mosey up into New Mexico to Santa Fe…one of the oldest continuously occupied cities in the USA…to their open air markets, artisan markets…maybe then cross lines into Oklahoma to the HUGE museum of cowboy culture in Oklahoma City…and MAYBE, just maybe….visit/research the history of the settlement of the “seven civilized Eastern Tribes” in the Oklahoma Territory, after they were sent on the “Trail of Tears.” On and On….My husband and I took our kids yearly on cross-country camping trips of a month each year to learn about their country ON ITS FACE. We met people…MOSTLY GOOD AND GIVING, CARING AMERICANS…MANY of whom even invited us into their HOMES…..or offered their hospitality FREELY to us….everywhere we went in the small and big American cities/American “tourista” centers…..I could write a book about it…and probably should have…..

      Our country is big and beautiful….and…filled with AMAZINGLY wonderful people who will nurture you…bring you into their circles/homes by invitation…if you’d only give them a chance. Europe is beautiful, full of wonderful experiences….but we should learn about the people and places of our own wonderful/beautiful country, FIRST.

      Aside—I have MANY wonderful anectdotes from our American travels that I could relate….warm memories all….like…the time we were drenched in a series of rain storms…our tent, clothes, etc…wet and miserable in our trunk…so we checked into a tiny OLD 1930-40’s inn in a little So. Missouri town in the boondocks……..and in the AM….someone banged …insistently …on our door. We (being from the land of CA assassins and drug dealers) were terrified…and would not open the door, until a frail female voice said……” I’m a ______ retiree and my sister saw you down at the breakfast serving at the ……..Cafe….with a ______ cap on your head. This is the only Inn for this town… I found you, and I am retired from __________where you work, & would love to meet you.” We met up with this person, went to their retirement home , talked old times….and corresponded for many years…..THIS IS AMERICA YOU GUYS……

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    • Go for the brisket…

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  7. Someone might have woke up. LOL

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