Marijuana aficionado Rick Steves wants you to venture outside your comfort zone

rick steves

Steves has it all in one article: TDS, anti-Brexit, pro-refugee immigration, anti-gun, and anti-build the wall. One thing he left out: An affirmation for his beloved Hillary.

From Rachel Bell at Edmonds based travel guru Rick Steves has built a 30+ year career on European travel. He’s produced more than 50 guide books and hosts a public TV and radio show about traveling in Europe. But when he vacations, he goes all around the world, often to less traveled locations.

Steves encourages all Americans to do the same in the new, third edition of his book “Travel as a Political Act: How to Leave Your Baggage Behind.”

I wanted to update it for what the world is like after President Trump and after refugees and terrorism and climate change and Brexit; all these concerns that are filling our headlines. Sharing the lessons I learned from travels in places like Cuba and Iran and Palestine and Russia and the Netherlands and Ireland.

He thinks it’s important for people to travel outside of their comfort zone.

“Gain an empathy for the other 96 percent of humanity and you come home with what I think is the most beautiful souvenir, and that’s a broader perspective. It’s more important than ever right now that the United States gets itself in a mindset where we’re more inclined to build bridges and less inclined to build walls. I think that’s important from a national security point of view. The most dangerous thing we can do is stay home and hide under the bed and build walls. I love to go to places where we’re not supposed to go. I want to stress I’ve never gone any place I thought was risky or dangerous. A lot of Americans, we’re confusing fear and risk. Fear is an emotional thing and, okay, you can be afraid, it’s emotional. That’s what terrorists are trying to do is they’re trying to make us afraid. Risk is a statistical thing. Every month a thousand people are killed in our streets in homicides, with guns. Does that make America dangerous? Well, no it doesn’t. I still go shopping, I still go downtown. But there is a risk. People use to say ‘Bon voyage’ and now people say ‘Have a safe trip.’ I don’t know where this came from, but when somebody tells me to have a safe trip, I’m inclined to say, ‘Have a safe stay at home.’ Where I’m going, statistically, is safer than where you’re staying. In fact, if you knew the statistics, and you loved your children, you would take them to Europe tomorrow because you’re living in a very dangerous part of the world here in the USA.”

Read the rest of the story here.


25 responses to “Marijuana aficionado Rick Steves wants you to venture outside your comfort zone

  1. Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya! Bon-voyage, ASS-HOLE!

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  2. Is there anyone on PBS who isn’t a libtard commie?

    I’m so glad I installed the Roku streaming stick on my TV and got a membership in Acorn TV, which means I now have access to more British, Australian & NZ TV shows than PBS ever broadcasted. Defund taxpayer-supported PBS!!!

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . I absolutely agree with defunding PBS! Why is it that taxpayer dollars can be used to prop up that garbage station, where they ONLY SHOW LIBTARD PROGRAMMING. They are responsible for heavy handedly brainwashing the youngest amongst us with their looney programs. It is a travesty that “OUR” monies are used in this manner. There isn’t even the pretense of having fair and balanced programing.

      As far as “ACORN” goes, you make the greatest choice in the world. I unsubscribed a couple of months ago, since I had devoured everything they had to offer in the previous months. I am going to re-subscribe in six months, so that they have a chance to get some fresh programming. I found that I absolutely loved many of the shows they had on, particularly I loved their dramas. The one thing that I found so fascinating about British TV programming . . . they actually show “real women” who have “real bodies,” like what you might find out in society. The one program that really shows that fact is “Vera.” This program shows a middle aged frumpy overweight, middle aged woman, who is not particularly beautiful, and she is a detective. Evidently, people from Great Britain (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales) have no problem with using actors who are real people–warts and all. All I can say is you will assuredly enjoy watching ACORN. It is a wonderful adventure.

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      • Vera is one of my favorites as well!

        Acorn has a new British TV show, Girlfriends, with three ATTRACTIVE actresses who, unlike Hollywood’s botoxed and face-lifted actresses with boob implants and dazzlingly white teeth, actually look like women in their 50s and early 60s with facial wrinkles. American actresses are so artificial looking, they’re beginning to look nonhuman.

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  3. Here comes another traveling queer -let’s see what he is hiding “BEHIND” his “comfort zone” , it will come to light soon, let’s wait and watch, it will take one looking for money to do a “number” on him.

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  4. I used to watch his show a lot because I love Europe, and was never able to get there and see it in person. But one can just tell he is a leftie by looking at him, A total milquetoast,I would expect he would be sporting a man bun these days, I have had growing contempt for the man as he continues to promote European travel for his guided trips, never once mentioning the changing face of Europe where there are probably turds strewing the streets of Italy, and nothing but Pakistanis throughout London along with plenty of no go zones.What a fraud.

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    • Lana . . . . I must admit, I would have loved to visit Europe, but all these immigrants, and the fact that all their governments are left of center is a severe turn-off. Too bad I didn’t visit there back in the 70’s before it became a “sh*thole.” It would seem that Mr Steves has a very high opinion of himself, and of what he things about thinks in general.

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    • Lana…the “changing face of Europe” started way before most suspect–maybe 30 years ago+…& it’s so laughable that Steves tries to make a case EVEN NOW for how “genteel”&”safe” Europe is compared to the USA: I live in a small fishbowl in a “nowhere USA” address..&my neighbors toured Europe every yr, w/kids. They NEVER spent a European tour in ANY year without being robbed (one time of their rental car and all their possessions within—in France..&another time being physically accosted/beaten/robbed by an organized “mob”… in Spain..(.in front of their minor KIDS.). My own daughter-in-law, in international business concerns, was robbed of everything she had on her (passport, etc) at knifepoint, on a train in Switzerland. At one time we had a foreign exchange student and we sent her home with some American “amenities” to help her and her family with some daily pressing problems….and they were IMMEDIATELY robbed/ ransacked of all within her first 48 hours of return from America. One of our close aquaintances participated in the Olympics in Russia. A cab that was supposed to take him to his Oly village took him, instead, out into the snowy, deserted, landscape, beat him, abandoned him to die in the snow….stole everything on him. He made his way back, and, concealed his condition enough to get on a plane back to the USA for treatment…b/c he was afraid that revealing what had happened in Russia during an Olympic, would have guaranteed that he 1) would have been at the mercy of Russian medical “care”…, maybe a cyanide pill to keep everything that happened to him Quiet….and 2) Fear that our OWN Olympic Committee would NOT advocate/take care of him for fear of an “international incident.” IMO….he chose the correct course…and spent days in the hospital upon return……Finally, not Europe…but here in our own Americas… of my sons had a business trip to Middle and then South America. Upon return through the Central and South American airports….he was robbed of everything he owned…. luggage, surf boards, all “gifts” he’d bought to bring home to family/ friends…he arrived in LA literally empty-handed and without recourse.

      I think we must consider/telegraph to Rick Steves that, maybe, travel in Europe (esp. as an American without an entourage of TV-show cameras trailing/filming one) is “safe” for Europeans….ditto for Central and South America for Europeans and native Central and So. Americans in their own continent…..but international travel for Americans automatically paints a “bull’s eye” on their backs for robbery/assault/abuse/hostage-taking/slaughter.

      Aside. Long ago, I made my oldest kid travel in Europe under my Austrian maiden surname. His nuclear family name is an old English/common American name. I was always so fearful that he would be targeted for slaughter/assault/abuse just for being an easily identifiable American.

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      • Wow, what a reply CalGirl. Thanks for sharing. If I was planning on going anywhere, I wouldn’t after hearing the litany you just provided!
        I met my husband in the early seventies just as he returned from two months in Europe. He had stories as well, though not nearly as horrific as those you have described. The world has really become one big __ithole

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        • Thanks Lana for your posts. Right now, as we speak, I am having that “MOM NAGGING WORRY” in the back of my mind day and night b/c, amongst other worries….my youngest son and his bride are in London and Paris on their honeymoon. 🙂 They flew into London on the day that the snow and ice storm shut down the transportation system….bad beginning. I will not stop worrying until they are HOME! Add to this, that my son…sometimes his wife and even the new mother-in-law….spend much business time in So. Korea nr. the “demilitarized Zone.” I just want us all to ‘Run Away” to a farm in Pennsylvania, Kentucky or Tennessee ….WHATEVER!!!!!!!

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  5. He likes going outside his comfort zone at Amsterdam hash bars more than likely…

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  6. Can’t say he was ever that entertaining, he was all monotone and the one guy thetravel shows had, a fellow named Ian, who actually participated in things and was a funny fellow to watch, later got axed…. I also note one other disturbing thing with PBS though, so far some of the travel shows have been utilizing robot narration… not sure why they’re doing such, but it comes off sounding wrong on multiple levels, and has no life in it.
    Sadly PBS seems to be just another propaganda network (‘course all the TV “programming” these days seems to be exactly that, meant to program the end user into being what the devil worshipers want.) responsible for socially engineering people at home same as in “schools”. As an aside it seems hitlery has some stake in propaganda networks in Asia no less, with radio free asia apparently being one of the fronts that she is involved in…

    Happy to say I no longer bother with such stuff anymore, although I am a bit worried, the trend these days seems to be forcing “streaming” into people’s homes, which by extention translates to an inability to see anything without an internet connection, as they seem to already be trying to even axe the garbage they called “blu-ray” (still not enough control over when and how the end-users watch the movies, I suspect.) with this “4K” trash. If the trend is indicative of how things are meant to go, then anyone without internet will be unable to watch anything or play videogames without a “connection” which by contrast means trying to force the internet into homes further still, likely utilizing the desire for movies and games as bait, then once its there, smart meters and the internet of things will keep an eye on everything that people do in their homes, creating a sort of panopticon (Why hire spies when you can have the machines do the work instead, at little cost, with no chance of “talking” or “falling alseep” etc.) This is just a guess however.

    I also note, while marijuana is a plant with apparently medicinal properties, mankind has been abusing it for some time, and I note it has been utilized to enter trance states to make contact with “the spirit world” something not really widely advertised by the pot pushers, although when they do mention it they talk about it “raising consciousness” or some other malarkey along those lines, all the better to get people into contact with devils, no? (It was good enough for the assasin cult to do their evil work, and also the reason they got that name… This is also why prohibition was axed, I suspect, that is drunkeness being favorable to pushing agendas, and likely also causing people to be more susceptible to devilish influence. Does anyone recall how alcohol used to be called “spirits”? But I have yet to research that subject in depth.) I note also the pot legalization & pushing coincides with the push of gnosticism and neo-paganism in most channels of society these days, along with all this insanity about gender and blasphemic sex practices… does the consumption of all this denatured pot make people lose the will to be uncompliant, or become suggestible, or be more “experimental”, one wonders?

    I Know that the cartels have not been negatively impacted as the pot pushers claimed, and are in fact prospering (see: ) so that was a lie used to garner support, I suspect it’s medical use is also being used to entrench it in society, with it’s abuse being the real goal, as if someone opposes such abuse/”recreational use” (or mentiosn how its adversely impacting the organic farming industry), it is considered “agaisnt medicine”, even if someone just opposes the abuse of the plant, not truly legitimate medical uses… this plays off the societally conditioned tendency to generalize, which the devil worshipers have been exploiting for thousands of years. Society is being engineered to be insane, apparently.

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  7. sixlittlerabbits

    Rick Steves is a joke. The last time I watched one of his travel videos was probably more than ten years ago. He started the journey with his wife and two sons. Then they left and he continued his travels with his dear male friend(?). My gay-o-meter was going off the chart.

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  8. Sad, as I used to be a fan of his.

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  9. SPAM

    Yeah, I know Doc E has forbidden me to edit/alter posts placed here by trolls and site-destroying plants, but she didn’t say anything about escapees from Hormel.

    Besides, I am neither editing it nor altering it.

    I am nuking it.


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  10. We used to be fans, then the little vague remarks about open minds, etc started to annoy me. His trip to Iran and his praises, really made it clear. He is from liberal country, so what do we expect? We no longer watch.

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  11. “Politically, Steves has identified himself as a member of the Democratic Party, and publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign…. In Travel as a Political Act, Steves wrote that displaying the American flag on car antennas ‘creates a fearful, schizophrenic dynamic that may stoke today’s terrorism and tomorrow’s international conflicts.'”

    In 2017, when he wrote a $50,000 check to the ACLU, he called himself a “white, straight, Christian” male. He is an active Lutheran and supports the neo-Marxist liberation theology.

    From a one-man operation, his travel business now has a staff of 100. Steves’ net worth is estimated to be $10M.

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    • Thanks for the information.

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    • Holy Moly, he wrote a 50.000.00 check to the ACLU?!! Lotta money he’s raking in there. I haven’t a clue how someone who calls themselves a Christian, no matter what stripe can be a liberal, let alone a neo- Marxist liberal. Good info.

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    • Lest we forget, hitlery also helped bail out that child molestor filth, as I recall. If I were to venture a guess I’d say steves is likely a propagandist (I note in his shows he never cites “alternative” history, and always keeps with the official narrative.) and that’s in part probably how he makes his bucks.

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