Media Hogg hardest hit: NRA sees a huge surge in membership interest

NRA sticker

I renewed my membership and know plenty of you who did as well. Hope the NRA releases some good numbers soon.

From Daily Mail: The NRA has seen a huge surge in membership interest in recent weeks, after drawing noisy backlash over the shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Google searches for ‘NRA membership’ have risen roughly 4,900 per cent since the week before the February 14 shooting, with new members flocking to support the gun owners’ rights group.

NRA President Wayne LaPierre announced last May that national membership had reached five million, but the group has not commented on the recent surge and didn’t immediately reply to calls from on Sunday.

Though high-profile mass shootings often spur an increase in gun sales over fear of a crackdown, the Parkland shooting was different in the focus of vitriol that was directed at the NRA.

Some otherwise casual gun rights supporters said that the loud attacks on the NRA in the media by young Parkland survivors such as David Hogg drove them to sign up.

‘Thank you David Hogg for inspiring me,’ one Twitter user wrote. ‘I gifted my husband with an NRA membership. I felt now was an important time to support them,’ she continued, adding a screenshot of the membership confirmation email.

Other new NRA members said they were pushed to join because of perceived media bias and the rush to condemn gun rights in the wake of the shooting, in which 17 died.

‘After ten minutes of CNN’s town hall “debate” I had already searched for gun safes, the closest firearms dealer near me, classes on gun safety, and an NRA membership,’ wrote Robert Norman in a column for the Federalist.

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch appeared at the CNN town hall just a week after the shooting, receiving boos and curses from the packed arena.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel piled on, drawing cheers from the crowd when he berated Loesch – days before information about critical law enforcement failures in Israel’s own department came to light.

‘The town hall was a display of tyranny,’ wrote Norman, on why it prompted him to join the NRA.

‘For tyranny has never come from a single person, but rather from a mob cheering for the destruction of liberty and rights from those with whom they disagree.’ 

After the CNN town hall, several national brands withdrew from partnerships to offer discounts to NRA members – companies including MetLife, Enterprise car rental, and Norton AntiVirus.

A new Morning Consult survey conducted last week found that net favorability ratings for those brands plunged when consumers learned of their moves to cut ties with the NRA – though the results were sharply split along partisan lines.

‘There is no one. NO ONE. Who joins the NRA for a discount on a rental car,’ Cleta Mitchell, an NRA member and former Oklahoma state lawmaker who sat on the NRA’s board from 2002 to 2013, said in an email to Time.

‘You can rest assured that the NRA will not lose a single member as a result of this,’ Mitchell said.  ‘If anything, it should spur people to join the NRA as a means of demonstrating that we who believe in the Second Amendment will not be bullied by these left wing multi-billion dollar corporations.’


36 responses to “Media Hogg hardest hit: NRA sees a huge surge in membership interest

  1. DCG . . . . . Bless you for covering this particular story. I knew they had a lot of folks who had either joined, or had donated what they could to the NRA. I am very proud of my niece Kaari, although she has four children in her home she donated $5.00, I was just thrilled that the Second Amendment meant something to her. I ponied up $100.00 for a five year membership. I do not want the NRA to go down in flames because the libtards are such nervous nellies that they have no concept of how responsible ownership of guns by the American people can help to keep us a free people. It is the saddest of all things that so many citizens have fallen prey to the false flags perpetrated by the deep government. Basically, there is noting sadder than someone who has a brain, but doesn’t use it. That is exactly what we see all around us.

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  2. This is something we should NEVER lose sight of. Because the media are leftist and concentrated, it is easy to get the idea that what they represent is the “majority”. It isn’t. We have no mechanism to wail and gnash our teeth other than the internet.

    The recent moves by Google and others to censor speech are proof of my point. They are hoping to simple steal, in any way they can, what they need to rule. They are hoping to do that without a backlash.

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    • lophatt . . . . I too am quite upset by “The recent moves by Google and others to censor speech. . .” FB is bigtime into this. Just read where they asked their followers if it should be okay for pedophiles to ask 14 year old girls for “sexual pictures.” Isn’t it just the height of pomposity that they might be advocating for something like that — yet they want to extinguish ANY CONSERVATIVE SPEECH ON THEIR NETWORK??????? As a free people we have much to do to deter the likes of Google, and Facebook!

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  3. “I’ve got your common core!”

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  4. Just like the TEN COMNANDMENTS were given to all of us, our greatest inheritance our forefathers left us is the The Constitution of the United States, The Bill of Rights & All Amendments, they planed our future way before we were born to BE FREE, so we must preserve it to the last drop of blood running through our veins, giving in to atheists and the new world order will be the anihilation of the United States of America and what we proudly call ourselves AMERICANS. Let us fight for each and every amendment. Know our enemies and combat them with every mean that we have, learn the words of our national anthem and sing it loud, salute our flag and respect our constitution.

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  5. The NRA is my 38 revolver’s seal of approval.

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  6. Here’s a puzzle to consider:

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  7. This does my heart good to see the people rise up and push back. Glad you did a follow up and even happier the punk Hogg had little influence.

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    • Glen47 . . . . I am in full agreement with that. When we can see the common “people rise up and push back.” It certainly instills in me and great deal of pride and I am hopeful for our future. We just have to keep talking to others who have been seduced by the left, . . never give up. It is just such a great thing that Hogg has been relegated to the place he deserves, which is a place of obscurity. Every time I would see that little punk, in all his surly, haughtiness . . . . I will tell you truly, I wanted to slap him into the middle of next week! It will be most interesting to see where he shows up next? Will there be another false flag, where he is front and center? I certainly hope not, I think we have seen enough of him to last a lifetime.

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  8. ManCavePatriot

    George Soros made a ‘killing’ immediately after the Sandy Hook incident because he was heavily invested in Freedom Group stock, the corporate owner of the Bushmaster AR. Stephen Feinberg, CEO of Freedom Group, just happened to live in Newtown, CT. What a coincidence!!!!!!

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    • So you’re saying Soros invested heavily in his enemy’s business,knowing the Sandy Hoax Massacre would drive that stock to the clouds? How Democratic of him-making more money off something like this.BTW-I thought I read somewhere about once each of these sealed indictments,one of which has HIS name on it,is opened,it’s in play,and one of the first steps is to freeze ALL bank accounts of whoever is indicted. It’ll suck to be him.

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      • TJ, I pray you are correct. This pox on our country needs to be eradicated.

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      • Truck . . . . I am so ready for that indictment to be served to that evil POS. His entire life has been one of conning others, and profiting to the extreme max off the pain and suffering of other humans . . . it is high time that he suffer to the utter extreme! I just wish that Mueller would drop off the edge of the world, and that the DOJ would get to gettin’ on with prosecuting some of the real crooks in this world.

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    • From what I could find, Feinberg’s father lives in Newtown, not Stephen.

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  10. Great comments.

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  11. Thanks for this article DCG! Makes me smile every time I think of NRA Memberships going off the charts! Even my Bro. Dutch ponied up and joined!

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  12. FYI: Another good organization worth checking out is Gun Owners of America. (H/T: Alex Jones).

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  13. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Welcome to the boomerang effect! All the NRA bashing has brought attention to them and now any supporter that was on the fence about joining is now enrolling! And it is not for the discounts! Thank you David Hogg for unwittingly helping the NRA grow. Nice one.Maybe they will send Mr. Hogg an honorary membership.

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    • bzerob . . . . Not that I’m a nasty one of anything like that, but I really want young Master Hogg’s face rubbed in the explosion of membership in the NRA due to his shootin’ off his face day and night, and day and night until the end of time! I had to laugh every time he would say . . .”do it for the children.” . . . “for the children” . . . you must consider the children” . . . “we must stop the senseless killing of the children.” Since when do young adults supposedly in their senior year of high school consider themselves to be . . . “CHILDREN?.” That is about as fake as it gets. Young people that age to not go around calling their peers . . . CHILDREN, That verbiage sounds like some script he given to memorize, and parrot at the appropriate time. It’s high time to put that parrot back in his cage!

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  14. Kevin J Lankford

    I have been a life member of the N.R.A. since 1990 or so. But of late,..well actually I believe from the 2016 fraud election of obama I became distressed by the N.R.A.’s single issue stance.

    Now, every time I am contacted by a N.R.A. representative I make a point to express the futility of debating our Constitutionally acknowledged right to firearms with a regime having no regard for any part what so ever of our ruling document.

    I was disappointed that the N.R.A., just like all the rest, who claim to be true Constitutionalists, would not involve itself in the undeniable Constitutional crisis of an ineligible fraud occupying our white house. That door still being left open as there were and are many fools willing to vote for another fraud in the person of ted cruz the canadian anchor baby, and others.

    I am still a supporter of the N.R.A., though they agree to concessions in their cause that I would not give an inch on. Still, considering that the ‘second amendment’ is granted a specific purpose acknowledged by the founders, that being to insure the survival of a Republic ordered by the will of a Godly people, I can not see the profit of the focus on one single issue, while letting the rest of the Constitution fall away.

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  15. All I can think about in these dark days is the intent of the 2nd A. There is no militia without the equivalent of the modern musket. The semi-automatic, long gun with detachable magazines is the modern musket — necessary to have for use in para-military defense of the country from enemies foreign AND domestic. If semi-auto rifles and detachable magazines are banned and seized the Republic is finished. The people of this country need to be reminded of the para-military intent of the 2nd A. It is not about hunting. It is about an effectively armed citizen’s militia.

    The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.” — Thomas Jefferson

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