Democrats want a pedophile to run for President in 2020

The American Heritage of the English Dictionary definespedophile” as:

a person who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children.

A national telephone and online survey of 1,000 Likely Voters conducted on February 27-28, 2018 by Rasmussen Reports found that:

  • Whereas 44% of all Likely U.S. Voters say they would be more likely to vote for President Trump if they had to vote now, 47% are more likely to opt for the Democratic nominee, while 9% are undecided.
  • When asked which Democrat from a list of 7 has the best chance of defeating Trump in 2020, 75-year-old Joe Biden received the most votes from  Democrat Likely Voters, at 37%. Hillary Clinton is a distant second with only 14% support, and Bernie Sanders ranks third, at 11%.

The survey has a sampling error margin of +/- 3 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence. (See methodology.)

This is the man whom 37% of Democrats would choose as President of the United States in 2020:


If Satan were a candidate, Democrats would vote for him en masse.

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41 responses to “Democrats want a pedophile to run for President in 2020

  1. I am surprised. I thought the perfect candidate to represent the Democrats would be a gay, pedophile, illegal alien, who smokes weed hates guns, and is closely associated with the Clinton foundation.

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  2. Mike S Goodmann

    Let the sicko run. That will assure Trump of the second term he needs to complete his historic legacy!

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  3. I assume Jeffrey Epstein is too busy to run for office.

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  4. We have been successfully desensitized on all pedophile matters.
    There have been no consequences or discernible public outcry …
    Just snarky comments about ‘Pizza’ ….
    Small children’s lives openly destroyed by ‘élite’ types and, again, no discernible consequences.

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    • Pray without ceasing

      #g6loq Sad, but true. So sad, and INFURIATING!
      You articulated what i’ve been thinking for a long time now. All we hear is “Russian hacking” this, “me too” that…
      [With some exceptions, like this blog for instance. Thank you Dr. E!]
      It really is a travesty. These people make me sick to even look at them! Not just the perpetrators, but their enablers as well.

      Pray for the little ones!

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  5. He takes whatever he can get his hands on.

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  6. Biden is the guy your parents warned you about when you were little. Why doesn’t he just go away? Hasn’t he repaid his debt to his owners in Israel? Every cycle it gets worse. Maybe he can have Oprah as a running mate.

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  7. Of course they do. Let him run….the debates would be hilarious.

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  8. The very top picture of a younger Biden, where his eyes are focused, not on her face, but a few inches lower. This tells you everything you could possibly need to know about his character. Then we have seen time and times again, where he “grooms” young pubescent girls . . . good grief! I am glad that Jeff Sessions has the nerve to slap Biden’s hands away from his granddaughter. That particular film clip between Sessions and Biden–tells the whole story. I would hope that if Biden runs that enough decent Americans if shown his “secret life” will come to the conclusion that he cannot be trusted.

    We all know that Biden has such loose lips that he cannot be trusted anyway. At a dinner party he gave away the secret location where the Vice President is sent for safety . . . at Annapolis. He told this to all who would hear so that he might aggrandize himself in their eyes–not giving a fig what the safety implications of disclosing this information would mean to our country. To me, this particular action, should be considered treason, since now it is not secret, and hiding the VP there may no longer be an option. Anyone in our government who has such little impulse control–needs to be drummed out of government. Unfortunately, the Dems really don’t care: so you disclose a top secret hideaway for the VP, so you facilitate selling off 20% of America’s uranium stores; so you pay to compile a false, manufactured dossier with untrue facts regarding an opponent; so you take that to the FISA Court and present it as factual, with little or no history of where it came from. When you have people who are willing to deal as underhandedly as this . . . you may just end up with no Republic before long.

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    • Oh girl, there are actual videos of him copping FEELS!!! of girls, under 10!!!!! Check YouTube.

      Also, google his niece, Caroline Biden. Something happened there. From my experience, 9 out 10 drug addicts were vics of childhood sexual abuse.

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    • On yesterday’s Meet the Press, Obama’s last Chief of Staff, McDonough, told Todd Chuck that Mitch McConnell was singularly responsible for preventing Obama’s admin from more properly/deeply investigating Russian attempts to hack and effect our 2016 elections (in favor of Trump).

      I’d not heard that assertion before. Had you? Had anybody here? Disturbing. Todd was also maniacally fishing for dirt on Trump when he interviewed Sec. of Commerce Wilbur Ross on the show… Ross didn’t break. It was wonderful.

      On This Week, Stephanopoulos actually started things off with a whopper: he said newly-gone Dir. of Comms, Hope Hicks told Mueller’s team she had been required to lie for the President. NOT her words; she said she’d told some immaterial “white lies” for him. Baffling to me how they get away with telling such crap to the American public.

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  9. I just had an “argument” on FB with some half wit about this. They DO NOT CARE about facts, she ended up getting belligerent of course and quit responding afterwards, but even after introducing the “Creep Joe” page and others still she insisted she would vote for him.

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    • I had row’d on the DM over this as well. They were more offended by things trump said, as opposed to ol’ slither hands Biden!

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    • Christy . . . . this is the very sort of thing that is so devilishly hard to over-come. The libtards deal in feelings, never in facts. It is almost impossible to convert a person who is that very dishonest in their own head.

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      • “The libtards deal in feelings, never in facts.’

        Exactly. Because it’s easier for them to control the conversation when they’re arguing what they think you said, meant, or did… rather than what you ACTUALLY said, meant, or did. And sexist or not, I find women tend to gobble it up more than men, like gossip. Well, most women, most men… we men are mostly “concrete-thinkers”. Actual words & actions matter.

        As I’ve said before, the AP is one of the worst for doing this. Then the rest of the MSM picks up those newsbites and runs with them as if they’re facts. Prime example – “Trump called ALL Mexicans criminals.” No, he didn’t, and the video proves it. But the MSM STILL repeats this mantra as if fact. You can even watch when they provide the original video as “proof”, and it clearly cuts off the part before where Trump says “They’re not sending us their best; they’re sending us… (their criminals, drug dealers, etc.)”. Gah. It’s a similar game they play regarding his call to better control incoming Arab immigrants. I’ve never heard him officially call for a total ban on all Muslims. It’s just a common-sense plan to protect our country from those we know are currently, actively planning to attack us and our allies. Anyway.

        Furthermore, dealing with emotions and sensational material rather than “boring old facts” draws in their leftist followers and others who aren’t good enough with critical thinking skills to see through it. That’s a trick the news media adheres to as well — “If it bleeds, it leads.”

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        • “And sexist or not, I find women tend to gobble it up more than men, like gossip. Well, most women, most men… we men are mostly ‘concrete-thinkers’. Actual words & actions matter.”

          You are insulting the many sensible and thinking women of this blog, such as DCG, Auntie Lulu, MomOfIV, Glenn47, Lana, CalGirl…. I challenge you on logical thinking, reasoning, and IQ any day. And yes, you are sexist, prejudiced, and a bigot.

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  11. ManCavePatriot

    Uncle Joe openly admitted to swimming in the senate pool ‘buck naked’. The only witness to this ‘crime against humanity’ was the towel-boy…………………, Lyndsey Graham.

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  12. There’s a reason they call them, “yellow dog,” demoncraps.

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  13. It’s really, truly sad… even pathetic to consider the top three choices for Democrats to choose from. We’re not talking about electing some back-woods dogcatcher; these are their top choices for PotUS!

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    • When you think about it,when was the last time we had an actual honest,decent,fair minded Democrat Presidential Candidate?
      Yeah,I can’t think of one either. That kinda explains why we see such dismal offerings from the Left. They’ve just got NOTHING to offer.

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      • Well… I kinda like Fritz Hollings, and there was Fritz Mondale. Basically, I just liked anybody named Fritz, I guess.

        Now? I like Joe Manchin (WVa), but he’s too conservative for the dems to nominate. Ditto for Sam Nunn (GA) in the ’90s.

        A lot of Christians went for Carter due to his being an Evangelical and Sunday School teacher (my family actually went to GA on vacation to visit his church). Oops.

        And of course, both Clinton and Obama said a lot of flowery, feel-good stuff as candidates that pointed toward a future of working together rather than at odds. And then reality hit the day they took office.

        But then, who has the GOP really given us over the years, for that matter? Better, but still not what I’d consider the best of the best. The best know better than to run…


  14. If what I heard on SGT Report is true (regarding the alleged Hillary Clinton sex tape found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop), we’ve already had one make a run for it.
    If what I have read on the internet regarding “The Franklin Coverup” is true, we’ve already had one as an actual President.
    Joe Biden is mentally deranged. We just don’t know what is responsible for it—was it his near-fatal accident in 1972 (that killed his first wife) or is it blackmail?
    Is it outright demonic possession?
    We just don’t know.
    But I would wager one speculation: Either someone wants him in the public eye as a possible distraction device, or, for a good, sick laugh.
    I wish he’d just fade away.

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  15. Sure let him run. At least when we accuse him of being a pedo. We have plenty of pictures to back it up. And the video of Sessioms slapping his hand away from his granddaughter will be a great one. DC knows who and what he is, he is like the East Coast Weinstein.

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  16. The pedo might be in the race:

    “Joe Biden, a former U.S. senator, former vice president, and oft-times candidate for president, is once again trying to run for the White House, a report says. Politico reports that Biden’s aides and staffers are now running scenarios for 2020 as he prepares to throw his hat into the Democrat Party primary process, according to the Hill.

    Barack Obama’s former vice president is “thinking through a million unconventional options because there is an acknowledgment that this could be an unconventional campaign,” an inside source said.”

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  17. Looks like a chip off the old block:

    Those “values” are certainly showing through. No wonder he and Obongo shared bracelets.

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