Teen investigated for pro-gun Snapchat: “The school looks at me like a psycho”

marcus padgett

Marcus Padgett learning early that voicing an opinion in opposition of the narrative can get you in serious trouble

The lefts’ desired result: Voicing dissenting opinions will get you labeled and targeted. All by design to intimidate and silence any opposition.

From Yahoo: An Indiana mother says her 16-year-old son will not return to his high school as a result of the way he was treated over a Snapchat post featuring an AR-15 rifle.

Less than a week after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 students and teachers dead in Florida, Owen Valley High school student Marcus Padgett took to Snapchat to voice his views on the cause of gun violence.

He posted a picture of an AR-15 with the caption “Waiting for it to go out and start killing people…still hasn’t moved,” referencing the view among gun-rights advocates that people, not guns, are responsible for shootings.

“It wasn’t a threat. It’s simply saying guns don’t kill people. People kill people. It’s the evil behind the gun. It’s not the gun itself,” Tabitha McKeeman, Marcus’ mother, told ABC affiliate WRTV. “I posted it because I thought it was funny and because it was pro-gun,” Marcus added.

Superintendent Chad Briggs confirmed that the Spencer Police Department was notified to the post and searched Marcus’ home. They found only a pellet rifle and concluded there was no threat behind Marcus’ post, according to WRTV.

“It was more a freedom of speech type thing and this student had no intent to do anything negative,” Briggs told ABC News. “As a result, there was no discipline administered to any student.”

Even so, the teen told WRTV people are now calling him a school shooter. “The whole town of Spencer and the school look at me like a psycho. I get dirty looks at work. Everywhere I go, I get dirty looks,” Marcus said.

McKeeman told ABC News other students threatened to jump Marcus if he returned to school and that she made the decision to take him out of school because the principal declined to send a letter to parents and teachers notifying them that Marcus posed no threat. “He didn’t have a chance to make a name for himself, they made it for him,” she said.

“There is no option for him to go back to that school,” she added. “It’s gone much too far over sharing a meme.”

McKeeman wants her son signed out of the school as a dropout so he will be able to get his GED later on.

Briggs told ABC News there are no restrictions on Marcus returning to classes.

His mom told WRTV she feels they will probably have to leave town. For now, Marcus remains out of school and is working part-time at Dairy Queen. He’s still on Snapchat, but told his mother if he had known what the fallout from his post would be, he wouldn’t have posted it.


23 responses to “Teen investigated for pro-gun Snapchat: “The school looks at me like a psycho”

  1. How very convenient it is to blame a kid for such a simple thing. Yet we have many a film star who makes millions by portraying gun tottin’ thugs, and good guns on the big screen. Why is there no backlash against these individuals?

    Here I am going to depart from this particular article. Many of you may censure me for what I am about to write. As I look at the shooting in Parkland, Florida, and I believe at several other of the school shootings . . . there was a component of the perpetrator having been “bullied by other students.” None of us can tell who among us is mentally fragile, or even what trauma they may be enduring at any given time. Not that these students, or teachers deserved to die . . . but there was a issue that the school failed to address . . . . and that was that a student was being systematically bullied by a number of other students. Rather than rail at guns as being the culprit, perhaps school officials need to address the problem of bullying. Several students in Florida exclaimed that they knew that Cruz was being bullied, but they just didn’t think to intercede and bring it specifically to the attention of the school officials. Addressing this particular aspect of the dynamics surrounding at least this school shooting might have made the difference. Perhaps Cruz might have felt differently towards his fellow students.

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    • I have also wondered why there has apparently been no interest in the reason for Cuuz’s anger at the school. All we hear is that he was “unstable” or some such nebulous analysis. I am highly suspicious that he was maligned, jeered at, and otherwise made to feel like an outcast, resulting in his actions.

      In no way would this excuse the action he took, but understanding it might be a big step to the stated goal of preventing such incidents in the future.help

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    • Kevin J Lankford

      The distraction from the responsibility of these shootists peers creating the mental state blamed for their action (not forgetting that they are already supposedly on psychotic medication) has always weighed on my mind. But then, just were does that fit in scenarios one believes are staged, any how.

      Of course,……….It does present too much of a distraction from the true goal of a gun confiscation, defenseless U.S. Citizens, agenda.

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    • I’d agree 100%. I believe the same thing should have been looked at in the previous school shootings. Stop the problem at its root. The cool and strong and in-crowd will always pick on the weak and outsiders. And some will be broken by it, and some will resort to the only retribution they can find power and control in, namely (gun) violence. Which is WRONG, but had they NOT been relentlessly bullied, would they ever have broken, and gone shooting?

      And also in most if not all cases of school shootings, there were clear signs that the eventual shooter had problems and needed help or control, and yet in my opinion, the schools & authorities FAILED them repeatedly.

      Yet in every case, I’ve NEVER heard the media make a case for stopping the bullying and belittling of those who don’t follow the path of political correctness or whatever was “cool” at the time… It’s always easier and more exciting to just condemn the shooter and blame the gun people.

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  2. Thought crime comes to America.

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  3. Anything possibly seen as positive about guns is evil and must (along with its purveyors) must be massively suppressed…

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    • Take that down! I’m being triggered! (/sarc)

      I just watched this video…there’s SOOO much more to this recent event than meets the eye:

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      • Yep, this just about says it all:

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      • I’d like to talk to these two. They see it like I do. These things don’t “just happen”. So you can’t say “they just wait and take advantage of them when they do”. No, they make them happen.

        There is no way physically possible for them to have so many “in the can” propaganda initiatives ready to go for these unless they are designed. The “killing/wounding/children” aspect is 100% emotional manipulation.

        I don’t for one minute believe that these Satanists and their employees care on whit about human life, save their own. So, I’m asking people to stop focusing on the emotional triggers and look around the edges. That’s what these folks in the video are doing. Great work.

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  4. I would seriously consider suing the goobermit skewel and the police department for several civil right violations I am seeing here.

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  5. Here it comes: the institutionalization of paranoia. This is the prelude to the Great Tribulation. I see it coming, step by step, phase by phase.

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  6. Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:

    Another shining example of the liberal mindset and the terrorist tactics that they use to “Get Their Point Across”. Asshats!

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  7. THIS is why the left will win. They’re willing to do WHATEVER it takes to advance the cause-whatever it takes! We on the right are busy playing patty cakes, while the left is busy playing to win.

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    • “Winning” is relative. What good is it for them to “win the world, if they lose their souls”? Sure, they may materially get what their bosses want them to get. Then, it’s over.

      I don’t pity them. They made their choices. They will live with the consequences and it will be over for them.

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  8. I don’t pity them either. If they win, then we lose; we lose our country, our culture, and our liberty. That’s why we need to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE with these people! We need to crush, kill, and destroy the left; if we don’t, then they’ll damn sure do it to US. You want that?


  9. Oh, I’m serious! As Michael Savage said in his book of the same name, liberalism is a mental disorder. What do you do with a rabid animal? You put it down, right? What do you do with rabid people (e.g. antifas/liberals)? You put them down!

    That’s why I no longer claim to be part of the conservative movement; conservatism has done NOTHING to conserve the culture. Hell, they couldn’t even keep the boys and girls bathrooms separate! Ergo, I’m more alt-right. Alt-right fights, while conservatism doesn’t. We need to FIGHT these rabid animals, i.e. libtards! If we don’t, you can bet your bippy they WILL do that to us.

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  10. Sorry, I should cool down before I post incendiary comments. In any case, we cannot simply ignore the leftists; we cannot continue to take the high road. That does NOT work! We have to do something differently.

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  11. Honestly I am not a gun owner but I am also not anti gun. If someone wants to kill someone they are going to do so with or without a gun. Guns do not kill people. People kill people take a look at my newest post and please be honest with your thoughts and leave a comment for others https://crazybeautifulblogs.wordpress.com/2018/04/03/gunsguns-more-guns-2/


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