UK criminalizes carrying of acid and other corrosive substances

In the United Kingdom, access by the general public to firearms is tightly controlled by law. Members of the public may own sporting rifles and shotguns, subject to licensing, but handguns were effectively banned after the Dunblane school massacre in 1996, the UK’s first and only school shooting. (Wikipedia)

So what do criminals use in the UK?

Knives and acid!

Last August, DCG wrote about an epidemic of acid attacks in the UK, especially in London. (See “Acid attacks in the UK now so widespread that public need training in helping victims, warn doctors“).

acid attack victim

Southampton acid attack victim in September 2015/BBC photo

In London alone, the number of attacks increased 73% in a year — from 261 incidents in 2015, to 454 in 2016. In England and Wales, there were more than 400 recorded attacks in the six months to April last year. In fact, the UK has one of the world’s highest rates of recorded acid attacks per capita. Two people have so far died as a result of acid attacks, with many more left with life-changing injuries.

At the time, there were calls for legislation to make the carrying of corrosive substances in the street illegal.

Lizzie Dearden reports for Independent, March 1, 2018, that according to new guidelines published by the Sentencing Council, an agency of the UK’s Ministry of Justice, acid is to be defined as a “highly dangerous weapon” for the first time, allowing judges to impose harsher punishments on anyone found to be carrying it in public:

  • Adults convicted of carrying a corrosive substance in public for a second time will be given a minimum six-month jail term; those under 18 years of age will be handed a four-month detention and training order.
  • Anyone convicted of threatening someone with acid or other “offensive weapons” will receive the same minimum sentences as those convicted of threatening someone with knives.
  • An offensive weapon is defined as “any article made or adapted for causing injury… Or intended for such use”; a highly dangerous weapon can include corrosive substances whose risk goes “substantially above and beyond”.

Some of the most severe assaults have been carried out using sulphuric acid, but police said dozens of different substances have been used in the UK, including some that are not covered by existing bans and voluntary sales restrictions, such as bleach and chemical irritants that can be found in a kitchen cupboard. Police have so far been powerless to identify corrosive substances that are frequently concealed in soft drinks bottles.

Major retailers have signed up to a voluntary ban on sales of dangerous products to under-18s and the Home Office has proposed separate new laws that could bring in punishments for anyone carrying corrosive substances without “a good or lawful reason” and restrict purchases.

The new Sentencing Council guidelines also target knives and other bladed weapons, ensuring people who repeatedly carry them or use them to threaten others are punished severely. New aggravating factors include the “deliberate humiliation” of victims, including filming them or circulating material on social media, and judges will take into account the defendant’s age, maturity, peer pressure or an “unstable upbringing”. Sentencing Council member Rosina Cottage said: “Too many people in our society are carrying knives. If someone has a knife on them, it only takes a moment of anger or drunkenness for it to be taken out and for others to be injured or killed.”

The new sentencing guidelines come amid concern over a series of fatal stabbings in London, including the killing of two victims within two hours last week. The deaths brought the number of fatal stabbings in London to 16 so far in 2018, with five of them teenagers.

Recorded violent crime has been rising across England and Wales. In the three months to September, there were 3,359 offenses of possession of an article with a blade or point, 1,708 of possession of an offensive weapon and 257 of threatening with a knife or offensive weapon that resulted in a caution or sentence.


19 responses to “UK criminalizes carrying of acid and other corrosive substances

  1. They refuse to deport them and give them true hard justice. These thugs get kid gloves for any crime. Will they ban knives along with acid? Banning guns and acid have not worked. What next for dim whitted politicians to ban?

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  2. Them Brits = they really know how to bring down a Criminal.. Ban Everything = forks, knives, hat-pins, lead pencils, scissors, – anything sharp, or blunt or pointed.. Next thing we’ll hear is that the criminals have resorted to “biting”one-another with what teeth they have left.. In England – the criminal has little to fear from the Law.. Come to think of it = it’s getting that way here in America.. Our Prisons are mostly “Confined Vacation Retreats” complete with everything a derelict human could desire..!!

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  3. The biggest joke that popped out at me . . . “for a second offense of carrying a corrosive liquid–six months in jail.” As far as I am concerned, the first time you are found guilty of carrying acid or a corrosive liquid–you get five years in the slammer. The second time–you get 15 year in the slammer. Someone who actually uses acid in an attack deserves 35-45 years. Nothing less than that.

    As weird as it might seem to others, I would much rather be shot, than knifed, or certainly have acid thrown on myself. In the back of my mind, it seems, although I may not have the faintest idea what I am talking about,) that it is easier to repair a gunshot via medical intervention, or perhaps the percentage of survival may seem to be greater. When thinking about someone using a knife on another, they could cut your juggler vein, slice vital organs, up to and including decapitation (which we have seen in Great Britain)–the chance you could bleed out long before medical help might reach you seems highly likely. As far as having acid thrown on ones body, when I have seen these pictures of Muslim women who have had the nose eaten away by acid, or perhaps their scalp is so damaged that hair will no longer grow, or the flesh covering the area around the eye socket . . .so that they look like something out of a horror film. Of all the ways to be assaulted, using acid or a corrosive liquid is by far the most devastating, the most inhumane, the most egregious, and the most cruel of any kind of attack that could be perpetrated on another human being. Any one who would commit such an act is beyond redemption. If I were the person who had been attacked in this manner, I would rather pass away and go quickly to the next world, than to remain on Earth to suffer every day, every week, every month, and every year for the remainder of my life.

    As long as the Earth remains until the Savior comes once again, we will always have depraved people who are willing to commit such heinous acts . . . yet the government of Great Britain denies their citizens an even chance to fend off those who may wish to harm them. That is the real tragedy–not only to be vulnerable to thugs and murders, but to be rendered vulnerable by the edicts of one’s own government.

    I am so grateful that my ancestry left their home lands and came to America, at least we may have a better chance to keep our God given rights, such as the Second Amendment, so that hopefully we are able to continue to defend ourselves from such a scourge as assault by acid

    God Bless America!

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    • Amen, Amen Amen. to everything you said Auntie. Well said and I couldn’t agree with you more.
      The damned satanists who deliberately brought all the human detritus in from the third world where this is common place probably all think it is really funny. Hope they rot in hell

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      • I remember when Slick Willy was talking about this. They didn’t hide it. They may not have “emphasized” it, but it was discussed. When I tried to talk to people about it they looked at me like I’d lost my mind.

        It doesn’t make me feel much better to be right.

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    • Auntie Lulu:

      While ATTACKING someone with acid surely is a criminal act, I have a problem with the UK criminalizing the CARRYING of acid or other corrosive substances. That is akin to outlawing the carrying of guns.


      • Dr Eowyn . . . My thinking when I stated that, was I cannot think of an instance where an individual would be carrying acid, or a corrosive liquid on their person. I believe that in this article, it did say that those who could provide a legitimate reason for having such would not be subject to the law.


  4. Throw the perps in a vat of acid. Problem de-solved!

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    • YouKnowWho . . . . Oh! You smarty pants . . . that was a good one! I would have no problem with that. I think this idea of assault using acid or corrosive acid is so removed from anything that a human being SHOULD be capable of doing.

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  5. Yet they keep allowing 3rd worlder types to flood into the country.

    Whoever said that there would always be an England was dead wrong.

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  6. have a request: can you add Bitchute as an alternative to youtube ,and,as an alternative to fb or twitter,plz?ty!i see Minds already here which is so gr8!

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    • FOTM is on Gab (, the alternative to Twitter. The problem is WordPress does not enable a Gab button, as WordPress does for Twitter, Facebook, etc.


      • Dr Eowyn . . . Thank you for that information. Facebook has written a new algorithm, that is shutting down sites that indicate a conservative view. It has happened to several dozen people who maintain blogs. I had never heard of Gab. I will need to check that out.

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  7. Stick and gravity control laws there will be next.

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  8. I may be wrong, but I think acid attacks are popular in many Arab and 3rd-world countries. Where are those new British immigrants coming from again?

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  9. How ridiculous! They are so cowardly that instead of proactively going after the culture that is destroying western civilization, they hamstring themselves with more regulations. It never occurs to these dopes that the muslims, when denied one weapon, will simply dream up the next.

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  10. Never heard of acid attacks in the UK until immigration got out of control. Yet, they have been common in India and Asia for a long, long time.

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